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Spain Affects to Bo Pleased with McKin
Inaugural ,
Sentiment of tbo Unofficial Press is Ui
raons on Thi ? .
Stress Laid on tbo Fact that Spain
Mony Ships ,
Sivlft emitters iiml Armorcit Hit
nlilim Ilenily for Service ami Mi
He MolilllxtMl on Shortcut
of .Notice' .
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MADRID , Spain , March G. ( New
World Cablegram Special Teligram.- )
ellcnco of President McKlnley on the suet
ot relations with Cuba and Spain caused
Bldcrablo nut price In Madrid , not uninl ;
with tutlsfaclloh. The ministerial prcei
government ofllclala Interpret the roll
as a direct Intimation ot a ileslro to con
friendly rclatlone on the same lines as
Ing the Clevcland-Olney regime , which
the earnest desire of the picaent Sp
cabinet to do. The unofllclal newspaper
most people consider the silence of the
igo on the Spanish question as a i
pointing blow to tlio Cuban Insurgents ,
eldorablo attention Is paid ta that pa
the mcesago which Insists upon duo re
to the rights of American citizens. TI
understood to refer to the position of A
caiKi In Cuba.
Spain's foreign minister , the dul
Tctuan , In a long interview recently
United States Minister Taylor , gave c
anco that the Madrid government has
graphed , renewing Its Instructions to
actively all1 proceedings against forclgm
Cuba In order to bring the cases to
promptly and to release aa soon as po
these prlsoncis against , whom nothing
bo proved , The" duke also stated tha
governmenl would Insist than tlm Cuba
tborltlcs observe strictly the stlpulallo
the treaties between the United State :
Spain. Minister Taylor recognized S ]
right to expel foreigners from Cuba.
Accoiding to odlclal Information , Cc
Weylur will make only a. short sta
Havana , returning to Santa Clara pro
as soon us the currency and adminlsti
questions are settled.
An eminent authority on naval affaire
io the World'h correspondent today : "
has spent $45,000,000 for the expenses c
navy the lest few years , In addltlc
the average ordinary and supplcmentar
mini appropriations , ranging from $7,0i
to $10,000,000. We Bpent $3,000.000 to
In Spain and England the twenty I
draught gunboats and steam launches
in Cuban waters and four torpedo de-
cro , two of which are ready and two abe
bo delivered In April. Wo paid ? 3G <
for ono 7,000-ton armored cruiser , boug
Italy. The minister of marlno Intern
ask the Cortes for money to build at hoi
abroad two batllcahlpa and three an :
cruisers. Hei will also have to ask c
tor the Increase of sailors and murtncs
necessary for the colonial wars and th
vclopmcnt ot tlio navy. Already the
her of marines has Increased from 3,0
11,000 and of sailors from 9,000 to ?
Wo are bettor provided with sailors
manning our vessels than wo are wltl
cers and men for engine-room , or tha
are with modern war material and torpc
"Wo have equipped and In commission
belted cruisers of 7,000 tons each , the
caya , the Infanta Maria Theresa , the
tobal Colon and the Almlrante Orihondo
torpedo destroyers , two second-class (
era and ono dispatch vessel , formli
oquadron of evolution. Bealdcs , the rec
launched battleship , Carlos Qulnto , of 1
for active ee
tons , can bo counted on
early In < Aj > rll , when the battleship Pe
of 10,000 tons , will have completed he
' pairs.
"Two' old Ironclads , the Numancla am
Vltorla. of 7,000. tons each , are being al
and refitted In Iho French dock yards ,
Marseilles , for this spring , Some less
portant vessels and ono battleship are I
Ing In the Ferrol , Cartagena and Cadiz
eminent navy yards.
"Only a fortnight would bo require
which to mobilize , and send to Hava
respectable squadron. Much attention
been paid uncatentotlcusly by our active
rlnn minister , Admiral Borenger , to the
submarine rand
defenses , Including fixed
and torpedoes at home and In the colon
GOAIIis SAXOUIXI : on1 succ
Iiixiii'KeiilM Are CniiNtiiutly Oroi
In A n in In-rrt unit HllU'loney.
( CupyrlRhl , 1W7 , t > y Pre Publishing Comp
SANCTI SPIR1TUS , Cuba , Feb. 22.-
Courier to Havana By Cable to the
York World Sp'v'lal Telegram. ) Gencri
Chief Maximo Gnmcz Is much pleased
tbj progress and prospects of the Cu
present struggle far freedom. He Is i
moro sanguine ot success than ho w
year ago whrn , amid the excitement of
reuslvoly surrendering towns nnd the
the progress nnd prospects of the C
in arum felt that the war was but a thli
a month or more. , and that Havana w :
their murcy , Tlio general bases his 1
on the universal upread ot revolutionary
tlinent. the steadily Increasing niiinbc
revolutionists * , their constantly Inipri
discipline and armament , the way In v
the food supply } s holding out and the f
Ing weakness ot Spnln , as Indicated b )
peninsular nroM and as proven by
present expressed willingness to nego
tor peace.
General Gomez Is not superannuated ,
nor superseded , as has been perslstentl ;
ported both to the officials nt the prt
administration and to those < \ho take
o 111 co on March 4. He has planned c
Important movement of the war up to
present time , and today In the active
actual head of the Cubans In armn In e
respect the gcncral-ln-cblcf. For a ma
hla years ot ago and of hardship , Gen
health Is wonderfully good , For tw
ycura ho haw suffered from n chronic alii
that has turned his uhln a darker eul
during the past year and the eyes ehov
increased redness. But the glance ot
old soldier IP aa keen as ever , his ep
BU quick , and his movements show the ag
of a man ot forty years his junior , He
liavo none of the comforts easily at his i
inand and natural to bo used by a gci
of 74 years ot age , The KcncraMn-cblc
all the Cubans actually carries less bag
than any ot hla principal staff ofllce.ro ,
much lees than most of hla petty comm
CM , captains and colonels.
