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News Brevities.
-- .... The Buffalo Immigration Commissioners re-
; port thtt 1400 perBODB have been relited during
s v.- Ihe yeirwithan expense of $5,883 70. All these
1400 person! were foreigners. Moit of the nam'
ber (6j0) were German; rext Eoplisb, 1S9, then
, " Bwia. 135; and Belgians 133. Of Irish there were
but 100. These facts demonstrate at or.ce the dif
ference between the Irish and all other class of im
migrants. Thus, while the Irish immigration is
lb largest, it remains with uf, here, principally,
nd exerts its influence on one poiut; while the
Germans, it U easily perceived, nioTe Westward,
'' and giro tbeir exertions to opening up the wilds
there. And so also with all other oel'viticg but
Irish. Of the 1400 assisted at Buffalo, 900 were
assisted to rsach places lo which they d- s'ga
ed emigrating": to Canada West principally, (87,)
and to the more Western cities.
.... It is ttated that a new guano island, called
Sombreno, lying within eight days sail of New Yoik
has been discovered. Il ia averted to contain over
it millions of tons of guano, of a better quality
than has eTer been brought to tLis country.
.... Among the roost curious applications of
photography to. art, we must class that of copying
old manuscripts by its aid. Not long since, a Dr.
Leo, fouud himself sadly perplexed with the differ
v t readings of the celebrated gospels of Ulfila (a
translation of a portion of the New Testament into
the old Gothis tongue;) and as the Wi was so
much blurred in many places that do reliable copy
ould be made by hand, and as it wo:.' 1 I adv'ia
ble to have the original text alone c-. y dif
ferent scholars, he thoih that it I i good
idea to hare this very valuable work ;.btt:j;r8t..d
It was done; ari uow the old Gothic gospel of the
fourth ccr'ory, so deeply interesting to all who
tud tje origin not ealy of German but of Euglish
j, uJ a fair way to hare duplicates, actually more
perfect than the original. In all first class libraries.
"7 'wore perfect than the original,' since, to
the touishmeut of every one, words and passages
which were entirely illegible in the old text, came
-oat with the utmost distinctness ou the glass plates
.... WiiLiu a few days past the following U. S
Senators Lae been elected for six years from the
" 4th of March next, The: Stephen U. ilallory, Demo-
crat, of Florida; Cues. Sumner, Republican, of Mas
sachusetts; Jas. F. Simons, KepuLlicen, of Ehode
Island, vice James, Democrat; Simon Cumeron,
Republican, of Pennsylvania, vice Bro-ihtad, De
mocrat; Zicharuh Chandlor, Republican, of Michi
gan, vice Lewis Cass, Democrat; Jas. S. Green and
Trustea Polk, of Missouri, vice Atchison and Gey
er; and James A. Bayard and John W. Bates, of
.... The number of barrels of mackerel inspect
d in Ua;sachuetU during the past year was 214,
312. Tiie quantity caught was greater by 3,000
barrals than in J 665, and the Iargrt in seven
ycar, exceptiug iu 1852, when there were 317,540
barrels taken. Notwithstanding this success in
fishing, and although the price of provision, bar
rels, Ilc, were higher than they were the previous
year, mackerel have brought much leas, and the
business Las net paid.
.... The Henderson, (Ky.,) Commrrcial, urges
the Henderson and Nashville R. R. Company, to
purchase one hundred negroes at $1,000 each, as
the fafiFt and surest plan of contracting their ruil
rotd. It says that other roads iu the South have
been tnade -by slaves at less cost than white labor.
.... The Charleston Standard of the 1 8:h inst.
says: "By the i-teamcr Carolina, which arrived
. ' . yesterday trorniug, we have important information
from the scene of Indian eperations in Florida. The
Dews arrived at Palatka on the 14th instant to the
effect that Gen. llarney had withdrawn the white
Aug, which it will be remembered has been treated
with su much coutrmpt by the Iudians, and order
ing his troops into the field, will immediate ly cora
mence active operations, which, it is hoped, will
terminate this protracted controversy. Floridahas
been dwarM far twenty years by this Indian war,
and it is certainly time that ahe should be relieved
from the paralyzing measure. Col. Harney once
penetrated the most bidden haunts of these Fsv-
agee end forced thea to conciliation, aud it cannot
be doubted but that he will do so again."
.... We learn from the Aguta Chronicl and
Senliwl that Mrs. Bankston, wife of Vm. Banks
ton, Clerk of tlie Superior and Iuferior Courts of
Butts Couutv, came to ber death a few days since,
in the most distressing manner. It appears that
she had lain down on a pallet before the fire, with
her liulo child, when she foil asleep, and her clothes
taking fir, she was so severely burned be'ore as-
sintunea could be rendered, that she died in a few
t. '.m .... A correspondent of the Georgia T-legraph
Contents the rluim of the Albany Patriot that
Dougherty County, Ga., is the richest County in
''.. ', the world. Tula correspondent states that Koum
ton County, Gj., is one of the best, if not the best
, , . Couuty iu the Slate that if its lands and negroes
. were equaliy divided, each voter would own $5,200
, ?" . worth of red estate-, and (5,882 in slave property,
which is larger in both items than the proportion
claimed for each voter iu Dougherty.
.... From the report of Hon. Charles afanij,
Treasurer to tbj Board of Trustees, we gather the
following facts touching the income of the Univer
sity of North Carolina. For the year ending Nor.
t 0;h, the receipts amounted to f-, 811 29, and
the disbursements amounted to only f 12,631 65.
, The source a whence this revenue is derived are in
part the following: bauk dividend, $15,250; inte
rest on Sute and individual bonds, fS.l 24 77; cash
from sale of escheated property, t,03 62. Be
st Jes other property, the University baa 1150,610
afely invested, and producing an annual income.
Tie tuition fees rnul also produce a large revenue,'
. eaScien we should think, to meet all the eipe
es of the institution. There have been, during
the year, 18 beneficiaries, all natives of the State.
4 .... The Duke of St. Thora was in Petersburg,
Va., week befere last, on his way to New York.
He is a spiendiJ bigger, with lots of baggage it
a Ligb noble of Usyti, a particular friend of the
Emperor Fsstin, and visits the United Statea with
a viw to matrimony. A fine cbiuee for some one
of the Yatjtee abolition gala.
- .... The weather at Murfreetboro has been very
, cold. The .Vfies of Wednesday ssya; "Oa Sun
fc... - 4ay morning the tnureory was below sero, aud so
coutiuued thioughout the day. Ou Uoodav tuont
ing, in a Northern exjotcre, it was fifteen d"grees
' ' below tmo, biiif as far as we couU count on onr
' scare, a:id ten degrees colder than it was on the
preceding ruoralng. Such assaults from Boreas are
tDcenrnoa In tf-U h'.iiude, tu n In Uiidsrinter; and
, v j Bacbeloni. soiiury maids, and aood bsytr. fo.J
the force of them." ' T
- 1 .... The PscdriJge (E. T.) StJtrnnnH of last
,' week says: "Ou Saturday Ut, a niau uamrd Ljd
shot suother by the name of Iltf-Jf't ue
even miles from ibis place, llllinj hltn lnUntly."
. . . The Wafhiogton correspondent of the New
Yik Kilning Put r. porta that Mr. CadwaUdeT,
Democratic RpreaebUuve ftoin Petn.tlvauia,
shot at O i Saturday nU while va'.kfiig in the
trot w iib a t rteud. The tU paaaed tlasa tj iM
head. . .
Tlie oliioers of- the Matilnttari Gas
Coirtiy -f No Tirk Lave arre..'ej cou
p!o of mm btes'in,' t!. gis.. Tit rgae
o!nn.le-:in'-ly connecN-il tturlr l.-"t-? with the
company's "!"- fJ 'rout
JtrkctO tw avoid deteclku.
FEITJAY, JLS. 23, 1S57.
The Next Canvass.
