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ailliv lf < > t-ofllce at Valftilinc. Cl
Krcnt *
Valentine Traehcru Annotation No11 ;
District Court \ oH
The .l
Tin * fultouiiiK Minus tin1'i'Iri's qiintfiJ tor'
wildc t Omaha yi"M'nli.\ VO\I-IIIUT | n. I
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Fair to good U'c.s'crn Hccvo : tT. 4 : ; j
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Try tin.- I.jjtUrns ; tt T. C Hornby's
Sewinsr Mtchino 'it ' ] " . ( ' . Hornby's
Arthur tto.vrin" ; of Merriman was in
vn this \Viek. ,
A nor- suK'.vu'k v.-is ; 1 lid in front of
thf .Moses property last week. jt j
The reading public respectfully
informed tli.it the election is over.
Did you try the Norfolk Bakery J
Bread at Farnhans & UikeiiKiu'sV tf '
John Stetter came dov.-i from < 'ody
Tuesday to vote and visit hi.family. .
Win. ( Javanaujrh was in town from
C'rookston last Wednesday on business i
A car load of Michigan apples at
Farnham & Dikeman's. Better call. '
M. P. Brorthw. of the Table , is look- j
injr for bids on balinjr ; 0 tons of hay
and straw.
D. ( ' . Nelson brought in the returrs
from Cody and chatted with the boys
K. II. Vandejrrif t : ind f.ither-in-lav. * .
Mr. Edwards , wen1 in town from
Brownlee , Monday.
The cold wave fla was raited ? at
the weather ljure ui Mond-iy. J'or the
first time this fall. j
P. Sullivan came down from Eli \
Tuebdaj" afternoon to learn election J
returns from over the county.
"Fish" Pettycrew has the everlast
ing * thanks of this family deliffht for
a load of lojrs on subscription.
T Cure al'nlrt in OIHl ay.
Take Uix-Uivr liroiin Quinine Tablet > . All
ilritirtfls's ' n'fwiil inonuv if ii tail" ( o lire.of. .
The genuine his ; L B. O , . on each table t.
C. ( . ' . Thompson is building a new
feed and livery stable on the site of
the old Case barn , on Kali street.
J. X. Kelsey and family of Wood-
lake have moved to Valentine and wi 1 !
make thih their home in the future.
A number of local events were not
chronicled in these columns this week
in order to make room for election
P. ( ) . Parson.- the photographer
will take a few pupils in photography
durinjf the winter. Inquire at Shaw's
Mesdames Nicholson and Halej * vis
ited St. Francis Sunday for the pur
pose of having the former's little
baby christened.
Clarence Walcott and family have
moved to town from Wood lake and
are living in the Ludivi property on
Cherry and HI more streets. <
Manly V.'j-inau brought in the elet > '
tion returns f rom Woodlake precinct
Wednesday.and much credit is due our
people there for the efficient work
lone in behalf of the fusion ticket.
Mrs. F. K. Gillette , of Ainworth , who
lias been visiting her daughter here
for a week past and attending to hei
, Birt. who is reciving medical at
tention at Dwyers hospital , returned
home Monday morning.
Ye editor's wife and little daughter
ire visiting Mrs. Good's parents in
r.ongpine. The editor and Charley
Sparks contemplate organizing a " (
frnss widower's club" for consolation
ind mutal benefit.
Arthur Crowe was down the liver after a cook
ito\ ( ! one day last week. Aithur must bu going
o get married.
Lett id Ad.ims sold a bnnch of laorjcs iceently
.11 fluloKniiin of the Geo. Monnicr lanch.
\VcfoiKottonieiitionlastweelc lh.itVn - . < > .
hudnt - cast. Hill wa- . outof the Hist
.i-ltI .T.s MI tli > community.
1 * . JlealX lioin the llollunjSiirinjts Flats was
ip in thi ' ! oimtr\ las : vvci-k galhenn : : diajloiu ! J
F. JC. Yantali and li E. C rane dclioruud their t
attic last wc.'K. (
Mrs. Win. Nichols returned from the ( Jonlon J
losnital faSl Weifnrs Jay very ia-nli imu'royfU f
n health.
John 8-ild'er and the Xieliob lto.\s s bld h'oniO ,
tco'rJ to I- . P.MliLs last Satnitl.-fy. i
1' . Snllfv.inva4 on the side list lust \\ttk. * j . .
We Iftfani Fi-aiii ; Vanish j .iyihit : Fitist Truce - | * ;
co ( old him tliat Ilngh Itovlll Said he heard : .
'het ( ioodrich ti-H .Jess ttarner that Gco. John-
on told tiJni that Fred Maybee thought \ve
hu'vo poiiro edd wctithvr after Christi as. li
Republicans Make Consider |
able Gains In Nebraska ,
Republicans Claim the State by
Four Thousand.
