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w.uT.niTH. ' Jons r. morgan.
w. nr. smith & joux u. callexder,
Office IV
tits: Deaderlca. Mreci.
A'ew IJrevities.
.... In Central Africa, aavs the Missionary Liv
inggtone, the women have trm upper hand. They
faad the meu. Th wife ia obliged to aupplr her
mother-in -iasr with flrewood. . A man who haa
fir wive, heviog returned borne, aeki iome'.hiog
of No. 1. No. 1 relera bim to No. 2. V. 2 d
irei bim to go to the one be lores be ft Ife ia
bandied about from one to another, till be becomes
quite enraged; but all be eaa do ia to go upon the
top of a tree and cry aloud, "I thought I bad got
fire wires, but I End I have got five witcbee." If
a woman beats ber husband the is punched io thia
war: Both are taken to the market place and the
wife ia compelled to take the husband home on ber
back, amidst the people. Oo these occasions the
women general! cry oat, ''Give it to him again."
.... Messrs. Maxwell, Wright k Co.'s Rio Cir
cular, of the 13th ult., pars "we learn that the law
passed the last session of the Brazilian Legislative
Assembly raising the eiport daty on coffee from
9 to 1 1 per ceot, will be put into execution on tbo
1st of January next." We are also informed that
in consequence of the increasing cost of labor the
shipping houses of Rio de Janeiro find them,
sdres obliged to increase the charge of shipping
expenses, and that it will be probably advanced af
ter the 1st January from about 180 rials per bag to
210 rials.
.... The Baltimore American of the 7th says:
" The mild weather of the past week is rapidly re
moving the effects of the previous severity of the
winter, and already business is beginning to revive,
whilst the bope that it will soon resume its full ae
tivity grows eTery day more bouyant. The soft
weather has to far weakened the ice in our harbor
and bay that the determined effort now making can
scarcely fail to open onr port and enable the com.
mercial transactions delayed by the embargo to be
again prosecuted. From the West we also have
intelligence of the probable resumption of navi
gation upon the Ohio and other great river ohan-
. nels of trade. It is not probable, if the obatrus
tions from these rivers and our harbor are removed,
that a general or permanent freexe will occur again
. at thia late period of the winter, and a revival of
business all over the country will ensue. The
Spring trade will make an early commencement,
our hotel fill up with customers from the South and
West, and the city present a business activity in
strong contrast with the dullness of the present
month. The weather yet continues favorable to
, the possibility of such an agreeable state of affairs
and until it changes we have a right to the pleaa"
ot anticipation."
.... An eminent New York physician has, ac
cording to the Buffalo Republic, written an elabo
rate work in favor of the practice of burning the
dead, which is to be published after Lis own death.
By his will, he directs bis mortal remains to be kept
ia a warm room; the thorax then to be opened, and
the heart extracted, whioh is to be embalmed and
enclosed in a thick vellum bag, strongly irnpreg-
. J : . t. I 1 . a V 1 . ,
. sietcu mm arjjuaituiu; me reiuainuer 01 nis DOdV
is then to be publicly burnt on a pyre of sassafras
or sandal wood, in one of the public cemeteries,
the ashes carefully gathered and deposited with
the embalmed heart iu a bronxe urn. Five copies
of tht leading daily city papers, containing an ac
count of the whole proceedings, are likewise di
rected to be deposited ia the urn, which is then to
be hermetically sealed, and taken to the New York
lfuscum. In the midst of the excitement created
by these proceedings, the work is to be published.
.For its circulation $10,000 are appropriated,
'10,000 more for distribution among the city offi
cials and leading politicians of all parties, who arc
to receive from (25 to $100 each for assisting io
the ceremony; and $10,000 more for the editorial
fraternity to be divided pro rata accordiog to their
influence. Should anything occur to prevent the
due execution of the will, the bulk of his property
is to be at once transferred to a charitable institu
tion in Philadelphia. The Republic has these facts
from the attorney who drew up the will. lie es
tbnates the property at (200,000.
.... On Saturday afternoon a large msss of red
hot cinder was thrown into the snow outside Bur
den'a Iron Works, at Troy, N. Y., when some boys
broke the mass with an iron bar, letting the mol
ten lava run out among the snow and water. Tke
tnaas instantly exploded with a loud noise, throws
ing the cinder la every direction. A workman
named Michael Smith, was compUtcly bliuded and
severely wounded about the bead and faee; his
clothes and boots were alo torn from bis person.
Two boys, named Campbell, and another named
Danka, were also terribly burned about their beads
ad faces. Medical aid was quickly furnished and
t fas sufferers atteuded to.
. ... A bill bas been introduced into the New
York Senate which provides that it shall not be
lawful for any perxm to kill or destroy, upon any
land not owned by himself, any of the following
description of bird: The robin, or red bread, blue
bird, ewallow-martin, or swift, nihgt or mosquito
kawk, wood-peeker, eat-bird, hijti tailed thrush
r brown thrasher, mourning dove, meadew lark or
raarth quail, sun. war red bird, hanging bird, apidar
Wird, or wax bird, groend robia, bobolink or rice
ird, and sparrow under penalty af $10.
.... A New York letter says: Ad eloptmentin
Ugh life haa jiift come to my knowledge, which
kas created coasiderablo excitement io the neigh
Worhood of Washington squaie. It appears that a
aerchant of New Brunswick, N. J., came to tbo
city last week, and stopped over night with an iue
timate friend (a widow lady) io West Washington
Place. Next morning, in company with a young
and beautiful girl of eevenUeti daughter of bis
k os tea a he went out ostensibly to pay a visit to
some friends living in Brooklyn, since which lime
bo tiaMogi have been received of the minaing par
ties. It has been ascertained that previous to
leaving New Brunswick, be defrauded all partner
and other confiding friends oat of large sums of
saoney. 11 is wife fullowed Lira to New York, and
Is stopping at a friend's house in a state bordering
on distraction. The poor widowed mother of this
infernal scoundrel's viotim U bowel to the earth
with grief and ahame. Tbis, bowever, is but cue
of a thousand familiar episodea iu every day life ia
this great metropolis.
.... Mr. Uteri Truett, who was a prominent
member of the San Francisco Vigilance Committee,
was arrested at New York on Thursday lost jest
as the steamer far California wag departing. The
arrest was mads at the instigation of Ctisrles P.
Duane, William Mulligan, and Reuben Malouy,
woo were exiled by the committee.
.... The Lger Deer drinkers ia Cincinnati,
bavo had a bomb shell thrown into their ranks by
the pbyslciacs ahoing tint coculus iadigas and
other poisonous drugs are oatj to give (bis barer
ase tody and flavor.
. . . . Io a town in Ortnpe county, in the State
of New York, there are now living a man and bis
wife who bare not spoken for eight years. They
o'ten go to work together, aleep h tvi bed, take
teir meals at the sama Ubl, aod show not tbc
e-iltt-iati anger towards each other. The ouly
reaww to' be assigned for their obstinate and pro
tiacted aiiraee is that each ia too proud to speak
.... Tbc Ilickman 7mM of the 4th Inst, avg
that an abolitionist, named R. J. Tinner, Lis beta
arrested la that place for tampering with t endea
voring to run off s've to a free fr'uu, and was
lodged in jail to await the action of the criminal
court upon his case.
Oreetiough 'says, "act vity is the presence cf
iiuc'lion character is the record of fuuclivu."
SATURDAY, FEB. 14, 1S57.
Ia our previous remarks upon this sab-
juct we hare endeavored to impress upon
the citizens of Nashville the great impor
tance to them individually and to the fu
ture prosperity of our city, of having abun
dant supplies of. cheap coal. We" have
endeavored, also, to direct their attention
to the proper qnartcr xvhence to draw' these
supplies. We hope we have, to a small
extent, at least, succeeded in our aims.
