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A Close Call at the Home of
D J Kocnigstein
Hot Air Ik Not n Imiil Thing to Try to
lloo Coiiipiinlr MaUo tlio
Hnn but TliolrServlornnro not ltriilrHl
Contribution to tlio Department
From Fridays Dally
A furnnco is supposod to bo ubout the
safest heating apparatus llmtthorois
yet it seonis tlioro is dangor oven in n
furnace as was shown at tho homo of
D J Kocnigstein this morning Tho
house had become too warm and ovory
register had been closed thus prevent
ing the escapo of tho hot air It only
took a short timo under theso conditions
to generate a blaze which though
startling to tho family was quickly sub
dued with n bucicet of water A flro
alarm had been sent in aud tho West
Side hoso company and tho Mast
hose company woro soon on the
ground but no service was required of
them When it was learned that tho
tiro was undor control tho other com
panies were ordered back to tho hose
houso by Chief Winter In spite of tho
fact that no sorvice was required of tho
hoso companies Mr Koenigstein con
tributed 00 to tho department No
damage was done at tho house except
from Biuoko
This is tho first lire alarm that has
been given in Norfolk sluco Juno 128
when the millinery store of Mrs Mitch
ell was destroyed Tho time has ar
rived however when fires are to bo ex
pected and tho superstitions insist that
two more alarms are due to bo sounded
within the next tow days as they claim
that fires always come in gangs of three
Thank Yon
On behalf of tho Norfolk fire depart
ment I desire to thank D T Koenigstein
tor tho contribution of 4 500 received
this morning This is a particularly
generous contribution on tho part of
Mr Koenigstein as tho hoso companies
were not required to render any service
after making tho run to his homo this
morning II W Wintek Chief
Miss M ONeill of Battle Creek was
a city visitor yesterday
Mrs W II Clark has gone to Omaha
to visit friends for a few days
A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs
August Pasewalk this morning
Tho Even Dozen club meets this after
noon with Miss Frances Johnson
Wm Bokemper of Tildeu is in the
city visiting friends for a few days
Louis Wells of Madison visited yester
day with his friend Fred Jenkins
Attorneys Mnpes and Tyler returned
last evening from their trip to Bloom
Miss Bessie Bridge at the Pacific hotel
is suffering with a severe attack of ap
An adjourned term of district court
will be held at Madison commencing
next Monday
Hon John R Hays will go to Omaha
tomorrow to argue a case before the
federal court
E B Ovelmau returned last night
from his fall trip into Colorado Wyo
ming and Utah
W H Bridge is in tho Black Hills
this week representing tho products of
the sugar City Cereal mills
Mrs E W Bates went to Missouri
Valley yesterday noon to visit her
daughter Mrs Leon Brown
Ed Grant returned last evening from
Pocatollo Idaho where he had been to
attend the funeral of his mother
Mr and Mrs C H Reynolds expect
to leave for Chicago tomorrow where
they will visit friends a few days
Ohas Biorsdorf went to Plainviow
yesterday noon to attend the wedding
of John Millnetz and Miss Mary Ray
A teacher from Lexington was brought
to the hospital for the insane last night
He seems to have a mania to waut to
hypnotise everyone ho meets
Burt Thomas of Bello Fourcho S D
has resumed his former position as clerk
nt tho Fair Store Wm Starfield who
has been with the Fair has resigned
The range in temperature yesterday
aud last night was but six degrees the
minimum being 22 aud maximum S3
It was pretty steady cold for this time
of year
Asa K Leonard and E II Traoy went
west last night with a car of cattle for
A J Durlauds ranch west of Ewiug
Thoy expect to do some hunting on their
way homo
The republicans of Lincoln are pre
paring for a big ratification on Saturday
evening the 2 lth in which all citizens
of Nebraska aud marching clubs in
particular will be invited to participate
Tho Norfolk Military baud will give
its first ball in tho Marqnardt hall this
evening A liberal patronage is ex
pected The boys expect to use tho pro
ceeds iu equipping themselves for their
It is very difficult to see during these
densely dark nights aud it is suggested
that every driver of a vehicle keep well
to tho right side of tho street thus re
ducing the danger of collisions to tho
Ouo of Karo Bros delivery teams at
