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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, November 10, 1912, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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The Wckkly Tombstose Epitaph
published every Sunday, will glic all
the news anil mil to sent to any ad
dress for
3 reit veah
Is tublidlicil every Sunday, and con
tains all the nen of the week an it
appears in The lHlLr Pkusplctor-
i .VubxclUe Now
Four Monthi for S)l i
NO 92
Some Remarkable Information Revealed
by the Last Great Register of
Cochise Oldest Elector
Former Tombstoner
The Great Register of Cochise coun
ty which was recently completed bj
Coanty Recorder 0en E .Murphy,
and upon which are enrolled the elec
tor of this political sub-division,
doe) indeed reveal some very interest
ing data, besides being a very useful
record for future reference
The register shows that at the close
of registration, there were upon the
rolls a to'al number of 5S34 electors.
Disbee ranking first lth 1,635; Doug
las second with l,Ui. and Lowell
third with 6G'J, out of 41 judicial pre
cincts. When the great register of 191? is
compared with that of 190S, the sme
shows a total of 910 naturalized citi
zens, or a sain of 71 OTr the last reg
istration, Disbee baviog 351 registered
aad Duugjas coming second with 148.
The Ifl- register further reveals
the fact that there were in the neigb
borhond of 300 electors who had with
in the past two yeare reached the age
of majority, than appeared upon ibe
register of 190?.
Tbe lolloping data of the last great
register will prove of much interest:
The Cochise County Returns Tabu
lated With But Four Small
Precincts to be Heard From
The following is a tabulation of the election returns with
the exception of four small precincts:
Precinct Wilson Taft Roo&elklt Debs
Tombstone 95
Hereford 16 ..
Bisbee 476
Douglas 4S1
Naco 28 ,
. 26.
.. i ..
.61 .
Fairbank 9
St David 15 '....
Curtis 9
Benson 47
Johnson 7
Cochise 2o
Sa.n Simon 38
Pearce i9
Paradise iS
Warren 43
Dragoon 15
El Dorado 4
Courtland 39
Servoss 22
2 .
8 .
4 .
9 .
i4 .
3 .
12 .
Dos Cabezas 2j 6
Pirtleville 68 16
Lowell 202
Willcox 94
Bowie 29
Light - 27
Lusk 33
Whitewater 25
Carr Canyon lo
Gleeson 39
The precincts to be heard from
Marble and Wilgus.
jt jtuSf--
1 The oldest elector to cait bis ballot
at the recent election is Nicholas
tluneaker of Pirtlevtlle; aged t7
The oldest naturalized citizens of
the county are E W Sinclair o' Lowell
former')' of Tombstone aged 82 and
naturalized in Sioux City, Iowa, Sept.
J -J. 1857. He is a native of Sctla a
and an engineer by occupation. Sec
ond oldest is James Gsrrett ol Glee.c n
agert 75 years and naturalized in Sac
ramento Oal, in October 1S59; while
the third oldest i lector is Frederick
HlocVow of Tombstone, a native cf
Germany, and naturalized in Jo Davis
county, III, Aug 2i, 1S60 .
The nldest and tallest negro voter
in tbecountt is Simon P Franklin ol
Coiutland. a farmer. He is 70 years
of age and C feet high.
Toe heaviest man in the county u
W S Campbell o! Courtltnd, who
weieht 275 pounds.
The tallest native born Artionan is
John Valenzuela.of Hereford. He is
6 feet fire inches tall and weighs 190
The oldest ectively engaged miner
.... 8.
... 10
. 6
o 1
3 -
.. 6
. lo
.. 3
.. 6
... 1
.. i3
... 0
1384 803
are: Wtst Huachuca, Turner,
is Ttoi McKioney of Liell, whn is
71 ye -re of age.
The oldest native born Aritonao of
Mexican parents is E D Saenei aged
il years a r-S'ieDt ol Benson.
John Nelson of Lowell is the tallest
miner on record, beinrGfteil inches
tall, weight 210 pounds.
The oldest naturalized citizen of
Mexico by reason of tbeGadsden Treaty
is Jose M Rubles, aged 70 and engag
ed in the stock raising business al
W K York of Lowell ia the tallest
I cowpuncber riding the range in Co
chise county, be being C feet I inch
The lightest men in tbe county are
Patrick O'Haga, a naturalized citizen
a resident of Benson, weighing but
93 pounds, a farmer by occupation; (J
E Pratt of Tombstone, a painter,
weighing 100 pounds 5 feet t! inches
tall; while tbe third lightest man
is Ed Lemons, a cattleman o' San
Simon, who also tips tbe scales at UO
The smallest man on record is W T
Morgan of Cochise, who is lut 5 feet
Charles F Link of Douglas, emphy
ed at Calumet & Arizona smelter as
moti'rman, is tbe tallest man in tbe
county being 6 feet 6 inches tall,
weight 210 pounds; while tbe sec
ond tallest man is Paul Forscbile of
Pirtleville, native of Germany. He
ia 6 lee i 4 inches tall and weighs 730
Sunday In
Tombstone Churches
Ko morning services.