The Marjville East Tenncssean of last
week, contains the following article : '
'In onr last issue two of our fellow citizens
were solicited to permit their names to be used
as candidates for representing Blount County
in the next Legislature, and we expect to hear
of many other invitations and announcements;
but while we admit this to be an undisputed
nrivilfffa. we bpcr tava te ttntrfrixt thf fhir
. o v -t.e- - -...
aipearance seven months in advance of the
election eeems rather premature. It will be
the policy of democracy to get as many Amer
ican candidates in the field as possible, magni
fying their individual claims for 6nppor, and
thus creating jealousies and divisions in the
"Gur policy should be to defeat this strata
gem, by ascertaining not who can obtain
many totet but who would be most likely to
obtain the united totei, or at least a sufficient
number to insure an election. A proper or
ganization of our party is essential to success;
if we play our cards with judgment, the game
is in our hands to lose it, after the recent
victory, would be as unpardonable as mortify
ing, and nothing but carelessuess can produce
such a result,"
There is a great deal of good sense in
this short article. It is obviously the poli
cy of the democratic party to pnt off the
selection of candidates as long as possible.
As our contemporary of the Union and
American expresses itself, itis "bad policy to
"commence manufacturing them too early
" there is danger of an over supply and
" they will be none the belter from having
" been brought so early in the field it
might also have added, such a policy may
prevent the democracy from reaping the
advantages of a multiplicity of caudiJates
on the opposition side. Tlio "Americans
aud Whigs who are determined, if possi
ble, to save the State from the clutches
of the Democracy next summer, can effect
their object only by the exercise of the
greatest prudence in the choice of candid
ates, and the utmost watchfulness and ener
gy in the prosecution of the canvass. They
have no surplus strength to squauder in
disputes amongst themselves, and hence it
is necessary that all who have any aspira
tions for office should be ready patrioti
cally to sacrifice them, when deemed neces
sary for the good of the cause. Unless
this spirit governs, we shall be beaten
badly beaten and the State probably
" firmly fixed in the democratic family."
Tlie Slavery Agitation.
The Buchanan Democracy contended
whilst the Presidential contest was pend
ing, that the election of Mr. Buchanan
would put a stop to the agitation of the
slavery question. But this has not been
the result. The agitation of the question,
in and out of Congress, is still kept up
with vigor, President Pierce having, in his
last animal message, reopened it before
that body, the Democracy and Black Re
publicans gladly availing themselves of his
impolitic course to keep the fires burning.
We do not believe these combatants intend
that the agitation shall ever cease. It is
advantageous to them in a party sense, and
what care they if the people of the one
section are arrayed against the people of
the other in bitter hostility, so party pros
pers ? There is but one way to escape the
dangers which this state of things threatens,
and that is for all the conservative and
peace-loving to unite and take the affairs
of the nation iuto their own keeping.
lyThe Union and American of Wednes
day last, gives place to an ably written
communication proposing the Hon. An
drew Ewixo for the democratic nomination
for Governor. If it be true, as rumored,
that Gen. I. G. Harris is disinclined to
accept the nomination, we presume there
will be no terious opposition to the nomi
nation of Mr. Ewing; and our friends may
as well make their arrangements with this
probability in view. They have heretofore
found Mr. Ewing a " foeman worthy of
their Bteel," and so skilled in the use of the
lauce and battle-axe as to be almost in
vincible. Illinois Uanlte Their dumber and tbeir
According to the repert of the lata Auditor
of the State, the whole number of the institu
tions organized ondor the general banking law
of Illinois is sixty-one. Of these, eleven have
been closed by protest or have viluutari
withdrawn their circulation, loaving fifty no
in operations. The following table gives the
kind of stock deposited as securities and their
amount :
Virginia .... f $67,500 00
Missouri, .... 4,oU0,000 00
Loniaiatia, ....
Tennessee, ....
North Carol iu a,
South Carolina, ...
California, ....
Georgia, .....
Ohio, .....
Kentucky ....
Wisconoin, ....
Illinois liquidation
Illinois new internal Improvement
Illinois new internal improvement
interest, ....
Illinois and Michigan Canal
Illinois and Michigan Canal inter
eat certificate, . . .
647,500 00
424,000 00
b3,000 00
10 ),00 00
C9.000 00
85,500 00
1G.O00 00
15,000 00
12,000 00
120,004 97
312.C40 03
235,000 00
63,844 52
Totals . . . $7,645,590 24
The origiual depoMts were, in amount, 11,
791,652, of which $4,148,162 have U-en with
drawn. Ou the basis of thce stocks $Lc mil
lioni four hunnred and eighty thov$andand
tetenlylhrte doilart, io. bauk notes, are now
ouutanuiflg, tnoat of winch are supposed to
La in circulation, ibe casb value ol tue
i ..it. ..t . .1 i... . l. - . .. 1 : .
stocks ut'postieu is rsuuiaitu vy me auunur
at $C,CC3,S89, leaving a margin of $182,516,
for depreciation :
The Chicago Tribune says r
The great prepouderauce of Missouri stocks
is oi.e fact in the above which need excite
alarm. Despite the protestations of the jour
nals of that State, there is ground for appre
hensions that the financial condition of oar
south wtatern neighbor U not of the soundest.
It will be the province of our aaihorilie to
ve charply that the Usuus of the banks Laed
ob her indebtedness are kept within t&fe dis
tance cf the actual worth of the bonds by
which they are secured.
The uioBuce(unl by telegraph a day or
two since that the Supreme Court tf Caiifor.
ni Lad dc!urrd the Loud of that Mats to be
illcgtd and fraudulent is Lot without Intermit
Lre. Two of the Illinois Lacks are La-eJ in
part cpoo these repudiated feeuriib; the Al
ien bauk has $16,5oi and the bux.k Security
Ka'.tk at Iar.vUle $53,000 ltt the Lnnds of the
Treasurer of this State, a guaratty npoa
Lab so much ot their circu'a;i.fi U issued.
Ofe'OnhU wiij bs the duty of the ltatk Uom-uiisai-w-era
to call upou these intiLuUoas to
wnl draw, each, an avuoutil ol circd-ilion
qui t its C.lifurtiia tiKk, or to replace
theve stocks wiLU uiler,tLe alueof which
catioot be qQeti'.d. Ibe bank at Uanviile
haot.l.fouilh of Its capital thus Intuited; tut
e d not , if the deuiaiula of the CoiuiuU-ioru-r
are promptly cuupLed wuh, how it can
sutler i i uh.io eutUidauce iu cousuetice ut
IhU liiUhap. ' t ,
Oeorj Uw Lu"gin H.O0O teeardj th,
pertuaoti-t s&oeuieat ol the I'uIc; C bssrvatory.
. Tor tbs NaahvlUs Pstriat.1
Whs Sana Tlaerarr Voted For.
Tew persons are fully aware of the means that
wsre emplojsd by Democracy to carry the late
Presidential olection. ' It ia certain that such an
effort was oevsr made in any previous canvass. In
Tennessee, the organization was so complete, and
the efforts so extraordinary, that it is sot likely
that a single vote was lost io the Stats that could,
under any circumstances, have been secured. And
nowhere were the members of the party more un
tiring in their exertions, than in the county of M ,
lying in the eastern division of this State. It is cot
raj purpose, however, to po into a full invsstiga
tion of this matter, but merely to relate an incident
as illustrative of what I have said.
It is known that, in each civil district of the
State, there was a 'committee of three,' whose duty
it was to superintend the interests of the party in
their respective loealities. One of the most active
and vigilant members of these committees, was
Bill Eeddy, who served in the seventh district of
the county already indicated.
Reddy had several men in his employ, all of
j whom, save one, was safe for Buck and Breck.
This one was was Sam Macrary. Sam had always
"fit agin" Democracy, and be could see no rea
son now why he should support bis ancient
enemy. Yet Reddy had set bis heart upon his con
verson, and it must be accomplished at any cost.
Sam was a poor man, and had a large family to
support there was his hope. According to Red
dy's Democratic notions, the almighty dollar woald
accomplish acy thing. lie well knew, however,
that Sam JIacrary'a vote could not be purchased
by a direct offer, yet be imagined that he might
indirectly, with money, assail the Malakoff of Sam's
The first demonstration, therefore, that Reddy
made against Sam, was to employ him in getting
up a barbecue at a democratic mass meeting. For
his services on this occasion, he was rewarded with
six dollars per day. Sam knew very well that he
had not earned the money; yet, being a poor maD,
he thought there could be no harm in receiving it.