General Gomez wai genuinely glad to
enouub tlmo from hla arduous duties to
the World hU second authorized met *
General Gomez always tells the truth , S
of his generals would do well to follow
example. Usually , In Cuba , even on
very spot ot an occurrence , the cold fad
tbe event can only be got at by crois-e :
Inatlou , discreet and wlnutc. General Qt
listened Intently to the narration of th
lomatlc conforcnccB between Ambai
do home ami Secretary Olney. Ho ap |
pleased at the Information that Spall
actually consented to grant oxtonslv
forms to Cuba , but when ho learned
these fell short of Independence , when h
asked If the Cubans would accept real
government under the guaranty of
United States , the fiery old veteran am
out a "no , " like the zip of a rifle bulk
"I am not a Cuban , but I have TOUR !
and with ttcm for twelve yoaro and I
I peak for every native-born Cuban In
In saying that no solution of this war c
thought of for an Instant that Is not
upon the absolute Independence of tl
land. Wo foresaw that when Cnnova
Castillo finally felt that Spanish don
In Cuba wag doomed howould make
very proposition , In fact , secret o
of the Spanish government came to our c
aaveral months ago and worked for
tlmo In trying to Induce our soldiers t
for peace. Great reforms were hlnte
We cent tlio agents back to Havana and
IIshod this order ! 'Any persons who ti
making peace with Spain on any other
than absolute freedom shall be hung ,
$ o forth. "
The World correspondent had seen
circular clear down In the depths of
del Jtlo province months ago. Mace <
culatod It thcro by orders from hcadqua
and It worked.
"Thcro U no reason why wo ehoul
ccpt autonomy , even the autonomy of
ada , under the powerful guaranty o
United Slater. Thcro are a thousand
sona why wo should not accept It. Wo
It once and were bitterly deceive. ! ,
treaty of Zanjon at the close of the Isa
granted the Cubans oxtenalvo Immcdla !
formsj and practically promised , bone
autonomy ultimately. None of tlicao
carried out , and our latter etato was
than our firet.
"Again , wo have accomplished too
to accept anything short of absolute fre
The Cubans really control all of Cub
the fortified towno , anil the moro art
\\o receive the moro of these will wo
Our forces are steadily growing In alzi
cITcctlvi'ncsa. Why , then , should w
down our arms for anything but the or
which wo took them up the freedom <
Island and the people of Cuba7 Our
constitution dcmaml'i that wo should r
so. Of course I nm speaking for
Cubans. "
The reported wholesale killings In
del Hlo have aroused Gomez. Kef <
to them , he said : "Gomez Is more ;
than ever over the wholesale killing In
del nio. If Spain does not stop this
rage against civilization , look out fc
tallatlon. For two years of war wo
turned the other cheek. Every act o
inanity on our part resulted in fresh
rages on theirs. Wo have taken over
Spanish soldiers prlsoncis.Vo hav
tinned their wounded cured. The hi
lot any Spanish prisoner has had haste
to raise vegetables In Caruaquay. "
The Cuban leaders charge Wejler wit.
honesty and that one of the purpos
building troclms Is to afford opportu
for false charges. It Is alleged that t
Cugo do Avllamoron troeha. In the cen
a splendid wood district , It was pret >
that the wood was brought from Manz
ind so charged for.
Referring to Maceo , General Gomez
ho was a better fighter than organize
though ho could get his followers to
moro than any man who lived. Thou
was a great less , the revolution will r
stopped by the loss of any leader ,
have been killed , new men rlao to
their places. Maceo "had many adn
and now Spain has against her not one
Macco , but 100 little 'Maceos ' , all btrlvl
achieve the great one's fame.
Of the Cuban forces. General Gomez
"Wo jhave 35,000 well armed men. N
Knows how many there are armed wit
machete alone. Garcia has eight c.i
I have ono or two more. Rodcrigue
two , and there are four In Plnar dei
We have levied a tax of $200,000 to buy
artillery. We will take all eastern
"The Americans with mo are as bra
lions and cool-headed. I use them fc
artillery. Major Oagood was a magn
offlcer. Ho was killed while slghtln
piece at the taking of Glnmaro. My
are beginning to bo disciplined soldier
am well satisfied with their progrcsi
never expected to have a regularly t
army all at onco.
"An to Weyler , he has accomplished
Ing. At first he stayed In his palace ,
ho discovered his mistake and took the
but too late to effect anything. "
IMIIK nnil Iluril KlKht Wlilch Jin
HeHiiineil I.utcr.
PIERRE , S. I ) , , March 5. ( Special
gram. ) The house rushed through a
senate bills today , most of them of :
Importance. The apportionment bill
fought out in the forenoon , the only ai
ment allowed being ono to make two
districts , and the previous question was
jnoved and the bill passed by a party v
The housei refm < ed to concur In the E
amendments to the oil Inspection bill i
conference wou called for.
The regency bill , which gives the
lists the selection of the heads of all o
tlonal Institutions of the state , wno pj
aa wcs the bill extending the term of
road commissioners to six years.
The bill to submit an amendment ti
constitution for state monopoly of the 1
tralllo WEB passed ,
The house killed the bill "for the ap |
mcnt of a commission to revise the re\
law a.
The senate pissed the bill to crcati
oiilco of Insurance commissioner nnil
general election law , which does away
the clrclo at the head of the ticket
provides for an educational qualification
killed the bill to ro-lmlmreo Ticp
Phillips for the expense of making ni
hlblt of the elate cash.
Tim eenato fought most of the fore
over the bill to reorganize the board of t
tlea and corrections , which ( Jives the pop
the election of the heads of all the pcna
charitable Institutions of the etato ,
finally killed It ; Senator I'almer wo
with the republicans and rovcral other ;
Hat senators refusing to vote. The selec
for the various places have already
agreed upon and a desperate effortI
moda to get It up again tonight. The
today started a riot several times , and
probably bo as hot tonight.
