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Th W H gcgrj M JdHe rtf ucrj f (k jTT
N All BIM4Uh1 m Mm
Cenve-CW Cur
'Freblc, attempts nl uprisings in
Mexico by "irenernls'' with mere
liancl fills of followers. Is the new
rnmlnir mil nf Metlrn. The luek nf
ririuiillliiii hv (l.i. ttnllod Mlnlos miv.
crnmcnt of the do fnclo gnvcnimrnl 1
In Mexico Is given us one of the.
lemons. The latent and probably
I ln strongest nloirllvo attempts win
Hie result of n meeting of "generals"
In San Antonio this week which pre.
initialed what may bo the strongest
revolt of oil, full the lie facto gov
ernment will not only lie able to
cope with the alluallon, bill It It
claimed will lie able lo put down nil
ulhera of like character.
General I'nblo Gonzalez, one of the
strongest political figure In Mexico,
In the latest to revolt against the
l)t la Ilucrtn government, according
In an Inlcrcepod message lo Mexlro
City signed by General I. F.llos
Contain Hod "llrtlrril."
Idimtnlrr, who hai been living In
Monterrey since hit retirement from
tho army, left thai city yesterday
al I lie head of Mil men, according
Id the. message, lie wan one of the
candidates for the presidency lo sue
LkmsnI UfHftf laker
One Ulock North and hill block
Kail til the M. K. ( IiuitIi.
Jdcledtn CiomM IbJwHt Riut
1 i
Will give
the price
5 s
cced tarrunta before llio rccrtil rev
Advices, to (tie Slain Department
at Wellington from the American
embassy In Mexico City raid num
ber nf ofllfcni furinerly on the staff
of (lenernl I'abln (loniak'i were In
prison on (bo cliurgo of plotting
against Hie provision government,
that Hie stale of Ciapas was In open
rebellion ami that General Francisco
J. Murgitla bail raised the flng of
The Mexican embassy ban received
official advice which it made pub
lic stating that General Juan llarra.
Kan, (lencral Alfredo lllcant and
(lenernl Luclo lllanco, and Oilonel
Paulino Follies Imil rolurnrd to Mel
1 tnm the I'lillcd Mates, wjicro
they fled after the killing of Cnrrnu
13. Thn embassy statement raid "tho
authorities, in neenrdanre Willi nu
order by the government, have not
prevented llielr entry In order In
pursue them In due lime, ko as to
rut off possible retreat."
(iin Contend With 500 llundlt.
Five "generals" have taken up
arms against the new Mexlcnu gov
I'rnmenl. Provisional President de la
I Inert a told foreign rnrrosMudrnta
somel line ago, hut h declareil they
did nol constitute a military menace
since they had but very few fol
lowers, lie estimated thai not morn
than Mi men had boon Involved in
recent outbreaks.
Do la lluerla nmcrted tho army
had been rcorganited and that mi
stable forces rould not shake the
Tho Carroriia government." said
Do la lluerla, laughing, "stood for
inoru than four years against h forco
of iTi.ono rebels, and there is no rea
son why the present government rati
not contend with less than tt).
Kl, lAHO. Texas, July UKDetails
of Mexico's very latest revolulion
made iuhllr by one of Hie chief
roiinwers or General I'nbln Gontalrt,
former candidate for the presidency,
who wns declared lo have taken up
arms attains! the de facto govern
ment after having assisted in pulling
II llllo Miwer.
iiKciHiu, i.(mItV:i in
Ity Associated I'reM.;
WAHIIIXGTON. I). U. July 1(1.-
I he War Deparlment. it Is said, has
Information to offiel Gniver tllevi
land llergdoll, wenllhy liillllnrj- drafl
evader, has been loouled In the
"northern pari of the country" mid
it Is said his arrost will follow.
Charles W. MeNelll mid wife gavi
a birthday party In honor of Mrs;
McNeill's mother. Mrs. Mary II. John
son of 20IH First street, New Or
leans. Tho guests were Mr. and Mrs,
I'nrson and mother, Mr. and Mrs.