Nor can there be any great harm, he thought, in
courting the favor of a party that seems to be so
liberal. Therefore, after be had been paid off, a3
stated, Sam remarked to Reddy, that he felt under
obligations to him for his kindnew, and that he
would be pleased to serve him or his party at any
time. -
"Ton kuow vary wall, Mr. Reddy," sai 1 Sam,
"that I have always fit agin' Democracy that I
was always faithful to the reglar old llu. Lawaon
White Whig party while it bad an exisUn ;e; but
as to my beiu' a no uothiu' the tbiug's o-pof Bi
ble. As a man, Mr. Fillmore will do, but what's
the use of votein' for a feller, when he has no
chauce ?"
This was enough. Reddy at once took Sam by
tke bund, and expressed himself as never having
doubted the course that he would take wheu the
interest of his couutry demanded bis servie es. Yet
the more fully to bind him, Sam was immediately
dispatched with a note to bo less a persons ge than
the High Priest of Democracy for all the ' digena'
lyiug round about the locality alluded to in the
commencement of this article; and though the d;s
tance that Sam had to bear this note was loss than
a mile, he was mounted upon one of Redd y's best
horses aud furnished with sundry pieces of small
change, which be would, occasionally, as fce rode
along, take from his pocket, seemingly for no oth
er reason than simply to hear them jingle.
" I wonder," meutally he would say, if theso
can all be the rale grit I They must be I reckon;
the're mighty yaller and heavy. Weill w'tisn the
fit of liberality id on, one thould not sat with his
hands closed."
Before delivering the note, Sam rode several
times around the square of the village in w bich the
High Priest resided, and as he would pas certain
localities, (supposed to be democratic,) he would
about at the top of his voiee fcr Old Buck. He
was particularly vociferous as be passed the Post
(Jfflce, intending, thereby, doubtless to produce a
favorable impression on the High Piieft, who kept
a More at the corner but a few doors off. Yet, as
ha would past) the Hotel where the know nothings
generally assembled to talk over their prospects, a
close observer might have discovered a peculiar
twitching of the eye that indicated something inex
plicable iu bis manoeuvres.
Finally, after having made the tour of the square
some half dozen times, Sam alighted from his pant
ing steed, and, after giviug him in charge of the
worthy postmaster, proceeded to deliver the nott)
intrufted to his care.
After reading it, (which simply contained the
information that the bearer's vote might, by proper
care, be secured,) the Uiyh Priest invited Sara into
a back room, where were assembled several of the
lesser lights of democracy. And as seou as the
post-master could be relieved of the duty of hold'
ing Sam's horse, be was added to the number. They
had all been attracted hiiher by Sam's maaoeuvre
ing sround the square; aud were now closeted a itl
him for the laudable purpose of converting him to
the trus faith.
Though tedious, it would be interesting, to re
late ail taat passed while these democratic patriots
were closeted with the seemiagly penitent know
nothing. Yet we niut forego the pleasure. Let
it suCice, that when Sara hit, he bore about his
person, and otherwise, uumUukuable evidence of
democratic favor. Amongst these indications were,
as Sam would call it, a nice fur'd hat, a pair of
lined and bound sbofs, and something made last to
a line, one end of which Sam held in his band, very
much resembling a borse. In fact, it was a good
chui k of a pony. And in his pockets were vaii
ous papers, bearing the signature, of Uervey So
Ion, Esq-, acting justice of the peace in aud tor the
county and Suu aforesaid. Some of these were
old judgments for debts that had never before been
Those of Sam's old political associates who had,
from the long piaxz4 in front of the Hotel alluded
to, been noticing the proceedings over at High
Priest's coriur, whan tbey saw him laden with so
many evidences of domocraiic favor, exhibited ev
ident signs cf uneasiness. For it must be remem
bered, that the Americans were no less zealous
and eucrgetie in their efforts to sarry the election
than were ths democrats. Consequently, eon
saltation was Immadiately held for the purpose cf
devising means hew best to counteract the iufla
ence that they supposed Lad been brought to bear
against Sam. A plan of action was agreed upon,
yet day after day passed away, and not so much as
a sight of bira could be obtained. Reddy, divining
the course that would be pursued, kt pi Snm em
ployed on btisioeas thai lay quite out of the neigh
borhood, up to the day immediately preceding the
election. Ia fact, it was late in the afternoon of
that day ere be did retura.
&aui bad scarcely time to shaks Lands with the
' old womau' and children, and to enquire iiilo the
condition cf jade, ( in honor to tt.e donor, he
called the pony that bad been presented to Lira, as
we Lavs showu,) before a wesasuger arrived bear
ing the iatctneuce that ths infaut child of bis
friend IUddy was vry uueell, and that Mrs. Red
4j desired that sirs. Macrary should come over
ImojediaUly. Tkis message was sent by Reddy,
kuoeiiug thatif lira. Macrary did roue, Sam would
as certainly come wita ber; and, Laving Lite at bis
ewe bouse, Kaddy thehl no one could reach hiin
not before morning, si least, which would be on
the day ol lis election. And, lo Lis eea mind, Le
Lad arranged aha! further di.'f oiaon should thro
be made of him. -
According to RedJj's expectation, about diuk
Sam and Lis good Udj , mounted epoo Jiidge,wre
sen cooing. I'pcn their arrival ths child was
aid to be soaietUiif vajinr, jci f. ara were ex press
ed la regard to Its aiueiiua. After btiag e-stired
lhatSasa was yet "all rlgtt co the goose," the
ConvraU'a turned on Loasohold a?ira, childrt n,
their eomlaiuu, treatment, ete. lars. Vaerery
Lad Lad math ciperissee lu such matters, parties
laily ia lb carewf children; therefore, she felt a
right to ibstract the touu mother of th sirk l
fait present, lis ran. Csr the whole catalogue cf
yerbs " that have healin' properties, and told the
compiaints to which each was best adapted. In
the present case she suggested ground ivy tea with
aweetnin' in it. Stating very philosophically, that
'twould certainly do no harm, if it done no good.
Sam lowed, "a few draps of old rye would make it
more active in its operations."
The usual hour having arrived for retiring to
rest, Sam found a bed in an adjoining room, and
being fatigued, was soon asleep. Leaviag the wo
men to take care of the sick, Reddy was about re
tiring also, when, apparently, a stranger drove op
and requested accommodations for the night. As
Reddy was in the habit of entertaining those who
called upon him, the traveller was invited to alight
and come in. Supper was soon prepared, the
horse properly cared for, aud the guest, in due
time, deposited in th room with Sara for the
But what has all this to do with Sam?3 voting ?
Well, it has a great deal to do with it, reader. If
you remember righly, I told you that Reddy kept
Sam out of the way of bis old political friends, up
to this time, fearing that he might be won back to
his first love; aud you must not think that they
would ait quietly down and fold their hands under
such circumstances. Not they. Hence the ap
pearance of the seeming stranger at Reddy's. I
say $ming stranger, for it was, in faet, only a
young man who resided in the aeighborhood, and
who bad volunteered to redeem Sam at nil hazards;
and it was in the way stated that he sought ad'
mittanoe to him.
When Power George, the youth allud:d to, was
left alone with the object of his search, he imme
diately awoke him, and laying off the disguise that
be hadused to deeeive Reddy, made himself known.
He told Sam, at once, the great fears that were felt
on his account, and that he had come to ascertain
whether tbey were groundless or not.
' I am sorry to say, George,' said Sam, 'that it is
even worse, I fear, -than my friends anticipate.
Yes, I am in a scrape. But what is doc e can't be
endid. Bill Reddy tells me that I have act'ly sold
myself to the d d Dimocrats says I wa reg'larly
bought and signed over the day I carrietl t'nat note
down to the old High Priest; and that th.jre'a no
chance for my redemption.'
Perhaps,' said George, 'it's net so bad a 3 Reddy
represents it
'Reekon 'tis,' said Sara; I brought off tco many
presents for't to be otherwise. Dimocrats never
give so much for nuthiu'. Besides, as well as I
kin recollect, I was sorty typsy; and whe n old Sam
hat a leetlc too much on board, there's no tellin'
what he'll do.'
'But said George, 'if you really we re drunk,
Sam, you ought not to be held accountable for
what you did.
'I know it's as you say, George; but then a feller
ortent to make a d d fool of himself. However,
I'm in for it now, and when Sam Macrary once re
ceives the bounty, he never deserts he don't.'