The appropriation bill has Just gen
conference and It will probably not be
through until late tonight. As thcro
bq. no train out of hero until the road :
a tsnowplow In there U a likelihood c
all-night session ,
The senate has allowed Its secretary
days at J5 a day In which to complete
work , whllo the clerk of the house la alii
110 days at $5 per day ,
Marls Taylor , a democrat of Iluror
slated for the position of public exam
whllo J. E. Kipp of Mound City Is si
for commissioner of Insurance. If the H
of Charities bill finally getu through , ;
Howler of Croton , a democrat , will be wa
of the penitentiary ; Dr. Walno of Mlt
superintendent of the asylum and Ar
Linn of Canton commandant of the Sold
home. |
I'nriloiiN n Hey Home Thief.
CHEYKNNE , Wyo. , March C. ( Speck
Governor Richards has pardoned W
La no , who wan serving a term In the
Itcntlary for stealing a caddie and >
Lane is but 1C years old. His parents/n
it Lovelund , Colo. , for which place
United yesterday.
MuveiniMifN of ( ) cen 11 VONKCU , Mnri
At New York Arrived Allcr , from
men ; Mobile , from London , Sailed C
[ ult. for Itronu'ii.
At Glintgow Sailed Circ.nsslu , for
At Qucenstown Airlvcd Luranla , ;
New York Sailed Cephalonla , from L
[ tool for Iloaton.
At Copenhagen Sailed Hekla , for
Names of Persons Who Oompoao New I
dent's Official Family. " "
Silver ItcpnMlcniiN Olijcct to I
lint Do Not Oiioar | Ciinllrinntloi
Orntlim lo Secretory Sher
man nnil Murk Ilniiiin.
WASHINGTON , March C. The prcs
today sent In the following nominations
Secretary of State John Sherman ot
Secretary of the Treasury Lyraati
Gage ot Illinois.
Secretary of War Russel A. Algc
Attorney General Joseph McKcnno
Postmaster General James A. Gary , :
Secretary of the Navy John D. 1
Secretary of Interior Cornelius N. ' .
New York.
Secretary ot Agriculture James W
The appointments were all confirmed
practically \\lthout opposition. There
for a tlmo a threat of opposition to
Gage , as secretary of the treasury , bci
of his financial views and , because ho
banker , hut there was moro ot this a
senators In the cloakrooms than In the
ate.Tho senate went Into executive Bt
promptly upon the receipt of the noi
tlouu , and as soon as the announcement
inado of the appointment of Senator
man , whoso name headed the list , ho
confirmed ! It Is the practice to refe
nominations to committees , but It wai
desire ot Mr. Sherman's friends to slgi
their regard for him by Immediate uctlc
There was moio form than reality Ii
reference of the other nominations to
mlttecs. Not ono of the committees h
formal meeting , they being polled 01
floor of the senate in every instance
objection was made in committee to
Whllo the polling wcs being made , th
polntment of Mr. nilsa as secretary o
Interior occupied attention from Sen
Teller and Stewart , who atatedi that
they had no intention to make any
tci balk the president In his selection o
cabinet ministers , they still felt constc
to point out the Inadvlslblllty of select !
man who was not a lawyer for a po :
which requires the excrclso of so much
ability. Mr. Teller said Mr. Bliss wa
cetlmablo man and ono who would
filled other positions with credit , bul
cause ho was not a lawyer lib did not
sldcr him qualified In all respects toi
place at the hasd of the Interior departi
This , ho said , was a position which w
vast Importance , as cases were decide
the secretary ot the Interior Involving gr
property rights than were decided b }
United States supreme court.
Senator Hoar of Massachusetts paid o >
tribute to Mr. Bliss. Ho pointed out
many of the questions decided by the e
tary of the Interior were prepared by
clerks. Mr. Hoar argued that no m
how good a lawyer a man might bo , he
not investigate aU the matters that cam
fore htm as the head of a department ol
government. For that reason a law
had been provided to assist the secrcta
hlo work. He said the business abllli
Mr. Bl'sa ' was unquestioned. Senators 1
ami Chandler followed In much the
strain , calling attention to the fact '
Zacliarlah Chandler had made on ac'cep
secretary ot thla department , notivitha
ing ho was not a member of the bar.
Mr. Lodge suggested that possibly
was some feeling that thlo ofllco ehoul
to the west.
Senators Teller and Stewart both dec
they entertained no feeling on this e
aaylng that the location ot a man's realc
would not count with them , provided he
familiar with the questions which woul
qulto his attention.
The references to Mr. Gage were main
account or what was termed his gold si
aid vloua. and It way Intimated that
secretary of the treasury ho would mal :
the gold standaid , notwllliatantiing the |
Iscti to promote bimetallism. One objc
would have been sufficient to have sent
o { the nominations over for the day , bu
senators who had raised the point ag
Mr. Bllia said they had no desire In
way to hamper the president In the fl
tlon ot confidential advisers. When the
had been confirmed , In the order ot apji
ment , the senate adjourned until Monda
The ) senate was In session only about
hours today and the greater part of the
was spent In executive session , In con
ing President McKlnlcy's cabinet apji
ments , While , In executive session , the
dentlalu ot Mr. Hanna , as senator from
to succeed Mr. Sherman , were prescnte
Mr. ForaUer and ho was sworn In by
President Hobart. Mr. Davis was alsc
signaled acting chairman of the comm
on foreign iclatlons , to succeed Mr. Slier
Beyond the usual notification to the p
dent , nothing further was done.
Tha chamber was a botanical garden i
Vice President Hobart called the senat
order. Seldom has there been a moro
oral display of rcoes and beautiful t\o\ \
In most Instances the senators who had
so bounteously remembered by their frl
were now senators , and the favors were
out exception bestowed upon republicans
Mr , Wolcott of Colorado , who h.t.l but
returned from his mission In the Intere
bimetallism , waa In his seat cavly In
session. The galleries were crowded thro
out most of the day and many people i
on the outside from parly morning , on :
to sccuro admission , though dUappolntc
that respect In the end. The diplomatic
lory wac the only exception. None ol
scats In this gallery were occupied.
