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161840 I ARK AM 8TRXXT.
TDIAI flU MUM DDTPPC flPPTUO P""'"! 'Is widow ahd two ihltdrrn
lKlALUr dUlin DUlUUO DDUinOU son and daughter. His , Karl
Case Against South Omaha Chief o
Police Called at Wahoo.
Samuels, is tin engineer on the Burlington
road and liven nt Wymorr.
leniiln I. lir
ROCKl'OltD. Ill . Dec. ! -Dennis P.
CJray. a member of the Odd Fellow fjr
JUDGE CORCORAN IS PRESIDING rixty-fonr ytir, was found dead In bed
at mib home nee today. lie wiu m years
Officer Ik Chanceil trill) t iilmvrnl
KllllitK of Itoj lllmit Diirlnir
I'lalil irlth KcnM'il
old unci died of heart disease.
Supreme Court Holds that Commerce
Commission Has Jurisdiction.
Communion' Suit In IInY- Annulled
Contrnct I.oenlinr . Plant Nenr
Trnck la Upheld by Ibr
Highest Tribunal.
weights Die railroads had replied that
their weights must bo accented,
Two other witnesses testified that they
had been churned for overweights. I1.
W. Coyle, traffic manager of the Uml-
ness Men's league, declared the only way
to stop overcharge would be to place
the weighing In the hands of the! govern
WASHINGTON. Dec. S.-Jurlsdlctloii of
an action lit the commerce court to on
the Interstate Commerce commission over
the Union Stock Yard and Transit oom
pany of Chicago was today upheld by
the supremo court, which sustained tho
commission's right to brine suit tothavo
annulled as "amounting to a rebate" the
company's contract to pay 150,000 to
l'fulzrr & Sons, puckers, "or cructlng a
plant odjacont to I Li .tracks.
On the theory tlut"QuJctff.'o stock- yowls
business was IntcrstutA - commerce, Jho
Interstate Commerco commission began
an actloi I ntho commerce court to en
join thoHJnlon Stock Yard und Transit
I'ompnny, tha ClilcnRo Junction Railway
company, which ope'rutes tho transit com
pany, and the Chlcaco Junction Hallways
and Stock Yaul company, which holds
tho stock of tho otVr two companies,
from engaging Im 'WiVstate commen'it
until they have lLiJilJ..trIf f with the
commission. It also askwd to have tho
contract with the fljjii of packers can
celed. The commerce colli t held that the Chi
cago Junction ltallwny company alone
was engaged In Interstate- commerce and
so required It to file tariffs, but dismissed
tho action as to the, other companies,
Justlco Day 1ft announcing' the supreme
court's oplnou nUl tlio commerco court
errcr In holding that the Union Stock
Yard and Trauslt company had exempted
Itself from tho operation of the federal
law by leasing Its property to tho rail
way company.
Instead ot sending the case back to
the commerce court for further hearings
the supreme court directed the lower
court to enter a decreu enjoining the
carrying out of the "Pfalser contract.
Nays Itnllroada Uvervyt-lHh.
ST. LOUIS, Mo Dec I.-rW. T. Jones,
trafflo manager of the John Deere rlow
company, testified before Special 15x
amtner 'Ward I'ruuty of the Interstate
Commerce commission here today that
his records tdipwrd that weights re
ported by railroads were as high as 3.000
to 4,(i00 pounds KtTutci than the actual
weights of tho. contents of the cars.
Jones said it watl a, waste of time to
try to keep freight rates down when over
weights aro charged, lid also testified
that when ho pi o tested about over-
Area Sown to Winter
Wheat is Smaller;
Conditions Better
WASHINGTON, Dec. !.-The December
report of the crop reporting board, bureau
of statistics, Department of Agriculture,
compiled from reports of Its correspon
dent and agents and Issued at 215 p, in.
today announced tho area sown to winter
wheat and rye and their condition on
December 1, .as follows:
Winter AVhent A preliminary estlmato
of the nrea sown to winter wheat this
fall in !,3S7,O0O notes, compared with 33,
216,001)' ncros, the revised figures for tho
area sown In 1911. The condition of win
ter wheat on December 1 was 93.2 per
cent of a normal, compared with C.o
per cent on December 1 last year; 82.5
per cent on December 1, 1910 and 89.9 per
cent, the average condition on December
l lor me past ten years,
Rye A preliminary-estimate ot the area.
