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The South-Carolina gazette, and public advertiser. [volume] (Charleston [S.C.]) 1784-1786
The South-Carolina gazette, and the general advertiser. [volume] (Charleston) 1786-1786
The South-Carolina independent gazette ; and Georgetown chronicle. [volume] (Georgetown, S.C.) 1791-179?
The South-Carolina weekly advertiser. [volume] (Charlestown [i.e. Charleston], S.C.) 1783-178?
The South-Carolina weekly gazette. [volume] (Charlestown [i.e. Charleston, S.C.]) 1783-1784
The South-Carolina weekly gazette. [volume] (Charlestown [S.C.]) 1758-1764
Southern confederacy. [volume] (Atlanta, Ga.) 1861-1865
The Southwark gazette, and Philadelphia chronicle. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1797-1797
The spectator. [volume] (New-York [N.Y.]) 1797-1804
The spirit of 'seventy-six. [volume] (Richmond [Va.]) 1808-1814
The spirit of the press. [volume] (Staunton, Va.) 1811-18??
Spirit of the times & Carlisle gazette. [volume] (Carlisle [Pa.]) 1817-1819
The spirit of the times. [volume] (Shippensburg [Pa.]) 1817-1817
St. Lawrence gazette. [volume] (Ogdensburgh, N.Y.) 1815-1830
St. Louis post-dispatch. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1879-current
The star of liberty. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1812-1812
State gazette, and town and country advertiser. [volume] (Providence, R.I.) 1796-1796
The statesman. [volume] (Newburyport, Mass.) 1808-1809
Staunton political censor. [volume] (Staunton, Va.) 1808-1809
The Staunton spy. [volume] (Staunton [Va.]) 1793-1795
Story & Humphreys's Pennsylvania Mercury, and universal advertiser. [volume] (Philadelphia, Pa.) 1775-1775
The Strength of the people. [volume] ([Charleston S.C.]) 1809-1810
Stroudsburg times. (Stroudsburg, Pa.) 1888-1918
The sun. [volume] (Pittsfield [Mass.]) 1807-1813
The sun. [volume] (Pittsfield, Mass.) 1800-1803
Tablet of the times. [volume] (Bennington [Vt.]) 1797-1797
The telegraph. [volume] (Georgetown, Ky.) 1811-1813
The Telegraphe: and Charleston daily advertiser. [volume] (Charleston [S.C.]) 1795-179?
The temple of reason. [volume] (New-York [N.Y.]) 1800-1803
Thomas's Massachusetts spy, or, American oracle of liberty. [volume] (Worcester, Mass.) 1778-1781
Thomas's Massachusetts spy, or, The Worcester gazette. [volume] (Worcester, Mass.) 1788-1810
Thomas's Massachusetts spy, or, the Worcester gazette. [volume] (Worcester, Mass.) 1781-1786
Thomas's Massachusetts spy, or, Worcester gazette. [volume] (Worcester, Mass.) 1811-1821
The tickler. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1807-1813
The Times ; and District of Columbia daily advertiser. [volume] (Alexandria [Va]) 1799-1802
The Times and Alexandria advertiser. [volume] (Alexandria [Va.]) 1797-1799
The Times leader. [volume] (Wilkes-Barre, Pa.) 1982-current
The Times, and weekly advertiser. [volume] (Hartford, Conn.) 1819-1821
Times-democrat. (Stroudsburg, Pa.) 1918-1920
The times. [volume] (Boston, Mass.) 1807-1808
The times. [volume] (Hartford, Conn.) 1817-1819
True American & farmers register. [volume] (Rockville, Md.) 182?-1827
The true American. [volume] (Leesburg, Va.) 1798-180?
The True Republican, and Newbern weekly advertiser. [volume] (Newbern, N.C.) 1810-1811
The union. [volume] (Washington, Ky.) 1814-18??
The United States chronicle, political, commercial, and historical. [volume] (Providence [R.I.]) 1784-1793
The United States chronicle. [volume] (Providence [R.I.]) 1793-1804
United States oracle and Portsmouth advertiser. [volume] (Portsmouth, N.H.) 1801-1803
The United States oracle of the day. [volume] (Portsmouth, N.H.) 1800-1801
The universal gazette. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1797-1814