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May 12, 1915]
hyterial communion, popular meeting, l
<ii(l generally during business sessions. <
Itev. J. C. Story, of Marion, made
good presiding officer. Revs. J. C.
drier and W. H. Goodman were the 1
efficient temporary clerks. i
Business was dispatched with order '
and in short time. In fact, our people
complained that the brethren were in 1
too much hurry to get through and 1
Notwithstanding the four excellent
services and several short, interesting
addresses during popular meeting of I
Home Missions Wednesday night,
Presbytery finished all the business,
after full discussion, and adjourned 4
I-, m. iiiursnay, 10 meet in Statesville,
June 7th, to license two young men.
Two young men were taken under 1
care of Presbytery as candidates for
the ministry?J. C. Clarke, of Banner
Elk, N. C., and J. K. Fleming, of Elmwood,
N. C.
There was an exchange of delegates 1
between our Presbytery and that of a
colored Presbytery of Presbyterian
Church U. S. A., in session in our little f
town at same time. We sent Revs. J.
A. Scott and J. G. Garth ^s our deligates
bearing fraternal greetings. The
colored brethren appreciated the cour- 1
tesy so much that they sent twice the '
number to our Presbytery. They made '
good, appreciative addresses.
After full discussion our Presbytery
agreed to cede only four counties
to the new Synod of Appalachia?
Yancey, Mitchell, Avery and Watanga.
The Synodlcal Committee recommended
that we give these four to
the Appalachian Synod, two more, Me- !
Dowell and Burke, and unto the Presbytery
of King's Mountain, Caldwell 1
and Catawba. That would be giving
up eight of our fourteen counties.
Commissioners to General Assem- (
bly: Dr. C. M. Richards of Davidson,
Revs. C. L. Squires of Lenoir, and
W. M. Sikes of Newton; Ruling Elders
W. J. Martin of Davidson, L. N. Hall
of Mooresvllle, and J. C. Grlflin of
Regular fall meeting at Old Fort,
September 14, 1915.
Dugald Munroe.
Met at Gastonia, N. C.t April 13th.
Rev. T. E. P. Woods preached the
opening sermon.
Ruling Elder A. M. Hoke, of Llncolnton,
was elected moderator, and
Rev. P. B. Rankin temporary clerk.
Next Meeting: Ellenboro.
Commissioners to General Assembly:
Rev. R. A. Miller, Rock Hill, S. C.,
nrlnrino 1 * Por P Q "Oiiriimn t akiaII
N. C., alternate; Elder A. M. Hoke. 1
Lincolnton, N. C., principal; Elder C.
E. Neisler, King's Mountain, N. C.,
alternate. 1
Rev. Lacy L. Little made an address
on China.
Rev. J. H. Henderlite was appointed
to preach the doctrinal sermon
next fall, and the subject to be, "The
Sovereignty of God." J
Rev. R. A. Miller was elected chairman
of the Home Mission Committee, '
and an encouraging report was made 1
by this committee, and an interesting 1
meeting was held Wednesday night
aud Presbyterlal, Synodical and Gen- <
eral Assembly Home Missions were
represented by speakers.
The Lowell church was granted per- 1
mission to employ Rev. W. E. Me- 1
Uwaine, D. D., of Charlotte, N. C., i
temporary supply.
Rev. J. S. Wood was received from
Mecklenburg Presbytery, and arrange- i
ments made for bis installation at
Ellenboro and Forrest City.
Rev. K. A. Campbell resigned as i
pastor of the Loray church, and this
church was allowed to employ him as
temporary supply.
Rev. R. 8. Burwell tendered his
resignation as pastor of New Hope
church, but the church having unanimously
declined to concur, and the
pastor having expressed a willingness
to continue the relation for a while
it least, hoping for better times, Presbytery
declined to dissolve.
Presbytery concurred in the report
of Synod's committee sent down on
the territorial boundaries of the proposed
Appalachian Synocr.
The Gastonia church entertained
Presbytery with ease, courtesy and
generosity. The friends of the faithful
and beloved pastor will be glad to
know that he is rapidly recovering
from quite a severe attack of la grippe.
/\na me same is irue 01 uev. a. L..
("athey, the efficient stated clerk, who
could not attend all the sessions of
Presbytery. R. S. B.
Met at Mt. Pisgah church April 26th,
and was opened with a sermon by Rev.
I>acy L. Little, the retiring moderator.
There were forty-one ministers and
sixty-seven elders enrolled, making 103
in all, eighty-seven of whom answered
the first roll call.
