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The Connecticut courant. [volume] (Hartford [Conn.]) 1791-1914
The Connecticut gazette. [volume] (New-London [Conn.]) 1787-1799
Courier. [volume] (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1950-1954
The crisis. [volume] (Columbus, Ohio) 1861-1871
The daily advertiser. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1787-1806
The daily chronicle. [volume] (Philadelphia, Pa.) 1828-1834
Daily critic. [volume] (Washington, D.C.) 1872-1881
The daily morning post. [volume] (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855
Daily national intelligencer. [volume] (Washington City [D.C.]) 1813-1869
The daily news. [volume] ([Philadelphia, Pa.]) 1848-1858
Daily patriot and union. [volume] (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1858-1868
Daily union. [volume] (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1852-1???
Democratic expositor and United States journal for the country. [volume] (Washington, D.C.) 1845-1846
The Democratic press. ([Philadelphia, Pa.]) 1807-1829
Democratic standard. [volume] (Hollidaysbug [i.e. Hollidaysburg], Pa.) 1842-1920
Democratic union. [volume] (Harrisburg, [Pa.]) 1843-1855
Dunlap's Pennsylvania packet , The general advertiser. [volume] (Philadelphia, Pa.) 1773-1777
Eadle keatah toh. [volume] (Carlisle Barracks, Pa.) 1880-1882
The Eagle, or, Carlisle herald. [volume] (Carlisle, Pa.) 1799-1802
Erie gazette. [volume] (Erie, Pa.) 1820-1859
Essex County Mercury and weekly Salem gazette. [volume] (Salem, Mass.) 1863-1892
The Essex statesman. [volume] (Salem, Mass.) 1863-1868
Evening post. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1850-1919
The evening post. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1832-1920
Evening star. [volume] (Philadelphia, Pa.) 1866-1900
The Federal gazette and Philadelphia daily advertiser. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1790-1793
Federal Republican & commercial gazette. [volume] (Baltimore [Md.]) 1809-1812
Franklin gazette. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1818-1824
The Freeman's journal, or, The North-American intelligencer. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1781-1792
The Freemans journal and Philadelphia mercantile advertiser. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1808-1825
Gales's independent gazetteer. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1796-1797
Gazette of the United States. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1801-1804
The general advertiser, and political, commercial, agricultural and literary journal. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1790-1791
General advertiser. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1791-1794
Germantown independent-gazette. [volume] (Germantown, Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1896-1919
Germantown telegraph and Philadelphia and Montgomery advertiser. [volume] (Germantown, Pa.) 1831-1839
Gleason's weekly line-of-battle ship. (Boston [Mass.]) 1858-1859
The globe. [microfilm reel] (Washington [D.C.]) 1830-1845
The globe. [volume] (City of Washington [D.C.]) 1831-1843
Harrisburg chronicle. [volume] (Harrisburg [Pa.]) 1820-1842
The Harrisburg daily patriot. [volume] (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1875-1883
Harrisburg daily telegraph. [volume] (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1874-1879
Harrisburg telegraph. [volume] (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948
Hartford daily times. [volume] (Hartford, Conn.) 1846-1883
The Hartford times. [volume] (Hartford, Conn.) 1837-1846
Henrich Millers pennsylvanischer Staatsbote. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1775-1779
In these times. [volume] (Chicago, Ill.) 1976-current
The Independent American volunteer. [volume] (Frederick-Town, Md.) 1807-1808
The independent gazetteer, and agricultural repository. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1790-1794
The Independent gazetteer, or, The chronicle of freedom. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1782-1790