Bjjwnll" rye thin fall Is 2,443,000 acres, com
pared with 2.4TS.O00 acres, the revised fig
ures for the area sown In the fall of 1911.
Tho condition of rye on December 1 was
03.5 per cent of ti normal, compared with
93.3 per cent on December 1 last year;
92.6 per cent on December 1, 1910, and 33.2
per cent, tho average condition on lie
cember 1 for tho past ten years,
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favored by Mr. Itoosovett when president
In this respect. It was not prosecuted
for violation of (he .Sherman anti-trust
law because Hoosevclt ordered other
wise. hat was the natural result-;
When Itooevclt ngoin became a candi
date Cloorgo W. IVrklns became his ardent
supporter and chief financial backer. Per
kins was largely Interested In the Har
vester trust IVrklns know by actual
demonstration that his company would
be eafc against Just prosecution if Roosn
velt were elected, unless ho should change
his mind. And ho would much less likely
change his views if the Harvester trust
or Its stockholders should lend him their
"I am not suylng that Mr. Roosevelt
acted out of improper motives In dealing
with tho Harvester trust or tho Bteel
trust. Ho may have boon perfectly sat
isfied that the course taken,' by him was
Uio proper and Just roursa, I call at
tention to these inotances of presidential
favor nnd what followed them, as Illus-
trutlng thn power that exists in the hands
of a piesldent In his first term, to se
cure ids "lection to a second term,"
Tacts brought out in the senatorial in
i causation of campaign expenditures
, were cited by Senator Works to show the
You can sureW end Grippe nd break ' e,,U'n,t lo wl"c" ",r", their mil
up the most severe cold either In head. , llm,nlr" Htnckholders" hx ronulbuted to
chest, back, stomach or limbs by taking I "mnalB contributions. He declare! that
a doso of Papa'a Cold Compound every ' ' "r'v"''K,""e,l,nK roiporatlons suppott
two hours until three consecutive doses mil,,l offlclul who will grant them
One Dose Relieves
AColcUNo Quinine
Tape's CoIU Compound Cures Colds
nnd Grippe iu Few Hours
Tastes Nice Acta Gcptlr.
U 4JIOO Neb., Dec. 9 (Special Tele-i
gram) The trial of the case of tho state
against Ilrlggs. who Is charged with kill
ing ftoy Illunt. was called by Judge Cor
coran at 11 o'clock this morning. Imme
diately on opening Attorney Murphy,
counsel for Hrlggs, objected to Attorney
Ilegle) or I'apllllon as assistant counsel
for tho stale on grounds that he was em
ployed to represent the Hlunt and Ander
son family at the coroner's Inquest held
oi er the body of, rtoy Illunt last March.
The objection wait overruled and the clerk
was instructed to call tho Jury. After ex
amining several Jurors court adjourned
for lunch.
Ii Is alleged in the Information by the
Sarpy county authorities that CHlot ot
Police John Ilrlggs of South Omaha and
Sheriff Ous Hycrs of Lancaster county,
who were in charge of these posses, ore
the ones that unlawfully killed rtoy Illunt.
.Morley- Will He Witness.
Many witnesses hnve been suboenaed,
Including Warden S. M. Mellck of the
state penitentiary, who Is Instructed to
bring the body of Charles Morley before
tho court.
The state Is represented by William N.
Jamison, county attorney of Sarpy
county, who Is assisted by James Bcglcy
of PapllllOn and Joseph F. Berggen,.
county attorney of Saunders county. Tho
counsel for Hrlggs ore Murphy & Winter
of South Qmaha and Placek & Donato of
this city.
Tho case was brought here "on motion
of the defendants, claiming they couiu
not get a fair and Impartial trial in Sarpy
county( also . separate trhit for each was
granted. The case against Ilyors nas
been continued until the February term.
This case grows out of tho chaso-and
oapturo of Charles Morley and the death
of "Shorty" Oray, alias Taylor, and John
Dowd. convicts who escaped from tno
state penitentiary at tho outbreak at that
Institution lost March, and Roy Hlunt.
a farmed living in sarpy county, wnm
these' men wero making their escape, hav
ing forced Mr. Ilttinf to drive them. After
blowing tho door of the state penitentiary
with nltro-glyccrlne and Bhootlng down
and killing Warden Delahanty, Deputy
Warden Wagner and Prison Uiwer Hell
man and Injuring Cell Keeper James
Dnody, thece men escapfd.
