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The Presbyterian of the South : [combining the] Southwestern Presbyterian, Central Presbyterian, Southern Presbyterian. [volume] (Atlanta, Ga.) 1909-1931, September 08, 1909, Image 10

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For tl
From the morning i
With childhood's i
This has been one' c
We have led the s
But that is the smal
Just to make vacs
And it means there's
When he whistles
"Auntie, may 1 hav<
And a few ten-pei
The request was ba:
Ere we heard dist
Get the turpentine a
For the laddie's ci
Bathe the wound til
Hug and kiss and
"Auntie, now we nei
For we're fixin' ui
res, you m nna somi
In the cellar ther<
By the time the stc
Busy little builder
And they start with
An exciting game
Next he comes, with
Holding fast a sti
"Auntie, help me tie
All we need's a pie
Boy and bug then i
June-bug sacrificed
Though it was a luc
Where's a happier
"O, my bug has buzs
Auntie, now I'll hs
Just a minute he is
Then begins to sp
Marbles too are inte
x ha nc ucai auuit
And the "team" begi
Getting ready to p
Get the ball! Put u|
Bat and mask and
There's no other ga
For vacation days
And I say the little
Can not have too i
Summer time won't
Even youth must
Kirkwood, Ga.
"I don't like to brit
bled little Johnny to
"All right, John." s
heard him. "you need)
you are willing to."
"Really, mamma?"
"Yes." answered hi
have boys about that
The little hoy ran
that he could do just
mother had only ask<
that morning; still it
a barn for his hobh
no one bothered him,
the presbyterii
tie Children
:e's busy day.
intil bed time
idventures rife,
lav nf manv
trenuous life;
1 boy's business
ttion hum,
fun a-brewing
for his chum.
; the hammer
my nails"?
rely granted
ressing wails;
nd linen
-acked his thumb,?
1 it feels better,
love him some.
sd some boxes
) a store,"?
e in the wood-shed,
i are more;
ire is finished
s tire.
bell and bucket
of "fire."
brown eyes shining,
uggling thing?
my June-bug,
;ce of string''
ace off wildly,?
1 to joy,
rkless insect
little boy?
sed his leg off!
ive to stop,"
t quiet
in his top;
ler call,
ins to gather
lay ball.
p the marbles,
mlt now please,?
me so splendid
like these;
much of play,?
last forever?
pass away.
?Margaret Scott Hall.
ig in chips all the time," grumhimself.
;aid his mother, who had overi't
bring in any more chips until
cried little John,
is mother: "for J don't like to
grumble and hate to work."
ofi* to play, delighted to think
as he pleased. To be sure his
ed him to bring in chips twice
took time, and he was building
Jf-IIVl.7^ 11 lilt Id W II 9 IIUW, 'II
he would get it done that after
The barn was finished
no one bothered little J
picked up the chips herse
to run errands.
Hut when the barn w
tired of it. and ran intc
mother to tell him a sto
"1 can't tell you a st
"for 1 am busv. Run aw;
But John was tired of
intothe kitchen, and the
He ran and looked on
where his mother always
the shelf was bare.
"Mamma," cried John
room where his mother s;
"What pie?" question*
"Why, you always m;
over when von liat-f
"I used to," said his 11
tli is morning to bother 1
John went soberly out
shade of his new barn to
mother, woudn't she hav
and if he had brought the
wouldn't she have found
"i ought to help my m
pies or not," said little
"It doesn't take but a r
pan of chips; and it's fun
"Mamma." he said, hall
in a boxful of wood and
bring in chips, 'cause it h
on errands. I'm willing
you bake little pies for m
"All right," laughed hi<
had learned his lesson; "
there'll be a little pie for
By Demarest C
"Oh, dear!" grumbled
have to dress one's self,"
selves as a naughty frovvi
\\ ny, daughter, said
have to learn to wait on
on scolding. Everything
the one she wanted; she
her shoes wouldn't lace u
hit of use in opening her
to leave the room. She
to the table that even he:
"It's such a bother to 1
by myself," she wailed v
have time to clear the ta
before school time. And
that she was not half tli
start to school, and away
for mother to do.
September 8, 1909.
long before supper time, for
ohn that day. His mother
If, and did not even call him
as finished, little John was
} the house, and asked his
ory." answered his mother,
ay now, and play."
playing, so he wandered out
re he smellcd the Saturday's
i a low shelf in the pantry
put a little pie for him, hut
i, bursting into the sitting
at sewing, "where's my little
;d his mother, who seemed
ike me a little pie or turnit's
the one I mean."
tother, "but I was too busy
with little pies."
doors, and sat down in the
think. If he had helped his
e had time to tell the story,
chips when she was baking,
I time to make him a little
other whether she bakes me
John, solemnly to himself,
ninute or two to pick up a
to run errands."
F an hmir lalor "T'vo 1........1.*
*uvvif * W Ml
two pans of chips. I like to
ielps you. And I like to run
to help after this, whether
e or not."
> mother, who saw that John
the next time I bake maybe
you."?Epworth Herald.
ilentworth Rubins.
Helen, "it's such a hr?tli#?r
' and the dimples hid them1
chased all the smiles away,
mother, smilingly, "we all
ourselves," but Helen kept
was wrong; her dress wasn't
didn't like her hair ribbon ;
p right, and she didn't see a
window when she was ready
brought such a clouded face
r breakfast didn't suit.
lave to wash these dishes all
vhen mother said she would
l>le and wash up everything
she moved around so sIowI>
trough when it was time to
she hurried, leaving the rest

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