We propose to pursue the subject farther
this morning, with a view to sum np the
facts "which show that the Rowena coal
mines possess advantages over all others in
connection with the Nashville and other
Cumberland River markets:
1st. They are situated below the falls or
shoals, at a point to which steam boats fre
quently ascend, and from which coal can be
sent down on an ordinary boating tide.
2nd. The obstructions to the navigation
of the river from Rowena to this point are
so trifling, that the annual losses by sink
ing and other river casualties, do ' not
amount to more than one per cent upon
the cost of the coal delivered at the wharf.
3d. Timber is plentiful and labor cheap,
making the cost of boats much less than at
the mines above the shoals.
4th. Accessible to steamboats, the or
dinary coal boats can be dispensed with,
and steam tugs and barges substituted.
5th. The cost of mining and of provisions
is less, supplies of the latter being cheap
and abundantly produced in the neighbor
hood. . .
Cth. These advantages conbined place it
in the power of the owner. of the Rowena
mines to deliver coal here, at about five and
a half cents per bushel; and it must be borne
in mind that this coal is of a very superior
quality for burning in grates, for making
gas, and for blacksmithing purposes.
Now, the question for the citizens of
Nashville to decide is "will they secure for
themselves cheap coal by taking stock
in the Compauy which it is proposed to or
ganize, or will they suffer the mines to be
come a monopoly?" It is very evident that
with the ability to laud coal at our wharf
at five and a half cents per bushel, the owner
of these mines can undersell all other deal
ers, drive them out of market, and then
fix his own prices, were he disposed to do
so, which he is not; but, on the contrary,
desires that the community and himself
shall be mutually benefitted. Will our cit
izens take 6teps to share in the blessings
and benefits which can be derived from this
source? We believe they will.".
The basis of organization of the proposed
company is Ycry liberal, and twenty-five
thousand dollars of stock paid in is all that
will be required to connect the mines by
railroad with the river, get out the coal,
construct the boats and have an abundant
supply here next fall. And at 15 cents a
bushel, a dividend of 50 per cent, can be put
into the pockets of the stockholders the
first season. In the course of a day or
two the basis of organization will be sub
mitted to the examination of those who
may wish to inquire into it, and books
opened for the subscription of stock. In
the meantime we trust those whose interests
arc identified with the growth and pros
perity of Nashville will prepare to show by
their works their appreciation of the bless
ings which cheap coal will shower upon us.
" We notice that Jas. M. Davidson, Esq.,
the "Irish Orator" has been selected by
the Democracy as their candidate to repre
sent the counties of Lincoln, Giles, and
Marshall in the popular branch of the next
Joel J. Jones, Esq., is the candidate to
represent Lincoln and Franklin in the State
The Democracy appear to be working
harmoniously, and well. Cannot the Amer
ican Party do the same thing?
A Subscriber iu Wilsou county sends us
the following article with a request to give
it a place in the columns of the Patriot. In
complying with the request we will take
the opportunity thud afforded to express
the hope that our contemporary of the
Herald is mistaken in his opinion that nouc
but a Wilson county man can beat Col.
Howard should he be the nominee of the
democratic party for Congress in that dis
trict. We trust the time has not yet come
when any considerable number of tho
Americans of the gallant fifth are willing to
6taad with arms folded and sec the district
pass into the possession of the democracy.
Whether the candidate be Ready, llattou,
Richardson, or any other good uun, there
should bo no flinching ;
From IhaLtbanon HeraM.
The following communication is from a re
liable and working member of the American
party. We therefore publish it. In juntioe to
Col. Keady, our present able and faithful Rep
resentative, we desire to state that, personally
or politically, we liavw do oljeotioo to Lira.
We bulieve bim to be a bih-tninded honora
ble man, worthy of the conCJonce and sap.
port of til parties. Our opposition to bim i
from a sincere and honest conviction arrived
at by our intercourna with the Americans aud
Whips of this county, that no m.ii can carry
thia District against Col. Howard aniens he be
a H'tUon County man. We know of a number
of prominent and iL&ienti&l Atnericaus, who
will lake an active part in the election of Col.
Howard, not only against Ool. Heady, bat a
K&int any other uitui ouuide cf WUaon Coun
ty. We desire lactate further, that ahoaU Col.
Ret5y finally Le tit candidate of our rarty,
we will yicM to him a warm, cordial and n
thusi&ktio sopport. There is do man in the
District fr whom, persontilly, we entertain
Uglier regards. Our opposition, to bun i sole
ly upon the rround above staled. We are for
a Wilson County man, not that w love C;imr
lef, tut Rotneino-r. e iVatre the &coee oi
our'party even if it ha to te aocomplUUcd. hj
the sacrifice of our beet and truest men.
" Mi'i;ri;s"cBoit Ttsx., Fb. 7, 1S57.
Mr. Et'iToK: Aa thore i Cttii-wderaWe icite
meet irt this Uiotriet ttt reyard to the candi
date of tie American, party for Conjrrtwa, I
I. leave to pay through your cxoe!!eU papr
a few word In referrnw thereto,' From read
ing the Morfree-U-rV Terardt and the cards
ot a frw iudivtdual puLmditd la other r
ra, who have had tt( frventtiption to s gu
themselves "HaUitrf ird," one woo'J su;joe
ttat this county was aa a ntit for Mr. heady.
Now Mr. lUiter, ft is &ot wy'naroone to dj
artge oar jretit rrmepeMUUve. I U-iieve
tdtnta bean honorable, talftntd and jatriotic
Ffntleinaa. I'ut he is Cot the man for tLe oc
oaason. 1 have been through moat of it roan
try recentlr. and hire cocrfrjed on the sab-
IJ-ictof the Aiiicricnu enididate for 0nifre-e
hiiI. fc'.moct every mau 1 hate trvt, aud i Ltd
that I ran sifely eoy that cot more than
one-fonrtb are for Mr. Heady. Those who pre
fer him are tiot'the workiDs? men of the party,'
they are generally of that cl;i68 who are worth
notfiirifc to any party except their rotes.' The
American party must have a candidate whoee
high talents and nobleness of nature will con
centrate on him the whole force of the party,
or salFer an inglorious defeat; such a man is
Robert natton, Es.i , of Lebanon. lie is the
man around whom the Sons of old Rutherford
will rally and give him such a vote aa none
other has ever received. His great talents and
eloquence displayed in the late canvas have
so endeared him to the Americans of Ruther
ford that in their ze 1 for him they forgti he
is a citizen of Wilson and will honor h'uu as
tLey would none other poessing lets noble
qualities. Let a convention be called and the
claims of each gentleman be properly prenent
ed and you will find Rntherford standing no
bly to Uatton.I gii far llatton first, last and
all the time. Let Wilson 6trongly urge his
claims and we will le represented in the next
Congress by a man who will reflect honor up
on his constituents and win for himself a name
that will rauk with the names of Tennessee's
illustrious sons.
Yours trnly,
Ilcndcrsou and aliville Katlroad
We find in the Henderson Commercial
the 7th inst., the Reports of the several
officers of the Henderson and Nashville
Railroad Company. The greater portion
of the Report of the President, L. W:
Powell, Esq.j is devoted to an explana
tion of the circumstances attending the
misuse, by the agent in London, of some
3050,000 worth of the Company's bonds.
This explanation has, in substance, been
furnished the Patriot by Mr. Bilbo, and
has already appeared in these columns.
The Report of the Secretary is hereunto
appended, together with an extract from
the Report of the Chief Engineer. In re
gard to contracts for iron, &c, the Pres
ident in his report says ,
In August Iat a contract was made with E. W.