After Mr. Hanna had been fcuorn In
oral senators presented their congratulat
Thcro was a spontaneous burnt of applau
the galleries aa the two distinguished
ot Ohio , both entering simultaneously '
new fields of labor , walked arm In arm t
tbo center aisle. There was no effort to
prc-ss the applauco , Mrs. Hanna , wll
party of friends , was In the gallery when
imsband was Initiated Into office , and
course , wan an Interested wltncra of the
ceedlngs ,
The caUnet nominations were sent I
12:45. : The senate went Into executive
slon and after continuation ot the cab
The republican senators will meet In
cus tomorrow to consider matters of r
policy and potelbly the subject of reorg :
Ing the committees of the senate.
puusiiinvr niri-.s TOvoitic KAII
Mnuy ( "ulliTH ill Ilii * Wll Ho HOIIKI- ,
I'Vtvr > Ailinlllfil.
WASHINGTON , March 5. President
Klnley WM on ths move nt an early 1
this morning. He greeted the white hi
officials at 7:20 : o'clock and breakfasted
5 with the family party. Including his w
mother and other relatives. Then he tmo
i cigar and at 0 o'clock entered the pr
letit'a private office to begin 'Work on
load of public business , Already era
at people had begun to arrive , clamorni (
he main entrance to the executive mam
for admUilon. The doors were kept cli
igalnst ths general crowd until 10 o'cl
but In the meantime a number ot callers 1
ng special business gained admission. '
Irit caller was General Cowlca of Nt
Carolina , who came at 8 o'clock to arra
or a review of the North Carolina , delega
About 9-30 o'clock the official visitors bee
o put In their appearance. Senator Cul
of Illinois was the first member ot <
btanch of congress to eeo the president
was ushered into the president's ofllct
remained for ten minutes. Following
came a number of New York's r
pentatlvcs In congress. Thsy talked
Secretary Porter , but did not see the i
dent , as ho was busily Engaged. Ex
resentatlvo Hermann ot Oregon also j
the congressional party In the secret
At 10 o'clock seven ot the members o
Cleveland's retiring cablnst called in ft
The party Included Merorn , Carlisle , La
Wilson , Herbert , Hhrmon , Francis and
ton. They were shown directly to the
dent , nnd ppcnt a quartef of an hour
him. It was a call ot cnurtrsy , an
kindly exchange. About half past 10 o' '
Sscretary Olney came over from the
department. By eomo nilechanco he
failed to meet the other members o
retiring cabinet when they paid their f
call In a body upon the president , so , i
what belated , he came along to pay h
spects. Secretary Porter drew him t
dlatcly Into his ofnco and stated tha
president , who had just gone down eta
mset some callers In thfi eut > t room
stopped at the head of the corridor to
purpose of greeting the secretary of
Mr. Olney disclaimed any purpose of cot
Ing the president's time , but upon
reassured on that point by Secretary I
ho went down stairs to meet the presldi
Senator Sherman , who Is lo succeed t
ofllco of secretary of state , hao giver
Olney notice that ho would nbt l > rea
begin the discharge ot his duties until
Monday , and nt the request of the prcs
Mr. Olney consented ( o rfinaln at the
of the State department until that tlm
The great crowds In front'of the exec
mansion swelled to thousands ,
surged up to the portico surrounding
doora In solid masses and cxtcndln
both directions down the lung seml-clr
driveways to the outer gates. They
With bands playing and flags flying. O
Ihe first organizations to call was that '
up of the velerans who sfcrved with >
McKlnley In the Twenty-third
volunteer Infantry. The president wl&ln
greet his old comrades personally and
filed Into the east room. Mr. McKlnley
from his private apartments , looking si
and vigorous , despite the strain ot yc
day. Ho cordially greeted each of the f
along the way giving n hearty handsha !
each person. He- stood 'at the main do
the cast room while the old soldiers flic
old friends the
U WOE moro a meeting of
oMIclal greeting and the president called
of the veterans by name.
The crowds had now grown clamorou
with the confused music of several 1
were mingled the continued shouts
hundreds of throats. It was apparent
the throng never could get within the
house. 'Realizing- ' this situation , tbo
Idcnt called for his hat and overcoat
stepped through the front doond to the m
portico. Ai great shout weni u J as ho
his appearance. Hats were thrown It
air and handkerchiefs and umbrellas
waved frantically , the women Joining 1
demonstration. Mr. 'McKlnfey ' bowed re
cdly as the cheers contlnuftd. Then the
swung Into line and with bauds pi
marched under and through the arch c
portico , each man uncovering "as he pj
First came the Troop A of Cleveland
president's personal escort "yesterday , 1
big , black shakos and fine'uniforms. .
David Martin club of Philadelphia , In
silk hats a'nd dark suits'were net , foil
by the William R. Leeds association of
club ot'Clncinimt
adclphla , tho-Stamina
the Amerlcus club of' PlttSburg. Ml
wllh these were men , women and chll
not a part of any organll&Uon , buj val
tent on this demonstration'to the new
Ident , who seemed to enjoy 'it , amlllnf
saluting throughout 'theujriarch ' of the
and crowds. f ' * * " >
While this demonstration was uroce
In front of the mansion , the Individual
lors were assembling abovO In Secretary
ter's ofnco and In the outer corridor
11:30 : John D. Long Massachusetts
new1 secretary of the navy , arrived. Hi
just reached Washington. He was usl
Into the president's office. Among the cs
were Senator Mason of Illinois , Charli
Dawcs , who will be comptroller of the
rency ; H. Clay Evans ot Tennessee , Re\
Manchester , who Is the president's past
Canton. The president saw a number ol
lera , although others failed to get beyon
wcretary's ofllco owing to the limited
At 12:30 : Senators Allison and Gorman
Sergeant-at-arms Wright of the senate
rived to give the president Hie usual u
cation that tbo senate wao In eceslon.
call was brief.
The uaher in the corridor leading tc
president's room continued to bo cro
with unxlouii callers , but only a few
able to gain admission. Among these
oaw the president were Colonel McCoo
New York. Speaker Reed Murat Hal
Mayor Caldwell of Cincinnati andi Adji
General A , . D. Cowlcs of South Carolina
stale ofllccrs.