Rev. H. M. Dixon was elected moderator;
Rev. A. T. Lassiter temporary
clerk, and Rev. R. A. McLeod engrossing
Rev. A. M. Crawford, of Orange
Presbytery; Rev. H. T. Beaty, of Central
Presbytery; Rev. E. J. McKay, of
wesi Lexington presbytery; Rev W.
H. Eubank, of Wilmington Presbytery.
and Rev. C. C. Carson, of Kings
Mountain Presbytery, were invited to
dt as corresponding members.
Rev. A. W. Crawford was heard in
m earnest address on Synodical 'Home
Presbytery authorized the trustees
of the Southern Presbyterian College
snd Conservatory of Music to change
name and the charter of the institution.
Commissions: To organize a church
at Rule's Creek: Revs. L. Smith, A.
E. McQueen, A. T. Lasslter and Elder
J. E. Bryan.
To organize a church at Hickory
Cross school house: Revs. G. E. Klrkpatrick,
T. H. Spence and Elders E. S.
Edmundson and 'J. H. Kirby, Rev. W.
B. Lacy, Jr., was requested to act with
the commission.
D Air 1_J rp T>?? J
iwi. *1. x. ocatjf was grauieu permission
to labor in the bounds of the
Presbytery until the next stated meeting.
Professor W. L. Cooper was heard
in behalf of Elise school.
A sermon on the atonement was
preached by Rev. H. J. Mills by special
direction of Presbytery. Other
preachers during the session of Presbytery
were Rev. G. G. Vardell, D. D.,
and Rev. W. H. Eubank.
? -I
t uuucounj evening w aa giveu over
to the cause of Foreign Mission. Pending
the adoption of the report of the
Foreign Mission Committee addresses
were made by Revs. L. L. Little and
H. F. Beaty.
Rev. C. C. Carson was received by
letter from Kings Mountain Presbytery,
and Rev. W. >H. Eubank by letter
from Wilmington Presbytery.
Rev. C. C. Carson is in charge of
the Iona group of churches, and Rev.
W. H. Eubank of the Mt. Gilead group.
The manual, revised by a special
committee, Rev. J. M. Rose, D. I).,
chairman, was presented, adopted and
ordered printed.
Serious consideration was given to
the Sabbath, a helpful address on the
subject being made by Rev. W. M.
The following were elected commissioners
to the Oeneral Assembly: Revs.
W. M. Fairley, J. J. Hill, D. D., M. D.
McNeill and Elders A. D. McOlll, J. P.
Kussell and M. Q. McDonald.
Hamlet was selected as the place of
the next meeting, and October 4th at
11 A. M. as the time. Thursday night
was given over to the cause of Home
Missions. The Rev. H. G. Hill, D. D.,
who, for more than forty years, has
been chairman of the Home Mission
Committee, presiding Short addresses
were made by Revs. A. T. Lassiter,
A. R. McQueen, T. H. Spence and J. K.
Presbytery adjourned to meet in
Kayetteville June 8th at 11:00 A. M.
after extending a vote of hearty thanks
to the pastor and people of Mt. Pisgah
church for most courteous and hospitable
J. K. Hall, S. C.
met in the Yorkville church, April 13,
1915, at 8:30 o'clock P. M., and was
opened with a sermon by R. Roy
Brown, the retiring moderator, on the
"Gospel Ministry."
There were twenty-one ministers
and twenty-nine ruling elders in attendance
at this meeting.
Ruling Rider G. H. O'Leary, of the
Yorkville church, was elected moderator,
and Jno. A. McMurrav assistant
A conference on Foreign Missions
was held Wednesday morning and F.
W. Gugg and A. D. P. Gilmour addressed
the Presbytery on the subject
of missions.
A commission was animlnteH /* nr.
ganize a church at Blackstock and
another commission to organize a
church at Pirzole, if the way be clear.
Candidate J. Mills Lemmon, of
the graduating class, Columbia Seminary,
was licensed.
An interesting and instructive illustrated
lecture on the Thornwell Orphanage
was delivered Wednesday
evening by Rev. J. B Branch.
The following persons were electedcommissioners
to the General Assembly:
Principals?Revs. P. A. Drennou.
Dowry ville, S. C.; Rev. W. A. Hofner,
Port Mill, S. C\; Ruling Elders R. B.
Caldwell, Chester, S. C.; W. L. McCrovey,
Blackstock, S. C. Alternates?
Rev. W. S. Howiter, Blackstock, S. C.;
Rev. F. W. Grigg, Rock Hill, S. C.;
Ruling Elders Alexander McDonald.
Black stock, S. C.; J. A. Page, Clover,
S. C.
Fort Mill was chosen as the place
of next regular meeting. Time, September
14, 1915, at 8:30 P. M.