tempted to run away this morning but
only sneceedod in breaking tho tongue
of tho dolivery wagon when their am
bition was brought to a suddon close by
being caught
It 1b known that tho American Beot
Sugar company has dotormined to make
a decided advanco in tho prico of beets
next season but just what tho advanco
will do cannot bo told until mall ad
vices arrive from Now York
William Meyers a young farmer re
siding near Hooper lost his arm in u
corn shredder yesterday Ho was
loosouing some tangled corn when his
hand wns caught In tho rollers and his
arm drawn in and crushed It was am
putated near tho elbow
A now stato bank is to bo stalled at
Hoskius which is said to bo tho direct
result of tho ro olectioii of William
MeKinloy John F Crosby cashier of
tho Morchants Stato bank at Winsido
and John and James Shannon of lies
kins are tho incorporators ArtialeB
havo already been filed and it is pro
posed to have tho institution open for
business in a short timo
At Atchinson recently one of tho per
formers iu a minstrel show stepped to
tho front of tho stage and enquired if
thero was a physician in tho house Be
lieving that his services woro in press
ing demand and with visions of a good
feo iu sight a gentleman of tho medical
profession arose to his feet Glad to
soo you said tho minstrel your ser
vices will bo needed by the audience as
I am about to siug
Edwaul Hoversou a traveling sales
man and Miss Ilah P Pangbnrn woro
united iu niarriago yesterday at tho
homo of tho brides parents in Groighton
in tho prefienco of a fow invited guests
Rov J N Gortuor of tho Methodist
church officiating Tho brido is tho
daughter of Mr and Mrs CD Panburn
of Creighton Mr and Mrs Iloverson
will make thoir homo in Norfolk ar
riving hero last oveuihg
It seems to tho ordinary person not
on tho inside in city affairs that the
discontinuance of the threo street lights
at Ninth and Maiu Fourth and Philip
and Sixth aud Philip iB ill advised nt
this season of tho year when the nights
are long and dark and when tho lights
aro ccrtauily more needed than during
tho summer mouths It would be better
to discontinue them duritg tho summer
aud keep them going in winter if tho
city can only ufford to maintain them a
part of tho time
Columbus Journal G W Turner
who returned Monday from his tour
with Buffalo Bills Wild West has this
to say of tho big show Opening at
Madison Square Garden New York
April 2i the show traveled a distance of
116 f miles using -18 difforont railroads
iu 24 different states closing the season
at Memphis Tennessee November 3
The season was a most successful ono
financially The banner day occurred
at Dallas Texas where over 10000 was
taken by the show
In an interview with a Bee reporter
Wednesday Governor elect Dietrich
said that he had as yet decided on only
ono appointment that of Dr J L
Greene of University Place to tho posi
tion of superintendent of the hospital
for the insane at Lincoln Tho article
says Dr Greene is a specialist iu
brain diseases Mr Dietrichs selection
is in keeping with his expressed inten
tion of putting tho Lincoln hospital
undor tho supervision of alopathie physi
cians and tho Norfolk hospital under
homeopathic physicians
Tho Mnllory Theatre company ap
peared beforo a fair sized audience at
tho Auditorium last ovening in His
Excellency tho Governor For a
reportoire company the Mallory people
compnre favorably with other similar
organizations that havo appeared here
Chas B Archer carried a strong rolo
and did it well while Baby Mallory is
unusually bright taking a much more
difficult part than is ordinarily assigned
to a child Tho specialties were iu tho
main fairly good while the special
scenery carried by the company bnugs
out the piece to good advantage Tho
company will appoar at tho Auditorium
again tonight iu Tho Modern Gala
tea which will bo produced with spe
cial sceuery electrical aud mechanical
effects A matineo tomorrow afternoon
and entertainment tomorrow evening
will comploto tho eugagement of the
company in this city
Freti of UhiirKK
Any adult suflering from a cold
settled on tho breast bronohitis throat
or lung troubles of any nature who will
call at A K Leonardswill be presented
with a sample bottlo of Boscheos
Gorman Syrup freo of charge Only
one bottle given to ono person and nouo
to children without order from parents