Steveua, jr., of Covington, Ky., for eighteen hun
dred tons of railway iron, to be delivered at the
wbarf in the city of Henderson, at the price of ft 2
per ton, (ot 2240 pound, to be paid for on dclive
rj to be delivered at such times and iu such
quantities as the Railroad Company ordered, after
toe 20th day of November, 1866, gi"ing two weeks
notice; the quantity ordered not to be less than
100 tons at each delivery. Ia the same month r
contract was made with Corby, Gosea & Co., o '
Cincinnati, for chairs and spikes sufficient to la;
down the rails contracted for; the chairs and ppikes
to be delivered at the wharf, ia Henderson, a or
dered; the Company to pty for the chairs aad
and spikes on delivery cents per pound for
the chairs, and 4 J cents per pound for the spikes.
Since the meeting in June last, we have entered
into contracts for the cross-ties, for the firt 1CJ
miles of the road. Iiusion, Laadregan &. Co., anil
J. P. i'airchild, contracted to turnish the crossties.
Tit thi Frtiident cf tht JlenJcrton and XnsJtyUlt
Railroad Company.
Sir: I herewith submit a statement of the con
diliou of the work, &e., upon said road, as shown
by the records in the Secretary's office:
Amount of cash and work subscriptions
of Stock in said road, $297,800,00
Upon which this sum has been collected lol,7o7,ll
Leaving a balance yet due, 106,092,89
Real Estate Stock subscribed and titles
perfected, 75,900.00
Cusli collected as above stated
and paid cut as fallows:
To Vanbeigen, Ward &, Co.; upon esti .
mate for woik on the road, $28,128,32
To Vanbergen & Co. for tame, 18,00
To Board of Directors Deep Cut work, 6,493,29
To Joel Lambert & Co. upon estimates, 27,521,83
To HuBton, Landregtn k Co., " 21,963,63
To Thomas Morriasay, " 1,349,84
To Joeph Morrusay, ' 1,153.06
To Payton Cox, " 3,453,37
To George V. Bailey, . " 4,103,13
To Moses Rosf, " 867,80
To Olficcrs salaries, " 11,810,47
To Engineers and Engineering expenses 21,160,16
To general expenses, 4,886,02
To Right of way, 8u7,49
It appears from the above statement that one
thousand aod nine dollars and fifty cents of the
above amount has not been paid by the Treasurer.
Amount of work upon ttie Road to the 1st day
of December, 1856:
Rv Vanbergen, Ward Si Co., $83,790,03
By Vanbergen & Co., 6,614,17
By Board of Directors, (deep cut) 8,472,52
By Joel Lambert & Co., 30,579,77
By Huston, Landregan & Co., 25,67t',85
By Thomas Morris-ay, 1,499.80
By Joseph Morriaaay, . 1,280,92
By Paviou Cox, 4,082,76
By Geo. W. Bailey, 4,5.'.9,02
By Moies Ross, 867,80
Paid for as follows:
To above contractors in cash, 91,052,47
To Vnnbergen, Ward Jt Co , .
in Bond of the Company, 80,000,00
To thia sum due to Contrac
tors iu new Stock of the
Company, per their con
tract, 42,245,17166,297,64
Respectfully submitted,
Sec'y JJ. Si H. R. R. Co.
To ih Hoard of iJirtctort of tht ILuderton and
A'ihvillt Railroad Company.
1 beg leave to make a report, as Treasurer, as
follows ;
To am't balance on hand, 2d June last, 10,035 91
To amount collected ainco 27,992 64
$38,029 55
37,927 34
101 21
By 53 Vouchers in my possession,
Leaviug balance,
There ia io my possession Secretaries
checks awaiting pijuieut, am't to $5,231 85
Eend-rdon, Ky., GEO. M. TRIEST,
January 16ih, 1S57. Treasurer.
Report of tht condition of the Jlendtrton awl Xah
R.nlrihld, mad to tht FruidctU, January
6tk, 1857;
Sib: I hereby lay before you a condensed re"
port of the amount of work done on the Henderson
and N'aohviile Railroad since it was first let out to
contract, and earelul estimates of the amount it
take to finish a portiou of it ready for supcrstrno
tare to varioaa point; first, to the 27lh utile from
the Depot at Uenderaoa; uext to the SJih aide
front same point, and finally, ta tne centre of the
slrevt l if adio:iville from the Depat at UenJrraon.
Previous ' October 1 r, ljj, when the. last let
ting t'Mk plie-, theie w work done oo the
lsidio'iou of the Koid ti Die amount of $57, Ml
2d " " " 11,632
3rd " " " " " 14 H,3t2
It O. totior the first thirty miles of the first
liHoti waa h i to contract, since wh n
Ihrra haa b-, up t last eatiinate 1st
' December, 185a oik done to the am't
of - - - - $67,000
It i'l co, to prrptr-t t'i4 road for super
" ttrurture, iu addition ta the amount al
ready eiprndJ, troiu Henderson to 27th
mile, ia cash, - . . $16,242
In Stock, - 2,247
Amount cah neeary to put the super
atructur oo first 57 niili-s, turludinj one
. I-owmolive aad ix platform cars, $251,432
Auouel gradiog as above, - lii.242
Total, : $267,874
From UeuJeraoa to SOth aula, include
denp cut aud appragtchua, ia caah, 31,096
fu Stock, . . . 4,S3e
t'ro-a UeoJreOa to Maiiaoavi!!, in cash, "1,574
la Su k, , . . , v.347
. Tye oal S'J coiamenea&boat two miles South
of Wadiav:t. As ih-re is a low tand-atone ride
locat through to reach them, It Uicot, y $li,
CM utore to Ivucb) bcL . -
ruai the above report it will be ien that it w ,11
take but a tnaail sum to complete the road to iiaii
eoov'.ne, aod the coI Hdia, a nw that woui-l lav
the track on a Uuttaace ot ia eiilee. SHoa!d the
B jii thick proper to complete the grading to the
foal field, lhy would mil save to apply to iron a
aurplus of 8J.0O0, of this eeaa Sjeck ; "e.OC'O lUal
KsUte Stork, a Urge portion of it valuable coal
land, and $5'0u0 city oi ilenderaoo Buuda.
lUepeclfuiif Ittbtiiiltad,
1 ChWf Engineer II. 4 Ji. 1L U. Co.
w m --ar ap an ji , m 11
Experience teaches as iudulgeace: tke wiaett
man t ae one doubts kit on judgment vita tf
gild to tie UivUve of hi kllow-utcu.
MEMrni3 News. We are pleased to see
that L. J. D ctree, Esq., has become asso
ciated with this sterling newspaper as Ed
itor. Mr. Dupree is a gentleman of fine
literary attainment?, and a read writer.
Dovia, Feb. 9, 1857.'
- Edilon of the KathvUU Patriot: The friends
of the American Party must not disagree in select
ing their candidates. To avoid thia they should
be frank. Xor should motives be impawned but
each shoulJ allow another to have acted upon
some proper ground, and from a patriotic intent..
A writer under the signature of "a citizen ot
Rjbertsoa" supposes that no person shoal i ba
brought forward as a candidate to succeed Gn.
Z'jllicoffVr in Congress, till the General should de
cline a nomination. Now the principle upon which
the writer proceeds is not admissible. " It Is claim
ing a life estate in the oC3c9. It might be discour
teous to push forward another, the incumbent
having demeaned l imself well, as is with pleasure
conceded to Gen. ZjIlicofTer. Yet should it tarn
out that the Genera'., about the time of his Uat
election, left a distinct impression upon thi mindj
of many of his friends, that he would not desire a
reelection, which impression has not been removed
by bim, and in consequence his friendi have turned
their thoughts opon other men; then to solicit an
other to become a candidate in his place, would
not be discourteous. The General knows of course
how this is.
DEsTBrcTiVE Firk. On Friday right tho
Cth inst., the Joiner Shop of Robt. Courtney,
of this towD, was destroyed by fire, together
with all its contents. This is a serious loss,
as the shop contained nearly all the lumber for
the new Court Iloase and the Male Academy;
worked ont ready for use, and the work on
both buildings will be seriously retarded in
congeqnence. Two buggies, in a shed adjoin
ing, were burned, as also the tools of all the
workmen. Mr. C. loses about $2,300.