Tho'fcallers were FO many that but
could bo done towards consummating ol
ictlon on various questions expected ti
celvo attention. ,
Speaker Rccd'o visit to tbo president
nn extended one , lasting moro than hal
hour. Llttlo doubt was felt tliat It w
connection with the callingof congres
extra session on March 15 nnd with
speedy passage of a tariff bill through
tiouoo of representatives.
Judge McKenna , another member of
now cabinet , had an extended personal I
irlow with the president during ' the i
Governor Drake of Iowa and otaff. In
uniform , and a largo dcli'gallon of lo'
A'cro received In the president's private i
it 1 o'clock. The crowd wao fairly dsr. !
Jf by 1:1G : , when the president joined
Tamlly party nt lunch.
About 2 o'clock Mr. McKlnley left
lining room , and on retiring1 to the pr !
) ftlcc ; found one of the members of his
'ablnet , Cornelius N , 1)1143 ) of New \
ivho had a brief Interview with the p
lout , Soon thereafter Iho outer doors '
ilorjed against the general crowds , to
; reat disappointment of a. largo numbc
icople- who gathered throughout the a
loon , and stood In the rain In hope of cs
ng a glympss of the chief executive.
About a quarter past 1 o'clock came I
) ral Cox , the secretary pf the senate ,
irought formal notice to fho' rreslden
.ho confirmation by the seoate'ot the cat
lomlnatlons suUmltted today.-1
All through the afternoon callers cam
ind all w ere received by tjie president v
hey were properly aecrcillteSen
riuiraton of Nebraska , had no ° Uen tin
lozen In the party which he headed ,
t wa n remarkable fact HmHn the w
lumber of vlHtors there were only two
tony who presented applications for o
n one or two Instances , a letter from e
lenator or rcprfcc-atatlvo or political le
vas received , begging the president no
111 tome special place ? until the writer
leard ( loin ,
Mr. Gary , ono of the new'cabinet , waff
if the afternoon callers , Late' In the
fudge McCook called again * vtlth a part
rlends. No persono jwerci admitted u !
ho ground floor after 43u a'clock , D
italrs , however , the icceptlono were
umed , and the president welcomed the J
luotto club of Chicago with a ban&sl
or each member ,
Mrs. McKlnley bore the day's ordeal
veil Indeed.
* *
Ilntlrr AVaiiln HnlioiiH Cornim.
SAN FRANCISCO , Murch B.-Attoi
Hack , representlnK' the Australian r
lerer , llutlor , today filed n petition fc
rrlt of Imbeaa corpus. Black nsserti
he petition ; th.at the true name of
Kent la John Newman , that ho was like
rrested on llrltlsh toll and without
urlsdlctlon ot the United States olllc
'ho position taken by the attorne ;
nlque. He claims that a Drill * ! ! uhln (
houRh In American waters. In still llrj
errltory ; therefore , utr Duller , qr Ncwn
fas on board the Swanhla.i | W.ieii arrei
ho proceedings were Illegal- Should Ji
lorrow deny Ne inan hs | liberty Attor
Hack will appeal to the I'nllcd States
reme court. HU client thus vslll
Idcrablo time.
Pierce OyclonSo Storm Breaks Loose in' '
Southern Elates ,
Severn ! Otlicr t'onmnn Arc Injur
I'luce ArUaiiMltH n
( lie Sinne
Went Virginia
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , March 5.-
the following special , reporting1 }
cyclone that swept through tblSj
coming from the southwest :
WINCHESTER , Ky. , March
wind storm struck Winchester at
The track of the twister was al
mile wldo and came from the
William Clayton's residence was d < 5
a business house at the corner of _ _
Washington streets was torn apart and
May street chimneys flew before the
The greatest damage was done In the
lly of the Chesapeake & Ohio depot.
warehouse of D. S. Gay and V. W. Hush ,
ton's restaurant , the depot , Renaker's
try house , Wells' machine shop and
Conn-Hagan company's lumber sheds
unroofed. A. Grldltli's restaurant was
rled from 1U foundation a distance of ti
feet. Mr. Griffith was In the house a
tlmo , but was not Injured. Unvcrlflo
ports from the country Indicate consldt
damage and probable loss of life.
At .Mount Sterling the Mellrlar dlst
building was entirely unroofed and
damage done. A negro suburban town 1
southeast was In the way of the storu
several houses were blown away.
At Hopklnsvllle a barn on the place o
P. R. Cook , four miles east of that city
blown down , killing ono negro , who
stripping tobacco , and perhaps fatall ;
Jurlng three others.
At Rowland , Ky. , the storm tore dow
engine house of the Louisville & Nas' ' ,
railroad and did much damage to pi
propel ty.
HUNTINGTON , W. Va. , March 5. A
rlcane , lasting four minutes , visited thli
tlon of the state at 2 o'clock this after
leaving destruction In Its path. Doze
Industries hero suffered enormous loss ,
churches , school and other buildings
badly wrecked. Adjacent Ohio towns
fered heavy loss.
HOPE , Ark. , March 5. A disastrous
nado struck this place at 1 o'clock this i
Ing , and while no llves were lost , the
ago 'to property wjis considerable.
Cumberland Presbyterian and the cc
masstof debris.
Baptist churches , are a
smokestack at the water works and
Lumber company were blown down.
plectric light and telephone wires were Ii
down and fences laid flat. Shingle and
roofs were torn off. The store of 1
Spears had the iron roof torn oft am
goqds damaged ,
FORT SMITH , Ark. , "March " 5. ' A toi
visited this city last night , 'dbfi'is co
crablo damage. The heavy timber tr
of the new building of the Electric I
iind Po\ver company were weakened bj
wind and rain and at 11:30 : today It
lapsed. Flvo men went down In the d (
two of them , R. A. Brown and Har
Crulch , being probably fatally injured.
Iciilornl > le IMNiiNler Jn I
Coul Hviil'iii.