George saw that nothing wa3 to be made ny talking,
so he thought it best to drop the subject. Before
retiring, however, he produced a flas-k Oif 'Cleaves
best," which immediately disappeared the way that
all really good tpirilt should go. The result of
which was that Sam was soon gloriously tight
finally sinking into a profound sleep, from which he
did not awake until about nine o'clock tho follow
ing day, when, to his great astonishment, 2e fouud
himself at the house of his particular friiind, Col.
Calloway Sanders, about eight miles from where he
had retired the early part of the previous i.ight
llow be had been spirited away was more than
Sam tould at first divine; yet, when he came to
reflect on the circumstances connected with Power
George's visit, he had a slight impressiou that his
transposition was iu some way connected with that
'However, soliloquised Sara, 'the wholo affair
seems rather onaccountable; and as a sort of atone
ment for the part that I have played in it, I shall,
tf I'm able to get up to Riceville, ca.-t my vote for
Fillmore and Donelson. The fact is, I've been on
restless ever since I sold myself to that old High
Triest, and I'll not be satisfied ontil I return the
plunder tho old suss givo me. It's true I sorty
Late to see Judge go back, but Sou Macrary could
never die in peace ef he telt himself under any
obligations to a Dimocrat."
Thk Indiaxa and Illinois Fkes Baxks.
The Cincinnati Gazette of tho 19tli says:
The failure of tlie Gramercy and Shawnee
IJanks of Indiana have caused a preat deal of
confusion among our money !eilers, with ref
erence to the Free H.-inks of Indiana, Illinois
and Wisconsin, all of which, just now are look
ed upon with suspicion.
The notes of the following Indiana Banks
were thrown out to-lav: Central a d Farmer
and Mechanics' I5:ink of Indht.apoli-; Tippa
canoe Bnuk, Logans-port; and Krookville Hank,
Brookville. The latter bank, however, wan
by some considered good, and some of th
houses continued to receive notes at par. It
is own?d and managed, we are informed, by
good and re-ponsible- men.
Of the Illinois Bank, the notes of the fol
lowing were thrown out: State Stock Security
Bank at Danvillt; People's Bank at Carmi;
Prairie State Bank at Washington; Kushville
Bank at Rushvilh; Agricultural Hank at Ma
rion; Central Bank at Peoria. The Bank of
the Capitol at Indianapolis, the Exchange
Bank at Greencastle, InJ., and the runners'
and Traders' Bauk at Charleston, 111., are re
ceived with disTust.
What this excitement will lead to it diCi
cuit to say. Ail the Free Banks will scsiaiu a
heavy run, but those that intend to comply
with tho new law and coutinue business will
probably be able to sustain their credit. The
chief cause of ail this trouble lies in the fact
that the owners of the Gramercy and Shaw-
I nee Banks withdrew their bonds from the
Auditor of Stale prior to their failure, leaving
no'hin in the hand of the State otScer to
redeem their circulation.
f,27" II. Clay Trumbull, E-q , has presentod
to St. John' Lodge of Free Masons, nt Hart
ford, Conu., a key stone made from a fragment
of a rock taken from the roins of Kin,; Solo
mon's Temple, at Jerusalem. Tlie Time says :
'The stone is suspended by a link of polJ, re
presenting an arch, attached to a wedge of
the time material, made in imitation of thoso
used by operative masons iu raising ponderous
pieces of stone. Mr. T. made some very hap
py remark oq presenting this stone, and pave
an interesting account of the manner in which
the ruins from which it is taken were disco
vered, lie gave many other facts connected
with the history of the Temple, all interesting
to 'the craft.'
Hf" The eomrnmittee on territories have
agreed to report a bill to authorize the jxople
of Minnesota, to form a constitution and State
government. It will provide for a new censes
of the territory, and give the State one Iie
presentative and such additional as the popu
lation, of the Sute by the aensus shall be enti
tled to nnder the present rate of enumeration.
Tlie lat I'erUr'e Spirit announces the disa.
greeable fact, that of our celebrated American
horse la England, Ltcointe had let down ia I, is
fore-legs and Pryor was string-halted. The
whole burthen ot the national reputation now
rest oo rriortu, who is reprerented to he
fine as split auk."
String-halt is not ineurahte. The celehra.
ted Ilithim Lad it and was cored," uiakiug
some of her be-t races afterwardi. bo mete
it Le with JVysr
. Yoticc.
XII tVB arra.mni with a rvnabla Parchatiac
Afm la IA taj ut httw Votk t SU rdo Sir any a
very lataf taat U ataiaet tffjrda. Pvtatxu rttnzc i
fuu4 m uy tio4 from tbia itarttl will p! t-
twifccr tk J vtb Uitr rOrn al u .He lost, la la
tai if uuotbaawk j.
rfW- i'Olt SAI.K. A MH-ond-haud
PtAKISO WACHlKt (Da.iWi pWBt) la
awuKl raaaiof rrr. It fiw ! j fbur ta:bca SiU,
tad will be dipM4 af at a riac4 prw.
JS " Ho H ( u f Si.
LMH trsTS Ca it's t".w"ii,. vTi
i. Kit !Wi fc,a, 4J
At a recent meeting of the Taird Presbyterian Chorea, It
was ucaaimoaa'T resolve J, that bemceforih their Boose of
Worship be used onlj for strictly religious purpose!.
A. HAKTPEJiCE, Pastor.'
NashTillf, Jan. SI, 1S57. jan21-3t.
I hve a largs stock of SCHOOL B00K3, in an the de
partment cf lei.minir, on hand, which I offer at low prices.
The Teieherand Country Merchant will find it to their ad
vantage la give me a call. CIIA8. W. SMITH,
janSS ae 41 College stre et.
Sonlliwes icin Seed and Agricultural
OCR Stock f ieeds is now complete, c niisticg in
part of ,
S'kiO bushtiii K ;3uoky Blue GraM Sed;
i )
iv:hard ao uo;
r.e f Top or Herds Gra."S Sned;
luiothjr d;
Clo ver do;
O-a e Oran.-e oo;
Mil et do;
Cam ry do.
lop Onions.
We are prepare to I irnih fresh and genuine Garden
5efd, of tha growtk f U 55. b j the poan 1, single paper, or
inboxscontaining IWcri'W prnxrs. A liberal discount
made to dealers, flrflers respectfully elicited.
Manufacturer of Carri ages, Coaches EugIs.
LightrWa 5gons, &c.
'o. 69 Lower iTiarwt ft Strecti Xaahvill
I AM now manufacturing-ev, T variety -TJZJ-L'
sn.l ftyle of vehicle, froiw I be plainest ?Vr2L.
job to the most beautiful an. alaboratly --Jj
hnihe! to-p out.
Having enirnged Hrst-class wrt tmen, and obtained a large
amount of the best of s'ock, I . m prepare i to d work
which will compare with any In ifc whole country, eitker fr
style or durability. All kinds of v --hides kept constantly oa
hand, or promptly made to order-.
l-'.vereUis Talent t'onplinei
This important Improvement ia the coupling of Carriaf a
Ac. has awakened much interest throughout the coanlry,
and i? looked upon with themostfuv. w where it isbest knawa
known. Having the exclusive right, or this city, I am mew
making nse of them in constructing O u-riags, liugjies. A.
irTR'-member the place at the Oil 1 Stand of r rl. Sieas
No-69, Lower Market Street. jan. tf.
TUT, subscriber, living at No. 55 8. th Simmer street,
near Br-a1, is prepared to board t oor three families
and a f. w day-boarders. Respectfully r fers to Drs. Ham
lin and Morgan, Che ry street, and llees w- Porter, Cedar
street jan2i-lra MRS. SA. S N IE LOOMIS
X.a.KHVIILI.l? ACAUICflir t Jirsic.
riHE Pprinic Session of this Intituti no immrnceson the
L first Monday in February next. Text, n n heretofore.
Fr parlieu ars appl to the Principal, 1-HAS. HEi?."1, 21
Vine street, betwe-n Church and Broad, j tn-'i 2w
roa eot.
A VEltY desirable C.'Untrv Reidenee.