The convicts, leaving the penitentiary In
n. blinding snow storm, were traced to
Murdock nnd. after, robbing .a istoro at
Hint place, whVre. they secured clothing
and firearms nnd ammunition, stole a
lmndcar and ninde their way to tho Platte
river bridge ut Houtl llend, where the)
dumped the car lnio tho rfver. JitJ.it
crossing tho Plattn river they wr? seen
In tho vicinity. of the state fisheries" and
traced to tho home of Hoy Hlunt who
lived on the Davidson farm about three
miles north of here. Hero, after forc
ing Roy Ulunt under cover of their guns
to glvo thorn their breakfasts, they com
pelled him to hitch up to drive them to
Albright, a suburb of South Omaha. HV
this time tho location of the convicts was
genernlly known ok Mrs. Roy Illunt had
given tho alarm on a neighbor's telephone.
Report nt ihv I'luht.
Various posses were started from
Springfield, South Omaha' and Uncolii.
The first In thn field wan tun posso from
Springfield, wlo Immediately Klurted to
tho Ulunt home nnd met tho convict
party near the Pflug-KChool houue. In tho
farm wagon driven by Roy Ulunt. The
muxzlex ot two or three jjuns faced the
pt)so with a command to gat out ot that
Immediate vicinity. Illunt, It Is clulmed.
begged the posse to refrain from shooting,
saying ho would bo killed by thn other
men In thn wagon If anything was
started. This posse then fell In 'behind
about a half a mile. Illunt continuing to
drive northward. About 2 o'clock tho
various potsc nint ami Joined In the
chaso and when neur the school house In
District No. St the shooting started. A
running fight was kept up for about
three quarters of .a mile between the
convicts and the posses, when the Hlunt
tearii stopped neat4 tho Uurllngton bridge
west of Chaloo and .about four miles
northensl of Gretna, After the team
stopped Morley threw up his hands In
token of surrender; Ulunt and Gray wero
found dead, nnd Dowd dying. Morley was
handcuffed and 'taken to (Irvlnn where
a special train In charge of Sheriff Hycrs
look him to Lincoln.
5 rt? r? rt? r rf rfr rj? f V rf rj t
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and 16
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authorized on behalf of the committee
at any time except such as may be openly
announced Bt tho hearings.
IV o MlaitiiUrrstnndliiR.
"At no tlMr bus there ever been any
friction, misunderstanding or difference
remaining blween the members or with
or between counsel. The utmost har
mony has prevailed from the beginning
and the reports to the contrary have been
sheer fabrications. Nor Is thero any
authority for tho persistent published re
port as to proposed remedies or legisla
tion. Tho question has never been before
the committee and It would be promaturc
to consider It. The committee Is not yet
In possession of the facts on which to
base a Judgment. It has barely reached
tho threshold of the Inquiry, so that any
opinion aa to Its action Is premature to
say the least.
More Legislation Needed.
"Attention Is called to tho announce
ment made at tho outset of the hearings
last May and since frequently repeutcd,
that the terms of the resolution nndor
which th'a committee Is acting cannot be
fully carried! out until congress shall hav
enacted "tho bill thnt has passed tho
house ar)d Is now pending In tho senate,
rcmovInff"aIl existing doubt as to the
power of, tho, committee to Inquire Into
the part, 'If-any, that Is played by the
national hanks In tho alleged concentra
tion nnd controLof 'money and credit.
"Mantlme -lb committee will press
forward, with" thV'other heads of the In
quiry wjth . tliSyldw" of submitting an
Intermediate, resort accompanied by such
recommendations, as may be deemed
"The postponement over the presidential
campaign wan taken pursuant to the fro
fluently announced determination that
this Important Investigation should not be
subject lo the criticism or suspicion of
being Jn any way Influenced by or con
nected with political exigencies."
rienrlnjc House Method.
The first witness was "William W. Cloud,
president of tho State Hank of Muryland,
Samuel I'ntermeyer, counsel for the com
mittee, took up his examination. Mr.
Cloud said his bank hud applied for clear
lug house privilege), but had been refused
because It was not a member of the Bal
timore clearing, house, but desired to clear
through another bank that was.
"Does the Hattliuore clearing house pre
scribe rules which nreventti n. hnnL- ,nnk.
)ig its own prlco for exchange on out-
of-town checks?" asked Mr. TTntermeyer.