I'li'lvi, mill anil Mr niul Mm .lnni,li
'.Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Hoard.
I Mrs. Tiirpln, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Jurk
son. James Johnson.
Hefreshunttits consisting nf Ice
cream and cake were served.
away 320
of the improvements
jk. ri "v
an acre
This land Is situated northwest
of, Columbus. Only 1 miles from
...the (niy llinlls.
1 live there In n good house, havn
n phigo and shed and 70 acres
of this land Is fenced,
I need the money and nm lnav
.jpig Oiliimlms. henre llih sacrifice,
lt is worth I his! 'much iw oil land,
In si)' nothing of future posslbili
Columbus, N. M.
tub e6f,UMw paM mti
HHItmS tit' lllSCH'M.M
Private Sparks, nu guard, prob-
nbly wasn't looking when the gen
crul passel near by; anyway, he
failnl to salutel rtomcthlmr tcrrlhlo
was duo to happen lo Private,'
"niilonel, the general said, "lh
man on post 7 failed to salute me.
Heo that he Is Severely reprimand
Ves, sir!" replied tho colonel, and
when he rhanced tiHn the csptuln
sain: ine man on pisi 7 railed u
salute Ihe general this morning. See
thai he Is severely reprlmnndeil.
"I.leutennut," the raplnin raid.
siinni lime laler. "Private Hiiarka
failed to salute the: general today.
Be" that ho Is severely reprimand
ed!" t
"Yes, sir!" rvHiinleil the lleulcn
not, and when lie encountered the
first sergeant that evening told hlmi
"Private Sparks fnlled In salute
Ihe general lids morning. You will
severely reprimand him!"
"Yi-s. sir.'" responded the sergeant,
and when he came iieross Private
Sparks he said:
IMik here, you pie fared mull.
ou let Old Imnncrk go by this
morning without throwing him n
kiss, and il ncarhroko his 11111"
heart. Let me ratcb you doing any
thing like that again and I'll make
oti wash hack of your ears and
Inke away your chewing guiul
Nalloiial Tribune 'Washington'.
- .
.May Come Kooii.
"Is there nn amendment U lb"
constitution of Ihe I'niled Slali-s for
hliMIng n man lo kiss his wife or
anybody else's wife?" asked the man
who hud Jul relitrned fnm a Iwo
enrs rrulse In Hie Soulli Seas.
"Nol.,vrL" n'illrd tlie cjnlcal cili
reii.lilrmingliaiu Age-lleraM.
- - -o -I'olMi
Army Withdraw Inn.
Illy Associated Press,)
PAItlS. I'raiiee. July 10.- The
Polish arpiv, as n result of the llo.
slievlk offensive. Is withdrawing
from llreI I.ili)vsk. Yllna and l'lnk.
according to illspalrhes in the iipwi
paper rinrormatlon. loilay.
.rw lo lleiid Spetikers,
(Ity Assoclali.il Press.,1
ClllUVfiO. ill. July in. The He
publlcn national heodiuiirlers today
announceit Senator Hairy S, New of
luiliana will head Ihe llehtihtlran
eampnlgn speakers' bureau. '
I. of N. Mrrls Nov. 13.
Illy Assoclnted Press.)
WASHINGTON. I). i:. July in
Xovemher 15 lias liern delennliieil
upon as Ihe dale for the lint meet
ing of the assembly of the League
of Nations, II was announced by Ihe
Stale )epartmrnl today.
ricrlin Is experimenting with three
wheeled laxlcahs, the engine being
mounted over the Trent wheel and
prnrtically fnmilm? n separate unit
fromdhe rel of Ihe vehicle.
Kit liil to u novel autoinohih radi
ator rap Is a steam whistle which
Hounds aw urnlng that water Is need
ed when that in (lie radiator gets be
low a certain depth and holts.
acres for f
fen tMimm, am mkxim
1 rSisf '
Lek Is th buiMn wrwks a twit tit; lo,
About thslr Indlintlon haw thsy blw
And Ur h Mam on Can't, cryilal
Or say Ihs Crltp Hot Uuffln ( Ihtlr Foal
-Xljrrll naad.
