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May 26, 1909. THE
graduating exercises and to ^hare in the
public dinner on the spacious campus.
Hazlehurst: Rev. M. E. Melvin president
of Chamberlain-Hunt academy spent
Sunday May, 16, in this place and raised
more than live thousand dollars for the
endowment of the school. Two friends
have offered to give $50,000 on condition
that the Synod shall raise $50,000. Of
course we will raise it promptly. We
could not afford to do otherwise. Only
a few years ago Mr. McConet gave $50,000
which was put iu the handsome buildings
on the spacious grounds. Another
friend has given funds to purchase a
chemical and physical labratory which
will be installed next month. This is a
Christian school and the Bible is a text
hook. From such a place of training we
may expect valuable citizens, intelligent
and consecrated elders, deacons and ministers
for the coining generations. The
school is a necessity for the church.
Honest stewards to whom the Lord has
entrusted money will find here a good
place for profitable investment. There
will be immediate results. Our churches
will give Mr. Melvin a cordial welcome
and we dare say liberal subscriptions to
a great cause. We will meet the conditions
and increase the endowment by
$100,000. S. C. C.
The Tenth Avenue Church Charlotte,
has increased the salary of its pastor
Rev. A. R. Shaw, from $1,500 to $1,800
with the manse.
Davidson: On Sunday, May 16, Dr.
Smith, in the absence of the pastor, delivered
un address on "Calvin As an Educator."
At night he spoke on "Luther at
the Diet of Worms." Both times he was
heard with great pleasure and interest.
Porter Church: Rev. George H. Atkinson
accepted the call recently extended
hlin by this Church and will be installed
by the following committee: Rev. H. M.
Darker to preside and preach the sermon.
Rev. J. E. Berryhill to charge the pastor
and Rev. A. R. Shaw the congregation.
Burlington: Rev. A. R. Shaw, of
Charlotte assisted the pastor Rev. D.
Melver recently in a meeting. Fifteen
persons were received into the membership
upon profession of their faith.
Nutbush: Rev. Oarr Moore v 111 be
installed pastor of this church on .luno
13, by the following commission; Rev.
J. A. McClure, will preside and preach;
Rev. G. B. Thompson to charge the pastor
and Elder S. Watkins the people.
St. Andrews Church Wilmington: This
church has been greatly blessed in two
weeks of preaching find singing by tho
gifted Indian evangelist Rev. Frank H.
Wright. Although there were special
services in the other churches of the
city, the congregations have been large
often crowding the church. Mauy accepted
Christ and already twenty-three
have been received into the membership.
Mr. Wright is sane and sound In preaching,
conservative- in methods, faithful
and fearless in telling the truth. Tlie
wuwir cny was autred by his preaching
M)<1 alnging.
Anderson Central Church: The visit
of Ex-Governor Robt. B. Glenn In the
Interest of home missions will long be
remembered by the Preebyterlans as a
red letter day for the cause of missions
in this city. Interest ami enthusiasm in
the work were never at a higher pitch
than at the present and it is believed
that the cause of missions has gained
an impetus from his visit which will become
a great evangelical power for the
building up of weak and destitute fields.
He delivered two addresses on Sunday
May 16, to crowded congregations who
listened with the most intense and rapt
interest, his first address being delivered
in the Central Church in the morning and
the second In the First Church at night.
The morning contribution amounted to
$516 and the night offering $440. This
amount will probably be augmented so
that the amount secured iu Anderson
may be safely said to be in excess of
$1,000. Gov. Glenn's visit here was duo
to the efforts of Dr. McLeod pastor of
the Central Church who is keenly alive
to l he needs of the home field and who
feels that an educational campaign is
badly needed among our wealthy and
more* fortunate conununiities in behalf
of the less fortunate ones.
Clinton: On May 17, and 18, the flrst
South Carolina State Convention of the
Laymen's Movement was held at this
place. About two hundred and seventyfive
men were in attendance mminc from
all parts of the state. The speakers were:
Rev. Dr. D. Olay Lilly, Dr. J. O. Reavis,
Dr. Alex Sprunt, Dr. Geo. B. Cromer, Mr.
J. Cajmpbell White and others. All the
speeches were of a high order and a
profound impression was made on the
congregation and the people of Clinton.
