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Published Weekly in tho Interest of Carrizozo, and Lincoln County
VOL IX. NO. 15
Cttrrizozo Bund Getting Busy
After Having Been Idle
Vnr About Six Months.
Will Enlarge Membership
Gcorgo Clemente of Corona was n
county sent visitor Thursday.
"Tex" Louidirev of Oscuro wos
hero Fridov morning
WANTI5D:-Cnttlo to pasturo
0. D Mayer, Wlilto Onks, N. M
A. C. Wlngfield, the goninl pro
prietor of tlio Carriz.izo Ment Mnr
kct, is quito ick with grippe
Dr. mid Mm. F C. Smith of Fort
Stonton modo a Hying trip to HI
Puso Sunday, returning Thursdoy
0. W Bambcreer tnado n bus!
ness trip to El I'nsn spending Satur
d iy nud Suiidiiy there
P.i'MPrnl H. F Adams mid dnimh
ter, Mory, drove down in their Heo
Thursday evening for is couple of
(Iuvh In the metropolis.
Geo. A. Titsworth of Capitón.
tho well known morchnnt, passed
r.iirdiii'li Thursday en route to LI
- " r-- -
Puco on a business trip.
County Supt.Hllzoboth A.Gumm
is miikini: n inspeotlon tour covor
ing tlio east part of tho county this
Chief electrician Slaughter of Iho
Alto Light nnd Power Co.. is tho
nnpssor of a fino new Overland
M.S Crockott wns In Thursday
from his ranch across tho mal pals
and reports runge conditions there
Throo soldior trains passed
throuolt Thursday and Friday
carrying batteries of light artillery
nn rmiin frnm the border to ron
Sill, Oklahoma.
A sneclal train carrying Gonoral
Supt. G. F. Hawks and other
ollkliils passed through Friday on
routo to Tueumcari.
Goo. M. Hughes is putting down
a well on his ranch south of town
iinnn nnd Olson of Oscuro arc do
Ing tho work.
ITnnrv Ltttz and daughter, Rose,
of Lincoln, returned to that point
Rmwlnv. after a week's ml in
Miles B. May and wife of Nogal
wero in Carrizozo tho first pari of
the week attending to business
H. A. Duran whs in the first of
tho week attending tho session of
din Pnnntv Commissioners Ho
rnnnrta business uond lif (lie Hspln
osa iiountry where lie is o partner
In a general store.
rir n T. Lucas moved this
wcok to his iipw quarters in tlio
Thompkins bullillng just west of
(Heeler Bro's. storo, which ho has
uqimlit and remodeled for uso as an
ollko and resilience
Unnln Tmn Hentev hos nono east
to take medical troatinont, and
will nrobnblv sneiid soniii lime In
1f,mns Citv or Indianapolis for
that purposo.
MtUn Dnnrlne. brother of William
J. and Jihti Dnnrlng of this city.
ñrrlifi1 TiiKmlnv frnm HvtlllSV II 0.
Intl.. and will likely remain here
Jas. O. Nnbntirs of While Monti
Ihíii ramo in Thursday evening "U
"Iiiiddiiii: trie, and says things
looking Tine in tho Three Rivers
Mrs W. II. Osborn and dough
ter. returned Wednesday from a
three years' visit with relativas in
Indlann, PcrhopB it wasn't tint
lout; hut it seems ho.
I K BchafTor wont to Alamo
nordo Wednesday and recolved the
Chanter decrees of Masonry thero.
Ho looKs as well as could lie ex
pected, but bears 301110 marks of
tho ordottl through which he passed
Mr and Mrs H. S Campbell on
tertalned Messrs. John E. Hell and
A II Harvey and wives, anil
Messrs. Dennv and Osborn at cauls
lust Friday ovenlnu, In their boatitl
ful new home Whist wos played
and a dcllghful lunch nerved
LOST: Ono diamond stickpin,
horso shoo design, either In Doering
barber shop, on street between
that placo and Carrizozo Hating
House, around tho Hating House or
between that point and depot
Fii.der return to Outlook ofilco and
receive a liberal roword.
Uav C. Lemon of White Oaks
was a visitor Thursday on business
connected with tho now Alto Light
and Power Co , with wh'eh romp
any ho Is connected nt Wlilto Oaks,
Ho states that, thn "juice" will
probably bo turned Into tho Carrl
zor.11 line by Iho li.iddlo nt next
The Carrizozo Band was railed
tngother by tho president nn Tues
day night tho regulor meeting niulit
nftor a receto of over six month
Tho nrcanizatlon remains unchang
ed nnd tho work of prnoticlng will
continue as before? Tuesday and
Friday nights of each weok remain
inn the recular meetinc nights for
At tho mooting Tuesday night 1
the following officers worn elected
to succeed tho officers whoso terms
expired some timo ago:
II. B. Humphrey. President,
Hbl) Jones, Secretory and Treasurer
Dowoy Herrón, Dispatcher
Lewis A. Buike was elected to
membership Tuesday night, having
been previously elected at a spec
ial meeting to the Important, ofilco
of musical director for the band.