No throat or lung remedy ever had
such a sale as Boscheos Gorman Syrup
in all parts of the civilized world
Twenty years ugo millions of bottles
wore given away and your druggist
will tell you its success was marvelous
It is really tho ouly throat and lung
remedy generally ondorsed by physi
ciaus Ono 75 cent bottle will cure or
prove its value Sold by dealeis in ull
civilized countries
Tlint of Iooiln nml Tliclr Acrennorlen
IihIiiiIIiik Ilin A mrrlcim Jlilrrn
A very dainty pamphlet has been Is
sued by the Division of Foods and Their
Accessories of the Pan American Im
position nt Buffalo The food work at
the lnn Amerlenn comes under the
general depattment of llorttcultute
Forestry and Food Products of which
Mr Fiederle YV Taylor Is superintend
ent Mr U Edward Fuller as assistant
superintendent has entile charge- of
the Division of Foods and Their Ac
cessories and he has prepared himself
for unusual work In this line by spc
clnl travel aud study such as no one
else probably ever undertook with the
same object This pamphlet calls the
attention of Jobbers of teas coffees
anil spices ami all dealers In food prod
ucts generally and their accessories to
the Interesting useful nud educational
work in their lines of business which
Is going on for the lan Ainerlcan Ex
position of 1101
The assistant superintendent Mr
Fuller says In the far east there are
foods and condiments of which we ure
almost utterly Ignorant here and ono
of the alms of the food exhibit will be
to educate the people of the western
hemisphere to the cultivation of the
products which nourish In the east Il
will be my aim to show how simple
and profitable It would be for Instance
to grow In the West Indies what Is
grown In the East Indies The climate
and soil conditions nre remarkably
similar and the conditions are favor
The best proof obtainable or desira
ble that the soil and the climate of the
West Indies Is as favorable as that of
the East Indies for the production of
spices Is already available The prod
ucts now received from the West In
dies are not equaled by those from any
other section of the world At the
present time they grow better allspice
ginger and red pepper there than any
where else on the globe and the va
nilla bean which Is queen of spices as
the nutmeg Is king Is found nowhere
In tho world In such perfection as In
Mexico The coffee grown In Mexico
has a llavor obtainable in no other cof
fee not even the Mocha or Java sur
passing It Emperor William of Ger
many appreciates that fact and ull of
the coffee used In the royal household
Is sent from our nearby republic Ven
ezuelan cacao from which chocolate is
made Is superior to the East Indian
With the view of massing together
In one effective Instructive and useful
exhibit the economic plants vines and
trees of tropical Pan America which
produce teas coffees spices and Kin
dred things It has been decided to
appropriate considerable tpaco at the
Pan American Exposition for their dis
play on a scale never before attempted
To show this Interesting collection to
the best advantage an attractive con
servatory has been provided while a
museum as an annex to this will con
tain finished products as well as rare
and curious articles to Illustrate a va
riety of features under the head of
Foods and Their Accessories
It Is a fart well known to experts
In exhibition matters that a scattered
display of special articles loses force
while a condensed exhibit of a line of
things pertaining to a specific subject
becomes educational Now as the ob
ject Is to increase the production and
promote the consumption of the things
called for much trouble nud expense
Is justified In making this collection
unique and unparalleled
It is Intended to make the exhibit
of red peppers the finest and most ex
tensive collection ever made with the
object of demonstrating by special ex
hibit connected with the accessories
of food that Pan America can pro
duce all the red peppers consumed In
Pan America It Is perhaps only known
to experts that vast quantities of red
peppers nre Imported from Europe
Asia and Afrlcn every year because
Pan Americans are uot actively alive
to their own Interest In this Important
One of SI uny ICnllnialnatii
Joe Mitchell Uhapple editor of The
National Magazine published at Bos
ton was In Buffalo recently and be
came much Interested in the Exposi
