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Billy's Adveiiture.
By Martha McCullough Williams ,
Vi V. V. Vi V Si
If tbcro was anything under the BUD Billy
hated It was hauling water. Not that Che
work Itself won hard , or tn any way dis
agreeable , but bccaueo ho loved the spring
Dtid tbo sprlngstdo to , and his mother was
euro to call after blm as ho started : "Hurry
back , Hilly ! I am dying for a fresh drlnkl"
or "Mnko haste , Dllly. Wo can't ) do a thing ,
not oven put on tbo pudding , until the water
comes. "
It was hard , you will admit , thus to hold
nd bind a boy 15 years old , who was simply
pining to wade In the deep pools , and set
flutter mills In tbo dancing shallows , to say
no-thing of fishing at ) the Ten Foot hole ,
where the spring branch leaped foamlly Into
the creek , The spring came out half way to
ft tall bluff and danced down over sheer
rocks richly embroidered with lichen and
moss and fern. Some part of the water was
led Into a trough hollowed from long , slen
der logs , which was fixed In crocheted tip-
rights some ten feeO from tbo ground. The
troughs went quite to the roadside. Billy
drove bis barrel underneath It and lot tbo
pouting stream go plump Into tbo squared
Bo the filling was ridiculously easy ; and
as for driving the slldo , that was as good as
play. IB was no load at all for Merry Tom ,
the chunky pony. Going sprlngward , Billy
Boy rode him ; coming home , bo walked bo-
ildo , flourishing and cracking his plaited
leather whip.
Upon a certain October Wednesday the
whip cracked so loudly as the outfit reached
the spring nny ono who know Billy would
have been certain ho had a now and espe
cially acute grievance. It was drawing on
to 4 o'clock , but still very warm. There had
boon no frost to nip the asters and golden-
rod. All the waysldo was gorgeous with
them , their flowery mass flecked here and
there with reddening sumach or yellow and
purple briers. But Billy had no eyes for
them. All the mile betwixt spring and house
ho had been muttering. "Think they might
a-let mo stayed to heai. the lost , " or "Reckon
they think a boy , a big boy , don't keer
notbln' about hearin' notbtn' In the world. "
Still , ho had heard something enough , at
least , to tell vaguely. So he brightened per
ceptibly as ho drew to the spring , for other I
thirsty folk were there two men In a very '
dusty buggy , with a tired looking horse. As
ho came up one of them hailed Billy :
"Howdy , sonny ! Dear bless my soul , but
I'm glad to see you. I'vo been clean lost
this half hour It's good to find myself anywhere - <
where about ) Squire Clark's. "
"Howdy , brother Amos ! It's funny you
gottln' lost ! Thought you'd rode the cir
cuit till you knew every pig track , " Billy
eald , beamingly. Brother Amos , the colpor
teur , a worn-out Itinerant , was a prtmo fa
vorite with all the boys , ho had such a
knack of fetching exactly the books they
wanted , books that had blood and lighting
In them , and good boys who did not die
young of their own goodness.
"It Is funny , I never hit on this cross
road before I've often heard of your
spring. " Brother Amos returned. "What's
the good word up at the house. Billy ? Any
chance for travelers to stay all night ? "
"Plenty at least I reckon so , " Billy an-
awcred , his sense of news to tell suddenly
chocking hospitality. "Reason I say that , I
don't Just know how thlngs'll bo when wo
get there. I left the sheriff there and 'bout
A dozen more men and they were tcllln' how
the man they wore after had stole 'bout
$1,000,000 In town last night and gone chos-
In' off in a buggy this mornln * ai If he hadn't
done a thing. "
"Dear me , why we came from town ! We
heard nothing of all this ! " Brother Amos
eald , turning to his companion , who yawned
end shook his head. Then suddenly he sat
upright and Iqokcd at Billy with a very keen
pair of eyes. The barrel was by this time
underneath the spout and filling very faM.
The stranger got out of the buggy and went
besldo It , peering Into Us depths as though
It were something out of the common.
"Hero's a new style of water works Vh ,
Brother Amos. " ho said , with a gurgling
laugh , then to Billy , "Tell me how you get
the water out ? "
"Easy enough ! Don't you see the spile
there at the bottom ? " Billy-Boy retorted ,
over his Shoulder. Ho was busy cutting dog
wood boughs to shade the barrel In transit
and keep the water cool. As he turned with
both hands full a vicious fly made Merry
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Nervous and Trembling Sensations.
