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May 12, 1915]
Time and Place?Presbytery adjourned
to meet at Hopkinsville, Ky.,
October 12, 1915, at 8:30 A. M.
E. E. Smith, S. f.
Met in Hustonville, Ky., April 6th,
and was opened with a sermon by Rev.
John E. Park, moderator. Twenty
ministers and eighteen ruling elders
were enrolled.
Organization: Rev. Runyan McLcod,
moderator; Rev. Willis Thomnsnn
temporary clerk.
Memorial Service: The death of
Hev. Joseph H. Hopper was announced,
and Presbytery paid tribute to his
memory, addresses being made by a
number of his brethren.
Assembly Matters: Presbytery disapproved
of the proposed amendment
of the Book of Church Order providing
for the election of ruling elders
and deacons to serve for a limited
Two overtures to the Assembly were
adopted, the first asking that the General
Assembly of 1916 be called "The
Country Church Assembly," and that a
committee be appointed to arrange a
program of exercises for the consideration
of the opportunities, needs,
problems and support of the country
church. The second asks that the exIVOnOAO
O# w 1 ^ * * * -
pcuooii w i uuuiuiiBgiuuers puia oy me
Assembly be limited to the net cost
of transportation.
Home Missions: The report of the
Home Mission Committee recorded the
most substantial progress made in
many years, the work of the Presbytery
being in better condition than
probably at any time in its history.
Encouraging progress has been made
in practically every department of the
work. The labors of the evangelist,
Rev. J. A. Tro8tle, have proven valuable
both in the churches and mission
fields, and the resnltn hawo ham
excellent. A general exchange of pulpits
was ordered May 9th for the presentation
of this cause in all the
churches. Rev. C. R. Blain, of Plneville,
was made chairman and treasurer
of Home Missions.
The cause of Foreign Missions received
special attention, and following
the adoption of the report a half-hour
was spent in special prayer for this
great work. Rev. W. B. Harrison, after
presenting the claims of this cause in
many of our churches during his protracted
stay in this country, was en
abled, chiefly through the efforts of the
Ladies' Missionary Societies, to return
with his family to his work in Korea.
The Committee on Christian Kdurntion
recommended that the churches be
urged to pray and work for a more
wholesome religious atmosphere and
deeper spirituality in the home life of
our people, so that their sons will the
more naturally offer themselves for the
work of the holy ministry.
Tlie Woman's Preebyterial Union reported
twenty societies with 916 members.
Their gifts to the causes of
beneficence amounted to |4,081. Four
societies are not connected with the
union and three churches have no
missionary societies. Their next
meeting will be held in Plneville, and
every church is asked to send representatives.
The fall meeting of Presbytery will
be held in Somerset, beginning September
E. M. Green, S. O.
Met at Ouerrant, Ky., in the chapel
of Highland College, April 18th. The
opening sermon was preached by the
last moderator present, Rev. W. A.
Hopkins, from 2 K. 2:19-22. The
Presbytery was entertained by Prolessor
and Mrs. C. E. Wells in the
college dormitories. This hospitality
contributed greatly to the pleasure of
(he commissioners and to the dispatch
of business. Rev. J. D. Wallace was
elected temporary clerk.
Moderator: Rev. J. J. Rice was elected
Candidates: Messrs. Sidney Jett,
Clayton Hurst and George Belcher
were taken under the care of Presbytery
as candidates for the ministry.
All three are mountain boys, and are
receiving their education in Highland
College. Licentiates, Messrs. D. J.
Cumming and Clarence C. White were 1
licensed as probationers to preach the 1
gospel. i
Evangelism: The committee reported
a delightful and profitable conference
on evangelism at Pisgah in November.
"We rejoice at the evidences
of the revival spirit in the Church 1
at large and within the bounds of the
Presbytery." I
Organization of Cliurrhes: A church
at Blackey was organized October 18, 1
1914, where Stuart Robinson College
is located. Rev. H. S. Henderson,
president of the college, accepted a call
to the church, and will be installed.
Place of Fall Meeting: Elm Corner
was chosen as the place of the fall
Resolutions: Resolutions were
passed by Presbytery expressing appreciation
of the great work accomplished
by Dr. E. O. Guerrant in the
mountains, Highland College itself
being a striking illustration.