Sunday School at 10 a m.
Benediction at 7.30 p to.
All are cordially incited to attend
Kev. Father Marx, Pastor.
Sunday School 10 KW a. m.
Epwortb League 7 p. in.
All are invited.
Trevor Ortojt. Pastor.
Sunday School 10 a. m..
E 11
Keeves, Supt.
Preaching 11 a u. Topic: "Chan
nels of Power."
Preaching 7:30 p m. Topic: '-New
Spokes In the Wheel."
Christian Endeavor at 7.00 p. m.
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend these services.
Ket. H.A. Dsxr, Pastor.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred uollan Re
gard for any case of Catarrh that
. L 1 1 Ttt, 1 t
cannoi oe curou oy aau 0 iraiarm
Fi J. Cheket A Co., Toledo, O.
We tbe undersigned, have known
r. J. Cheney for the last 15 yeare, and
elieve him perfectly honorable in all
ueineas transaction and financially
abl- o carry out any obligations made
bv r is firm.
W aiding, Kivttis i. Martu,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
ally, acting directly upon the bloex!
and mucous surface of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents
per bottle. BnlH h- a duegiata.
Jodg in Suit 146 Gertrude Aria
Dr,C Ariae Cr, divorce.
Suit No 218. 8 H Bryant ve Mary
Bryant; divorce.
Soit No 219. Frank Pieone vs An
tonia Pieone; divorce.
Eat Elena Korpp; order confirming
1 sale real estate.
Tombstone Town
Topics Tersely Told
Visitors to City; Local and
Personal Items of Interest
EA 8 urn met fix Id, tbe popular
propriatoi of Arcade saloon, is con
fined to bis bed with illness. His
friends hope for an early recovery,
Wm Johnson was an outgoing pas
senger for Disbee today.
Wm Pearce of the Tombstone
Cigar Store was an outgoing passen
ger today for California and other
coast points.
Kev. Ma. 1 of the local Catholin
church went to Benson today where
be will conduct services tomorrow.
Chafin Would Make
It Unanimous
Eugene W Chafin sent the follow.
iog telegram to Governor Woodrow
W ilson yesterday:
Tucson, Arizona, Nor 6, 1912.
Hun Woodrow Wilson ,
Sea Girt, N. J.
Congratulations. I move that it
be made unanimous.
Ecoeke W. Ciuf-in-.
This shows that Mr Chafin believed
it when he said Woodrow Wilson
would be the next president, and also
shows that he bears 00 ill feeling to
ward his succeisful rival.
ChamDenains Uough Remedr
Newsy Notes From All Over Arizona
Carefully Condensed for The
Prospector Readers
In an opinion written by Commis
sioner F A Jones and conenrred in by
the other members, the corporation
commission condemns the transfer
and ewitching charge made by the
Ray & Gila Valley railroad and order
that on or before November 20, the
charge be abolished.
C C Dallas, night yard master of
the Ariiona Eastern at Globe, was
aroused from sleep Monday to find bis
room filled with smoke and flames
roaring in hi face. He grabbedwbat
wearing apparel be could and ran to
the door, reaching the outtide of the
cottage just a the flame bit bis
An automobile driven by A A Fer
guson, of Douglas, with whom wag
Editor Woods of tbe Douglas Inter
national and John Seip, city editor,
crashed into a carpenter shop in Lo.
well Monday. Fortunately none of
the occupants ol the car were seriously
hurt. Tbe automobile was smashed
to piece and tbe front of tbe carpen
ter shop demolished.
John Brady at Min Villey was tbe
viotim of the most unusual case of
dementia a few day ago. The man
was found in room in which every
thing bad been demolished, tbe stove
pipe taken down, the disbe smashed,
tb mattress was torn to abred and
the man wis discovered crouching
behind tbe bed with box over hi
bead in a nude condition. His
feet were eut and bit, body a mats o'
bruises, showing fhal be bid wander
rd from the boost and into tbe rock.
Ha died tbortly after bei discover-.
I Toe Arizona conference of Congre
gational Churches meets in the, local
church Nov 13-15, further notice, io-
c uuing program, 01 wmen will appear
in tbesecolumns later.
Mrs J G Hutchinson, mother of
D.-puty Recoider Hutchinson, arrhetl
yesterday from Seattle, Washington,
ajd will visit with her son and wife
fur a fortnight.
' There is no office within the ap-
jpiinive power of President-elect
Wilson which I am seeking, or which
I would accept."
This, in brief, is the position ol
Eugene S lvea, delegate to the Balti
morecontention, in a statement au
thorized by him Friday.
onctlled at the Tombstone Poitoffice
For the Past Week
The following ts a list ol letter rt
naming in the general deliiei) at tbe
Tombstone poitotEce for tbe week
ending November 9, 1912.
Refugio Campas Nancy Cook
P.amon Lopez Mrs Leo Meredith
Yner Yrneo
When calling tor above letters, eaj
advertised,' giving date of adver
tisement. A fee of lc will be collect
ed ob each letter that is delivered.