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Weak Stomach
Impaired Digestion
Disordered Liver
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Tom dance so the slide was In danger of up
"Hero. Olvo me the bushes I'll fix them
while you hold the horse , " the stranger
said , fetching a hand out his pocket. There
was a knlfo In It BO keen and sharp when
It was opened It awoke Billy to covetouo-
ncss. By help of It , In a trice the bought
were in place , though Bllty-Boy could not
qulto understand why In the placing the
stranger meddled so much with the wedge-
shaped board that went Into the bung.
"I'll tell mother who's comln' she'll be
sure to have a place for you , " he shouted to
Brother Amos , determinedly taking the road
ahead of him. For the first time In fifteen
years' water-hauling Merry Tom had to trot
uphill with a full barref.
The sheriff , riding out of the Olark gate ,
almost swore at sight of Brother Amos'
companion. . "To think of ketchln' him ,
when we'd about give him up ! " he said to
the man at his elbow , then spurred to the
sldo of the buggy , crying out : "Halt !
You're my prisoner ! Hold up your hands ! "
"Who la your prisoner. Explain yourself ,
Mr. Sheriff ? " Brother Amos said with dig
nity. "You can scarcely mean me It Is still
moro Impossible you ran mean my friend
Bradley , who Is a philanthropic man of
means , traveling with mo to ream the needs
of my work. "
"Didn't ho stay all night at the frank
lin house In Clearvlew , and leave there at
daylight this morning ? " the sheriff demand
ed. "Another man stayed there , too a
mends worth $50,000. Ho had them last
traveling man , with a packet nf unset dla-
night the man you call Bradley knew he
had them , because ho looked at some of
them , and even spoke of buying. This whs
at 1 o'clock at 8 the diamonds were missed.
So was Bradley. Then It camp out that he
had been seen leaving so early. Wo searched
the house until sure the Test stones were
not there ; then as the traveling man was
sure he had been chloroformed , and as Brad-
ley's room had opened on the same porch "
"I BOO ! A strong case of circumstantial
evldrrce , " the man called Bradley slid
calmly , stepping from the buggy. "Mr.
Sheriff , I ( 'o not blame you In the least.
Your mistake Is not merely natural It Is
Inevitable. Now , In Justice , I ask to bo
searched at once. I am a total stranger. It
had been arranged by letter that Brother
Amoa should ; all for mo at il.iyllght. He
met me at the steps of the Frac'.sl'ii ' house
unless I am m'staken ' , anybody will accept
his word for truth. We Lave beer together
ever since Ask him , please , If I have
parted with , thrown away , or In any way
disposed of anything. " !
"He certainly has not , " Brother Amos I
said. " .Mr. Sheriff , I " ! I 1
"Thank you , " Bradley interrupted. "Now ,
If I took the diamonds , carried them off
and have not ported with them , I must have
them still. Gentlemen , I Implore jou to
look for them. It seems to mo I can hardly
breathe until the charge Is refuted. "
Fifteen minutes later the sheriff was sayIng -
Ing humbly , "Beg your pardon , Mr. Brad *
ley as you say you couldn't a-swallowed
them stones there were too many , even It
you'd been an ostrich. And certain It Is , I
find no sign of 'cm anywhere about your
clothes. You saw 'em you know they were
there , and real diamonds , wrapped In tinfoil
Insldo a pocket case of metal. Now , If I
should happen to light on 'em while you'ro
In these parts , will you help 'dcntlfy 'em ,
to prove you bear no mallco for this
blunder ? "
"My dear sir , don't speak of It , " Bradley
murmured. "You forget the Interest I still
have In the matter. It would give me the
greatest pleasure to see those unlucky _
stones again in the right hands. "
Billy had never heard such stories as
Bradley told that night on the porch after
supper. Still , he did not llko the man. It
gave htm a creepy feeling , when , after he
had lighted the visitors to their chamber ,
Bradley shook hands and said : "Dear boy ,
pray for me. " It was late almost 12 o'clock
still Billy could not sleep when ho was
snug In bed. For an hour ho thrashed about ,
listening to the 'possum hunters and wishIng -
Ing himself out with them. His own dog
Iloso answered spasmodically the barkings
from the woods. All
at once Billy beard a
low , sharp growl , then a violent yelp , as
though Boso had been struck' heavily. Ho
flung up a window , but could sco nothing ,
Clouds lay thick over the moon ; In another
hour It would Come on to rain. Again ho
heard Bose , this time a sort of growling
whlno that was lost and smothered In a
curious rushing sound , the noise of gushing
water falling from a little height.