Resolutions were also passed expressing
appreciation of the splendid 1
work of Rev. I. C. Hunt while superintendent
of Home Missions.
Foreign Missions: The committee
presented facts furnished by the committee
at Nashville. They further imported
that great numbers of people,
heretofore indifferent, are turning to
God; that the growing desire for the
religion of Jesus Christ is taking on
more and more a definite form; that
neglected countries are becoming the
object of intense interest and thouuht
fill study. Mexico was cited as the
richest country in the world for the
extent of its territory, suggestive of
its boundless material and spiritual
resources, which it may be our privilege
under God to develop.
Overture: An overture was sent
up to the General Assembly that the
plans for raising the beneficent contributions
be so rearranged that the
initial movement shall be made by the
individual churches and not by the
various executive committees and
agencies; that the executive committees
shall set forth their needs, and
a definite effort be made to secure from
rach church a statement as to what
it will undertake, and that the planning
and appropriations of the executive
committees be made on the basis
of these reports.
Recommendation of the General Assembly:
The suggestion to amend
chapter VI, section IV, of the Book
of Church Order, relative to a rotary
eldership and diaconate, was answered
in the affirmative.
Commissioners to the Assembly:
Rdv Maaai-o UMIII-? C : n r.
~?w?? ...v/omo. If II lldlli V UI1I 111 1U? , MI. U.p
and J. M. Spencer, D. D., were elected
principals, and Rev. Messrs. Allen
Jones, Jr., and S. P. Jlawes were elected
alternates. Ruling Elders J. C.
Tarleton and C. E. Wells were elected
principals, and Elders J. H. Newland
and F. J. Eversole alternates.
Narrative: The committee reported
Itioi In A - *
> ? n IOIRC |IIU|luniun oi our
churches the people are showing an
interest in religion by a growing attendance
on the worship of God. Their
gifts are larger than formerly. The
past year has been one of special
blessing in manifestations of the power
of the Holy Spirit.
Home Missions: The fields are supplied
and the workers paid. They are
ootlve, aggressive and faithful. Mr.
T. B. Talbot was commended for his
wisdom, energy, devotion and efficiency.
He was elected superintendent
of Home Missions and Sunday-school
missionary (or the coming year.
Sabbatli Schools: Out of twentyeight
reporting, nineteen report more
or less marked religious interest. Six
ichoolB were organized, eighteen partly
organized. There were 125 additions
to the church. Progress in Sundayschool
extension has been gratifying.
A resolution was passed expressing
I he thanks of Presbytery to Professor
>ind Mrs. C. E. Wells for their kind
miapiiauiy, ana io me DU8 lines.
S. M. Logan, S. C.
Met in Slidell, La., April 20tb. Seventeen
ministers and eleven ruling elders
were enrolled. Rev. Dr. U. D. Mooney
preached the opening sermon. Rev.
K. H. Gregory, of Garyville, was elected
One new church, North Bogalusa,
was enrolled. Several absent ministers
were excused for non-attendance.
Rev. P. Ph. Briol, who has been in
France and Switzerland during the last
iwo years, was heard from. He desires
help for the work of the Reformed
church in France. Rev. S.
Wingo, of the Baptist church, was introduced
as a visiting brother.
Pnnnlnr n-om liaW i?
interest of missions, with addresses
by Rev. Dr. George H. Cornelson, Jr.,
and Rev. A. H. Ziemer, and of Sundayschools,
with addresses by Rev. John
Nelson Blackburn and Mr. A. Verrault,
a French Sunday-school missionary.
A commission was appointed to visit
the Atkinson Memorial church, of
Morgan City, to investigate its affairs
and act upon matters connected with
its supplyship. The commission's
members being Revs. Dr. W. McF.
Alexander, John Nelson Blackburn, C.
S. Sholl and Elders E. S. Upton and
Robert W. Marshall.
The Home Missions Committee
made a report covering its transactions
of the past year, one of the most interesting
and almost thrilling of which
was the complete payment of the
heavy debt with which the work has
been burdened for several years. The
committee received the praise of the
Presbytery, and was unanimously reelected,
its members being Rev. Drs.
George Summey, George H. Cornelson,
Jr., John W. Caldwell, Jr., and U. D.
Mooney and Elders William T. Hardle,
John S. Talmage and A. B. Dinwiddie.