Drsskfatt MtsU.
Tor those who enjoy something for
breakfast rather than the populsr ha
con or ham, I ha following dUlirs will
h suitcrsilrf
Csrnsd Bstf Hash a la Dstmsntce.
Take equal ptrts of cold corned he(
and rooked potatoes) cut (lnt season
with onion, ash and a little butlers aH
pepper and rhopil green prpperi
sprrad the hot hash on thinly sliced
tnastnl bread ; slip poached egg on
earn and serve sprinkled with salt and
paprika and minced parsley.
Sunshine Cake.
Take the whiles of eight rges. the
ynlka of six, one cupful of war, one
cupful nf Hour, sail, vanilla and one
teaspuonrul of cream of tartar. Heat
Ihe whiles until frothy, then add half
of Ihe cream of tartar and finish orat
ing. Add the sugar gradually, lieat
ahout Itfe minutes, add yolks and fold
In the flour. Hake In slow oven 40
Btsf Dalle.
Put one-half cupful ot milk and two
lahlespoonfula of butler In Ihe frylns
wn; uhen It holla add one cupful of
mashed tiotatoes, one cupful of chop
pl beef, salt, pepper and n well
besten egg; stir and remote from the
Ore. Let root, and when stiff sIisk In
to rskes; eeg and crumb them when
well chilled, then fry la hot fat for
three minute.
Frluttd 0tf.
Take my Ihlnly cut dried lieef,
rover with cold water to which a pinch
of soda has been added, and bring
gradually to the bolting imlnt. Drain;
add a lump of duller and cook until
the etlgea of the beef curl. Bene on
slices of buttered loan with poached
eggs laid over the beef.
Calf's Drains.
Soak the bralna la cold water, par
boll; remote all membranes; throw
Into cold water, drain, wipe ami chill.
Dtp In melted butter and broil. Hen
with melted buttr and lemon Juice,
garnished with parsley.
Parsley s la Crams.
Pry bacon aa uiual, crltp and brown.
Place on a platter In the oven. Jlske
a cream sauce, using the bacon fat In
stead of butter. Pour over the baron,
sprinkle with minced parsley and sort
at once.
Ham Toast.
Take half a cupful of coo Veil ham,
finely minced; add half a teaspoonfut
of anchovy piste, it bit nf rajriine
and mace. Add one-half cupful of milk
and an egg, well beaten. Htlr until
thick; take from the tire and spread
on dry buttered toast. A poached egg
may be placed on each If desired,
"Hux TvutYtJsi
(Caarrtskt, Hit, Wauara Nawiaafar Ualanj
bfkka-ogcrio.' Weill,
But TJibop'or.
cat IT' HAS
and Our Good
Vail fctveYou
-OM. II mils (.i;t
Oinliniinl fMin I'aK" J. l ot '". j
task of the esmvtnitioii ealleil In Hie
roiMiintlw nf rorty-eiwlit. which i
boldhiK sxmhiim bore liMlay,
The platform, which will Im ummI
by the reiHdulioiM ronimlllee its n
IkI for its work, m o - ailnjitril
by Ihe rommllloo of rorl-li;lit last
December when II held Ihe first eon
venllon of ihe nw imrly in Ht.
Louis. IfoilvnrRte iHlhlir ownership
of transiMi-rlatton riiplllie ami rer
lain iitlior public uitllliee. lavntiwi
In force idle laud into its, mtd Hie
nlHdllion of speelul privilege.
An error) will lie made U oldahi
oidorsemetil or Ihe ptntforJn hv Ike
Uhor party or the Uallesl ginle
rnd Ihe Worhl Vr vstieratt. Udh
if wlileli nn hiddhw eonmilionn
"II is Hr h"te that lislsir. iuelii.1
Irtjr farmer hmJ otlwr divMOnn of
the tMlx.rimt elsiesm, will find in the
new iNtrly's ittalfurto a enmmnn
M1l' hlotil whieli lli i-an aiipptirt
wlMdeUnnrleslly al He- iMilla," satd
J. A. II lb)kins. rhninimii of III
rommillre of foriy-elnlil. who lies
liid rherae of tin- oraaniisltoti work
which reiilleil in Ho- en II Ine of Hie
"file full aiini- nf wlml we are
Irylnu to nernuipllsli would liielud -our
celliiiK Ihe supiMirt of ihtihii
Inlsir, symiKil hirers of Ihe Kinele
Tux, Ihe NoiiHirltsati l.eawie' ami
the bulk or the liHlewmlinl vnle .