Rat urn * Sliorv a Net Republican
Gain of 3,421 At This Ratio Would
Show xu Aggregate < if ii-1,000 , In-
Haywanl's Klcctiou
J > n Hlatnro In Doubt.
LIXCOLX , Nov. 1) ) . With returus from
loss than a thir.l of the precincts in the
state the result in Nebraska cannot he
foretold to a certainty. That Republic
ans have reason for confidence cannot
be denied. Returns at 2 a. in. from 215)
precincts showed a net Republican
gain of ; 5,421. This is an average gain
to the precinct of Jo1. , , which if main
tained for the state would sho\v an ag
gregate of 24,000 , insuring the election
ofHayward for governor by not less
than 4,000. Chairman Slaughter main
tains that the balance of the state ticket
will not fnll below governor 1,000.
Nearly the same number of precinct
returns have been received on legislative
candidates , and while comparisons can-
nofc be made with the game accuracy
the outlook is for a Republican majority
on joint ballot. There are 110 changes
on previous estimates for congressmen.
Chairman Gaffin made a statement
claiming the election of the fusion state
ticket and legislature and four to six
OMAHA , Nov. 9. The World-Herald
claims the election of the entire fusion
ticket by majorities ranging from 9,000
to 12,000. The votes polled show a fall
ing off of about 20 per cent tliroughout
the state , and the aggregate state vote
this year promises to be about 180,000.
OMAHA , Nov. 9. Returns from 282
precincts in various portions of the state
indicate the election of the following o
congress : First district , E. J : Burkett ,
( Rep. ) ; Second district , D. H. Mercer ,
( Rep. ) ; Third district , J. S. Robinson.
( Pop. ) ; Fourth district , W. L. "Stark )
( Pop. ) ; Fifth district , R. D. Sutherland ,
( Pop. ) ; Sixth district , W. L. Greene ,
( Pop.- )
ST. Louis , Nov. 9. Up to 1 a. in. re
turns from both the city of St. Louis
and state of Missouri were far from
complete. At Democratic headquarters
incomplete returns from 40 out of 114
counties in the state seemed to indicate
that the Democratic majority on the
state and congressional tickets of 1896
would be equalled. The claim , was
made that success in the doubtful coun
ties of Butler , Carroll and Scotland and
the election of five additional Demo
cratic representatives in St. Louis , with
senatorial gains elsewhere , insured a
larger majority in the state legislature
for the Democrats than they had two
years ago. Richard Bartholdt , Repub
lican , Tenth congressional district , is
undoubtedly elected , but the Eleventh
and Twelfth are in doubt and claimed
by both parties. The other thirteen
congressional districts are probably Dem
At Democratic state committee head
quarters this morning it was stated that
only the First , Second , Third , Fourth ,
Fifth , Sixth , Seventh , Ninth , Four
teenth and Fifteenth congressional dis
tricts are surely Democratic. Not suffi
cient returns have been received from
the Eighth ( Eland's ) and fhe Thirteenth
districts to determine the result. It is
conceded that the Republicans have car
ried the Tenth , Eleventh and Twelfth
LOUISVILLE , Nov. 1) . The Democrats
uf Kentucky carried nine and possible
10 out of the J1 congressional districts
in the state , a gain of two or perhaps
three over their last delegation. The
Republicans carried only one district ,
the Eleventh , solidly , but this was
always conceded by their opponents , as
it has been a Republican stronghold for
years. In the Ninth district , the race
between Pugh , ( Rep. , ) and "Williams ,
Dem. , ) is very close , both sides claims
it. The vote throughout the state was
the lightest known in years , and the
election was entirely devoid of exciting
RICHMOND , Nov. 9. The election in
Virginia yesterday was the quietest that
iias taken place in many years Not
more than half the vote was polled , ex
cept in the Ninth aud Tenth districts ,
where the Domocrata had formidable
opposition. The result is that the state
etnrus arc solidly Democratic delega-
ious of 10 members. The feature of
lie election is the breaking away from
aeneral Walter of the republican strong *
lold of the Ninth district , where he was
lefeatod by Ithea.
AUSTIN , T x. , Nov. . Scattering re
ports from over 1 ho state inuk'ate thd
tafe Demdcrntic. ticket will be elected
> y a large majority. Incomplete re- :
urna from this , the Ninth congress-
oual district , shows that the Democrats
Officials Closely Watch the
Klectlon Ucturnti.
WASHINGTON' , ] N"ov. 0. Intense inter-
est was inauifc'sted in the election re-
i turns last night. The results of the
i various state and congressional district
campaigns to which so innuh attaches
in Washington , attracted thousands to
the bulletin boards in front of newspa
per ofiices. The theaters atd clubs re
ceived bulletins and the two congres
sional headquarters had two special
wires and long distance telephone serv
ice for those who were figuring tip the
result of the battle for the control of
the next house of representatives.