HUNTINOTON , Ark. , March 5. There
an explosion In mine H of the Kansas
Texas Coal company of this place last i
ing , burning thirty-five men , all of
seriously and some fatally. T > o dead :
The Injure ! are :
Joe Hubbard , colored , badly burned ,
probably die.
William Hanlcy , colored , badly burned
probably die.
F. Frlcker , burned on arms , head and
T. Stuzner , badly bunied , may nol
Andrew Fox , badly burned.
nnnls Cable , colored , probably fa
Marshall Hayes , burned severely on
and face.
W. H. Hlto , track layer , severely burm
lia'"ds and head.
John Harris , colored , hands , face and
John Patterson , colored , badly bu
ought to bo Injured Internally.
Joc yuffakcr , colored , burned on 1
/boulders and arms.
J. Ellis , colored , hands and head burn
William Morris , late of Weir City , I
badly burned on face , head and arms.
William Scarlet , tevorely burned and
3ii the head , In a precarious condition.
John Maxwell , badly burned.
William Gardenshire , burned on face ,
ind head.
Mine 44 Is situated about a quarter
mile north of the main part of town. It
i shaft sunk six years ago , but aband
Tor about two years. Last sum in or a i
was driven to the old warning and It t
: ommcnced to produce coal. Over 100
: ialf of them negroes , were employed In
mine. About 4:30 o'clock a mullled
itartled the people and they turned
jyos toward the mine. A column of si
ind debris shot up hlsli from tlio alralia
: ho mine. Over the opeu ground and
ivork of railroad tracks rushed men
vomcn. Many of the latter had husband !
itlier members of their families In the 11
! n a few minutes after the explosion
ncu commenced to appear , Some were
HI rued at all , while others appeared
heir skin standing up In blisters on I
'aces ' and hands , or hanging In ribbons
The work of looking for those unabl
valk up the slope was at once begun. Si
ntendent Vaill of the Kansas and Texas
: on ' , any directed the work. One by one
nero seriously Injured were brought out
aktn to their homes In hacks and wat
lo v many of the men are burned intcn
ho doctors cannot say , as their efforts
imploycd solely In dressing their wounds
Different thcorlca are advanced for
'auto ' of the explosion. Superintendent "
aya that he believes that a keg of po1
van exploded by carelessness , but the
rsl opinion among the miners appear
is that It was caused by wild hot firing
; as and powder and smoke , They say
hemlno was very dry and dusty and
ho furnace v.-as not sufllclently slroni
reato sulllclent draft to carry the dust
if the rooms and entrances. Thcro Is
Ittlo gas in the mines hero and no on
if tbo opinion that It had any part In
ilow-up , State Mine Inspsctor McMullin
loon notified and will doubtless Invest !
.t en co.
ixTiir : itu :
Knrly Mornlnir liliixe
WORCESTER. Mass. , March B. One ol
, 'orut dreg ever known in this city sta
arly thla morning In a new bulldlug , 80
12 Main street , A number of flromcn \
adly injured , two reported dead la
ulni and $300.000 to $1,000,000 mone
ass. The block where the flro started
our stories and built of brick.
Before the fire department reached
ulldlng flames shot up the elevator i
at their way through the roof and fai
y the draft raised a tower of flam a
lie height of eeveuty-llvo feet above tbo
f the building. Shortly alter 315 ; o'c
rorccast for Nebraska
Gcnernlly Fnlri (
r Rf.
' I'li-nflrn Him
1 , McKlnlry'd limuRurnl
Nenr Cnlilnrt Vormnlly Coiiltrnirili
Cyclone In tlio Hnutlicrn 8tntrn ,
Itucl lIlllH Itcforo the IiFgUlnturo ,
3. Nrbm kniiK Cnll on 'McKtnlcy.
1'rrplrxliiK I'rolilcinii for the 1'rrol
KportliiR Nc from L'nrson ,
4 , IMltorlnt nnd Cnmmrnt.
0 , Kxpn ltlon RHo Ttlny Ho Clmngcd ,
High \Vntrr In tlio Ohio.
I.nbor Taper Wliw Out.
0 , Council lllufTn I.ucal .Midtcrs.
loira Semite Auioiuli ! 'r < t1itto I.-\
tlrccco Will S til ml by Crote.
7. Cniniucrclnt mill riifinclnl Ncird.
Litbor Tnpcr Win * Out.
8. Ill tlm fit-Id i.f IHcctrlrlty.
Why llrjnn 1'nlN nt I.ccttirliiRi
0. lliiiiirnlnkn'H Now Siirfucn Wiirko ,
ICvlilriirn In Argnlirlglit'fi CIINC.
> 1iulK CornUli Ilfitr4 nil Old Stnrj
Doiigl.is Connty'i * IMiiiinclul Condlt
10 , lilts of roinliilun < ) OMI.
Xntrs on Current I.ltrrnturc ,
11. At Culia'n Cnpttul In War Tlinr.
Nrlimnkn Snprnino Court Kj Until.
la , "The Trcnuuro I'lslilng. "
an explosion occurred In the drug st <
P. D. DuilllnRton , which was by .this
burning fiercely. At 4 o'clock the nortl
of the Colliding building fell Into Su
street with n terrific crash. Several lot
plosions followed. The Day block an
Gouldlng block are total losses.
Following Is a list of Injured , nil flretr
F. W. Hall , shoulder hurt and Injun
Edward Brady , badly cut and Injure
Gcorgo W. Clcnini , left leg broken ,
cut and Injured Internally.
J. H. Walte , cut and severe contusto
the body.
F. K. Barrett , leg cut and Injure
Captain Maher , back Injured.
Lieutenant Boulea , Injured about ehc
and back.
Rosemal Cavanaugh , seriously Injure
The report that two dead llrcmcn
burled under the ruins Is probably ur
All the injured firemen are doing well
In all probability none of the Injuries
result fatally. The total loss Is cstlr
nt $350,000 or $400.000.
