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The Wisconsin state register and Portage weekly democrat. [volume] (Portage, Columbia County, Wis.) 1919-1920
The Wisconsin state register. [volume] (Portage, Columbia County, Wis.) 1921-1946
The Wisconsin state register. [volume] (Portage, Columbia County, Wis.) 1861-1919
Wisconsin state rights. [volume] (Monroe, Green County, Wis.) 1859-1862
The Wisconsin state senator. (Fort Atkinson, Wis.) 1932-1???
Wisconsin statesman. [volume] (Madison, Wis.) 1850-1852
Wisconsin statesman. [volume] (Madison, Wis.) 1875-1876
Wisconsin statesman. (Elroy, Wis.) 1882-1???
The Wisconsin Sunday times. [volume] (Superior, Wis.) 1920-1924
Wisconsin Svenska tribun. [volume] (Superior, Wis.) 18??-1904
Wisconsin Telegraph. [volume] (Oshkosh, Wis.) 1866-1920
Wisconsin territorial gazette and Burlington advertiser. [volume] (Burlington, Wisconsin Territory [Iowa]) 1837-1838
Wisconsin Thalbote. (Merrill, Wis.) 1900-1920
The Wisconsin tobacco reporter. (Edgerton, Wis.) 1877-1950
The Wisconsin tri-weekly capitol. [volume] (Madison, Wis.) 1865-1866
Wisconsin tribune. (Mineral Point, Wis.) 1847-1854
Wisconsin Valley leader. [volume] (Grand Rapids [i.e. Wisconsin Rapids], Wis.) 1902-1918
The Wisconsin volunteer. [volume] (Leavenworth, Kan.) 1862-1862
Wisconsin Vorwärts. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1893-1898
The Wisconsin weekly advocate. [volume] (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1898-19??
The Wisconsin weekly blade. [volume] (Madison, Wis.) 1916-1925
Wisconsin weekly Democrat. [volume] (Madison [Wis.]) 1865-1866
Wisconsin weekly free Democrat. [volume] (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 1857-1862
Wisconsin weekly state journal. [volume] (Madison, Wis.) 185?-186?
The Wisconsin Whig. [volume] (Platteville, Wis. Terr. [i.e. Wis.]) 1841-1843
Wisconsin wochenblatt. [volume] (Winona, Minn. ;) 1920-1921
Wisconsin wochenblatt. [volume] (Winona, Minn. ;) 1921-19??
Wisconsin wochenblatt. [volume] (Winona, Minn. ;) 1920-1921
Wisconsin wochenblatt. [volume] (Winona, Minn.) 1921-19??
The Wisconsin ægis. [volume] (Racine, W.T. [i.e Wis.]) 1843-1844
Wisconsin's Demokrat. [volume] (Manitowoc, Wis.) 1853-1861
Wisconsin-Banner und Volksfreund. [volume] (Milwaukie [i.e. Milwaukee, Wis.]) 1855-1922
Wisconsin-Banner. (Milwaukie, W.T. [i.e. Milwaukee, Wis.]) 1845-1855
Wisconsin-Banner. (Milwaukie [i.e. Milwaukee, Wis.]) 1850-1850
The Wisconsin-news. (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1918-1919
Wisconsin-Staats-Zeitung. [volume] (Madison, Wis.) 1854-1858
Wisconsini Magyarság = Wisconsin Hungarian. [volume] (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1924-1973
Wisconsinský slovák. [volume] (Milwaukee, Wis.) 1929-19??
Wiskonsan enquirer. [volume] (Madison, W.T. [i.e. Wis.]) 1842-1843
The Wiskonsan standard. [volume] (Platteville, Wiskonsan [i.e. Wis.]) 1843-1844
Wiskonsin Demokrat. [volume] (Chilton [Wis.]) 1873-1895
Wiskonsin-Banner. [volume] (Milwaukie, W.T. [i.e. Milwaukee, Wis.]) 1844-1845
Withee journal. [volume] (Withee, Clark County, Wis.) 1927-1934
The Withee sentinel. (Withee, Wis.) 1902-1912
The witness. [volume] (Litchfield, Con[n].) 1805-1807
The witness. [volume] (Clinton, Wis.) 1893-1893
Witness. (Thiensville, Wis.) 1959-1960
The Wittenberg enterprise and Birnamwood news. [volume] (Wittenberg, Wis.) 1971-1980
Wittenberg enterprise and Birnamwood news. [volume] (Wittenberg, Wis.) 1982-current
The Wittenberg enterprise. [volume] (Wittenberg, Wis.) 1906-1971