of the eoiinli y who are dl!'-": J
wllli the evnthm of reini httlly
which Ihe ItepuhtlrHii and IViuo
rrallr iiarlles ih(- r-veolm In llH-ir
pint forms.
"Our ilelewnlHs fniui eAvrr 4Mto 1n
Hie t'lllon meliHle rs'il'eaiilallesi of
Iheso imriles wlm seeilietr opfwetH.
uliy Ii' form n riwhtlmi slroou
imhigIi In Insure ilefenl fr bell) ohi
imrlliK nesl November and lite elee
Hon nf a pn-niiletil and vire pratei-
lent rhosen hy the prod ihetw-s!
eie tHi a ittairorm Hint luuier
Inke itolhiiiK IhiI Hie roiir)fAus
meeJIoa or issues which run front
Amoriea loday. We are making no
aUeiiiid lo solve the illfflriillie of
the world ul lanie, uml our plain.
lioueet-ln-inHHliHSM niliM will be set
forth In the platform we edupt w
rleori thai every eillieii enn under
slniNl Ihe priiveipla he vole in stip.
Ilopkin would maid im pmlieihm
to the Mthle tiflnlluee for pre!
dent and tire president. He ealleil
allrnlHin lo returns (rem it ques
tionnaire sent out lail spring Out
of 1 1 1X1 replied received Im lollelle
ld Hie wrentenl munlH-r nf rti-st
rlioii-iht for president Willi ,t:
Hoover. ItH. )eiH, IT.', and John
sou. IK
"High Cost Fighters"
We are FIGHTING to reduce the hih
cost of living in Columbus.
We have the goods and the pricet to
FIGHT with. They will bring down
your costs and keep you pleased. Your
dollars will buy a real "dollar's" worth
;Y 11 1ST
" Budweiser "
liti Columbus Bottlintf Works
A Full Lint Ot
Variety Store
Hill 8AI.K
KOH KM.11-&I) shares of slock In
the Goldtmllli Maid tapper Ui.
I OH ML!. -IIS) lot fur 17.'.. Ad.
tlieiMt i'. ii. Ilox 3 1 U, or vail al
lAitii iei. ulliea lor iklttlls.
rTxt Ml.y. ooihI Mil ueur tlm
ix iHi.-l lioiHS., t'llMlp no- rtaoli. I all
el U'ui tee ulllce.
iuu itl.M lied tiroes nxnits tsick
ui "in onto. Htair A. Heliui-rv.
HI FlMSIIHI) i .in. Willi shuwer
iwili. ii. ...i. mini looue south
ol to- .' lioiel.
Ii ..iv at Hie Dally Courier of.
KOIl HUNT- four nini adobe liouso
nlu sink. tM monthly, heo .Mr.
Miller, rare Lebvw Jewelry tstorc.
A.VI'BD hvcry soldier in Oilum
hue to know mat we kivo ii) (ht
eetlt illeouul on all lint. lnk-s
and cents' ruruishiims this week.
Uupin ,V Son, Clark Hotel building.
New IjihmiIii Hotel, i iimtne, fl
I er day. West llnndway.
JIIIB. HBLKN lillKRN has opelie.1 it
nwnlcurlns and hair dressing
pariur at her bomu m Military
llelihts. lliHirs H to & p. m. ; io
1.0ST- -Binull package addressed to
.ii inner urns, uo, row York City.
Notify the Unirlvr offlco: rcwnnl.
Kit Mi -Old ruins wrapped up.
Owner can havo I hem Uy identity
nm lUill al Ihe I'alace Meal Mar
kei sk for Ivan Johnson.
s r
HiiIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiii minimi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiii)miiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiir;

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