Commissioners to the General Assembly
were elected as follows: Rev.
Drs. W. McF. Alexander and U. D.
Mooney and Ruling Elders Robert W.
Marshall and E. M. Stebbins, all from
New Orleans except Mr. Stebbins, who
is from Abbeville. Alternates, Rev.
F. C. Talmage, Covington; Rev. Dr.
John W. Caldwell, Jr., New Orleans;
Mr. John S. Talmage, New Orleans,
and Mr. E. S. Upton, New Orleans.
The Presbytery unanimously resolved
to continue its earnest and
solemn protest against the violations
of comity lately practiced by the Presbytery
of Jefrerson, of the Northern
Church, in its Invasion of territory, its
making disaffected and disciplined
ministers its agents there, and in its
entrance into one of the churches of
New Orleans Presbytery to install a
Mr. John Davidson was re-elected
treasurer. Carrollton was chosen as
the place for the next meeting. Provision
was made for special attention
av me iicai mrri ui^ iu lilt* SUDjeClS Ol
the Sabbath and family religion. Evangelistic
powers were given, until the
next meeting, tQ the ministers working
under the care ot the Home Missions
Committee, in their respective
fields where needful, and under the
same conditions to the ministerial
members of the Home Missions Committee
to be exercised, under the com
(311) 13
mittee's direction, in fields which may
be without evangelists or sessions.
Met In the Presbyterian church, Minden,
La., Tuesday, April 20th, with
twelve ministers and thirteen elders
present. The opening sermon- was
preached by Rev. W. C. Tenney, the
retiring moderator.
Officers: Rev. J. F. Naylor, moderator,
and Rev. J. McQueen, temporary
Corresponding Member: Rev. R. L.
waiKup, or tne Presbytery of Mississippi.
IHsmissed: Rev. C. F. Hoffman to
ihe Presbytery of Louisiana.
Commissioners to the General Assembly
were elected as follows: Rev.
Jasper K. Smith, D. D., with Rev. W.
C. Tenney alternate; Ruling Elder
John Glassell, of the First church,
Shreveport, with Ruling Elder C. M.
Hutton, of the Minden church, alternate.
Foreign Missions received due consideration
by the Presbytery. Members
expressed themselves as being
much gratified that the deficit for the
past year was not so much as that of
the preceding year. An excellent re
port was presented by the chairman,
in which it was recommended that the
Presbytery undertake to raise the
$3,200 apportioned us for the year,
this being only $66 above the amount
contributed last year.
The Home Mission work of the
Presbytery is in good condition, all of
our churches, but two, having been
supplied with regular services for practically
the entire year. A critical time
seems to have come, in that the Assembly's
committee has been compelled
to reduce its appropriations to the
work, but there are hopeful signs that
the churches will make special efforts
to increase their eifts for their nan
support, and save the work from injury.
There are four self-supporting,
and twenty-eight dependent churches
within our bounds.
The Summer Training School for
Christian Workers to be held in Baton
Rouge June 15th-24th was heartily
endorsed. Our people were urged to
take advantage of the opportunities afforded
by this course, and the Sundayschools
were asked to meet their share
of the expense of maintaining the
Systematic Beneficence was given
special attention in a conference, under
direction of the permanent committee.
Rev. R. L. Walkup, representing the
Assembly's Campaign Committee on
Stewardship, made the conference most
helpful by his suggestions, and by his
answers to the many questions presented
for consideration. The Presbytery
expressed its hearty appreciation
of his visit. The report sent
up to the General Assembly shows
$8,485 contributed for all benevo
lences, an increase or $1,900 over last
The next meeting will be held in
the Dunlap Memorial church, Shreveport,
Tuesday, October 12, 1915, at
7:30 P. M.
A hearty vote of thanks was extended
the people of Minden church,
together with the people of other congregations.
for the kind hospitality
extended the Presbytery.
H. M. McLaurin, S. 0.
Met in Lauderdale, Miss., April 13th.
and by request the opening sermon
was preached by Rev. J. E. Jones, 1).
D. There were present twelve ministers
and eleven elders.
Rev. J. P. Eddins was chosen mod
erator, and Mr. H. L. Morrison temporary
A communication from Rev. J. H.
Lumkin with reference to the claim
of LaQrange Synodical College against

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