2- miles from the city, with '25 acres of Lan d, 8
or 10 a?res of rich land in cultivation, ro.-d Hf ''clc
H use, eood wat-r. st'iue-feuce. and everv oil er
convenience on the p ace to affoH comfort. P ' other par
tici! irs, enqj.re at fie cllioe of E-tq. i'EK.aiS. leadrii-lc
Bt.-eet. jan?" -3w
lavergne Steam Mills for SaJe.
rrHE utnleriKiie 1, wishing to dmote hia time D.re to his
1 'aan, oiTers this valuabie property f.ir isle, upon very
favorable terms.
There is aSiw anil threo sets of Runners in edmple'.e wott
ing orltr, aad every thing coulrived in tke best poaille
manner for conveniercj.
In point of locality it H unun aed. being witl.is 70 vanls
of the Kailroa'l, 15 m; from Na-hviile, anl in one if the
lii-hrpt seciinns in Mi Me Ten:ie"te. Any per'" wishing
to buy is rep.-c'f j'.iy invited to rail and examine.
I Will al-o tll my residence with ; he Mills, if de fire-', which
is new and de iral le pro; eriy. I have also two orthrea- No.
1 Mill. -Teami and "VaijoLsfor fa:e.
JaniJ -!ia JM(.
E have iust rpcei-.-ed a larg invoice of nneiinut'. and
V Mngle barrel ihnt Uuns of the bel qu iity, oa con
signment with ord:rs to se'l them at Aaeuon aad at pri
Vale sa'e, without ff-irvr, i,e?ardl',?i of pri-e, as iht; ron
siaor wnts tl.e "tiu." .o , it you want h fine t;iin cheap,
juMC'llat t.ILIIEKT A o.'s,
j.in2 C" Broadway, corner CiJl ge st.
VFIN'F: a -wrim-n- o' P'cTOl Sof nil isei and qua'ities.
.a so a .pietidid lt of t.tble andpuvket t'u-Ie. vr, pin
Ha unci W.le & R.ivher'.. tine Rii..r', Laill." Q-e W.irk
Bo, (ients' Shirt Co'iaT", Table Li:. en, with Bill. Ctp.Let
ter und Note P iper, :-Pof th best, ami fur sale veiyi heap
by UILBES'f ' (., Commission Merchants,
ja-OS 37 nra twsy, corner Col eje st.
500,000 JLsrrc
jai.22 o
ceived and forsale cheap by
till.HKi'T a C ..
B7 Broad street.
Eeduction in Freights !
VVr E have the pleasure lo nnnounce that Ihe Rai'roads
v have reduced their freights via Chaklhtin. We
also congratulate the people ot Tennere that in a vi ry
short time, the Cars wilt pass from this pi ice to Atlanta
wrlr ut breaking bulk. This route will then be at teujit t0
das In advance of Savannah.
Take- particular notice that we roRWAsn kvsrt thisq
SKNT Ds, desiined for Ihe interior, at the ycrv io rate ol
K"4C. for ordinary parkau'es; and that wa ntii vtRV
tuinu. thertby securing lo you, always, at least fuurttu.es
our commi-sion.
Ihe hailioid Ageu;, both at Savauuau and Charleston,
Our expeuse bills are paid here, therefore you Deed not
W - a!i 'end ynn duplicates of our bilis. We never let a
package lie over here.
Me pay strict persinal attention to our lm-ins, and
no hing hall ever be wautiog, on our part, to promote the
in'erent afall who pat; on no us.
We arc not co tending ag-nust two mighty Cirpirationa
Wf uk the publ c to sustain us, uiid if our work Is not
done as well, and our bills let tnan theirs, t'-eQ take it
from us and give itio tl.em.
Any inform stion uboot lost goods, and any thing pertain
lr g to the business, cheerfully given.
M-ssrs. W. II. fiordon A Oo , Nashville;
" Gardner, Shepherd k Co.
" Cook, Hi !y A Co., "
" Nichr,!, Green A Bi'.'j, "
" Morri-mi A Co., '
f-tr.cl r, El is Co., M
A. II. ll.cts A Co., '
" W. w. Kerry A Imnv1!L, "
" Cheatham, Watson 4 Co , "
And lu'., but ma I. sst, onr good old friend. Jot n Cald
well, Kq., I'reanlent ol thai". C. It. R , Char e-mn.
jao-.'J P. W Y AT T 4 C
UTEean acrnmmodate a few more single boarders an!
two sma'l f inili'-s witfi good I-1 rooms, in pleaa
ant part of the riy. It is a d-ligh.fol nt-eat lor Winier or
H immer. fall at 'h- "Conarlia II us?,' No. SI Vi:ie st ,
Capitol Hill. J.iSi-lw JA. U. MATTl-.OS
Attorney and Coanselor at Law,
a i v a yc j: i t a x i. v.
ClOTPOriATION TA Xtis fr tha year 147. can now he
S psid to the Cit Keenue 0'liertr, at Kis oft v, eirnrr
of Cherry an I t'ciin s' reels, id advance at the rate of or e
perct nt p.r m. nth int.rem.
Asti.is is the b-st investm. nt that ran h wiade, it is et
pectcl that Tax Payers wlii bo prompt In c !in.
IshU-lm A. SfI.sON, Cul'ector.
OVand alter X ridiy, 1st December, W,S, we will ad
vance the price of Cotton Yarus () E CLN I per asea.
Cur prices wiQ Uica be f.-r .No. ') 1 .
" l ie.
" " K) lie.
" T' 0 l c.
With 5 percent olfrWr 'ots of 25 bars or more. Kod!M)oct
allowed on or iers for le- thsn ii hagi
The Time on which we sell sata- a heretofore, vlas
For ali oniers for less than kii bu, t'asn.
" " " f. bags and nnder M b.g W days.
" " in) bags or more, 4 reotr,s.
W. H. KOflxiS A CO.,
dc1 Agents for TenneMsM.Manife!rn,
Mrs. Fcllowes and Mis3 Scholcs
FOP. THE KKi'KPnoV! W FVl'llS.
At Ko 24 Vine, between Chares and Sxaad 8U-,
On the Stcoiit! of February, 1857.
raicca raa mumoi :
Norwial Pepartmeni. ....$50 0
heu.or t Ho On
Janior Ciau Jtf (aI
Urawlnf, French and Maaie, utr.
WrlllnK Saloon or
all 11 . DOLiJIJAK,
.Ne. 43 I nlan MireU
Can tMilyrtiABfe the BMt stJT.slow aa i cramped hao4
1) IK.' -K from the evnirv ea Icnh ih-ir 'etseru Iu ids
W'k. V errons aaacnunied wuh the e.erltol Mr V.'t
teaching are retemrd m the testimony of mnj o' Ihr Bra4
ciuaea. Id the 'cited States, loins large esrcuUra. or 10
hiialr-ds of i-opiM taught k ha n this Hun,lu
II A M and 1 u f M aai I M aa aight.
All who w sS tajcia t!i e.ae cs tbimkl o m lauwadiatalv.
Harble Itlanufacturer,
CuTf.cr ef JJro.iJ ad urmnr f
U'OCU) iblWm th. pmvs af K'Miivi!.'- aad the axtr
uiDdia aoastrv, taA a. ha. Ma Ir iaaprf?4 a4.
ftaiy '. -rfd hut l rt it- V anl, etow prepar4 u
til a.1 sraicrs ia ia. ki c tao baa at ia. skusi-ai a ta aw
a tU aiMt fv-jv ts tmm tat oax-a it wa.d cs I pari.
a a at bti to h.. we I ict-d stack af Mjsa.tM, Maa-'Pire-,
If (Kiss, .iri, Fuuniaia, k.iMii fwuaks,
Lriw. aa. Taiaha, e, saacr al slw k arm af H twrvx
l.auaia H.rtiis, aa tr;c ia. etviast af tba .( Una
aaas era. (lis r iaemo.s ar ass ousphrt Iwr husiU .aj
alkiaOa al Mrt... 4tf of aa awa Bkaaatartar. ar ita.
terki Us b- ta ksad a Ur uaanty of lu a a ":,
1j Ike rcti1 s.'., wbb- ha aid wl Vert low. H.M f ,,.,
sit are la a. tp';a.i ! of l- b.-i qaa I'.y ea a kaj at
Ii.cm ... il tuiuxr mat k m.m 1
" ' " , . - -
he e-u a. aia.t ia at a as a.J sian ar titoiawe !
talk MM. a 1 paw aUai ia aviijA.