Franllin Review.
A Safe Safe. On the last trip of the
eteatner James Johnson to Nashville the out
side key was accidentally 6hut up in the safe,
the same containing all the money belonging
to the boat, besides a large amount deposited
by the passengers. When they,reached that
port they borrowed every key to be had in
that city, but from the peculiar construction
of the lock they were unable to get it open.
Being shut np for about nine days, and not be
ing able to effect an entrance, they yesterday
broke it open. A safe concern to say the Jeast
of it. Lou Cour.
f3T" One of those brave spirits who with
stood the battle's heat on the field of Sebn-
toped, Alms, and Inkertnann, is now in our
city, and intends making this his permanent
phice of residence. Sergeant J. Steele, of the
30th Regiment, is a welcome visitor, and wo
rejoice that he has selected Louisville as his
homa. Hi body bears the marks of honor,
able engagement, and his breast is adorned
with a medal evidencing the fact. Lou. Dem.
Ikon is TriK IIockiso Valley. An intelli
gent friend, largely interested in the mineral
development of South-eastern Ohio, informs ns
that estensive deposits of rich and valuable
Iron ore b1Ue just been discovered in Hocking
Valley. Ohio Statesman, 9th.
From Washington.
P'.clal Correspondence of the Patriot.
A Mockery Simonton Cold Weather
"Washington, Jan. 23, 1S57.
Yon have undoubtedly learned of the pro
ceedings in the House yesterday and the day
previous, relative to the investigation now in
progress. The committee have found it im
possible to proceed, because tlu witnesses de
ny the power of the committee to extort from
them confessions of corruption. To remedy
this evil, the House has passed a bill making
it a felony to refuse to answer any question,
perjury to answer falsely, and a crime to re
fuse to produce any paper demanded by the
committee. It is a very arbitrary law, and
but for the exigency of the occasion, the ter
rible necessity, its enactment would be of
questionable propriety. But bo important is
it to purge Congress of the base corruption,
that I feel willing to justify any measure
which will remedy the evil and restore the
purity of the National Legislature. The com
mittee are in earnest and Messrs. Orr and
Davis intimated that important discoveries
had been made.
Simonton, the correspondent of the New
York Timet, has been committed to prison
for contempt, so say the proceedings and the
newspapers; bat it is a mockery. He is at
large, attended by an officer of the House. He
is fed, warmed and watched by Uncle Sim
keeps np his correspondence, ii supplied with
everything he wants and goes wherever he do
sires. If .this is to be the punishment of con
tempt, who wonld not willingly, during these
hard times, oommit contempt for the sake of
the punishment. I have no desire to be a crim
inal, but I should have no objection to being
warmed, fed and paid a per diem by Unole
Sain, and I take it that he will soon have a
dozen or more such criminals, for Washington
is just now full of hangers-on, who wonld
gladly refuse to answer for the sake of being
put in a similar prison. The only inconve
nience consists in always having company,
and, perhaps, not agreeable company. He
should have been sent to j -i.il and led on "pork
and beans," genuine old fashoined jail fare,
such as ordinary criminals are fed upon, such
as a man who had etoleri a stick of wood to
keep his children warm, or a loaf of bread to
feed his starving family, would have been fed
upon; hot this notoriously and admitted cor
rupt loafer dignified as a Congressional pris
oner, (applied with all tht, luxuries the market
will afTord and treated by the Tresideut with
as much favor and tenderness as if he was a
If the House is in earnest in the investiga
tion, it should punish those who are guilty of
contempt, and not honor them. As it is, it is
a mockery and will end in a Gizle, aud ail the
energy of the committee will cotne to noaght.
The "oldest inhabitant" says this is the cold
est winter experienced here for & century or
more. The Tenenable old gentleman is per
fectly reliable and never mistakes any circntn
stance, and, of course, it is true. But, laying
joking aside, it is Intensely cold. We are
blocked up, no mails, no news, no excitement,
no arrivals and no departure. We can't hear
from Bladensburg, only five miles di.-Uut, and
can gel little else to eat but herring and beef
very good fire for modest people.
An Imlepcntlcial Journal,
Fabl hf4 at Gallatin, Ttaa.f C.Z.KT A KOTtaf, n 1
e realatinc larf lj throajh the ctonlUa of lanar, mi a,
Maaoa, JkUm, Orertua, rotri, WiUoa, aul Kbert
oa, It pMenU aoi:vet io4.ieaiei at
Atlvrrthiuc Medium
tor Iht M.reSaoU of JUihrUl. A Idreta TUX EX 4UI
C, c 65lJfi,Tm, or Jaaas Glo, CI' KiprtM
atKahTdl, Tena. t'U-l
rptlt MSt dr,M tnj fi rnnn'nc
irr, wi,oa v, J. n. fa
WiK, aUl a tor ik afewT asS
IBS 'B-. gL.-r
t.rm! at porta ea wOX DiT.tfe lirh ta,i., i
rr irwfaiar i; IT n bi'4 ru
t m'aiiat. a cu.toiiiie Aot.
Tat lm pwr4H rt ro&)r er9aak).
auaarr T. a;. ajk.'O v, trtawa f tL.,.
rU TBI IAV, llM 14Ute.ii mi
U 10 oVht A. M. H ti(UMiMa(t tiivwi to 4 f
'J h. H. aSIiV
1 1 1 . t If (Ifi IIUMMI t Ml taH
X M 4 I J tw.l . 1. IX. Vital.
$100 !FL07VanX"c3. !
KANAWAT from Dtcatur furnace, In Deealu' county
Tenne4ee, in Jalr last, oar NfRto, JOHN. Ibr whose
recoTery and puttie in j ill in thia 8tto we will piy 10
If taken oat of the t'Ute and aceurcd in e will pay
flutl. We purchased said boy of Jitnea M. Mnrrel!. ot
N'ahviltt.in May last. Said Boy weighs abwt lf3 panJ3,
H coal bUck and heary set, about 5 feet S inches high, yery
b 'shy ba r. The only ma k recollected ia the fini jcint off
of his rig it or Uf; thumb not positive which. Ha taiks real
Afiican language, and teems a little on?ne Med.
feb'3 Clifton Po-t-ofti--e, Wayne county, li-nn.
tToutsrilie Journal ecpy t aaaouat oi $5, and charg
STJfJAR :0hhd)7airtJ P.;m;, ia "tore and TorsVeby
f 013 SMITH , LOVK k CO.
COFFE-250bet Trime Xew Orlanand Ba'tioore, fir
!cb f. b!3 fMIfU, ..OV8
0LASSS-T5 b'M iJ ha'.ve chov-e n-:w crjp, for
salebir UhZ SliTiI, Dig s CO.
t HANDLES 10 ) bax :s ttar Candl-M and 5C bixes T il! jw
Cio lics.f ir s:e bv SMU'H, I.OVrt CO.
J AILS-3H) kigi beslb.-aalj, for i!obf
WEI?Snr 1'0 bb:s Pike's, (per teamer Swa.l );)
f' bb sOid Kye aod Bourbon Whisky;
10 libit Sir.itb's Keierva and Mououahel i Whiky;
.Brandies, Wines, c., 4c. in store aad for s le by
S dtril LOVE CO..
f-b!3 Nj- 5? Market t.
THE subcr'b'r, having just arrived in this Hty with a
commission from one of the Ui f et Piauj Fjrte and
Furniture Ware-room in the city of M-.-mphi, is anxious
to m..kj arrau;e nents, Uoa libsial ter.ns, with Maoufic
tu'ersof Kurui'ure or CeUir-wre, for asupply of evry ar
ticle in tli" ' hive iine lie hts, ls-, what is sty e 1 the
"jVi I'lin lt nt" r th w-ty cf lab jr s iviyir ra:thine, to
1 til's is eD'.ir- iv a ne article, and ' c e irs the kurben" of
every thing beretofoie introduced in this line. H ; is now
ready to cintract forthe mfmufacture of one thoa aid of
these machines, h ch he is desirous of taring const-oted
with iu tile. aj. A few County Rights, in Middle Tsnuaasee,
for si!e.