"I wonder who can bo drawing water
this time of night ! " Billy said to himself
then , as the noise kept up ho gave a lit
tle excited whistle , leaped through the win
dow , which opened on the roof of the low
back porch , ran along It and dropped softly
to the ground.
The water barrel sat always under tbo big ,
white oak twenty yards away. Bradley stood
beside It , with his back to the house. Ho
bad taken out the spile and held his flngers
In the stream , trying to break up and deaden
the sound of Its flowing.
"If you had to haul water I reckon you'd
not waste It so free , " Hilly-Boy said , clutchIng -
Ing him by both arms. Bradley writhed
about snarling snd tried to strike the boy
with the sharp , cruel knife. Billy sprang
lightly aside , caught a slide stake and dealt
his enemy a blow on the wrist that made
him drop the knife and " "
groan. "Boy ! ho
whispered hoarsely , "Help me you must.
They are there In that barrel the diamonds
mends , you know. Help me get them out
you shall have half think how rich they
will make you and nobody need know. "
"I'd know myself that's enough besides
I'd never help a man mean enough to kick
Bose , " Billy-Boy laid. In the dark he had
managed to get the rope lines with which '
ho drove and shaped them Into a noose. Not
for naught had ho practiced throwing a
lasso. It was a near cast so near a miss
would have been disgraceful but next raln-
ute Mr. Bradley found the rope settling over
his arms and being drawn tight , while Billy
yelled lustily : "Father ! Motherl Brother
Amos ! Wake up and see what I've caught. "
Philanthropist Bradley , It turned out , was
an all-round crook , the head of a gang that
had shadowed the diamond salesman ever
since he left the city. All unwittingly ,
brother Amos had been made to serve their
; urn. Ho had met ono of the gang while
vorklng as a prison missionary , and had
: lvcn the man his address , promising to help
.Im when he came out. It you think after
j3 | adventure Billy was not something of
a hero , you bad better ask his mother. She
will tell you that he never hauled another
barrel of water.
Sonic Ncvr Storlcn of the Enrly Child
hood of I'oiio I.ro XIII.
It Is a long time since Pope Leo XIII
was a little boy , for It was 88 years ago
on March 2 that bo came Into the family
of Colonel Ludovlco Pcccl. The colonel and
his 'beautiful ' wife lived In a palace situated
In the little village of Carplneto and had
already been blessed with flve sons and
two daughters before little Joachim Vlnccnzo
was b6rn. For more than 20 years the Peccl
family had resided In Carplneto , fighting
hard for Italy whenever called upon , but
by no means rich , though their palace war
comfortable. Their fare was simple , for
dinner soup , roast of beef or fowl and fruit.
The children ate nothing but eggs and milk.
Little Vlnccnzo , or Nine , as he was called ,
had for his playmate and elder brother '
John BaptUta , called Tltta for short , who
was always building altars and playing at
church. While Nine was moat fond ot
horses , yet the wild Nine was to become
pope , while Tltta was to marry and taUo ,
his father's place In Carplneto. The boys
soon found tbo palace too small for them
and often with father or mother they ran
over the hills near their home. Ono day
Nine and his father were walk'ng ' on one
of the mountains and the father was pointIng -
Ing out the beauties of nature to tl > e boy.
"There Is Aquino In the distance and there
Montecasslno , " said the count , for be had
been raised to this rank.
Here Nine broke In : "Aquino , where the
father of the church , St. Thomas , was born ;
Montecasslno , where he learned to read and
write. Babbo , can't I go there to learn as
he did , how a man should read and write ? "
The count questioned the child further
and learned that the child , then 1 years old ,
know the story of St. Thomas Aquinas as
well as he did that of Napoleon , who was
then the scourge of Europe. When the count
told his wife about It ho eald : "I am dis
appointed ; I wanted to make a soldier of
him , a general at least. "
"Well , what Is the difference ? You may
make a pope of him Instead , " his mother
In fact , the straight , lithe little fellow ,
with his eager face and happy , laughing
eyes , gave promise of a knight of the first
order. But his taste seemed to run toward
the church , so father and mother , In fam
ily council , decided to send him and his
brother Joseph to the Jesuit college at VI-
terbo. The count thought little of the pros
pects of the youngest and said : "Yes , Jos
eph may become a Jesuit , but Nine will re
turn and become the priest of Carplneto. "
But their mother knew her children bet
ter. "You are wrong. Joachim will become
pope , Joseph will bo a cardinal , and then
I trust you -will be satisfied. "
It was a little while before this that an
Incident occurred , showing the klndhcarted-
ncss ot the future pope. He had been to
Anagul , a neighboring village , with his tu
tor. While they were driving back homt
he saw a poor boy with torn and dirty
clothes lying on a stone by the roadside.