FOR RENT. A Small House
in MrOrwk. Ail.litlnn. containing tnree
roomj, paasaire and porch, with a Urge yard F?!'I,r
ticnlam. enquire of W. B. Sic PART. AMD,
janSl tf
No. 73 Colkje t-
LOOK OUT. The nndersfgned
will give their entire attention to Collecting-
Claims intbeeitvand out. Also hi ng out negroes, e.
Office over F B Fosz'J. E1 00 Cherry street, ni staira.
jnia-Ia" FORT A llCS fEK
rr?-5 RAGS. I will pay 3 cents
ikir aii Ca-fh for good Cotton and Unn Rag',
liveredalmy Rag Store on the North-east corner ol the
Square. Woo.en and KU Ra8 n tTKMA!
Zrzs T(l PllTXTERS. We have
iir- a eood Super Royal Press, nearly new aud
tad-rer,whichwewi1'roRN & co.
Farmer's and Mechanic's Insurance Co.,
CAPITAL, $1,23J,C(0-PA10 UP AM) ASSETS, $315,1 00.
Kew York Life Iasnrance Company.
Fir- Marine, Inland Hull and Life risks taken on equitable
tern,.". JOSEPH NAi-R,
So. 2 Co!l"p- street, eppitethe fea-ee Uou.-e.
Nathiile, Jan. Ti l, Mil.
1") ICE--20 casks landing; from R;iroad, and for saleby
V )a21 2t JOE.-U NASH, No. 25 Coll.-(te st.
vr t i ; ?t dt
The name of the Corporat-'on is JiTSA IxsuaASCl Com
pisy. located at Hartfoid, Conn.
The Capital fciock is i'tva UtaDRVD Thucsad. Collar,
and is paid up
The AjiiitTS of the Company are :
Cash in hood and in Pbrenix Knk, - - 1 63,733 30
Cash on special d.-psit in liartiord Banks,
with secured interest, - - 2;6,1."5 00
Cah in the hands of and dm from Agents and
others, 124,,0
Real Kstatennircuwbered, .... 47,6.5 01
44 Mortgage Moid, 1 per e.nU semi-nnoually, 44,'.MI Oil
" 6 - - 2S ikio no
"Income " 7 u ... 4i).i
10 J.T-y City Water Bonds,6pere semi an'lly, l,ni t"
In Hartford City Honda, f " ' - - - 1',kk (Ml
A) Milwaukee" " 10 ' "... 6 x 0 til
M.neydu the Company tecurad by Mortgage, 6,7M OS
Hills K6"eiv We. 2o 9
.Mi' shares l)artfrd A N. Harm K. K.o.StOi-lt e0,li 0 00
105 " liart ord P A K. R. U Co.8tock,p e-
fcrre.l.K'percent.interest, - . C 2"0 00
1t'T " Boston Worcester K. It. Co. titcelc. 9.rii 1 w
iM " Conn. River " " " ll.'i'.O rO
id " 0. nneet-ui River Company " (0
b't " S'tHlTorJ 1! ink olock. ... ft. I f 00
to " Citnops Bant " Watertmry, - S.lNi is)
Ml " Kap.e Hank " t'r iv.ileuce, - 1,"7J till
.ioil " I'l u-nix Back " llartf.rd, - H- 4110 fm
lido " Kar'ii.i Mech. B'k " . . 2TiH 0n.
SoS " Exchange Hank ' " - lii o fi is
24U " State ll:lk ' ' - - Sl i-'O(H)
luo ' City Bank " - . 12 Mini ( 0
in.) " H'k of h'tford Co. " " - M.ii () il l
U- ' Conn. River B'it " " - - In nio 00
vy i " Hartford llank M " - - SD :'iiS ll
loi) " Charier 0.,k Hank" " - 12 ikmiii
jiki " Mr.'h'ts 1 xchange K'k Ste. k, N. T. Ihmmiii.)
VOD " North Kiver " " lof.ono,
Sie) ' Mechanics " " " t.A. 0 on
li) llaok Norih America M 1dtfoor.il
xis) " of America M S l.ilisi m
jua ' ' ofRcpubi.c " " S4 4iio ("I
IH) '- " f Commonwealth " ' 10,-iial t
1m) " " of New York " 21.oOO I
41 " l.rad'vav t) ink " 1.nui Oil
4' 0 " Heoples Iisuk " " ll.O'UMii
4 0 ' 1'iiion I! " S l.iiikioo
lull " Ilamver liauk " " IDimj ini
S4J ' cean Bank ' " ll.Oooini
Jm) ' Mwti o itan Bank 0 o 1st
4 S Put -hers A Drovers BTc " " Ttnr;!.Ni
0 .0 " Importers .t Trader B'a " 91,t.H)iMi
is ' American r-x. Ii ink " it.si o ia)
lit : " " " scrip " " H. 'M 47
410 ' Mereh ui's Bank " JT.'v.J 1 0
1MI " Market Bank " ' 16 : lai
'.'.'.') " l'l.ivuix Bank " 57 o mi
y " rights " 10
" Mar.ha'tai Company " " 91 fti)
" t'iytmk " " .1 2.'.1 ik
1-20 " ::sau Bank " " H .M tin
li.ll L'oit, ! St iU'S Trrst C" " " 10,-isi is
iM N.Y,Lifelns.TrustC. " " ," m
o,.t) Ohio " " - " " l'J.i.io 00
li " Mechanics A Traders U'k M Jesej Tity 1 fi 0 00
tl,S.'7,9a 42
T?ie afonntof IahiIU!es due or ujt due to Ban'.s
or o:h-r creditor nntl in .
Lo-ses a 'jaste I and dje Uothiu .
Los'es a ju-ted and notdue ... - $3,165 S
L;s"s uu.ioj:i-ud or Cooteteil, and wanting
proofi lS.4n 30
Al ott er claims against the Company are smail, for puui-
'.nt, .
Aer.i- 111-trncted to take no ri-k ex?eedira- $10.01 0 '.
I h ere it.- t am. unt i -surtd in any one tity, town or vil
lage, varies.
The ire,.t-,t amouat allr-wed i.i-ured In any or.e bl ck also
vanes tl e intea'.iuii is to lit: it tr.e bws by a:iy one fire
to '0,0' i) ii.
Tl.e Km- u 11 t it Capital or earnings deposited in any
other tiate, as seeuiity for losses therein; no part cf the
Ca it.l ( r earr.itirs of this Company are thus deposited
The Charter or Ac, of Incorporation and auienUu.eDtl, i
the same as flleo in Ju y, KJ.
THOS. A ALEXANDER, ?eiretrv.
Subscrilied and sworn bej re me, ihi i .h da of Januarir,
1. lltNlit sOWLMt, Jaatiie if the Pace,
Statx or TE.x.xasaa, Ccirrsoixs' f rvica,
Nashville, Jamary 21, In.I. f
This is to certify that the n 1 lu:iirace C icipanv of
Hartford . I' atel at Hartford, in the Mate of tonaecticur,
ti0')ni lied With ad the requirements 1 f an as t piissni by
the ieiii al As ambly of the Mate c f Tei.o.ee, in lrvti,
lt, entitled "An Act to regulate the '.encie-of Insu
rance Companies not incorporated by the t:at of Tennes-
ee,"and that JisiKrH NaMI is the leyipy auhor.i-d f-t
ot said Company in the town o' Nast.r I e, ttr ol Tenuoi
s. e. J. U. LUTTlt.LL, Comptroller.
By T. F. MiSSBV, Dep.
The un lcri;med, Acent cf the ahe.e named Company,
continues to iv'iie Ho.ieie at Ms olllcc No. 5 Co lef st.,
oppoi'tr 'her-ewanee Houi. JiJSKPil K.-JH
Na-fcviHe, January 'ii, l.T-flw c
1. Tue , x of the Company i. the HA.TVoaD Fiaa la.r-
anc CowrasT. aid it . loc iti.in is at llaitiord. fnn.
I. The Cpita! :' of the Coir pny is . . JSiai ( isi
3. Ti.r a.uount of liie Capital ftock pa'd np is - Jitl.tKiy
4. 'ihe Aseuo'-.Uj Conipanjaro as fl
r.r lu'. Mul I V,l i.