The underrated can b-s seen at Room No. , Cily Ilj'e!,
for the next ten ds, at any time b -fore 10 o''ock .V M..
or after 6 o'cicck P. M. K. G. M.'JCUSAl.L,
fcb!3 Arent.
ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17Hi, 157, at 10 o'ct.sck, A.
M., we will oiler Io-sale in front of our Warehouse, cor
ner of Market and CUik streets, the following articiej, to
loo hhds Pnffr, 10 bxs best Tallow Candles,
25 bbls I.oat tiuar, 100 boxes Cheese,
50 bbls Crushed Sugar; SttO bMs Whisky, asortet
200 bafrs Kio CoJee; bran Is,
6l) ba;s I.auvra Coffee; 25 bhls American Brandy,
25 ba.t Java Coffee; 10 X tbI do io,
!0 ca-k super Carboaate 10 bblsGin,
cf boda, 10 bbls M. O. Rum,
Iivmi ken Nails, 50 bbls Juiiu II. Smith's old
50 bbli Vinexir, Reserve Whisky,
1iMI loz nucket. 25 bhis Old Bourbon Whisky,
loo bhls Mulassen, 0 bbls Old Kye Whiky,
60 bbls Mackerel, Noa. 1, 1, 100,000 extra Citfari, various
and 3, brands.
10 bai Pepper, 100 boxes Melee Cigars,
51 bays Giuter, 1')"' boxes Cheroots,
Ceroons in Iiro, lu7 botes Tobacco, W. IT.
2 "J bcxef t-;ar Candies, House and other brands,
2C0 )tf boxes do; 50 boxes Jar,
200 do do, 100 boxes Tumblers.
Together with Various othtr articles in nur line.
fo. IS. 11. .S. KKNCU A POV,
H A VIX 1 concluded some time since to discontinue the
Retail Department of our butin-is, we are no f pre
p.rel. with a- HKC.KLY IXCKKASKO STOCK, and an
KXrtNIVii VARICTY, to oTer indu.;emeDts to Merchants
KC'iust Eat, (as weil as thote comini; here to make purcha
seste ual to any houte in the Eastern Citi-s.
Oir t-r ns will be liberal to primp', and sulvent men, and
we will take FEATHERS. Gl.NiENO, BEESWAX 4 VtOOli
at the highest market price.
Rrt'l Ousto ners w.Il p'.cae take notice th t we cannot
hereafier supply tbein wita auygooils in our line.
Na.shville, Feb. 12-2m.
8. D. MOK.H.I.
o i. ciiianT.
ft. c. at. aoxsia.
ivxonioLiNr cfc oo.,
ilTKari" now re eivinff and ojenini? our anaal Hprinir
" V purchisrs, which will be rea ty tor inspection by the
25'h Inst.. and at wriicli ti:ne we will disi ay a more com
plete atwtmetit of D'-tV 0001)3, than we have ever done
at aiy se.isjn her.t' f)' e.
oJr stock w II embrace all tha latest stj lea of DOMESTIC
Staple ami Fancy Dry Goads,
And to it will be a ided all the N3VELTIES, as taey ap
pear in the Eastern Cities.
In ad lition to the '.arjje an! generally assorted storks we
have been iu t.'ie litbit uf keeping, we owe added to it all
the sty'vs and gradei of
Wt shall be pleased to exhibit oar assortment to our old
friends uU the Trade generally, aa we feel conti dent that
from our long experience and tbe advantages we possas,
we art able to otter iLdacemeata to all.
Nashville, Fb. l2w
Mrs. Fellowea and Miss Scholcs
At Ko. 24 Viae, bstween Church and Broad Sts-,
On the Second of February, 1S57.
Normal Department. ."0 P0
Henior CI is
Jamor Class iiO IH)
Drawing, French and Mu.-ic, extra.
This tract is heaulifidly situated on tbe N. A
Railriad, 11 oiilea f.oiu Xashvult-, anil kawntobo m
very test land in Ku;hetford county, kit) acres under a
(Tiod cei'ar feuce an I mosiiy in cultiva'inu ; the fcaUeca
well tiniln-red. Huiricine Creek runs tt.rjuich the entire
tr.tc-. alTjrding an abju lanes of wa'er ihedryesl seon.
There are al'O a numbt-r o' perpetual priiis, wmch mine
ttavery desirtble Stock Farm. Trie soil is rich enough to
spt a' tor itr'el'.and is well adapud to the groathoi ooitoa,
to) ace , gra n or (ras
Tne iu:prove:nenls comist oi a frame Dwelling with seven
rooms, all iut-houj?3 complete, g a, barn, stable, etc.
Tie subtcriber will be in Nashxille a fw week?, aad
take pleasurt in showint the premises to any who u'y de
sire to purcbise. Terms t-j; pj3ession givrn immedi
a el. feblO-tf C L. NKIJOX.
IOH V 8. BKIEX and SIMEON VKNABLE have formed
a partnership for the practice nf the r prolessioa. Of
fice 4" Cherry street, Narhvilir, Tennessee.
feblO -dtriwiV 1m
Runaway Negroes Soltl.
f pWO SE'IRO FELLOWS were sold at Chirletton, Mis
A snun, tirteen miles from Cairo, III., for jail 'eis. lach
sold for '25 in the lath of Dec., lyS'i. 1 bev were put id
jail at that pi ice oa the 2d of Sup-ember, Hy their
own statements, they r ana y frin their ia aster, Mr. Wal
ton, a negro-trader at Nahville. Hie aeir roes are brothers,
named Jane an I Tonv, a;.-d 21 and ;;j years. Ihey say
thi-y knowscmethinir ol biacksoilthii.g If Mr. Walton has
an. friend that stiou.d see this, he ca i c!l on tnefr fu--ther
part-cuisrs. febT HKKJ W. l'OKTER.
fV.O fu'ly understands his business, offers his S
f, for a moiierat c mpetisatmn, to J
any Plant, r, Farmer or laid hoiJer, who wishes ;Sa
to rie Cre'-.ards or Vlneyar.t, or improve thce aireaoy
p!a.T.eJ cultivate Grapes. Raspberri, Cjrran. ftraw
bbrries and o:lier small fruit and vrs-eublrs, e tt erf t the
la'ile or market. He also offais, if wanted, to sut'erin'end
thi ahola Farm and reo'ate it af.ar th best methods lsld
dWQ by experience and science, or assist tha owner with
advice in tins important branch cf busmesa wbenevrre
quested. Anv one who di s rea to avad hitns.'f of th:S op
p.irtunrty, wiii pleaia address "HOKTICULTI RI-'T. Ho
tSl S.ashville.Trnn " fsi-tr.wWtf
riHIE attention of C illon-RaUerais Jirretrd to STCARTS
1 COTTO.S-PLAN TER, tha mott valuable machine ever
inve'it-d for planting cotton and otlisr small seods. Hav
ing booghtttiv right to mnulactur and H tha abore mi
rh.ne,wbave appolutej Messrs. KACEY tt HAMIL
TON, Ustdware Merchaaiaat Nashville, our aems(or
Mid lie Tcnneisee, where w will always kp a stock on
hand f.r exh.h. Hon and al We Ttttt eottou. raisers to
the certificate of Dr. .'ohn Watrr. Orde's auJrad to
Macey M Uatolilon r' be pr '-i pt'y att'need to
KH'.O k MARSHALL, OoodleUvilla.