Mr. Burke, is 1 man of wldo cxpor
encn In baud nnd orchestra work
having hud six years experience as
a drummer and Irombono soloist
tit 1 ho Auditorium Theatre at Galoi-
burg, HI 0110 season at similar
work at tho Ada Meade Thatre at
i.nvlniiioii. Kv.. threo summer
seasons t. hand orchestra work in
I'oloskv. Mich . ono hohshu as , 1st
trombonist with H'ngllng Broa
Concert Baud, nnd one season with
Forpaugh fc Soils Bros, Concert
Mr, Burko intends to establish
n tnnaln storo herein Cnirizozn and
will arrange to teach music, espeel
ally that of lisnil instruments
Tho band is fortunate to secure
Mm anrvlcps of a director of 'liell
wide experience, and witli lis sound
organization thero is no doubt n!
soccers resulting III ti ereuii tn ine
town of Carrizozo,
A millpBlliniH nrn now In for new
members who win pronaniy uo ciooi
ou to memucrsmp in ine 110x1 rcgu
Itr tneettefl of the band.
Corona is Visited by Soverol
Indi Nnnw. .1. Ij. Jones
Disposes of His Restaurant
and Butcher snop
A. W Calbangh has bought Mr.
Calnes old Studebaker car .
Tho Sutlcincir Bros, aro in from
the ranch,
Friday morning the snow began
fnlllnc and when it stopped the
ground whs covered soverid inches.
.1. L. Jones mild his rcstuaraiit
and butcher shop to J T. Bond
and son
M-C Porter and Me. Cables re
turned Friday from HI Paso with n
new Studebaker car.
Mr. and Mis Joe Sloopo has ro
turned from a vlrit wllli Mr. Gnnus
ut Miigdulenii.
Joo Simpson lias returned from
Palomas Springs where lie had been
for the benefit of his health.
J T. Tipton is lu from tho Omnr
Owens ranch where he Is drilling a
Zcb Brooks, G C. Clements, A
Shartzer have lolurucd frnm tho
trial of A. W. Shartzer at Hstnncia,
N M.
Quito an interest was taken ir
iho election hero last Monday,
there bciui! 78 votes polled J 1.
Junes had n msiorl'y nf 31 and G C
Clements was elected without nn
J. I). French shipped six cars of
sheep from hero to Kansas City
Geo, M. Wills returned from an
extended trip to Iowa, where he
spent tho holidays with relntlves
nod friends.
Hmmett Itois has just returned
tn Anchii Fitiin 'DoilVdt. Why is
it that t hoy all como back to tills
good old sluto?
Fred L Brawn and 0. H Hace!'
berg both trnvoUug salesmen for tho
Charles Illfeld Company spent Sun
day in Ancho.
Mrs..). Hve and daughter Haz
el returned from Pueblo, Colorado,
tlio latter part 01 1110 wcex. wuero
thoy havo been visiting relatives
sin ".0 before ChriHimiis.
T. M Dubois of Corona received
a shipment of 180 head of nh-a
Hereford cows in I lie yarns lien
last week, and W It. Lovelace fill
hoad of good calven.
P H Pnl nf I tin Cimlinti Mpi-
ehnutilo Company was in Audio
last Sundiy on his way out lo tho
Jlcnrilla's wheio lio Is interested In
some mining property.
Tho lnfnnt son of Mr. nnd Mn.
A P n.iUltiin 1 1 u:i biin nlilln flcW
for several days past with a mild
attack of pneumonia. At 1110 pre
pul time lie Is reoorted some Lot
ter, and wn hope to see him fully
recovered conn.
llr nnil Mm V. II. .Miilveuii of No
' wllli their guest Mrs. Aldridee
wero guests of No. -i Sunday last
s,t dinner. ... ,. t
The members ol tho Offirer's
Mess urn tii'it' thankful In Mrs
Aldiidun fur 1 It 3 number of high
class records presonted them for
Iho No. 4 music room.
Mr. Pihlllp McHlhonn rotently
appointed iidmlnlstrntor for tho es
tale of the lata Cuptaln M. T. Mo
Craw has Just cluffid said estate by
selling a mi'uber of nítidos at pub
lio salo last Saturday ovening,
Dr and Mis F- C. Smith loft
Monday morning fur Carrizozo and
HI Paso on n special business mis.
ion. They mndo tho trip to Carri
zozo in tho Sltton touring car,
The new reeulntlon uniform to
be worn liv all membors nf tho
II 8 P. II vS has been officially
nncnunccd and os a consequence
all the officers and attendants nre
busy making out iholr respective
order blanks.