Ml Shares Hartford Bank Stock, il list
b.' " l't;ienx nans ?tock, SJ.Iiai
5iJ Ci uo. k:ver U.ukiug Com
pany f loo, SOO
60 ' Farmers and Mechanics
bank .:ock, 5,oii.
2 hi " Fxehauice l'.xnk Flock, l'),is
City Hark M:, II .V)
l"i) " t'a of llarifi r.l Cootitv ftoek f si
I hi barter OaW K ink -lock, tv,n
lis) Mercantile llank fl-M-k, 10 otsi
lis) " Antr-cio )xvhMRie hack
isioes.uf New VofK, 10 Oct)
64 Ani r.c.111 Kxclianite Bank
p-.' ek.of New Yoi k. Ntw
Mi-ck, 2i pr. e. paid, 1,&0
10) u Bank f America Mock, cf
tm Vovk, 0,0ix)
Ji0 " bank of Comraerc. Stock
ol New York, 20 IX-O
iOi) " lnip,rters otid Traders B'k
$c7 V-ll
It) .LSI
111 '')
1 1 yi3
13 si
2 ',C0
j ,-t. c'a, o' New Ti k, W.Os)
S 'O Manhattan Company Hank
t f iuK. ot New tort, 10,lKa
1o9 " MeLtisuts' bu.k a ok,or
New Vork, 6 ')
So) " t'niou Ilitik)toek,of M. T., ;w,tn,u
1S M llart u (I A N. llaeu li.A.1
roil is-ock, 10,0(0
10 Ilarl.'ord, frovldenc and
V slhui Usilr.-ad eu ck, 10,0 0
gtj4 11 rt'ord, I'tofi leoce and
Firka.lt K. 14. 3--Kk. Prw-
ferted, S.4dJ
i0 " Cicn. kiver R. R. Stock, Sl0
I.iJ u Coan.KtverCouipan cluck Itt.oxu
1 l-VU
a vs)
I lil.SiO CO
sit U
s Ii
Bills Receivable, bearlof Interest, ainpiy sr-
vored t y prrtoual Meurtty or oxliatorals,
P tlsnres on kluoia, due the Comjay,
A ash oc baa I,
V No liabibtiesto Banks or others, due not du.
$ a betes a ijuatcd and du-.
7. Amount uf , either nd.usted ot (
S Ail uatril an.) Dot due, I
t,!S li
I. Lones In sospva. waiuu fur ihe r prjcf, is-Ciu-led
in last aaswee above.
l-i. All other e aims acaittfltwe Coapasy, 1,?&5 1
11 ru t f ths C-m,any w rtel i eieeed $;u.ia ia
any one ri.k, e.bject to luM by a !. fir.
11. Tne aeiouat itnutvi in Ly cue er vtllaaai, 4epnls op
en iu .a (soeral'y all liMtrabla rlaa lu t had, w&
Jevt to ibe ro lst sbve asael.
IS. Ihe an-oun : insured iu aa ' ao. bWck of boild.Qjts de
penii upon iu s:m atid CoaalrucUcQ, saujcei Ut u.
rule aio. rr'treed tu.
It. T'e Act of lucvrporaluia I. t). larte aa fled la Jalv
1 v't n it miiii-i.
Byara c C.sssonccT, H.aTvi.a Corxvv i
Js-i ia-y 1. is:.
Perso'iaJ'y ar-peared C B. fcuwaaa, (see rotary r th.
Il.rlf .r.l Fire luurirc. C.sp By, aal wads Mia lhaiu
L.rvtoHj s'alrsKbt, by him AuUciUxd M 4 u-xm, id, ta
eeirrert t e"-r.l l l (ten sM Company, m cd ea.
biU-s iu Wi-a) et.nd:i-ui oa the A.et day as Novn-ibee,
l5j; and he further rtoiarvs ler mAii. Ikst tit.
:til bs.inrasl lb. CKuvay. a. (a a. trMMU4 aud a
ie taiuwl i lb. Ut of aMklnflhj aCjahi, beea
ii' prteiia. u otienal a:Kb..ib.u
t... t- 0'l :ii 4 iu -I-ribua la tt. abuv. s i 11.
keLii.Bt., UaalAN II. wAktS'iLtt.
Jauc of ib. rsc.
. 1
Fvati v Taanaua fuw-ravcaa. Cra, I
anij., Jao.j al. KI. f
Ttts lo eeetifv tbaA the llar.fue Fi Ismism C 4B
faa, l-isl at Htf ed, m ta. KksrC.tisr.nii.kM
4'il 1 wrk al; th i.juirKci. al aa aa est fm4
by tbe 1 .a.ral Aesoi. y t t. .,.( .1 TtSnn, la
ll.rtls-4 .oti leJ -Aa et wj re.ol.lsrHs - as-- at
ln.aripre Cxei,a e eat ibv. ry at4 by tk. suit -M Tea
ail tni Jasara a.a la iaw kf.liy tsiWrtvl
aui tue -d Coxpaay in tte t -wa t Saaksille, M. U
1vane.se. J C. LUITKaXL, Coapuskr.
By Ts F. M oaar.lVp.
TNe .ales rivi, Ar.nl ot the aov. ass-4 Caa- .
"ti' 1 la b. . CariMtl aasviJiJ., S. 3 Cs-11. st.
fe b ee.anev H ... i'X-LTil H AaitA. .
kbv Jaa .arj ti, :: f
txo ztwiusu ajusi-i ro hzaxI
r I H IV A fur re 1.1 iw iis;haM twlas
j . ' J 00 lb. Cbariu M, abl t. froea k J
.'.-.. w-iaar. t'n bvu kas sis iwi wsik ki-.-
ej auj S'rv.nta' r-uo, t l., Ac, aaj xj s-'; '
gis-uud. The other is a scasiA ka.e, ai'.k I .
. . '.. . .' " v J
ia :C3 - 1. !. riisitr, I a --mlt,,.
" 1 .,.
1 ' AUIUUl a At rtitt-AaM .. tut
ay' tS el m.
TteStorie"STf Hendric Conscience. ;$f
,r,; ciKSr OF TV VI M.AC I,
TUX' ll pl1,s cr Ht:,yo 14
t;i.nn liovi 1 V
,.r. , LES IN ONE VOLtiilK KENDilCS j
f Old Flaadersr
Tales o
run vin.r;i txr.iiFrn:
rna.E ixlkj, from thk o ',,tj'NAr' rtv-'--'.,
Hf.S: KICK CO.fc l--NCE-
Fitract from the Trann. tor i
Tie FUroir h Auitor hose Wrks vr
re about t- ,oT
sent iv "mencan readers na" !oi g ecjoyo- -- oo
reputation. l.'is books were !. "Kr .T -'.S pi
lated in Germany an I Followed by editions In ,r'
London, F'-enohai Paris, Pnih at Copenhaf es, 1. 1 4',
in Italy, andeven in Ik-i.rioisti rtPragce. ,M
W. T. EEIiKT & CO , Public f qnre.
III l llllII RN 't( KK.1S.
,V. T. Ecrry & f o., Public Squar.
aniridia (urtrv rar'rf) VZ
A SET WiiPK 1 3Iv AI.LED FOR INTri?ET. t 1: r
, A. I.
VT T KKKEY J- CO have Just received
on, A
l-y . ;ooilvicli,
Author of Peter Parley's Ta'es, and l.te Con..;; .
United gtates at Paris, France.
The Aotobio-raphy of one .those recollections tmlr,?
the whole of the last half century; on- who has srossed
At'sn-ic sixteen times, and seen and knowa many cf
aster. spirit, of the a, on both .ides of th. ..ter ,
ho Is the author and editor of 1 70 volumes, and of mi 'tm
SEVEN MILLIONS have Wa sold -cannot Ant be .
with entha.ia.ia by the public eeneraily, and espee a.-'
br the millions of Men Is, y.ang and ol 1, of th. v.r;t.t
Pi ter Parley.