tion On his return to Boston he wrote
to nn official of the Exposition as fol
lows 1 was Indeed sorry not to have
seen you when In Buffalo but 1 did see
the Exposition and was astonished be
yond measure 1 wish that you would
send on anything that you think might
be of Interest to our readers and make
It as attractive as possible and I shall
keep on hammering away nt the Expo
sition editorially until It opens because
I am thoroughly enthused over the
nrnxll to lip Ilrproirnteil
The Brazilian government early In
the season sent out Invitations to all
agricultural and Industrial bocletles to
prepare articles for exhibition at the
Pan American Exposition at Buffalo In
1001 A large number of coffee pro
ducers have agreed to muiI a full line
of samples of the best Brazilian grades
of this commodity
wu asgai
Din Murphy Is iu tho city from
Miss Nellie Morrow is home to upend
11 H Horbison of Madison was a city
visitor today
Miss E Oleland of Pierce was a Nor
folk visitor this morning
John It Hays was a passenger for
Omaha on tho early train
Mrs M Mallory and daughter Dora
havo returned from a visit to Ames
Mrs E E Adams and kiu Clyde
were passengers for Omaha today
Miss lrma Maitiudalo a Pierce
teacher was In the city this morning
Mrs O 1 Dolen and son Johnnie
went to Wayne today to visit over Nun
Walter Pilger who Is teaching at
Meadow Grove is in tho city to visit his
O T Mullley of Meadow Grove had
his leg broken below the knee Tuesday
morning while endeavoring to stop a
runaway team
Miss Bessie Bridge upon whom it was
expected to operate for appendicitis is
improving m rapidly that it Is now
thought an operation will uot bo noeos
Chns 11 Johnson hasgnun to Chicago
to represent tho Norfolk Business Mens
club at tho hearing of tho freight rale
cumi befoie tho interstate commerce
commission lie will bo absent about
two weeks
Mrs Herman Schwede who has been
ill for a long time died yesterday at her
home eight miles east of tho city and
tho funeral was held fiom tho house at
10 oclock this morning and at Christ
Lutheran church at I oclock this after
noon Tho deceased is a daughter of 10
Stanton Picket Herman Kaasch ami
family camo homo from Norfolk yester
day where they had been to participate
in a social birthday party given in honor
of Mr Haaschs father Tho father is
SO years of ago and tho mother SO In
proof of their being a halo old couple
Herman cited the fact that they re
inained up tho night of the party until
1 oclock
Tho management of tho Norfolk
Auditorium has found it necessary to
forbid tho uso of tho balcony to tho boys
heciuiho they do not bohavo themselves
properly up there In tho future thoy
will bo provided for in tho right and
left sections of the dress circlo and if
they make more noise than is deemed
necessary thoy will bo put out of Iho
house without much ceremony
This morning as Thos Duer of South
Norfolk stepped out to get a pail of
water ho found a bundle tho outside
covering of which was a blanket on his
doorstop Ho picked up a corner of tho
and pulled and a little girl baby a blanket
fow hours old rolled out Tho child was
taken in and cared for and is getting
along nicely No ouo seems to know
where It camo from or who its parents
aro It is probable that Mr Duer will
adopt tho infant
A 10 overcoat disappeared from tho
display in front of Biium Bros stoie
yesterday morning Tho coat was
placed on a dummy at tho front of tho
store early in tho morning and shortly
after 8 oclock it was missed Thus far
no trace of the coat has been found
Some of tho wags say that when Julius
Altiohuler brought tho coat out to place
it on tho dummy ho actually throw it
over tho shoulders of a man and that
tho man walked away as soon as Julius
went back intotho store
The Mallory Theatre company ap
peared beforo a small house last even
ing presenting for the first timo in tho
lity tho unique comedy The Modern
Galntea Although tho audience was
not large it was responsive and the play
was received with more evident pleas
ure than the ono of tho night beforo
At tho matinee this afternoon Silver
King was given and thiB evening the
company will appear in tho Fatal
Card Tho Mallory company is com
posed of ladies and gentlemen aud thoy
give a nice clean entertninmeut which
is entitled to better patronago thon thus
fur received in Norfolk
Tho Bishop blook is to bo a two story