STERLING. Neb. , March 6. ( Specl
About I o'clock this morning the flro a
was sounded for a fire In the eli
residence of Dr. J. G. Ncff , on Washli
street. Dr. NefT was away from bom
professional business and Mrs. Neft an
children were atcndlng a social give
honor of the Inauguration of President
Klnley. The lire originated In the kit
probably from nn over-heated cooks
Heroic efforts were made by the clt
to save the furniture and residence , \
were partly successful. The piano wai
damaged , having been removed In the :
lion to the hall In which thd entertain
was held. The damage to the reslden
probably $700 or $800. The damage t <
furniture Is unknown. Both are fully co
by Insurance.
Mull Cleric I.ONUN HIM I.lfo nnil I
tiinii tn UOIIHUM ! Allvf.
ST. LOUIS , March C. Ono man was 1
and his body cremated , another was fi
burned and a third badly Injured in n \
which occurred at Boniictte's Mills , } 00
west of St. Louis , on the ! M , ' burl I1
lallroifil , at 7 o'clock tonight. The dem
Injured are :
W. W. ROSENBERGER , Bloomington
single , body cremated.
Edward Lusman , fireman , 28. marrlei
Louis , pinned under te'ider ; body cri
and cooked from waist down ; Inhaled st
will die.
Frank Lauber , engineer , St. Louis ;
broken and head hurt ; will recover.
The \\recked train was No. 4 , eastbi
Near Bonnette's Mills tbo train was
nlng forty miles nn hour on a down g
when Engineer Lauber saw the whole
side , 200 yards ahead , slide on the tHe
Ho throw on the air and reversed am
tempted to jump. The engine , tender
mall and baggage cars telescoped. The
of the train was Jarred off the track
not a passenger was hurt. The mall
took flro and the body of the mall c
\V. W. Rosenbergor , waa consumed ,
baggage car also took1 flro and under It
Luzman , the fireman. A bucket line
formed and water was carried from the
scurl river. Finally Luzman was taker
practically dead.
It Is reported that a largo amount of
Istercd mall was burned.
One Person SerloiiHly Hurt nnil
Other * SllKlitly liijnri-il.
CINCINNATI , March C. Paysenger
105 , from Plttoburg to Cincinnati , was stt
by a washout near Hill's station. A fr
tallowing In the heavy fog ran into
wrecked the rear sleeper. Ono person
; < crlously hurt , ten others slightly.
MiimifiieliircrH of Ilniirtioii Orptnnl
Compuny nltli $ : IO,0 ( > 0 , < > 0 < > Cniilti
CHICAGO , March 5. The News says i
: ompany of all the makers of bou
.vhlsky . Is forming and will bo very 1
.o bo In operation within a month. The
if organization bat ) been consummated
ivlll receive the signatures of the organ
within a fortnight. The organization
: ludcu 115 distilleries. The company wl
: apltallzcd to the amount of $30,000,000.
iccurltlcs will bo secured as follows :
nortgugo bonds , $10,000,000 ; preferred
15,000,000 ; common Block , ? 15,000,000. A
ncctlng was held In LouUvlllo ycstc
iftornoon. Private advices from thcro
ho names of those who are chiefly Inter
n the big company. Among- them ore
lice and Jules Bach both ofllccra In
Vmcrlcan Spirits Manufacturing conn
A'oolnerVllaon and Joseph Oreci
'onr Philadelphia capitalist ! ! are In tin
crprlto and they were represented b
,1. Cjrdesca , whllo Nathan Illjur caic <
ho Intert ( i3 of the New Yorkers
Though thcro will bo no official connc
and the Amei
> ct\\een thla organization
Spirits Manufacturing company , officer
ho latter company tire said to be hci
ntereated In the new concern. The so
les will bo listed on the New York
LOUISVILLE , March 5 , The fate of
ill ; uhlsky combine rests with the comm
if three , Mcesrs. T. H. Shoiley. C. P. .
nan and J. B. Walthan , appointed at
onfcrenco held In this city yesterday ,
evolopa that the eastern syndlcato Is
ng to put $8,000,000 into the untp.rprluo
t Is alleged that the Roth chlld < 3 liai
land In the matter. The committee
ncot today to device a plan. H will bo
ntttcd within the next two wceku ,
IlniKlM Still llloeUeil uldi Hnon
HURON , S. D , . .March D.-Speclal ( 1
; ram. ) A heavy wind from tbo north
dth snow baa prevailed over this poi
f the 8(11(0 today , rendering It Imposi
o operate trains , which have been a
oned on this division of the Chlcag
Cortbwcstern slnco Wednesday night ,
ary fcnowplown are ready to open the
nd north Hues when the stortn ceaiea.
Three Mori ] I.IUcljo ( Ilt > ,
BOSTON , March 5. Three moro de
TO likely to result from the aubwny
loslon at Tromont and Hoylstoi ) eti
eBterday. They nro n. n. Sargent , a nl
ar driver , -whose ekull la fractu
Vllllam Maybour. n hotel wultor , also
rrlng from a fracture of the vkull , and :
luckett , a eircct car conductor , boll
/hone IcgB are lirolcen and who mistn
iti-rnal Injuries In addition , llacketl'a
3 the most hopeful of the three.
Many Viciona Measures Pending Before tbo
Nebraska Legislature.
Efforts to Secure Laws tbat Will Help
Private Aspirations.
Proposed Laws Rather Loosely Framed by
Their Authors ,
Ucimillnllou ( ilveii u StiiiidtiiK mil )
.SutlNfnotloii or .liiilKiiiunt .lluile
ICtiHOuditMN ItelleACil nnil
Heiuo\e < l ,
LINCOLN. March 5. ( Special. ) With over
1,000 bills Introduced Into tlm t\\o houses of
the legislature It Is only natural that thcro
should bo among them Mils good , bad and
ImlKTeront. The fact that thg present ro-
foim legislature Is made up of Inexperienced
men partially accounts for the numerous in
digested bills that are now pending. The
vicious bills that uro designed lo bo smug
gled In under the tent nro generally kept
back for the last days for the Introduction
of new bills , and while the final batch that
came forth has not yet emerged from the
printers , a perusal of the flics of the two
houses will disclose any number of bills tlmt
uro not dcocrvlng of serious consideration ,
even If they oug-lil not to have been killed
the moment they showed their faces. Many ;
of them arc doubtless honestly championed
and many Introduced by request. They are
too often drawn to accomplish a particular
purpoao without considering tlio general re
sults If enacted. Many of them are bills
framed by lawyers to change existing laws
for the benefit pt ( special clients or to do
away with some legal obstruction they have
met In their Individual practice. Others
clumally conceal the flagrant Jobs behind
them. At best It Is possible only to point
out a few of the bills as samples.