Many of the cabinet officials and
higher officials of the government had
gone home to vote , and owing to the
absence of the president , who traveled
to Ohio to deposit his ballot , there was
not the brilliant gathering of political
notables at the White house which had
assemb'sd there frequently upon similar
occasio.as in the past.
But fhe returns were receiver ! at the
White "house and closely tabulated in
the belief that some other cabinet offi
cers might drop in for late advices , Sec
retary of Agriculture Wilson being the
only one who came into the executive
mansion early. Secretaries Hay , Alger
and Long , and Gage and other members
of the cabinet in the city remained at
their homes throughout the early portion
of the evening and received the returns
by telephone.
Perhaps in no city in the country , out-
oido of the Empire state , was the result
of the gubernatorial contest there of
such interest as in Washington , where
Colonel Roosevelt has spent half a dozen
years as civil service commissioner and
assistant secretary of the n ivy , and he
was well known. The chief interest , of
course , centered in the complexion of
the next house. The legislation during
the coming two years , support of the
administration and many hundreds of
officers are involved in the result and
the returns from the close districts were
eagerly scrutinized by the congressional
campaign managers of both parties.
BOSTON , Nov. 9. After a canvass
without state issues and confined almost
entirely to frmr congressional districts
and a few local districts , the Republic
ans have again carried Massachusetts
and elected Roger Wolcott governor for
the fourth time , as well as the entire
state ticket by a safe majority. Gov
ernor Wolcott's plurality over A. L.
Bruce , his Democratic opponent , will
be about 70,000 , or 15,000 less than his
lead last year. The vote this year was
much heavier than in 1897 , and Mr.
Bruce made substantial gains over
George Fred Williams , the Democratic
candidate last year. As in the last two
years , Governor Wolcott succeeded in
carrying Boston , which is usually a
Democratic city. Nearly all the inter
est in the campaign was confined to the
Fifth , Seventh , Ninth and Tenth con
gressional districts , and both parties
fought hard on national issues , but the
Republicans lost two if not three of
their districts. The Tenth district went
Democratic and the Fifth district was
in doubt for some time. The Eighth
district , which was considered doubtful ,
remained in the Republican ranks and
elected Ernest W. Roberts. The legis
lature will be but little changed from its
present list , namely , 181 Republicans ,
59 Democrats , and the governor's coun
cil will also stand the same as last year ,
seven Republicans and one Democrat.
New Jen > ey.
TRENTON , N. J. , Nov. 9. New Jersey
has been carried by the Republicans and
Foster M. YoorheeS ; the Republican
candidate , is elected governor by about
12,000 plurality. Essex county , which
was conceded the fighting ground of
both parties , has gone Republican by
about 5,000 and both houses of the legis
lature will be Republican. This will
insure the election of a Republican to
succeed James Smith , Jr. , Democrat.
The Democrats have elected two con
gressmen in the Fourth and Seventh.
JERSEY OTY , Nov. 9. The returns
coming in indicate that the Democrats
carry this city by about 2,800 and the >
county of Hudson by between 5,000 ami
6,000. No Republicans will be elected
to any position in the county or city.
The Democrats have made a clean
sweep. Williin D. Daly is elected to
congress by probably 4,500. A. L. Me-
Dermott is elected state'senator by very
nearly as much.
No Trouble In New York.
NEW YORK , N"ov. 9. Superintendent ;
McCullough , after the polls had closed ,
made the following statement in regard
to the operation of the new election law :
"My deputies have had no-trouble in
any of the tez-ritory of Greater New
York. I had 7 )0 deputies , 500 of whom
were on duty ac the polls , 100 in reserve
and 100 in spec'.als acting as messengers.
The only territory in which I had any
trouble was in .fhe sixth and eighth elec
tion districts jf the second assembly
M-oht Virginia.
WHEELING , W. Ya. , Nov. 9. Indica.
tious are tlm Doveiier ( Rep. , ) First
congressional district , has 1,500 ma
jority ; Dayton ( Rep. , ) Second district ,
re-elected. Legislature in doubt.
HELENA , N ov. 9. Later returns make
sure the olecliou of N. J. Campbell ,
( Dem. , ) to congress by a plurality of
several thou iaud. The state legislatuie
svill be Democratic.
North Dakota.
FARGO , Is. D. , Nov. 9. Reports from
Dver the state are very meagre but Jn-
iicate slight Republican gains Over JS96.
An estimate of the state gives the Re
publican ticket 4,500 majority.
Biittiiis'iniAMi Nov. 9. Returns up to
his tiinj ; indicate the election of every
Democratic congressman in the state ,
rhe vote * s exceedingly light jn jjjl dis-
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