building after all Basing his judge
ment ou correspondence had with Mr
Bishop Mr Rausom had planned to
construct the foundation for a two story
block aud last evening ho received tolo
graphic instructions to that effect
Providing the weather doeB not prevent
aforcoofeight men will begin laying
the foundation Monday morning Tho
trenches are now completed and a supply
of brick has been placed handy for tho
masons so that when their work begins
it is expected they may make rapid
progresB Norfolk people generally
will bo pleased to know that one of tho
best business corners in tho city is to bo
graced with a structure that will add
materially to tho buBiness part of the
The enrollment of students for the Y
M C L night classes has been started
very succefsfullyund a number of tho
young men are taking n deep interest in
tho movement Tho classes are solely
for the convenience of members or for
students furnished by members It is
expected that tho classes will be Etarted
a week from Monday at latest The
course will coneist of common English
RSlsfc --
branches and German If the desire is
indicated by tho enrollment a course at
history will alpo be given Persons de
siring to enroll may do so during the
coming week at the Y M 1 L odlco
This Is a grand opportunity for young
innti desiring to benefit themselves iu an
educational way or refresh their mem
oiies regaiding studies they have already
taken It is an oppmt unity for young
men to learn something that will be of
advantage to them iu the future and it
is to be hoped that many will take the
advantage offered
Ilxurlni Itolntii llto tiiltitlnti niniiioion
oninitnxlnn ut Clilciij ii
From WoilmwilnyN Inll
The Norfolc freight rate case iu
which Chas II lohnton of this city is
tho leading witness a minst tho rail
roads is attracting considerable atten
tion especially In Omaha The Even
ing Bee of yesterday makes the follow
ing statement regarding the case
The jobbers of Nebraska aro watch
ing with keen interest a meeting of the
lutiiHtuto Cotninoico commission held
today iu Chicago Oral arguments were
presented In the Norfolk rate ciihe to re
inforce tho briefs ami counter briefs
which have already been submitted to
the commission General Solicitor
Benjamin F White appeared for the
Elkhorn and former Itallway Commis
sioner Smith of Council HI nils attended
to the interests of Iho Norfolk business
men Testimony iu the case has al
ready been exhaustively taken at Nor
While the dilleience is In itself not
important having lo do with an alleged
unjust rate from Chicago to Norfolk as
compared with that from the same city
to Lincoln and Fremont tho effect of
the decision will bo far reaching unr
no opinion will probably bo rendered
until the commirfMon has thoroughly in
quired into tho law aud the facts
If the Missouri river is ultimately
dispensed with as a basing lino as eon
tomplntcd in the prosecution the Missis
sippi lino with its vital effect upon
Omaha may also bu erased and the
whole system done away with
AkiiiiIh Wnntiil
We want an active agent iu Not folk
and vicinity to represent tho largest
evergreen nurseries in tho United States
A full lino of hardy fruits shade and
ornamental trees shrubs etc Four
plans pay weekly Addiess at once
Tin Emms Nrusriiiis Klgin 111
Itrit Sugar Imilnillnii
A close chtiinalo gives tho probable
tonnage of beets and the output of sugar
of tho country by states for 1100 as fol
Toiih Toiif
I loot Kimnr
Now York fiSOOO r00
Illinois 20000 I SOO
Ohio 10000 I SOO
Michigan HOOOOO 25000
Minnesota 25000 25H
Nebraska 75000 7000
Colorado 70001 OIOO
Utah SI 000 0000
Oregon 10000 1500
Washington 8000 700
California 250000 25000
Total 112000 Wi000
The total productiou of beet sugar in
tho United States tin 1MI0 was 72l0
tons in 1S08 it was J1 870 tons and in
1807 it was I0W0 tons California has
the distinction of having not only the
laruest factory in tho world but the old
est factory in tho United States iniiuu
facturiug sugar from beets Kor the
coming year tnu pi0np i ts in Cali
fornin may bo considered excellent
In tho entire country thero aro thirty
beet sugar factories with a daily capacity
of 1 100 tons of beets If they ran an
average of sixty days they would work
up 1 1 10000 tons of beets and would pro
duce at a rough approximation HllioO
tons of sugar California Fruit Orowi r
I Ill T I Int
List of letters romaining uncalled foi
