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Summary Information

Awardee: Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Ingested: Dec. 22, 2021, 9:52 a.m.
Number of Issues: 18
Number of Pages: 76
Bag Location: dlc_jean_ver01
Validated Batch File: data/BATCH_1.xml
LCCNs In Batch: sn82014241 sn82016146 sn82016212 sn83016188 sn83016189 sn83016194 sn83016234 sn83016240 sn83016519 sn83016561 sn83016564 sn83025050 sn83025331 sn83025483 sn83025484 sn83025485 sn83025486 sn83025493

Issues in Batch

Title Issue Date Number of Pages
Atlanta age. 1900-01-13 4
The Augusta union. 1900-01-27 4
Columbus chronicle. 1900-01-27 4
The Detroit informer. 1900-01-13 4
The Florida evangelist. 1900-01-20 4
The Gazette and land bulletin. 1900-01-27 4
The Huntsville star. 1900-01-26 4
The Indianapolis world. 1900-01-27 8
The Langston City herald. 1900-01-27 4
The Macon sentinel. 1900-01-27 4
The Missouri messenger. 1900-01-26 4
The Montgomery enterprise. 1900-01-26 4
The progress. 1900-01-26 4
The reporter. 1900-02-01 4
The Republican courier. 1900-01-27 4
Southern Republican. 1900-02-08 4
Voice of missions. 1900-02-01 4
Wide-awake. 1900-01-24 4

Reels in Batch

Reel Number Titles in Reel Date Range Number of Pages
00220720457 Atlanta age. [volume] (sn82014241) The Augusta union. [volume] (sn83016240) Columbus chronicle. [volume] (sn83016189) The Detroit informer. [volume] (sn83016519) The Florida evangelist. [volume] (sn82016146) The Gazette and land bulletin. [volume] (sn83016194) The Huntsville star. [volume] (sn83025483) The Indianapolis world. [volume] (sn82016212) The Langston City herald. [volume] (sn83025050) The Macon sentinel. [volume] (sn83016188) The Missouri messenger. [volume] (sn83025493) The Montgomery enterprise. [volume] (sn83025485) The progress. [volume] (sn83025331) The reporter. [volume] (sn83025486) The Republican courier. [volume] (sn83016564) Southern Republican. [volume] (sn83016561) Voice of missions. [volume] (sn83016234) Wide-awake. [volume] (sn83025484) Jan 13, 1900 - Feb 08, 1900 76