MrLaiasT GaoTi , Jc?eroti fottu'y. Ark , I
December 20.h. lt.'o. f
J. A. Ptcsst, Frq Desr Sir: Having tried effttually
your Cotton Seed Planter, I, with great 'heerfulne, oOer
yo-i my leelimoay of their efiicleocv. With one of thetn, a
nian and hoise can plant or do tha work of is hores aed
t uruien, and do it better aad leave the ri.l- In a mora
ftv uah'e aunlttbia tor af er cultiration than atiy other
ta le 1 have hereioiora used. Very raspeo-fu !y yors,
Jsci-toaprl JOHN waTtJIS.
Vlrsl i:;ss UoanVln,: House
SO. 31 CUD All STllEET,
r p II C ?iil.-rr rciptclfu'ly iofjrms Ut eitiiens of Nash
Jl Vil.e a:i l its vcii.ity that Le is cow nrrfari4 ta aceoiw
mo late all the hit Uoatdrrs ll. at will e ill on h.m. Ilia
tou.e ia aiwir upealo tha Uavalisg eoesmaaily; and
h'pms tliat Kisfnccds a-d acuaiutaocM wUl give bita a
Call when tber vta.t tha nty
ja:. If R. W. WUITTiN ITUS. 4'.
hi: (.a iii:.Dtitso
Harblq Iflanufacturer,
Corner cj' Unhid and Summer '.t.t
't)L'LD lafxria the aeop a of Kahvi1" aa-1 sae-
rvwcdiiw eowntry, tat ae has rera;l litir-reV"-! od
grew' ly enlarged his 1 rlle-1 ard, and It now prevrd t
Ijil it. vr.lers ia tho Urll I at at the short si ooti.-w sod
on th - nu.tl4uri'.ir terms lo. i i.a II. J V! partif-
if t'.enti'0 to hit r j IrlcCtr I H . k tti M..t.Ojot., M.O-
l I'lrt , V t-i . .a ary, ljuntaios. lptis :;al Fjj&U,
l'ra, rorsus. I t, ss.af i t ku b ae sf tt purest
lul art M.rbie, an t tr-joi ta cb)l of ti. bet Fumptaa
m rs. it is artanresivntsar rwe milt for furai-hmg
a 1 1 9 U ot Ware . eilber of h.a own sc is a''-tiirs r tnt
portr4. Its aa aa h U a iar 14a11i.tr f Had- Ms-ate,
in tli. rwi s t" , t a ke wut t v.-r low. Un ut
Bits-s la . tV'.iao Mrt e f the M .j'i tiy ean t Lai at
bis yard. t t ilra htmsslf that h cao ft serve ths p--be
a a aecHiKuxidattat ' a a. V s. at ar e u h h ueat
laOsWs-l- A of 4b.i patroaafa is fcll.JUd
lima aly
rpul J C.rd.al lT rwre pvwvat'y, firfe'al
I tti r.y, lassitvsx y, lcei."-timtc. l-a ff MH f
K.iarf , niywoat lajita-'S ssj tis"it l"rt't.fe, lr.
ital! iy, ail 3rv- tui'4-v, aaetbUM tt. lier,
Sc. It K t'osiJeerd iBVa.aaAit ta irna lfl iBl Cca
spua- Tuacoriul aa uprdJ ad other pvf.r
tia everoff.-rta U ths paid lor ts atv Cfi-vi 0's,
au l th auj.utr mi4 I 'f k tea.'or!! drer' y -.
(xasxst r.vra4ioa ta aw. Kits'MUnJ v; tt. C. U.
S.itlj.li tira4Mia.a'i jMlib
aN k EA!V.
., Aprnta ti Tctitniaat, 1, aaa'.a aaJ. PVMSa
&,iaJ 1. jiliik, T ait.
TfffQ loveiu Coal. Office for
LesA the sale of Rowena Coal caaged trom !iti
tea's Coal Office to old Coal Office, Mo. 41 South College
street. feM
FOPw SALE. .A second-hand
pr.aNfMfl MACUINR fn.ni.l. In
good running order. It planes twenty four inches wide,
and wdl be disposed of at a reduced price.
WM. E. Mevanr.txn
jan23 No T3 Oo'lege St.
.LOOK OUT. The undcrsiizneit
T' will give tuiiir enareaiuiuuua u boiiectins;
Claims in thecitv and out. Also hi in? out negroes. It.
Oitice over V. B. Fjgs's. Est , on Cherm street, up s-.airs.
j inl2-ltn. g JRT A Itt'NTFR.
TV5?s. HAGS. I will pay 3i cents
AS Cash for good Cotton and Linen Hags,
liveredatmy Rag Store on the North east corner of the
Square. Woolen and Silk Kags are not wan'ed.
a s-ood Suner Rural Pres. nearly new and
iu perieci orucr, wuicn we win sen as a n iriraiu.
dec2J-tf SMirtI, MORGAN CO.
I have received an elegant assortment of TALEN riXK.,
to which I lavite the attention of the public.
febS B0 CU A. W.SMITiI.41 Coll-;e s.
Familf RiMe.
Everybody that is in want of a gool FAMILY BI3LK
should come to me. I haveal.it I wish to sell, anl will
offer them at very low rr c; CUAS. W. SMiTU.
f,.bU ata 41 College street.
Superior Ink.
That beautifil articia of London Ink, "ARNOLD'S
FLCIP," in alt aiied bottles, on hand and fr sale by
jr.2G CUARLE3W.sMir!T.
By the gross, doxen or single copie, for sale by
I hive a Urge st-ck of fCUOIL BJOS?, in all the de
partments of learning, on lind, which I offer at low prices.
The Teacher anr? Country Merchant will find it to their ad
vantage togivemea ca'l. C1IA3. W. SMITH,
jan23 a0 41 College street.
Book Sellers and Stationers,
So. 39 Market & io. Union Sr.,
TKnshville, Tfanrnte.
A large ami varied assortment ofbith jtatimental and
Coraic varing In prices from 5 cents to $13. Aiso, Envel
ope and Valentine Mottoes just received by
feblO IIAGAN k IiRO., Market st.
YANKEE NOTIONS, for January an 1 Kebrnary just
received by feblO HaGAMAPRO.
Aew Rooks by Rx press.
HENRY LYLK, or Life and Eai-tence, by tuiilia Mar
rja't.ilaughterof C tptr.in Marry itt.
THK PfDDLEKORO PAl'KRS, or ilamorsof the Wes.,
by II II. Riley. With Original Illustrations.
THE QCAD:tOON, or A Lover's Adventure in Louisi
ana, by Capt. Mayne Reid.
The Laughnb'e Adventures of Mes. s. Browa, Jones an l
Sob nion. With Cotu'.c tnravings.
DON B:RVARDO'3 DAUUHftll, or Love, War and
Adventure, by W. Harrison Ainsor:h.
JuU received aad for sale by UAdAN k BFIO.,
febln S9 .Market st.
for J.iniary, just received by
fehl) IIATN liO
H ARI'KR'jl NKW P P.H. ft irpcr't ',-. -y, a Joarnitl
of Civiliiation, first number, copies just received. Sub
scrip' ion received and single copies o!d by
frblt) 11AUAN k BRO., Agents.
THE NK V YORK LK.) R. a Weekly Xiwjp ip;r. Sub
scriptions received anil single numbirs sold by
ftblt) HViiAN k ft IO., Agents.
THE yL Vi OV OUR UNION, aad "Ballou's Pictoriol
New piper"fjr sale by
feblO II AO AN A BRO., Agents.
GODKY for ycbruary, h is ben rec.-ivel by
feblO IttilU Bf).
HARHKR'd M AGAZINE for February is on our table.
Milt) UA'.IAN k BRO.