Nine stopped Uio carriage , jumped out ami
ran up to the poor boy , saying : "What's
the matter with you ? Is your leg broken ? "
"I don't know. " the shepherd lad re
plied , as the tears ran down his dirty
checks. "Ten minutes ago ono of the shep
herds was driving Tils cart fast through
the street , and before I could Jump out 01
the way It knocked me down and the wheel
1 ran over my ankle. The roan didn't listen
to my cries , but drove right on. 01' . how it
hurts ! "
I '
Joachim ran to a hollow , where there was
I a small brook , filed his cap with Its clear
water , and gave It to the boy to drink , then
| ho washed hla foot and tied It up with his
white linen handkerchief. "Where do you
ll\o ? " raid Nino.
"Way over there , " said the tny.
"You can't get there like this. Come
to Carplneto with me , and we will help you. "
The poor boy smiled and limped to the car
riage , leaning on the arm of bis benefac
| "What are you doing now , Joachim ? "
said his tutor.
( '
"What am I doing ? What every true
| , Christian ought to do ; I am helping the
unfortunate. Could we leave this poor , little
wounded boy hero helpless on the road. ? "
"Do jou want to take him homo ? What
will father and mother say ? "
"They will say that I have acted rightly.
Is It so extraordinary to succor a wounded
! child ? Wouldn't nny one do the game
I thing In ray place ? "
The teacher slapped him kindly on the
shoulder and all rode on to Carplneto.
Joachim's mother was angry at her son at
I ilrst when she saw a stranger In the car
rlage , but when she had heard the story
she sent for the family physician and had
blm attend to the suffering boy. Joachim
had tears of joy In his eyes while the ankle
was telng properly cared for.
i "Did I do right , mother ? " said he.
"Yes , my dear child , your act was a noble
1 one , ' and proudly and joyfully she folded
him to her motherly heart.
I The boys were sent to their Uncle An
tonio In Home , to be prepared for the
Vlterbo school , where they entered October
ISIS , whence a letter came from their
tracher , delighting their anxious mother :
"Vliicenro'a work Is remarkable ; I consider
him a little angel. Reply. " And their
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on the scalp is wonderful , removing all the ailments and disorders that this most important
member is heir to , in from ten to thirty days. It never fails in any case to produce a fresh and
healthy action of the scalp and hair iolicles. Any scalp that is in a healthy condition will pro
duce a satisfactory amount of hair. "THAT is in accordance with nature , " The ability of
this article to accomplish these results has been firmly established , and there is no question
regarding its efficiency , A trial will convice you that all cases are parallel , and that there are
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mother sent them some of the home-made
cakes , so dear to the hearts of all children
at boarding school.
When later their teacher reported that
ils pupils had acquitted themselves well
n a scholarly disputation ( Nine was then
12 years old ) Count Ludovlco sent them
each a dollar , by way of encouragement.
S'lno had already written a sonnet tn
Lallan and was trying his hand at Latin
ve.jes. On the occasion of a visit to the
school by a famous Jesuit , Vlnccnzo Pavonl ,
Vlnconzo Pcccl , then 11 years old , wrote
: hts Latin verse :
Nomine Vlncentl quo tu , Pavono , vocarls ,
Parvulus atquo Insans Pecclus Ipse vocar ;
Quas er vlrtules magnas , Pavone , sccutus ,
O Utlnnm posslm Pecclus Ipso sequl.
It may bo freely translated :
Vincent Is the name by which thou art
called , 0 Pavonl ,
Vincent Peccl's my name , still a small
boy and weak ;
Great are thy virtues , Pavonl , happy pos
sessor ,
0 would that I , Peccl , might Imitate thee
In them.
How many boys In America could do as
well at this age ?
