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Snips and the St. Johns herald. (St. Johns, Ariz.) 1903-1905, December 05, 1903, Image 9

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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ííív .
ir-t i
Antonio Gonzales & Co.,
Dealers in
Everything you may want
or need.
Buys and sells hides,-wool,
pelts and sheep
Good salt Por sale cheap
and any amount of it.
Salt Lakes - - New Mexico.
sou to travel IV r well estab
lished house in si few counties,
calling on ívtftil lUtMvhanls and
agents. Local territory. .Satan-
$20 01) per week with expen
ses ''additional, all .payable in
cash each week. Money for ex
oenses advanced. Position per
manent. Hnsi
and rushing.
33.) Dearborn St., Chicago. 46-19
Unrestricted Forest Reserve"
.bands, highest cash prices paicLv
Also have Restricted lands for;,
sale. Correspondence solicited
and cheerfully answered.
W. H. Clark, Hoi brook, Arizá
&aiucíiTulÍ! i Legal Advertisements. '
3$ss K) call on retail trade and
Notice for Publication.
Lund Office at Preseott, Ariz., Oct. 31, 1903.
Professional Cards.
J.S. WOO ív M. D.
Physician and Surgeon.
Culls from Spriiiervil lo Coneho
tuitl other Ukvmh will rut'.cive
pi'oaipt attention.
Oftii'u (insijü Armory I J nil.
Saint Jüií.s - Arizona
Physician and -Surgeon.
0 -lU.ü as ii I CoiiHUlhitinn l'strlurs
Lii'.sL ?.oor K t -l of Armory Hall.
SIN r. J OH-2 3 - A RIZON A
. A C-il1
Vftfw... ic Iili'i1iv nrítrnn llmt fin t -il lmt, tn
r V á ' 1 I '"V.V If iVH..J, bm." Hint HIl, IUI1U liljj-
ai'eilLs lor Ilia 111! lai'turillii' bouse named settler lms filed notice of his intention .
' i, , Tii i.t tn, K.uM'nno, . Í lo make final proof in support of his claim, S
having well established business; am, lhatMli(1 prl00f wjn bu lmdo bofove Cler M
1 lofnl torrstorv slra'ht Sa a rv 1 of tlu Probate 'ourt at St. Johns, Arizona,, on ,
1 &20 paid week I v and expense 1 William Burk for the. sew ne & ne; sei . Q
1 .,.Mtr ..,1r. ,,.1. n.rlnne' See. 19 & Wli NW'4 Sec 20, Twp 5 N it 31 15. " C
money advanced; pieviOUS C- Ho names the following witnessos toproVS á
p.U-ience UUneCOSSarv; position his residence upon and euliivation -ofy Said
permanent, business successnu.
'J5nclo.se self-addressed envelope.
Superintendent Travelers, . 605
Monon Bldg , Chicago. 48-7 Pd.
J S Burke, of Alpine. Asizona.
Ill Burk, of Alpine, Arizona.
Oscar Haniblin, of Alpine. Arizona.
E S Wakefield, of Alpine, Arizona.
Fun S. Hii.dreth, Reg.ister.
FÍrst" Pub. Nov. 7, Last Pub. Doc: 12.
Notice for Publication.
;vg;ne Block North of C. M. & H.I
'! - X f 4 I i i N US C HUIS TJCNS Ui .
Prnpr id or
iouth-Sidp Block, West of
Ovirt House, St. Johns, Arz.
jit Shoe 'your Horse
'irft' Scientific principles
or the old way, or do
anything else that can
be done by an Up-to-
Date : : : : :
222 South Peoria, St,
Chicago, 111., Oct. 7, 1902.