This work cot on!y comprises a fu!I Bntc-blotrary-i
vie, of the Author's life. hi. e.ny day., . education, t!
his liter ,ry career, but .rives . vivid aad laferestir,
coant of nu-ne-oa, pa ,!;. eTfnt, wrh hmr. h,ppf n 1. ,
the Author', lif-.ie, and of which he ha. been a wit.
ora participator. Atofr these are THE WAR Wp 7
KNOLtNR OF KIl-14, In which Mr. Goodrich . W
private eo dier: THE HARTFORD CONTENTION, whrv
operations toot place under his imTBe.iiateob.ervatior.a-
with most of the members of which he wa. persona hl
quainte l. FtrbraHnf enriocs nd irterestiric del.
'peeing 01.1 Jerersort Democracy, Old JcGfraLri
Connecticut Bin Lights, eurHius and mars-.,
events connected with theRi,eacd Pr'Kreiwef Ke i!. '
fee's in th. United Mt,: with WrpiBS of
French lievolntiaa cf 1843, and toui Ha; olec,
Coup D'etat, b th of wWch. the autor witnessed. W ,
a full account of the "PKTER FARLEY TALfcs,'' of wl.-Fo-r
million, have ben sokl.
In the ronrse of the wnrk will be formd a Ca'lery ol P,
an.i Ink Portraits of over Two Hundred Celete
tei Ferso il- Presidents, Vice. Prrsl.Irn s, Kinrs, vja
traprn.rs.Sol.'iers, Sailors, roets, M ils, Enthusiasts. !
sicia.is. Preacher,, L.i yi rs, I oiii.cians, fiolor'St: :, V
i't. All dtsor.bed froia per. nal acl(oainUnc. f r olierr,
F" C.,nt.JrAig an a.-nouot of ..r'jinal, eurious an In
liable Personal Incident. Anecdo-e and I'escriptur f
don. ifever, met w-.h in a sinfie woik. Tj all ah.ch
be ad-le I the Atltbor's recent
W. T. B. A CO. have also just received v
A Novel. By M ARY J. HOLM KS. Authov ef "Torr
and Sunsl ine," "T.'ie relish Orphans," "The Iomest.f
n the lfLr-ide, Ac. In tue ulun,e,4.J pp. 12nio. C!r-i
lie! .il, il )'(). lire-.".'
Tin: holidays. t9
-3.1 Collogo atroct.j
l- "Tha Moit Superbly Illn:rateJ Booi ever Pr
daced in America."
C'osit of l irat I ititiou orer t3O,OI0.
Tin: conn or ixapolko.v, .
W lii Portraits of its Prauti.-s, Win .4 Mwrsmts. t
Fkam 'd. OoouaiLB DUk Tinto.) Koyal Q-jarto, rarie
T!ie aubseriber resp-ct(i!'y Invites attention to th
above Presentation B-jok, which undjqbtedly will be IU
most popu ar, d-iirible, aa I sarcesoful Gift Book, for ia
sixe nd price, vet pro ; i.-e I in th.. oountry.
2 THS KEPrj3iICAS COURT; Or, Society in tli
Davs of W ishinr"n. Twenty on. Portraits
3. TIIZ HOLT G0SP2L. lllmtr.t.J with forty t-nr
4. 02SAMEJTT3 OP 2IZX02T; Or, Eeaatiti
Hisuiry, Roniance and Poetry, With eig tateen ka
vii irs from Ordinal Design..
5. MOOSE GALLE2T. A lerles ef frrty e-pti
I , . . 1
Lig il UiiisiieJ fcugrtifiugt of Portrait-, Land cii
Ac , Illustrative of th most beautiful pinasui 1 uf f
6- K03E AUrHOHS AEnSTS;0:.
American teetiery, Art and Literature, with tfciriefs
Hteel r'Lirsvipjs.
7- THS FL03AL- KKTSASE Thirty ingr.vmp
elefanlly colored from Nature.
8. TdZ GE CP T'dZ SEA30!T. Tea b.aatimi
t rattens.
9. L2?LET3 OF ME3I03T. Tea tlegaat Utr
10. THE S0UVT.MH 0? FmrfDSHIP. A Chris
ro is aid - Tears Present. Elegantly Utn.tr a. "I-
11. THE KSEP3AK2. A Chri.tmaa OlfU By J. T.
12. T.1ZE002 OF P.EATJTT. r:ht .?i.0J ti
13. Tax winrr weeitii. twiv ru..-
14. TRE GIFT Z30Z 07 GX1CS. By H. W. U i'.i-
14. PCET3T 0? TIIK FIELDS. Pasrea free, ms
Poett, iWerip.iv. of Pastoral t:ntu Etefao: f il i
lutri.l, -
13. P3STT 0T T3S W0033. Passat sa froo tfc.
?oe-s, daserlpliv. of Ff.t toaaa. Llaaaatiy iliar
tra:el. .
17. SABaiT-l BELLS. Chimed by Ik. Peu; Tit."
Paper. h-jaatJu.ly 1 lustratej j
"nuaday. ebs-rve: Tb ok wbea the Bella 4o CMai.
VTif aor-la omsio."
IS. THE 3?0W FLAKE. Sit r0lfravinj.. ,
10. sjzuoat's cipt. - .
21. THE r.033 ECSE. "
23 TH2 F0iUET-ttE-?f 0T.
24. TilECECILIAX tlfT. v.3 "
25. A VlSTZi SKEJIO-f. Household War a
Oa tinted paper. 1 ieit Fofrv1ns.
23. THE 2UD3 07 TIE 3IBLE- Cv4oe4 Fuua.
27. T3E PET A5 JTtJAL- a t,rt al seaaoua.
28. THU K03S fJD- S 1 rBrvioe.
29- TEE 7I0LLT S x rB raving. , I
23 TIIE Hu SSUIS tl.ia fit Bne.vut. i
est Patr. f
32 PILGEIM S PE0QEE53. Tinted fapav.
ALSO--1.UOW V .Is beaut ful JavsdIS koaka, e9 aiaps '.
sd to tb oaog, and sultib for Oiri)iaas Praavaia.
ALSO fi stall Oxford ib'aa ia T.ivrt and Trrkey tlad
Inss. Prayer aod Hjma Baeka ia Mwrooea aa4 T.lvwt.
ALIO- Aa tlegaul aa rtA.at of Albara., Paaler Macbe '
W'rtuag Dasna, Pr-fti'io. Bact amaioa Board.. Work
B.ies, a.ewtad ani Maiogaay Pssks, LadJt Cabas,
PaJel Boses, ., e , Ac. '
Tke awasie e (avtd la eiaiaio. th. afwv. Hsl befbr.
gi4f M.bara. far.ai.ky
cnAJ. w. fwrrn.
vat k 11 1.1:
I MI'II.M till I ITT
fic ii.f:.
OF Let frooueg Mapt. strMi. frt, ranln kark
11, auk a sjwrs Hre raiiK(, eaaLaa.ng t t It
ruMA,A4 0ltlt Bif MiMM.AA. ,
A-su, aa t ot :r-.ni.u,- U4 ktl oa rearl svrvat aaii tM
Wl'Via nke4 iw-j mi buck llauaa aeatsiBirsi
or lit raoses, sary m-s ronai si'chen, A , . tood w u laHAe
ksease, aa. hath ua aey nrt & sb'ubbvry, abJaa4
.rva., aira aa wum n erswa n.xi.ae '.rata, aa-
isomwrniajitrai, a
SI A M ' k A t)s:
Jwi:a u. MiraEiu..
L Arit.
Fasweal fssod farai, w..i taairo.d,aar Xaak villa.
ami aasaar as .ma ft aval .
Bvvavssi warvlea tats. rtMsi lull .r-a, aaar fa tHy.
wistiAag Ij asaretuja will 4a well ioe I aoaaaa
..., klM I I WOOOWaKD,
Vlfst Class WoariWns: Uousc
fli3aVIl4.lt, TtXMH.
rI stt K-h tsse rs-s efy.iy ia; iriusthaei .iaea. ef faah
I t!'-liil.a.i.,--i ibai k. u new ur(.ara ta accxMa-
1 b, .(.ur kj,; aiii.ui .a h e. Hie
"" - - fva travvl.Dg eujaiutiaity: 4.4.
k-5 .4 ti f is a ,j M jji.ue. wUi aiv, kia a
' a i 1 4 i i r ii
hhih!.)Vi - " 'v, aga . ,

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