I'crlln anil Prize * of ( he Search In
Tropical iNlnndN.
Should Undo Sam decide to keep all
Spain's colonies , those gentlemen , the or
chid hunters , will have reason to rejoice.
East or west these tropic Islands are among
the happiest hunting grounds for the flow
ers of the air. Yearly many men go In
search of them at Inconceivable risk of life
and limb. Some few are scientific enthusi
asts , or the agent of scientific institutes.
The most part , however , go for revenue only.
Not every man can hunt orchids success
fully In this calling , as In most others ,
ability commands a high market price.
Statistics are uninteresting still , It Is
worth while to be told that the business of
orchid growing and orchid collecting , though
begun as late as 1830 , now employs a good
many millions of capital. Both hero and
abroad there are collections whose value
runs well up Into the hundred thousands ,
and collectors with .nerve enough to pay
$5,000 for a single specimen provided It be
sufficiently unique. Further , there was nt
least one grower long-beaded enough to re
fuse more than $5,000 for an absolutely
unique plant. It was seedless and could bo
multiplied only by the tedious process ot
rooting leaf cuttings hence , he saw his
profit In such multiplication , and preferred
to sell a hundred plants at a thousand each ,
oven though ho had to wait some years to
do it.
Such men stand back of the orchid hunt
ers proper. Usually three or four Europeans
go together to a tropic port , engage from
fifty to a hundred natives'buy all manner
of supplies , and strike straight Into the
wildest interior. Often the men carry
everything ; sometimes there Is a bullock
train , or even a train of bullock carts. But
that Is Impracticable In the true virgin
tropics , wherein the hunters find their choic
est treasures.
It Is llko a fairy tale to talk with one of
the returned explorers , You hear of trees
300 feet high , literally covered with orchids ,
or maybe a half dozen species , each grow-
i li5 ! In Iti own distinct zone or altitude.
Some flourish only upon the uppermost airy
boughs , others riot over the big crotches
where the branches come together , still oth
ers ring with blossom Vhe mossy boll , run
ning up maybe 100 feet to the lowest limb.
Sometimes a tree Is the fetish ot the wild
men round about. In that case woo to the
sacrlllglous outlanders who lay hand or foot
upon It. More than ono expedition has been
massacred for such cause. The destruction
of such a tree scattered and dispersed ono
of the savagest native tribes.
Their titular tree stood In a sort of glade
It bad been seen by several hunting par
ties , but ! none of thorn dared touch It. When
they went home their accounts of It so
wrought upon the fancy of an English col
lector that bo offered an almost fabulous
sum for a section of the flower-wreathed
trunk. Next year the orchid hunters found
Che native tribe at war , and taking advan
tage of the diversion , cut down the tree and
sent a segment down to the coast , where ,
after many trials and tribulations , It was
got safe aboard ship and In the end was the
season's wonder of a London conservatory.
The native worshipers coming back to find
what havoc had been wrought , at once de
cided that their god had deserted them In
auger , hastened to make peace , and ended
by going In a mass to live at the other sldo
of their Island.
Other than human enemies attack the or
chid hunters. Ono flower , especially beau
tiful and of the most exquisite , fragrance ,
grows only In the tree tops , and so high
that It Is found by scent , not sight. Where-
over It grows , It is overrun with ant swarms ,
red ants , not very large , but warlike , and
with poisonous stings. The minute a tree
trunk trembles beneath axe-strokes these
ants swarm down and attack the cutters
most viciously , often forcing them to sus
pend work. A moro curious thing Is that
the flowers will not live and bloom away
from the ants. Boughs overrun with their
roots have been submerged until the ant-
colonies were all drowned , then packed and
shipped with therest. . But though given
everything that the most finicky orchid
could ask In the way of light , heat and
moisture , they have merely drooped and
pined through one year to die the next of
simple inanition.
Then there are serpents , poison Insects and
vines and herbs as poisonous , to say nothing
of panthers , pumas , hurricanes , and tropic
thunderbolts. Over against them set the
pleasures of absolute lordship , the wonderful
sights and sounds of the strangely beauti
ful tropic world , and beyond all that , the
hope , ever-present , ever luring , of stumbling
on a new flower worth many times Its weight
In gold.
These are the prizes In the lottery of or
chids hence the necessity of hunting them
In their season of bioom. The roots como
snugly packed in wooden boxes. Curiously ,
tlioy will not bear the least touch of metal.