HAGKN k B.IO., Market street, have jost reesiv.-d a
Urge supply of extra heavy and very Cue Cap Paper, ru'ed
andunruled. Af-io, an aoortmeut of fine Wrappi ig and
Man Da Pupers, to wh ch they invite buyers iu waul of a
guod article at low prices. HAOAM k BRO.,
f. bl ) X'J Market street.
riTTPl subscriber, living at Nn. r5 tVmiu Summer street,
-L n-iir Br a l, is prepared to b :ir I tuoor three families
and a f w day-bor. lers. Itespectfullv refers to Irs. H.im
iin and Mar an, t'lie ry stxeet, and RJes W. Porter, IVdar
street jau2 lm M ili. NANNLE LOOMIS.
RoartUnfj House
'pUK undersignedkeepa a Boarding House oa Cedvr
A atreeti next to the Verandah Hotel, where he is resdy,
at all ti ne., to accommodate transient or permanent
boaderi at fair rates. Histtbleia alwaja provided with
the bet the market affords,
jiiii; GK ). W. COLEMAN.
l7vl- WAttttAXTS.
f WILL pay Cash for LAND WARRANT, at my office,
No. 'ib Cherry street.
j tula
1 OF J. W. M'COMH.x, Is removed to Church street, op
P'vsi e the old stand, in the new tmu-e recently built by Dr.
Y :uni, wti.rr we are ready, as us ail to give our atteutiou
when called OB. J W. M'COMBS.
ji S st w. a, timsKLira.
Jack l-'or Sale.
tHAVFan unusually Urge aod fine J ACK for "ale; 1
nan is hivh; colui buck. He i a rriv,t exi-eilt breeier,
s .years old thi fprinir; raised in Kentui y. Pedigree
Lom t:.t best Kentucky St. ck. Pjr infnrmaiicn, call at
let,;-lw K. W. PJltTKa'.
''HE soti.--r-.ber off-n for sale Ms woman Tr.MPE, as
good aOoo-, ili-r an l Iren--r as there is in tht
Plate, also uuderstanJs ilckiiag an I Preserving.
janlS ALEX. MsCKEMZtr.
Aiv'.ci:n taxi:.
CORPORATION TAXES fr the year 17. ean now be
paid to the Citv Rovenue Collector, at h s nlicu, corner
of Cherry and Union streets, iu advauce at the rate ofoce
percent per month i ry ?rest.
Asthis is tbehest inVetrn nt th tt fan b made, Uls ta
peete l that Tax Payers will i pro npt irt ea lini.
)hl-lm A. N'!- 'N, Collector.
I HAVE forrect two e of rtab rwel.ln sH-a
on the Ch rlotte Pike, about V m-le from it.e
S )re. tme h ius has six 1 001ns with kitrh- f ill
a and s-rvanti' rooms, stailes, Ac, and 3H acres 01
giOULd. The othe-is a sm ill hoa, with two rooms, an 1
3'sj acres of grouud. Itnmedia'e t -esn.n given. Ae' f
to janii f. M. k-riWAitr, 41 truada.v. .
1,'OIt Itll'V r. Tie BRICK OFflt I. o 7. . .
P Nortti Maikel atrett, J-tst bile w Kred. Sloara C A
Manuf.ciorv. Possession given 1mn1e.lt stely. An
uly to CilAKLK.s . SMITH.
JLil SO 41 r .lestre-t.
A Kare Chuuce.
W'ANTSO A rupoailu! an! eitfrprising nan, tt
lm-ate at Nashvill-, Term., niirn-ril li-r nf
Urge Suns-rip-.i n B ink 4'li"hlng H i In Pn'a ll-h!a.
To one who c.n trnih a eh-a;j tal ol from I t ..0,
this is a rare ohance touaif mT t artiruUrs, a.l-
dree. B .i tj, Post-olci, riiilutlelpUiia, Taa.
f e I
' Selection will he heidar tie Planter's B ink of T-nnes-IX
see, Nashville, on M in tar, 1 M uch next for eleven
Directors to serve the ensuing year.
PI o'er's B u k. f-a. 61 m I .TO VE .T, CasVr.
Ornca Ni'viU.e tits Lioot Cr , I
F bruary I, W ". f
ri'iiE S:oclibldera of the Na.hviM tits l.ijht Cnwipaoy
I are hersnv uti1ed tint tha annual el.-cuon ot sev.a
Itirecicrs. to five f r te.v. month , wnltake rlace on the
ft h d.y of M irch neat at the ofTn . c-f in Cmranr,ea
Ct-rryatroct. JAMtd II. KCM'KIiK,
fet-td ll..-vretary
i'tarrlveln iblsei'y on the
'li h dxv off. brsr,inl .
1 EN J.V K. ai I UX Jl xMTii.alUtl t
imputation fre.rn .pt n, ransi f
lo bn.l !u ill. ll.evs J.M.-SS and J--B- VIa'
ntt i.l be io-.n 1 t tfl l ie bvti aver Wd I. ri In
).m Hiartut, aai w.ll be SOid ta roao"be trrnn, llh
a le sJ e- o.t.euy. JastLitlDAL.
!r!4 !
n . is o w a 1; o n
r.oncli ami Yagun llaruess,
SJ. 11 DSA3E2:CX STHE2T, SA3i7aL,
HAVIS-1 w th lrr. fro-n ths S,r-ja ef Itawertoo I Wi'i
(.d t 1 at-iv .'..., f.e'e hi wi:I be
g.sil .i. a old friea J a' t tSi-r la wt of irj thing
,u ti e .y ( taas. stcpairib io-.t al ls si
ri no-
i ml ly-
(lUVi lll l't 'llli A.)
on n:citviin ma nof.-
r, I w U seSHl a ttrevt
at itTlifilii"' Jir. On rciv -ig thrr it.-l ars, I
i 1 okI v u '' i t.e 0 rl f it r it. karaa kTawj-V
'ir.ijei'tonytiie oriiia a p jus I, It a .t a no a to
ua p Ttni i a tin L'-i te t a itca. (a hmk a lis d-jt-iar,
I wi1 nS '.it ai 1 io,.!it R.:j', t Vr aau g
gs f It eai i mj in latrJ inr J'i'ft:s
ar J01 as ir ac p''ii as Sve 4.t ars, aid so' J re. t y at
a ps St fane k rnt prt ert. Tj aiiv k
it is atwtene. tir imitan auwr4 er lio
f ma kj ltvtiijg tH rura pft-tas
AiJ.-s,, T. s.tii.iV,
b.t .:. f "l -.
. Mf-TKi llrsssskllf. i..
- ' raiin aesivau.
kits A tea a tl. HeAt-u;
Piioislt.r lit g-.w.t -r;
ftiaa's I' ay :.. til-- ;
Kinj'i t i-jj-t-uv;
Lj.ti's ' "i .
I m i a Taaa4 F-ewera.
J.,..4a.4.:.Vy NaJ4
Napoleon at St. Helena.
IV. T. JIERRY & CO. have jut received-
lfAPQLZ05 AT ST. HI1E3A; or, interesting Anec
dotes and remask.ble Crnversatiotaof the f rperor dur
ing the Five and a Half 1 eari of hie Captivity. Collected
fc-om tlte Memorials cf Las Ctsae, O'Meara, Montholaon,
AntommacchI, and o'hers. By Jjbn C. ibbjtt. With 11
Wstraticns. 1 voL, Sro , clotb.
Fxtrart frrm fie Preface.
The grnioj af Varobon Is tonidirg. All brancbesof
horran Knowledge nem-d a iie fin il ar fe his sivantie
mind. His conversation" at Helen, fcatt-red tl ronirh
the Burner as and vrlmn:ni n rrerro'LIt cf thr-'e h
cleaned them, are replete wi-.h intensest ii.terest.
There i ro mind b rh will r.ot be invigorated by famili
arity iihtho,-e proiuund tLcngh'., exj rcsjed with o
much giow of feeling and energy of di- tit c.