"Yes, It amounts to that," answered
Mr. Cloud.
"Hut that is throttling competition,
isn't It?"
"Well. I wouldn't say throttling," said
the witness.
Among tho other witnesses on hand
to testify weie C. A. Pugsloy. president
of tho New York Bankers' at-soclatlon;
W. B. Frew, chairman of the New York
Clenflng Iloubo association, Charles U.
Hushmau, counsel for Mr. Frew; Robert
Wardrop. president of the People's Nn
tlonnl Bank of Pittsburgh.
John R. Bland, president ot the United
States Fidelity und Guaranty company,
followed Mr. Cloud on the stand.
Mr. Bland said his Company has fought
In vain to secure the privilege of clear
ing out-of-town checks through Its banks
of deposit, which were members of the
association, or to secure full membership
In tho association, hut within tho lust
few weks, however, ho had been Riven
to understand that arrangements wore
being made by the clearing house to "take
care" of Hie trust companies.
"An a result of the agitation of this
committee your object has been accom
plished?" asked Mr. Untermeyer.
"Well. I could not say ns to that."
Kugene Levering, president of the Na
tional Batiks of Commerce of Baltimore
and chairman of thri clearing house exe
cutive commltWe, produced the constitu
tion and rules of the Baltimore Clear
ing house,
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il m m m
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TJTWm. -rr-m. tj
t fcjtf lit fc ikm tij itt w
President Will Start for the Isthmus
in About Ten Days.
Uierntlvr nnd Party Will Travel
from Key West on Netv Ilrend-
iioiirIK Will tiiitllur t'lnn
fur (Jovrrnmeiit.
WASHINGTON, ucc. 9 -President
Taft s plans for a trip to Panama today
udvauced to h polAt where December 19
was tentatively selected as the date of
starting. It wai. understood here today
that Mr. Taft's Intontlon to visit tho Isth
mus before he goes out of office, was in
fluenced partly at least by President
elect Wilson's decision not to do so.
Under the new Punama canal law, the
president Is charged with tho responsibil
ity of putting Into effect the new gov
ernment for tho canal Tone. It Ik under
stood Mr. Taft would have been glad it
Mr. Wilson had determined to make a
trip to the cunal and perfect the now
government after he came Into office,
with a personal Inspection of conditions
there to assist him. It Is now possible
that President Tuft, before he goes out
of office, will do It himself.
Secretary Meyer of the Navy depart
ment today ordered the new dreaduuught
Arkansas to be at Key West on December
13. No date was set for Its departure. It
Is customary when a battleship Is used
by the president to have It ready several
days before. One other battleship will
nccompany the Arkansas on tho voyage.
It probably will be the Delaware.
Mrs. Taft, two; aides and probably two
or three friends will accompany the pres
ident on the trip. It Is not thought that !
either of his sons. Robert or Charles,
will go.
are taken.
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tic twinges.
Take this wonderful Compound as di
rected, without Interference with your
sual duties and with tho knowledge that
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hi promptly and without any other as
'Utance or bad after-effect as a 23-cent
package ot Papo's Cold Compound, whloh
any druggist can supply accept no sub
stitutecontains no quinine belongs In
t -cry home. Tastes nice Advertisement.
Boulh Dakota und to pay ii fine ot
and costs of prosecution. I-ater u wilt
of error wuh procured to tho trial couit
whloh admitted tho plaintiff In error to
Jj.om ball, but owing to plaintiffs povoity
he bus been unaljle to furnish ball and
wns thereupon UiKen to Fort Leaven
worth penitentiary. Owing to the
crowded docket tho attorney for the plnin
tiff In error nsked for an early hearing
of the case on Its merits, which tho su
preme (ourt today granted.
In the case of Otto Mouson. plaintiff In
NBW ORLKANS, l.a., Dec. 9. -John V.
Rai ringer, hiudncjl manager ot tin.
Times-Democrat, and John P Toulutln,
cashier, wero charged In. affidavits fllea
today with inberi:lt'ment pt $1,000 of the
newspaper's funds.
The alleged embezzlement, of JJ.OOO cov
ers a period ,uf Uss. than one month and
It Is stated thnt auditors havo dlscoveinl
a shortage, of ut least V15.000. Itarringcr j
gave, bond in the sum or J(i. rouimln s
bond nas also fixed at SW.