W. A. Hafner, S. C.
Met in Camden, S. C., on April 14th,
and was opened with a sermon by Rev.
J. W. Forbes, the retiring moderator.
Rev. G. A. Blackburn was elected
moderator, and Rev. W. R. Pritohett
temporary clerk.
Present: Eleven ministers and ten
Mr. W. H. Townsend was re-elected
for a term of two years as trustee of
the Presbyterian College at Clinton.
Rev. W. R. Prltchett was given a
letter of dismission to Harmony Presbytery.
Mr. J. W. Stark was licensed to
preach the gospel.
The resolutions passed at the last
meeting in regard to the power of
the Presbytery to send commissioners
to the General Assembly were withdrawn.
The reports adopted and sent up to
the Assembly were very encouraging,
and showed life and growth In the
young Presbytery.
The report of the Foreign Missions
Committee showed that the per capita
gifts for that cause were |1.30. The
churches were urged to increase this
amount to $2.00 during- the ensuing
Rev. O. A. Blackburn spoke on
"Colored Evangelisation;" Rev. O. Q.
Mayes spoke on "The Country
(313) 15
Church," and Rev. 8. C. Byrd presented
the cause of Chicora College.
The next Btated session will be held
In Richland church at 8 P. M. September
21. 1915.
R. B. Grlnnan, S. C.
Met in Florence, S. C., April 13th, with
fifteen ministers and twenty-two elders
present. Rev. J. P. Anderson preached
the opening sermon. Rev. S. R.
Hope was elected moderator and Mr.
D. S. Matheson was elected temporary
clerk. Candidate J. M. Lemon was
licensed as a probationer. He will
supply the churches at Conway, Bayboro
and Wocamaw.
The overture of the Assembly in
regard to electing elders and deacons
for limited terms was accepted. The
recommendation In reference to elect
half the commissioners to succeed
themselves, was not approved.
The recommendations of the Board
of Clilcora College relative to the removal
of the college were sent back
to the board for further consideration,
but Presbytery expressed its preference
for Columbia as the locatloa
for the college. A memorial of Rev.
J. G. Richards was read. A committee
was appointed to prepare a me
muriHi 01 nev. m. a. Airutucnin ror
the next meeting. A committee was
appointed to arrange an evangelistic
campaign for the summer, in which
a meeting is to be held in every
church in the Presbytery. Rev. R. T.
Gillespie, of Florence, S. C., and Mr.
P. A. McKeller, of Bennettsvills, S.
C., were elected commissioners to the
Assembly. Alternates. Rev. T. E.
Simpson, of Society Hill, S. C., and
Mr. W. I). Carmlchael, of Marion, S.
The next meeting will be held in
Dillon, S. C. A. H. McArn, S. C.
met at Somerville, Tenn., April 13-15,
with twenty-six ministers present and
twenty-eight churches represented.
Opened with sermon hy Rev. Wm.
Crowe, I). D? which he was requested
to publish.
Officers: Moderator, Ruling Elder
Frazer Hood, Ph. D.f Westminster
church. Temporary Clerks, Rev. C. O.
Groves and Rev. R. I. Long.
Received: Rev. W T. Waller from
Presbytery of Macon; Rev. Geo. F.
Mason, from Presbytery of Augusta,
and Rev. A. L. Rhea, from Presbytery
of Arkans. Rev. W. T. Waller accepted
call to pastorate Trenton
ohll roll onH lu * a Ka {nalallA/l
VMM* VII MtiU 10 iu uc llioiaucu III DC. OUU"
day in May by commission composed
of ministers, T. M. Lowry, D. D., R.
P. Walker and Ruling Elder Frazer,
Rev. J. T. Rothrock being alternate to
ministers. Rev. Geo. F. Mason is supplying
Humboldt and New Shiloh.
Dismissed: Rev. C. J. Morton to
Louisville Presbytery and Rev. J. G.
Johnsey to Presbytery of Chicago, U.
a. a.
Dissolved: Pastoral relation of Rev.
F. L. Higdon with Mt. Carmel and he
permitted to labor out of our bounds
for six months, with letter to be issued
should he call for it in the interval.
Disolved: Hickory Valley church,
and assigned members .o Grand Junction.
Organized: Shady Grove church, reported
and enrolled.
Dismissed: Candidate for ministry
Jacob Rosenberg to Presbytery of Upper
Missouri Presbytery. Three candidates
for the ministry under our
CVmferences hold on: Foreign Missions.
Ministerial Education, Evangelism
and the state . f religion in our
bounds. Only thirty-five of seventyone
churches reported accessions on
profession of faith.
Executive Causes: Reports on all

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