at tho postonieo November li 1000
Win Antllng Fred Ilalttes Mr
Hurris 2 Mrs Mary E Dowling II
P O ray S E Hamlett Katlo Moeriko
F E Oliver A F Iugh Miss Toniine
HasinoBsen F A Smith Frod StenkT
W Stayler John Surber Adam Strong
J W Stark Herthi Weston Ernest
Weller W S Winter S Schaflnor
If not called for iu 10 days will bo
sent to tho dead letter oflice
Parties calling for any of tho above
please say advertised
Until ilmmiiry 1 1 110 1
In ordor to introduce Tho Somi
Weekly State Journal to a whole lot of
now homes it will bo sent from now
until Tauuary 1 1001 to any perton
sending us ono dollar for a years sub
scription This gives you tho papers
from now until January 1 1002 for
ouly ono dollar The Stato Journal is
tho recognized state paper and should
bo iu every home in tho state Printed
at the capital it gives more prompt nud
accurate reports of Nebras Ua doings
than any other paper and as it gives
you two papers each week it furnishes
yon with the latest uows soveral days
ahead of other papers You will uot
want to bo without The Journal during
the legislature and tho great senatorial
contest The earlier you send tho
dollar tho more papers you will get for
your money Address The Jouruil it
Llncolu Neb
RockaBye Baby
Theso are swrrt word- but how rrucli
pain and sulferiiq thy u ed lo mean Its
uilfpfrni now Snce Mothers Friend lias
become known expectant mothers have
I cm spared much of the anguish of child
Intlh Mothers liicntl I- n lntnont to ba
nrphrd externally It Is tubbed thorough
mlo the musrles of the nbdotnTi It gives
elastic IV mid Mretilh and when the final
Cieiil Mrnin comes they f pond quickly and
easily without pJ n Moihrr i Friend Is
nver tnlrii intrrnalv Internal remeillei
nt this tunc do inotc liirm Hun food If a
4 it
t y -
A Vl AfcMV --
rials roimrotloii iilm
ihilly liuiiiboiit of New
Coabl Tli Imutiil fi
nil roinncth on Mom
Now OrliMim diftor Dit
woman - Mipplird wllh thh splendid lini
ment hc nf rd never trir rising or swelling
lueasts morning sickness or any of tho
dscoinforis which usually accoinpiny preg
The pioprlelor of a larre hotel In Tampa
Fla write- My wife had an nwful timo
with her fit I child During her second
piritiaiK v Mothers Friend wis uwd and
Ihe hiby wv born easily betoic the doctor
airived Its ccrltlnly irnat
hi MolhtrH Frlcml ill the
limit Minr 1 1 pel liiitllu
Atlanta Ga
Will lor out lii illiiMMtril IiihiIi llifntu Ilnlly
It llfini
Kcenisteios Pharmacy
Corner 5th and Main Sts
Viavi is Womans Way ta tlealtb
all ami gel Health Hook and tcsli
monials of patients
Cotlon IUIocIc
American Beauties
Made in all he newest models and
leaders in strictly exclusive designs
They have a national reputation or
genuine corset -worth Send for our
illustrated price list
Solt Afitktri Katamaiao Mich
For ttilt lv
Illinois Central R R
Tin- Minion- utrul 1 r In mil iiltimtioii
lo tin- iiih xi illi l ih it if hy it
iiiikh lo lli Fimlli for tin iron of IMiU IWAJ
Pullman Tourist Sleeping Cars
Iorponnlly couihict
nl Ilium ihrouuh to
I or AiikiIip nml San
Truiiiiti ii tin Now
Olllllllh ilKOIIIHCtlun
uiih llmSiulliiTii Ill-
rillr liivinn
on tlio CriilnilV fui t
Now OrliuiiH
inailc hy thih train uith
OihiiiH for tlio Incillo
urn Cliiiiiuo mnry
lub nml Tlinit iliiyb nt
iMiilxir 1 I MHO with tlio
of iho Sonllmrii IlinHr Kitini niecml through
toSnii Krmicin o
Pouhln daily errv
iro ib inaiiitiimil out
of S Jiiiiib un the
lllinoib Central unit
roantclliii line to
CT I O II i C NashvilhChiittaiioo
I III U lo t i and Atlanta thro
w bhopiiiKrir to Jack-
Hiimllo Florida brniB carried on tho
leaiiiSt louib ovory ovniiliB Tliib train ab
well ab tho Day Kxpiobb loaWiw St Iouib in
llm iiiiirninn aro Inith rolid trauie to Natlnillf
Imvini thiomrh coacliiH and bloopini curd run
niiiK iIiioukIi Muitiii Tiiiii and Iho N t V M
I Ity Connoitlon ia tliib lino for all iirinoi
in lMiintb in tho Siintlioat t tiuh ob Chariot ton
ViliiunKl Aikin and Savannah ami for all
IKimtb in Florida
Dnil from rhieiiRO in Miinpldb and Now Or
iMiintu in tho South on tho biit b of the Illinoi
lYutnil and Y A M V railroad will ho iiiu ou
tho llrbt and third Tiiibilny of oarh month dur
inc thu winter mibou
Full particular roncernhii all of Uie nbrne
rnn I had of unenU of the IUjihiib
b uddrtkbiiitfA 11 llaiuou J V A HiImiko

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