W. T. BERRT k CJ. hive alo on sa
DsLasCasas. W.th Portraits atd otter 11 nitrations. 4
vols., cloih.
BTEIA, 1793-1729, d elated by the laireroratS'. L'e
lne, and pub-isbed by General Berfrand. ) vols., 8.0
Wi'han Atlat of 1 Plates of the 11 -sn ifBattlia. Pari.-,
0? NAPOLEON AT ST. HELENA. oia- h f if
deuco with hii Erother Joseph. 3 oi. iSmo.
LAST DATS CP XAPOLIGX. Metro rs efthe I.at
Two Yeari of ? apoieon's Exiie. By Pr. F. Antonmarclii,
fortaing a Sjquel to the Journals cf lr C'Meara and Count
LasCa-as. 8vo.
the A lied arjiies, and of tie Last .-ix Months efthe Keiga
of Napo'.vOn,:rcI.ii!ics his AU!ica:i n. Wi itten by eom
msnlo'the Enper.r. By Biroa Fain, first Secretary of
t e "abiuet. I vol.. ivo. W;th a Map of the Campaign of
KAP0LE0X AT ST. HELENA, froa the Lef.era
and JnuroiU if ? r L'mipn Lowi
3ttEar0!ES 0? XATCLIOX. By the PucheaD'Abraa
te. SvoV. Wiih Portraits.
SAPCLE0X S JIE3ff0IP.S: Evening wi:h Prirca
Cambscereii, Fecond Consul. By Barca Ianron.
Count de J-eg-jr
THE NAP0LE0X DY.fASTT. By the Berkley Men.
With 20 Porjraita
of the Plans of lt..t:l. a.
TI3N. 6vol.-., with Portraiu. feblS
The Stories of Eendrick Conscience.
Tin; ?IIM.It,
Tin: l'ooic ;i:ti.i:tia:
Tiir. critE or thi: yim.ac.t,
thi: HAPPIM.NS or 11 1:1 ii icit'ir,
HI. I Ms uov.v :
Tales of Old Flanders,
cor.vr iii r.tt of t ir. vi.Miov i:t
Uioii: i. vit.A,
Tin: vn.i..;i: itiki-.i:ii:r :
IVxtracl from the Tranidntor.
The riemi-h Author hofe Works we are about to pre
sent to American renders his U aj' ea;oyed an European
reputation. (n bouks were largely trans
lated in lirrmsn; in I Followed by e-Itinns iu Knglih at
l.onibui, French at P.iris, Da uti at Copinhsgen, Italian
in Italy, andevenin Bol.eui.au at Prague.
W. T. BEERY k CO., PaMie fqare.
1 ivnej cvjc- Ar.cnTierMCMTC
roic i:i: r.
HHE STORE HOUSE on Tnioa street, in Camp
J. bell's i-i.diiigs, neat to York's Hook I'tore. Ap- .
plv to
A. V. S. LlNiWI.FV.
i-i College street.
'PWO GOOD ROOMS in CampVl's Buildltiirs rn
A l ni.. 11 street i in the see ud, the other in
the thir i a:ory. Apply to
A T. ?.
ton in:.vr.
'PHE STORE HOUSE, with g.1 Dwein-r
L riieh'!!. mi M.raet STet. nearlvripoite liiin, '
Nil uueauordom veils' Drug ,-ior
Ap-lv to -
r.i.ri a. v.
1 ou iiK vr.
VFKW n--t and nrr.f. ruble DWILT.INCS, !n ,.
bouth Na.-hvile Icclu.ling s .me nl t'i.iiiwrt,-V v y
Apply IO I,!. Dt 1 j
A. V.
Foli hi:t.
EL'M'WOOD. tl e residi r.ce of th' l ite Dr. Berry.
Conta-ns t n roonn, w ti kitiben wr'aiiii'. ,y
room, st.l able out bnnsPF, -tc. 1 lie g-ouu I .-i.n .:n ,t.; r--,
five .c-res, with fruit ire, s, a g.od vegetable garden. Due
well of waUr.etc Apt ly tj
fet ll A. V. 8. UND-LEY.
cortTit Y II I'M ocsco,
rpBE OLD HINT0N PLACE, oo the Gsitat n
X lurni iae, two inih s fmiu ine city; sub divided .il.
into sntiiHe l-its fjr Sabuibaa Itsi. 'eu. es. and ia now
le red tor sale by A. V. ft. LINlWUCf,
febU P3 CjI e.'e street.
111 11 dim; 1. or.
I VAT. TABLE LOT f r a Fim lv Pwetligla!
V fiumglhe rsileri-e tf !. n -n trlenn, on Nor.b
V rket street. Is fur isle. 1 h lot f-1 nts ltd 'eel an 1 1 iid
fe-t ileep, and is off- r- l ve-y liw. lie qukk or jvu will
I seabugain. Fjr tern. a, ca 1 uii
tlVbl A. V. S. LINDiLET.
1011 hm.v.
V Sin arj. n.srili; n-, t.-t tajrcti. Fronts i 7 i
ftrt and is P". d-.-ep, witb a . al.ey l ihe rear, le r Mend
Vcryl.w. Ap.Iyto fh d A. V. 8. USWUf.
I (lit SAI.F.
rpwfl ir ih'e convenient I) VTELLXNGS, nar , .
1 the Public f'Vl ire. Applv t f.' "
.... . tr a 1 1 v haf rw 't
A. V. 8. LISD?LFT.
Fort s ii.i .
Ovr.or twoB7ILDIVa LOTS, la the twsi rr frV
lifn id tar c tr. T-t wi-tnng gmut 2ltn- V'.W
'or dwell i:g, eor.venient o buin', ) ad better al.
imrte.inu! j. Yix will regret JuUlet th'.'haoi'eslip. ap
ply j Ifeblll A. V. J. LINDiHY.
Mil Til H.VSUVIM.F..-IOII Si Li:,
f-nnion of Maple street aid the Marfn-ssboro VjV
terupik'w Lou ar one bn-idr1 and eigniy-enrai
feetueep. and w li be suid aa I'-ng ti n, ihe ow.ier taring-m-r
'nr inUi trt t.tan be djes for iv-iiK-ipi?. Applv to
f nil A. V S. LINMaLkT.
Tlillli A CI. 1 1 If Oil F.' ADDITION.
MV'MBEI f f LOTS, It" ' aHltlon.for aaler-l
IX. on m it itaaena.ie terms. Avp'y to V.'
lebll A V. 3. UNPSLET.
ri)tif:rii:i.i-iii.ooD' addition.
I 0TS foe. 1. 5, anl i3. enrv
a WuoMiii l street, covered wi:a flje te.est ueesV,
aa I b.euful evergreen.
A. T. I. USUiLtT.
f1TEH,1 ADUiri(H.-fOK tl.I".
JOTS Noa. a. . . It. W ai I 11 in taut Adii-r
J t,.u,foat: igea lie Oai.-i Tiunp.ae. Aopj
roil in:.
rEArrirru icildixo lot. lhc'''
A ta l-rip-a-.a . W...n '
App.i'w1 lft!u l""""
ton wti.i:.
Ui'ee sides ot it. AfH - A T , tlSLET.
ft till
loll S kl.F.
.a'"- F.lty M Irt.nt and ou. ban
c H .na 'P 4. UND3LIT.
ttb'l .
J. ... s a a - ll(l iroM .lUDITIO.'M.
l,0hs n :Ai-tlCLL0rS." m'Q
1 t K
W Wviz Saloon ot
l 11 . 1) O Si 35 la A K
.Sa. 4J talett tiet, .
f.,,,,1, ebaniie the inst ai.f.W aaJapIbaaJ
l)lS.i fra theoetrv a.a VI
I week Viris-.4is ed w. a lh Al r IV
c.u.'ntta in Wd .-a,... 10 U 'jrrl
II 4 U aed 1 10 tr it a j t I le t . 1 .....

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