The Fort Stanton Amusement
Association inci 111 l.turury mm mm
. . , . , T (I I..-,
Monday ovenlnu nnd transacted
Imporlnnt business, A number of
questions wero discussed regarding
the improvement nf programs elr,
Officers were elected and various
committees nppoinlcd
Mrr.J. W. Besse wife of Lieut
J. W Besso who bus been visiting
her husband and friends hero fnr
ilin nast month was called to her
home In Iowa InslJTIiursiloy booause
nf the serious Illness of her parents.
Wo hnpa she found thorn Improved
and on road to recovery and we
hope and long fnr Mrs. Bosso s re
turn to the Post whoro she is mis
sed very niuidi.
Porfirio Chnvcz again look cl argo
of the Sheriff's olfico Tuonlay The
caso against him for removal from
offieo was revocsoil by tho Supremo
court which reinstates him nn tlio
office. It is belleve.1l that Mr
Chavez will lis entitled to the
Sheriff' salary during the limn ho
was out One of his first
duties no re enicriru Uto nltieo uns
10 cut eh 11 111HU ' who had broken
Into Claietice Speuco's residence,
u-hlitli lull was dulcklv Dorfiirmed
and the offender lodged In the
'hoosn gow". lie has alsi made a
clean up of the "Weory Willies"
wlin wiiro Bojouniing In this vicinity
and put thorn to work 011 tho streets
anil ditches of our city. Wo hope
that lie win continuo to uiuizo tins
nluaa f Inlmr until inir HtrpelH lire
all ill first class condition. It is a
good proposition in many ways,
tinvliiir n Inmlniinv tn keen a lareo
........... .......... -j --
niimiinr nf iiniios awav rom uarri-
mns nml llinaii in iln land hero
can easily bo modo to put oilr city
in tno "spotless town.
Saturday afternoon nt thn Moth
odlst pnrsotinge, David J. Votit and
Lula Brooking wore united in mar
rlaeo bt the Hov. H. D. Lewis. Tho
wedding wns a very quiet affair,
only a fow friends of tho happy
i-oiuito being in attendance. Mr
Vent is well-known lu railroad
circles having been a dispatcher
hero for tho Southwestern fnr a
number of years. Iho bridu is a
nativo of Lincoln County and is
wldelv ncnuiiltitrd. Thu Outlook
jolnu their ninny friends in wishing
them a happy and successful mar
ried life.
Very Highly (Hcspected and
I Useful Woman Dies in This
Citv After 11 Very Brief-
Mrs Mnrv T. Foreman, nee Mary
T. Hammonds was born in Grayson
county, Texas, October 17th , 185")
diod January loth, 1015, making
her o!) years of ago at tho time, of
her death. She was married on
May nth 1871, to B G, Kclloy, and
to this union was burn four child
run, two of whom, John T Kelley.
of Detiiing, N M.nnd Mrs. L. A
McCall of Carrizozo siirvlvo her
She was married tho second I (me,
at Cnlaradn, Texas on Juno 10th
188 1 to Mills B. Foreman and to
this union was born tinco children
nf whicii number, two mrvive, Goo.
L. Foreman of HI Paso, Texas nud
Will O. Foreman of'Currlzozu. Sin
is ais j survived by lir husband
Mills B Kjreman and ono brother
W A Ilatiimoiuls of HI Paso. Mrs
Foreman beeamn a practical nurso
in San Antonio, Texas, In 1880.
s'ncri which time her life hns been
dovnted to that grout work Sho
was a mombcr nf the M. H. Church
South, nf tho Hastnrii Star, tho
Daughters of Hob'kiih, and the
Woodmen Circle in all nf which
organizations sho wilf bo groatly
Mis. Foreman had a rare talent
for illusion and taking euro of the
sick, for which hIio wns peculiarly
well fitted, having a rendy sympa
thy for the suffeiiogs and an Intui
iIvh knowledgo of wants of nay slok
pcisoii of whom she hud chnrue
Sho had a host of friends through
out this county and vicinity.
Sho was n gnud neighbor, a loyal
and dovotnd wife and loving moth
er In all and ull a type of woman
whrso loss, when gone, is felt by
everyone whose fortuito., it is to
meet and be associated with during
The sympathy of nil is witli tlio
bereaved relatives
Wo wish to thank tho many kind
friends and neighbors ns woll as tho
lodges of which our dear wife and
mother wns n member for their
many kindnesses rendered during
her recent Illness and after her
Milis B Foreman. '
Geo. L. Foreman.
Will 0, Foreman
John T. Kolley.
Mrs Cora McCall.
Wo desire to cxpicss our heart.
fell thanks to our many friends fnr
the sympathy and kind nsststanco
during tho illness and after the,
denlh of our dear liiislntid anil
father Mrs. John II. Tolo and
We wisli to express our heartfelt
thanks to our many friends whti
were so kind nnd sympathetic (h
tlio rerent illness and tlealli d ifflf
I darling baby. Vr. and Mrs J; Gi
Raasoner. ;

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