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The Presbyterian of the South : [combining the] Southwestern Presbyterian, Central Presbyterian, Southern Presbyterian. [volume] (Atlanta, Ga.) 1909-1931, September 08, 1909, Image 1

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?This W
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More About the New Relij
My First Sunday in England ...
Men and Missions
Home Missions at Montreat
Expenses of Commissioners
Those Statistical Columns
To Pastors and Sessions
The statistics of religiou:
States, issued by the Census
in 1906, 186 denominations
members. The percentage
church members, was larger
than in 1890. In local religioi
Protestants increased 27.8 p
Catholics 27.9 per cent;
churches, increased 30.5 per
churches 25.9 per cent, these
bracing much more than on<
Under all the conditions, it
should be an increase
church membership in this c
forty per cent of the entire pi
include baptized children, b
tians, actually enrolled in the
hundred of the greatly mix
pagans, Mohammedans, une>
ers of all kinds, coming fron
.stood up to confess the nar
Around them are many mor
ncrents, wno attend tne servi
port their work and are moi
by their influences.
The Outlook for last weef
the memorial of Uncle Wa
ful and esteemed servant of E
. V .. -.?i ? . - . ^
J eek 11.
on f
Page, the
2 hav*
'roposed 2 loya
jion 3 tian
4 Bev
6 lowl
8 loya
14 call
22 T
24 in c
Notes be't
5 bodies in the United helc
Bureau last week, shows, (jas,
with 32,934,445 church 0f a
of population who were for
by 5.4 per cent in 1906 Cou
us bodies or churches, the tere
er cent, and the Roman that
Methodist bodies, local
cent, and Baptist local
two bodies together em- '
nf tliA f-ntol rViiirr?li IlOt
. "go<
is encouraging that there ^ts
reported of the total ^
ountry. It makes nearly Yor
opulation. This docs not
ut only professfed Chris- ,n?
: churches. Out of every tatl<
ed population, including con1
/angelized, and unbeliev- ine
1 many lands, forty have *
ne of Christ voluntarily,
e who may be called ad- H
ices of the churches, sup- ceiv
re or less affected in life the
c was much interested in a be
rner Liscomb, the faith- friei
)r. Robert L. Dabney, and agei
' ?
Othf southwestern /
r(triTRAL PRE3B\
MBER 8, 1909.
family, which appeared in or
The Outlook's editors, like m
rom afar, have much to learn a
relation of the races. Within
s been in the homes of a num
il to their old masters' families
s. We would like The Outlc
erly, badly scarred from woui
ing his master in the battle
tl and true today, as he was the
ed to his better home.
he present position of the Fedei
onnection with the Cumberlai
rennessee, is that all the clai
lin possession of certain properl
:itizens of the other State, or <
jurisdiction in the case. Had
I when the well known "Wa
e," in Louisville, was in the co
few members colonized for a t
the purpose of getting the ca
rr, me result wouia nave Deen
sting to note the advancement
case was allowed place and a
he "Cumberland Presbyterian,"
to the Cumberland Presbyt
thern Presbyterian Church, is
^d people who butt in to oth
objection is to the public disci
licensure and ordination by the
k of young men who do not
Word of God. It characterizes
"a stick to beat a rival Churc
3n noon the motive"; of other*;
temporary. We rather impute
earnest desire to preserve the p
he living God.
as the "Cumberland Fresby
ed of the fact that doctrinal lax
foundations of our Churches?
the question of doctrinal faitl
, ,1
irrier to some phases of Churc
nds of Christ must ever prote:
ment of the Word of God.
i. *
NO. 36.
ir columns, August
any more who look
ibout the South and
a fortnight past we
ber of old servants,
, and devout Chris
>ok to know Uncle
ids received in folof
n, and waiting to be
ral Courts, as shown
id Church decisions
mants who seek to
ty in one State must
:lse the courts have
this position been
lnut Street Church
^ _ 1 -1 1
iiris, unuer ucmanu
ime over in Indiana
se into the Federal
different. It is inof
the courts since
which now belongs
erians, but to the
reflecting on some
er people's affairs."
ussion of the act of
Presbytery of New
accept the Bible as
i the critics as seekh."
Such an impuis
unworthy of our
to all these writers
niritv r?f tin* rhnrch
terian" never conity
is today sapping
Has it not realized
'ifulness is one that
:h, and that is today
h union? The best
st against a dispar

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