Eifrkt months ago I wns so ill
that I was cor.spelhid to lie or sit
down nearly all the timo. My
stomach was so weak and ups'et
that Í could keep nothing on it
and I vomitad fWjuently. 1
could not urinate without groat
pain and Í eoujhed ho much that
my throat and lunp vv.re raw
and sore. The doctors pro
nounced it fíright'H disease and
others said it wa '-.orisumption
ft mattered little to mo wliat
they nailed it and I had node
sire to live A sister visitad me
frorn St. -Loiiíh and aslel me if
I had over tried Wine of Card u i
I told her I had not and she
height a hottle I helievi that
itsaved my lire I heliev. many
women could save much suffer
irifr if they hut leuew of it value
Uon't you writ freidorn frooi
pain? Talce Win1 of Cardui
and malee, one mjpreme H'ort to
hfi vvoll Vou do not need to l.i
a weak, helpless uíFerer You
e.an have a woman's Itenlth arid
do a woman's work in life Why
not soeure o hottle of Wine of
Card ui from your druggist today?
Land Office at Preseott Ariz., Nov. .V-lSOjft
Notiee is hereby given that the .follnWiijg
naiiud settler hs lilt notice of his intention
to make linal proof in support of hi. claim,
and that said picof will lie n tfde Ijt fore'' Clork
of Piábate Ci urt at St. Johns,. on DecQmuftuXpl,
l'JO:?, viz : tAiti
Fianklin Wiltbanlc, for the
lían ge ü7 K. :.tlpif.
lie íiMiies the following witnesses tqpr$ye
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz:
Frai k lUitler, of Greer, Arizona. . '
.1 N Butler, (f Ureer, Arizona.
Geoige WiltLank, of Sprii:gei"VÜlle, Arizona.
Isaac Hale, of Greer. Arizona ;' '
Fl N S. IIII.mtK'TI, KCg'StOX.
First Pub. Nov. 7. Last Pub. Dec, 12 . ?
I t, ,
i Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Prcscott, Ariz., Nov. 9, 1908 .
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has li'ed notice of his intention
t make Ileal pr of in suport of. his claim,
and that said ptoof willbe n ade before 'John
T. litigue. Cieik of the Prolate Court.' atSt..
Johns, Arizona, on December 28,' 1903.' viz:
Jnei b F hutler, of ireer, Arizona for the W14
of NWkí & WU cí SWU Sec. 13. Tp. 7 N. K. 27 E.
He names the following witnesses to provjfi ''.
! ins torn in lit us lesioenee uj.on, ana cultivation
! of. said lai.d, viz:
Isaac Ila e, of Greer Arizona.
r raniv w-nioaiiK, oi springervue, Arizona.. .,r
i i x- r r... 4 ........... "" -.'.''i!
I .) i. miner, ui uicfi, nnxuiin.
1'EN S. HlLDRETII, RcfglSt'6r,.r
iriRl. lnh Niiv 14 TMRt. Tinn Í0 -
, Li .I
Notice for Publcation.
Land Office at Prescott Ariz., Nov. 10. lOopi
Notice is hereby tfiven that the followfner.'
I named settler has tiled notice of li is intention
l to male final pi otf in tu ort of his claip
Mini tht s-aid proof will be made before 16nk
of Probate Court at St. Johns, Ariz., on JanVlf,
. 1D0S, viz: . ' ,
1 James F Thompson, Springervillo, A. T.. foY
i the SV,, NW 1-4 Sec, H5 & SU & N Wl-4 of N 121-1
of Sec. 84. Twp 0.N It . 'I IÍ :
lie names the following witnesses to prOVG
í his continuous residence upon and cultivation
; of, saitl land, viz : "
' ISA Hurke, of Springervillo. Arizona
C 1 Wiltbank, of Springarville,-Arizona
net i v P. Hobson, of Springervillo, Arizona-, .
Clarenco V.Perry, tf Springervillo, irfzona
Fun S. H i U) is ktii,-Register.
Virítí Pub. Nov, 28. Last Pub Jan 2.
mt mm!.:',
i i ii ni i up 1 1 in i ni i in i ni 1 1 i iii ni iih hi iB mil i ii i

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