Cupid's Shafts Sink
Deeply Into Hearts
of Nurse and Divine1
Originating In a hick room, a romani-tf
in which Miss Nellie Mulrhead. a grud
uate nurse of Clarkson Memorial hospi
tal, and Rev. C. Kdwln Urown of Clark.
Neb., Methodist Kplscopat church, played
tho leading puns, was happily culmlnatcr.
when the young couplo wont to Central
City last Thursday and were married by
Hev. W. IT. Wright.
Miss Muirhead was attending patient
at Clarks, Nub. Three weeks ago todnv
Uev. Mr. Drown visited tho patient, who
was a member ofVhls congregation.
Itev. Mr. Drown soon begun paying tl i
"sick patient" a daily call. Inquiring
about his hnl(,h, and spending several
happy hours with the nurse.
Kxactly three weeks after Miss Mulr
head nnd Itev. Mr. Drown became ac
quainted they were married.
Miss Mulrhead graduated from the
Clarkson Memcrlal hospital last summer.
Sho is the daughter of Gavin Mulr
head of Toronto, Canada, und a nleco oC
Dr. A. I.. Mulrhead of Omaha. Jtev. Mr.
Urown Is u graduate of Temple univers
ity of Philadelphia and the University
of Pennsylvania.
Rev. and Mrs. Brown will make their
home at Clarks, Neb.
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chant and remoTra tba enutn ot catan h. Splendid J
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throat, catarrh of tha itomacli, hay ferr, '
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I ii .,( U w a t lij. U Kill I ID V Ot H. lliit-witouii. wh ci
"The new progressive party was tainted ! fu,m 1,10 l'nl,wl 8tatea dl8trl,Ct COUrt ot
in the veiy beginning by putting Itself
In the bunds of tho fame Interest. It
was managed and financed by promoters.
lit tki Original Mi IiruIri
i-orrupuomsis nnci trust magn.ites. in
ull these coses money was contributed lo
secure the rleotlon of a man who. If
South Dakota, k motion for alias citation
was grunted by the supreme court today, j
Millard nu W. Home. J
Ex-Senator J, II. Millard and Ills daugh
ter, Miss Millard, aro In Washington for I
iv few days enrouto from a visit to New
electfd, ould be entrusted with tin, ! Y.irlc nu,! llnttnn in their Omaha home
power of determining conclusively j Senutor Millard met n number of his old
whether or not they should be prosecuted. ! colleagues, but remarked on the number
A single piesidentlul term, Senator uf new faces among the senate member
Woiks declared, would prevent the use I ship, and rather sorrowfully sugfysted
of patronage and the power of office In I that still more new faces were to come
the way It Is now ued nnd would re-Ufter March t
moe the opportunity a president nqw! Atkc.l about the reorgauttatlon of the
n iu .a,,, or uitiict punishment republican party, which seems now the
upon campaign friends or enemies.
uppermost topic of conversation. Senator
I. " ""e"1"1 campaign contributions ' Mntara SUBKeited that a wait of six
,..mo win; uj nits amir or nation, ue-
clarlng that "large campaign funds, how
1 ever raised, are a dangerous menace to
j the free Institutions of the country."
' RISr.lllT SIIPC Unorceo
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"Mis. CilO"1 PATERSON, N. J.. Dec. a-'There ,
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months with the democrats In power
would do more to bring about reorgan
Uatlou than all suggestions put together
at this time.
T. Y Hlackburn of Omaha is iu the
Ml rn ll mil nniunna. (
IlKNKKDMANi Neb.i Dec. .-(SiMMal
Samuels, one of the earliest pioneers of
(age county, died Saturday at his' home
ut Wymore, aged 70 years. Mr. Samuels
was encaged In the furniture business at I
Blue Hprlngs and Wymore In an esrl
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stituted lodges at Wymore, Ulue Springs. I
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and effectually check the poisonous di-charge-
which cloy the head and throat,
auslng the disgusting hawking, spitting
and blowing of the note. This remedy
, not only driven out the dUea&e. but heals
and strengthens tho weakened mem
branes thus ending catarrh.
Catarrh is a filthy, disgusting disease.
Don't put up with It another day. Get a
: 50 cent bottle of Kly's Oram Balm from
, your druggist and see how quickly you
! will be relieved. U Is perfectly harm
: .ss. Advertisement.
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i ctiairta' namas aoi Zi In Umpi, NORMAN
I WINES CO, Waablntton. D. C,

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