The boxes are commonly dove-tolled , and
often beautiful specimens of native joiner
work. Each box Is carefully labeled , dated ,
and marked with the temperature and alti
tude at which the plants It holds were found.
Then , with more boxes ot Its own sort , it
Is slung ono sldo of a sleek bullock , and
balanced with still other boxes while the
beast ambles and stumbles his way to the
i.u or TUB YOf.vnsTniis.
"Auntie , has kltfy got pins In her toes ? "
"I suppose so. " "Don't you wish they were
safety-pins ? "
"Well , Johnnie , " said the minister to a
llttlo boy , "I hear you are going to school
now. " "Yes , sir , " was the reply. "And what
part of It do you llko best ? " asked the good
man. "Comln' home , " was the prompt and
Uruthful answer.
Teacher Bobby , If your mother gave your
sister six apples to divide equally with you ,
how many would you get ?
Bobby None.
Teacher Why , Bobby , you'd get three ap
Bobby You don't know my sister.
"I Just think our mamma Is an awful gos
sip , " said 6-year-old WalCer to his little sis
ter. "Oh , how can you say such a thing ? "
she exclaimed. "Well , that's just what she
Is , " replied the llttlo , fellow. "Everything
I do she runs and tells papa. . A gossiping
woman makes me tired. "
Ethel Mother , can I take my wax doll to
heaven with mo when I die ? Mother No ,
Ethel , you cannot ) take your dolls to heaven.
Ethel-Can't I take these llttlo bits of dollies
lies ? Mother No. Ethel Well , can't I
oven take my rag doll ? Mother I told you ,
Ethel , that you could not take any of your
dolls to heaven with you. Ethel Well ,
then , I'll take the whole lot and go to the
bad place.
Tommy , aged 5 , and his cousin Willie ,
aged C , had several llttlo altercations , In
which Tommy Invariably got the worst of
It. Ono day his mamma said to him :
"Tommy , tomorrow is Willie's birthday ;
wouldn't you llko to give him something ? "
"You just better believe I would , " was the
reply ; "but you see , he's bigger than I am
and I can't. "
To lie Healthy ana
Use "Garland" Stoves and Ranges.
Rcglna Dlexner died In Hungary a few
weekn ago at the age of 111 , leaving flvo
children , thirty-five grandchildren and
ninety greatgrandchildren.
iniMnt Rfllcf. Cnrelnl5d vi. Never rttnrtu
I will Rladlr ii-nd to any ufterrr In a plain eralcd
rnrelope I'HKi : a rrricrlptlnn with full rtlrcc-
Il n4 for a quickprltaternraf or Loit Manhood.
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Relieves Kidney 2
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Cures the Pill Habit.
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Donbtlt ? Trylt. Hamplofreo. DrtiKRlMH ,
25c. or address ANTI-PILL tO. , Lincoln , N b )
Use and
Facial Soap Facial Cream
WOODBURY'S Kuclul Soap , Facial
Crcnm , Facial and Tooth Powder mnko the
grandest toilet combination known for the
Rkln. Send 20 tents for sumplo of each ,
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WOODBURY. 127 W. 42d St. , N. Y. , 1C ?
State st. . Chicago.
By I'ureliiiHlnn Goocln .11 a lie lit the
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Carload shipments made In our own re
frlgerotor cars. Blue Ulbbon , Kllto Export ,
Vienna Uxport and Family Export dellv *
e.-cd to all parts of the city.
JOHN K. LGWIinV , Prop.
Boilers. Tanks and Bhcet Iron Work.
. K. i
i\fii ; : coiixicn ivouics.
Manufacturer of Galvanized Iron Cornices
Galvanized Iron Skylights. Tin , Iran and
Slate Roofing. Agent for Klnnear's Steel
Celling. 10S-10-12 North Eleventh street.
S. F. CJ11,51 AN.
Flour , Meal , Feed , Bran , 1013-1C-17 North
17th street , Omaha , Neb. C. E. Black ,
Manager. Telephone D92.
Iron mid IfruNN Foil intern.
Manufacturers and Jobbers of Machinery.
General repairing n specialty. 1501 , 1G03
and 1505 Jackson street , Omaha , Neb ,
Manufacturers old process raw linseed
oil , kettle- boiled Unseed oil , old process
ground Unseed cakes , ground and screened
naxoeed for drucglsts , OMAHA , NEB ,

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