Fkasrtg D Crabie
R M Martin, president of tbe CI.
max Mining company, arrived in"
l'rttcotta few days ago from Los
Angeles. He is investigating tbe
condition of the roads, and if possible,
to make arrangements to ship two
carloads of material from Los Angeles
to his mining camp.
Tbe Seventh Day Adventist camp
meeting closed Sunday nigbt in Phoe
nix, and those who had been attend
ing, departed lor their various homes.
The leaders say that while the at
tendance was small there has teen a
marked interest in the meetings.
Frank Young, tbe colored porter at
the Sel Monte hottl in Prescott in
stituted damage proceedings Friday
against Ron.aina Meldi-.g. of theLub
in Co for alleged injuries receivd
rben Fielding hit him with an auto
mobile and seriously injured him.
Young was riding a bicycle when he
was hit by the machine. He wants
$1,000 as a halm for bis injuries aod
mental disturbance.
J W Casperson, who recently got
into trouble in Tucson by passing
worthless check is again in Prescott
It would seem that Casperson was
merely careless in managing his funds
and that be did not knoar that he had
no money in tbe bank when he drew
tbe checks
Judge Sloan baa sentenced 110 de
fendant in montb in tbe United
States court. A number of these
will be taken to Atlanta soon by
United State Marshal Over lock.
d. V Tatar flMMVy
I'ofcb' Spartan Fincor all k1doTll' 8aai
'i wt at !Wjt ryx caicaavvi F
Congress, Imperial and Christmas
Groups Sold to Guggenheims-
T. C. M. Co. Will Profit
By Transfer
Negotiations for tbe sale of.the Con.
gress, Imperial and Christmas mines,
the three largest properties owned l
the Development Company of Ameri
ca, to IheGuggenhein. interests, have
been practically completed. Several
trillion dollars are involved in ilir
deal' which has been pmtnoted by K
O Earle, formerly manager of the EI
Paso smelter, h Guggenheim plant.
Frank M Mtirph), president ol the
Development Company, Mr Earle. and
a large partyof Guggenheim associates
are now at Christmas, h re they
Second Earthquake in This Vicinity
This Week Recorded at Arizona
Seismograph Station
A second earthquake, farther dis
tant than tbeone lepirtrd Thurday
was registered by the feimneraph at
the United States Magnetic observa
tory at Tucson between 9 and 11
o'clock Thursday. The first quale
occurred Thureday morning ehjrtlv
after midnight.
Tbe two are in no way related , r or
are they in the eame vicinity, where-
How Times Have Changed in Ari
k zona-An Apache Indian Fair
and Progress of Poor Lo on the
The Indian Fair at San Carlos is
attracting large crowds and 1 prowng
a huge success in every ay.
Cbarley Alexander who returned
from that point jestcrday speaking of
tbeexhilition said:
"The Fair is great. They have the
Fert Apache Indian band down there,
a base! all game every day and there
is something doing every minute I
saw a seven pound turnip crown by
Court Matters Passed Upon Yesterday-Several
Divorce Cases
The follow, ng court matters wrrt
disposed of by Judge Sutter yesterday
in the superior court:
Juanita Nash vs Byron Nash, leave
granted to amend complant by adding
prater for restoration of maiden
Rosanna Nicholson ve J B Nichcl
son, judgment for plaintiff.
0 W Hicks. Treasurer vs S K Wil
liam et al, judgment for plaintiS
Marion Wallace ve Wm Wallace,
mflgmentfor plaintiff.
Bank of Dougla vs Kline, con-
will make 1 complete examination of
that property.
Reports of this deal hate been cur
rent in Tombstone for several months
and its importance, beeides beinr the
laigest mining deal in the s'ete, is
belicied nil! have a direct bearing on
I the Tombstone Consolidated company
mweewned by the same comnaov
and iil hasten definite plans here,
1 The news i-haled with delight here
'and g yes renewed hope of early re
sumption m the Tombstone d strict.
ever that is, saj the observatory
Ten dollale a Uaj easily nude by
locI agent. Write for full informa
tion at once. Arizona 5a!ea Agency.
Phoenix. Arizona. Ml
For ?ale Combined writing desk
ard hook case. so to parlor chairs.
Inquire C G Johnson, Fremont street,
near Fourth
the Indians and other products in
proportion. Tbey are going to have
an Indian Conference, with dances.
They have baskets on exhibition, bead
work, old relics and Indian trinkets of
everv description. The Indian girls
have some cakes down there that
they baked themselves that were
'just like mother used to make.' They
are taught cooking at the schools. I
wouldn't bae missed it for any
thing." t nued to 25th.
Henrj Pfaff vs Pittsburg aid Siii
perior, continued to 25th.
Quarles va Parker, continued to 22,
L J Overlock vs A M Toms, judg
ment for plaiolitf.
Womack and Brown vs A Ander
son, judgment for plaintiffs.
Case against Tom Cailagban dis
missed. e4artTour Sowcii VTHU Cue ret.
Caifiy Cathartic, cure conn .ration forever
j" Vk. If GO C.?UUdroff8Uircfnti3h.ne
. 1

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