Messrs. Pratt and Ostrom, the secretaries,
say that it was the best staie convention
yet held. On the morning of May 19,
after the convention had adjourned, many
of the delegates gathered In the chapel
with the students of the Precbyteiiac
College of South Carolina, and heard addresses
from Dr. Lilly and Dr. Reavis.
Dr. Idlly urged upon tlie students a
consideration of the call to tho ministry,
while Dr. Reavis pressed upon them the
claims of the heathen world. College
exercises were suspended during the sessions
of- the convention, that the students
might get the full benefit of it. The singing
whs led by a choir of young men
composed largely of students from this
Nashville Presbytery, Home Mission
Committee: The evangelization of the
world within the present generation
seems to be the dominant idea In the
minds of the leading Christian thinkers
and workers of today. The home mission
committee of Nashville Presbytery rejoices
that litis Presbytery is rapidly
catching the spirit, and is working to
make Christ far better known in its own
bounds. A summer evangelistic campaign
has been launched and it is hoped will
be carried on from summer to summer.
It is the purpose of the Presbytery to
hold meetings in all our country and
smaller town churches. The plan 13 to
have each of our ministers conduct a
meeting during the summer months, to
hast from a week to ten days.
Forward Movement in I ?/ ?! -
Missions: The Presbytery of Holston
in recent session in Morristown recommended
a Forward Movement in Local
Home Missions, similar to that in
Foreign Missions. The home mission
committee acting under thfi instructions
of Presbytery inaugurated this Forward
rH. 15
Movement, and elected Rev. J. G. McFerrin,
D. D., superintendent of home
missions. It was made the first work o?
the superintendent to visit the churches
in the effort to raise $3,000, to carry on
this needy cause. There are three or
four groups of churches to be supplied
with preaching. There is need of good, |
live, energetic ministers to take charge
of this -work at a salary of from eigat
hundred to one thousand dollars. Any
one desiring to correspond concerning
work in this field may address Rev.
Charles C. Carson, D. D., the chairman or
the superintendent. The address of both,
is Bristol, Teun.
Humboldt: The Ripley Church has
entered heartily into the Forward Movement.
Besides sending the pastor, the
church was represented at the Birmingham
convention by three of its officers
at their own expense. A canvass of the
congregation has been made, and the
church will not only come up to four
dollars per member in its foreign mission
collection; but has increased its
subscript ion about, twenty per cent to
the church and its causes. The deacons
nave put everything upou a business
basis of a weekly or monthly offering to
be collected at the end of every month.
Under the efficient management of the
superintendent our school is rightt in the
front rank in interest and work. The
Tiastor is ably supported by an efficient
bench of elders and board of deacons;
all lead in public prayer and have the
confidence of the congregation. \W. are
working and praying for a deepening of
the spiritual life of the whole church,
keeping in view Paul's motto in Philippians
3:13-14. R. I. L.
The Presbytery of Central Texas is
hereby called to meet in adjournod session,
in the First Church, Temple Texas,
June 8, 1909, at 2:30 p. m.
Jas. E. Green, Moderator.
Women's Preshyterial Union at Lockhart:
All who expect to attend the meeti
ing of the union to bo held June 8-10
should notify Mrs. H. C. Storey. San
Marcos, for railroad rates.
Rev. M. W. Doggett, D. D., evangelist
of Western Texas Presbytery, four
weeks ago returned to the lower Rio
Grande valley and revisited the newly
organized churches, like Paul of old
"confirming the souls of the disciples
and exhorting them," mainly to prepare
them for the coming of Rev. S. M. Glasgow.
The membership of these young
churches is greatly rejoiced over the
prospect of having a pastor with them
soon. Dr. Doggett also visited several
new points. At Mission ho found a few
Presbyterians. In a two days' tramp at
San Benito, he found twenty members
of the Presbyterian Church. He will return
to these points soon to aftect organizations.
Mercedes and McAllen: These churches
in the lower Rio Grande vadlov to
get her with titae brethren of Western
Texas Presbytery ara greatly elated over
the final decision of Rev. S. M. Glasgow,
of Union Seminary in accepting the
pastoral oversight of them. These two
new organizations are located In the
midst of one of the most fertile sections
of the country- Two years ago the entire
valley was uncultivated. Mr. Glasgow
will have a very wide field in which to
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