House roll 14C , by Knapp of Kuox , Is a bill
to legalize public debt scaling and repudia
tion. Strange to bay It has already passed
the house and has reached the Judiciary com-
inltteoj > f the senate. It Is a bill to cnablo
counties , precincts , townships , towns , cities ,
villages and school districts unable to pay
outstanding claims to scale and com
promise their debts and Issue bondo there
for. In a word. It says that districts that
do not want to levy taxes to keep up cur
rent expenses may say to their creditors
that If they will reduce their claims by SG
or BO per cent they can have Interest-bear
ing bonds In payment and If they do not
agree to bo thus mulcted , they can continue
to whistle or try litigation In the courts. It
the legislature countenances the debt scal
ing process for counties and towns , what
klndpfprodlt ; ! , can Nebraska expect to main
tain" abroad ?
Going In the opposite direction , senate fllo
17 , by * Talbot of Lancaster , provides that
piocoedlngs to reverse , vacate or modify ,
judgments or final court orders must bo
commenced within alx months. This la to
supersede section 602 of the code of civil
pioccdure , which allows one year for such
.iroceedlngs. . The change from ono year to
alx months may bo of benefit to creditors
Who want to have casis closed up In shorter
tlmo , and the fact that the bill has pacccd
the tijnata Indicates that that Is tlio view
: akcn by the lawyers who dominate that
) ody.
Eenato fllo 250 nnd house roll 114 are [ den-
; lcal. The bill was framed by Gcorgo W.
Novell , the A. P. A. attorney of the Omaha
school board , and Is being pushed In the
senate by hla brother-in-law , Senator Ran
som. In the house Its sponsor Is Kclkcr of
Douglas. This bill makes It mandatory on
: hu city council to Include In the city tax
evy whatcvgr HIP school hoard may do-
maud In the form of a school levy. U la a
jlll ta add to the annual tax burdens of the
iroperty owner by Increasing the tax rate by
'rcm 10 to 20 mills. U IB to glvo the school
icard ring free rein In the expenditure ot
lubllo money nnd to remove all limits to ex-
ravaganco and waste In the public schools.
The Omaha school board this year demanded
a school tax of 15 mills and was forced to
10 content with 9 mills. It this law passes
the board will b ? able to double the original
15 mills for next year. Ransom'a scnato
illl Is on the general fllo , while Kelkcr'a
IOUEO bill Is in committee yet.
Somebody has been very active In trying lo
reduce the patronage at the disposal oC
county commissioners. A bill has jut > t passed
ho house taking the appointment of Judaea
and clerks of election away from the county
joards and giving It to the county Judges ot
he different counties. Another bill , sennto
llo 11 , by Johnson , which has passed the
senate , takes away from the county boards
he privilege they now oxorclso of naming
ho attorneys employed to ass-It t In civil units
against the county and authorizes the county
attorneys to name the anon. The county
ioard Is still to bo a party to the agreement
oi" coirocnsatlon for the particular case.
Compulsory patriotism , requiring the dally
display of the stars and stripes above every
school house , has been sidetracked , but houea
011 1C4 , by Welch of I'olk , out-herods Herod ,
Thin bill , which Is now on the general flo ] ,
provides that "It shall ho unlawful for any
lonon or persona to manufacture- , construct ; ,
carry or exhibit any American flag or picture
of the same with any profile picture , cut ,
oterlng or other matter printed or stumped
hereon or attached thereto , " under pcnallua |
of Imprisonment i\nt \ IOFS than ten nor >
nero than sixty days. With such a law ( n
orco every man who owned a flag with any
cgcnd on it , such as "God Dlcrs Our Homo , "
" "Heath to Traltorft"
'Tho Union Forever" or
or should hang a flag from the same polo
rom which seine other streamer floated would
anguish In the county jail. U would cvon
make It unlawful for the nowupaper pub-
Ishcrs who hoist tbo ( lag at the top of thulr
dltorlal columns at every provocation to
ontlnuo the practice without going to jail.
Oaylord of Iluffalo has a llttlo bill In house
oil 237 which restores to registration all
cglstered pharmacists who have been dU-
jarred from practice for violation of the law
t'gulatlng pharmacy. This bill Is doubtless
rompted by some disbarred drugglit who
vanta to get around the penalties of the
aw , and In order to make the act t'enurat
s willing to carry with him all the other
Ubarred pharmactntR In the stato. Tbo
articular person for whom the bill Is de
igned may have a very deserving case , but
lie precedent can hardly help being cited
nd uueJ every ttmo vomo future disbarred
harmaflet wants to bo reinstated by llio
cglslaturc ,
Uannom of Douglas has a questionable
m-aiiuro In eenato bill 120 , This la a bill to
How the meetings of the stockholders and
Ircctors of Nebraska corporations to bo held
utsldo of Nebraika , finch a bill would cn-
blo ouch meetings to bo called at dUtapt
lacca where ( stockholders could not well
ttend HO ox to force them to glvo proxies ,
t would enable directors of corporate com-
( nations doing business In Nebraska and
ocated at Omaha , for example , to go pver
i Council Dluffa to transact business , and
: iu evade the laws of this gtate. The lll | |
s etlll In tbo hands of the senate Judiciary
Rich of Douglas ulso has a bill affecting
tockholders In corporations In house rqll
84 , now on eneral file. Thla bill autborU ? *
levy In execution on ntock la corporation *

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