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Traill County tribune and Portland Republican. (Mayville, N.D.) 1962-1968
Traill County tribune. (Mayville, N.D.) 1968-current
Traill County tribune. (Mayville, Traill County, N.D.) 1929-1961
The transcript and daily state center. (New Rockford, N.D.) 1920-1920
The Transcript. (New Rockford, N.D.) 1892-1920
The tri-c's tribune. ([Fargo, N.D.) 193?-19??
The Tri-county journal. (Streeter, N.D.) 1929-1930
Tri-county news. (Gackle, N.D.) 1985-current
Tri-county sun. (Fordville, Walsh County, N.D.) 1922-current
The Tribune. (Kindred, Cass County, N.D.) 1905-1908
Turtle Lake wave. (Turtle Lake, N.D.) 1902-1936
Turtle Mountain echo II. (Belcourt, N.D.) 1979-1981
Turtle Mountain star and Rolette County herald. (Rolla, N.D.) 1917-1925
Turtle Mountain star. (Rolla, N.D.) 1888-1917
Turtle Mountain star. (Rolla, N.D.) 1925-current
Turtle Mountain times. (Belcourt, N.D.) 1993-current
The Tuttle reporter. (Tuttle, Kidder County, N.D.) 1913-1915
The Tuttle star. (Tuttle, N.D.) 1915-1923
The Tuttle times. (Tuttle, Kidder County, N.D.) 1923-1940
Two time. (Fargo, N.D.) 193?-19??
U-name it news. (Ray, (Williams County), N.D.) 1949-1949
Underwood journal. (Underwood, McLean County, N.D.) 1910-1914
Underwood miner. (Underwood, N.D.) 1907-1910
The Underwood news. (Underwood, McLean County, N.D.) 1932-current
The Underwood reporter. (Underwood, McLean County, N.D.) 1929-1930
The United farmer [microform]. (Bismarck, N.D.) 1926-1931
The United farmer. (Bismarck, N.D.) 1926-1931
United Tribes news. (Bismarck, N.D.) 1970-1989
Upham chronicle. (Upham, McHenry County, N.D.) 1928-1934
The Upham leader. (Upham, N.D.) 1925-1926
The Upham star. (Upham, N.D.) 1906-1918
The Valley City alliance. (Valley City, Barnes County, N.D.) 1883-1907
Valley City and Barnes County times-record. (Valley City, N.D.) 1962-1964
The Valley City courier. (Valley City, N.D.) 1913-1918
Valley City daily reminder. (Valley City, N.D.) 1931-1931
Valley City daily times. (Valley City, N.D.) 1882-1885
Valley City morning patriot. (Valley City, N.D.) 1907-1912
Valley City reminder. (Valley City, N.D.) 1931-193?
Valley City times-record and the Barnes County news. (Valley City, N.D.) 1944-1962
Valley City times-record. (Valley City, N.D.) 1928-1944
Valley City times-record. (Valley City, N.D.) 1964-current
The Valley City times. (Valley City, Barnes County, Dakota [N.D.]) 1880-1882
Valley City times=record and Valley City alliance. (Valley City, Barnes County, N.D.) 1907-1908
Valley City times=record. (Valley City, Barnes County, N.D.) 1908-1912
Valley City times=record. (Valley City, Barnes County, N.D.) 1902-1907
Valley City weekly times. (Valley City, Barnes County, Dakota [N.D.]) 1882-1887
Valley news and views. (Drayton, N.D.) 1982-current
The Valley star. (Velva, N.D.) 1993-2000
Valley view. (Grand Forks, N.D.) 1980-1981
The Van Hook journal. (Van Hook, N.D.) 1914-1916