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()rtniter 1->. 1 !M > |
ion. spoke to the students on the sub- i
j.-i't. "What Membership in the Asso- 1
, ial ion Can Mean." ?
Lexington: It is a pleasure to be <i
able to report that this chureh has sub- t
-cribed through the voluntary con- t
ributions of individual members the i
liousand dollars needed for beginning '
lie chape) for the West Lexington Sun- I
lay-school, of which Elder Frank T. <
lilasgow is superintendent. Work will
begun promptly and pushed rapid- 1
!v ill order to forestall the advent of 1
old weather as far as possible. '
A. 11. 1
I to <,>iiooii. First Church: Sunday
morning. Oetoher ltd, at the Suiulay
Iioid hour. Rally Day Kxereises were
liold. 1
These exercises were very helpful 1
anil enjoyable. The banner attend- t
unco for the year was noted. A num- t
her of the babies of the Cradle Roll, i
together with their parents, were pres- 1
out. The offering for Sunday-sehool 1
extension Work amounted to some- t
thing over fourteen dollars. t
At the 11 o'clock hour the first an- <
lli vnrsnrv enrvinn /if 4l?^v ? '
XfM. LUC Jll UM'IIL JltlS- 1
toratc was held and the sacrament of <
the Lord's Supper was observed. The
pastor announced the names of five '
members received since the last com- <
J. T. r.
Dothnn: "Rally Day" was observed '
by the Sunday-school of the First (
church on October 3, 1915. A program 1
was prepared bv a committee .of the 4
home school. Invitations were sent
to each member of the school and 1
congregation. The school assembled 1
at 10 A. M. The entire morning 1
service was given to the work as
mapped out by the committee. There '
VVOrn CAtl era PiKlo V
" ~~ ^iwio icauiiig, icuiiauuus
of psalms, questions in catechism, etc. 23
A part of the program, of interest to *
all, was the dedication of three chil- (
(lren by baptism to God. At the close '
of the service the retiring superin- 5
tondent made an interesting talk, in
which he gave the statistics showing 1
the number present at each Rally Day 1
since 1903. There were .r>0 per cent, t
more present yesterday than ever he- ]
fore. Our hearts were made glad to ]
know that a 50 per cent, gain in t
actual attendance was witnessed. We i
give God the glory and push on to i
nobler things. s
R. I,. Gamnhell
Womhlo: Sunday, October 3rd, was *
a Rood day with this church. For !
seven years a Union Sunday-school
has been held in our church. The *
Methodists moved into their own
building about a year ago, and the
Baptists have recently built a church, 1
leaving us alone. A Presbyterian Sun- '
day-school was organized on the date '
mentioned above, and opened with an
attendance of eighty-one. There are
others to he enrolled. At the night
service, Mr. John S. Bates was or- 1
dained and installed as an elder, and
Messrs. Young D. Bates and Joseph
mil wor-n AT-^oltiml ov.,1 < ~ ~ ? 11? .1
deacons. Those officers were elected 1
at a congregational meeting held two 1
weeks before. Before the quarterly '
communion service in the morning, a (
lady was received into the church '<
upon statement, and a man was re- 1
ceived at night upon profession of
faith and baptism.
Bartow: The Rev. .T. TT. F. Blue, of 1
Toronto, Canada, who has been supplying
this church for several weeks,
has declined the call extended last I
week, having accepted charge of a 1
church in Washington city in the
Northern connection. i
BeTinnd: The Presbyterian church
T II E P R E S B V rr E K I A
n DeLuind is a beautiful veneered
?riek, creamish tint. It lias been recently
remodeled and enlarged, with
i modern lecture room and infant class
oonis. ltev. ('. 11. Ferran is the pasor.
The Stetson University has just
ipcned. and the attendance has correspondingly
increased. The Stetson
University has just inaugurated a set
r a. (1UUV40WI1IC 1(1111 1" A j'L'115 I V
riiey were fortunate in getting them
"or $5,000. whereas the original price
.vas $8,500. It appears that some organization
had ordered them, but was
lot able to pay for them, so the university
was enabled to get them for
i bargain. S. G. H.
I'resbytery of Macon convenes at
Perry, Ga.. October 10th, at 7:30 1*.
d. One-half of the Presbyterial assessnent
is now due from all the churches
it the rate of 1 2cents per resident
nember. 10very session that did not
lave its minutes at the last Presby?ytery
is ordered to send the same to
his. Also at this meeting the roll
,vill be called and the question asked
if every Presbyter if the Every Member
Canvass plan has been put in
iperation in his congregation, and if
lot, why not. This with a view to
inding tho difficulties and helping to
jvercome them.
J. W. Stokes,
Stated Clerk.
Climax, Ga.
Atlanta: Sunday, October 4th. was
tally Day in Sunday-schools of the
ity. In the Presbyterian churches
here were unusually large numbers
)Ut. Some Christians try to get everyjotly
possible, whether they become
nembers or not. The Central reports
111 attendance of 1,1104. the largest
11 its history. North Avenue about
100. Westminster 302. Inman Park.
262, West End 20">. No doubt there
vere other Sunday-schools that showed
i large attendance. The churches
n Atlanta are wide rwake on Sunlay-school
work. There were thir:een
additions reported at Westminster.
Athens: On October 3rd the reguar
quarterly communion service was
leld in the First church. The church
ivas crowded and chairs had to he
placed in the aisles to seat the people.
Not since the church began the
lse of its beautiful and handsome iniividual
communion set, several years
igo, have so many communed at a
single service. The pastor. Dr. K. D.
Hill, announced the names of thirteen.
who had united with this church
since the last communion service,
rhirty-six. twenty-two on profession
uul fourteen by letter, have united
with this church since the church
year began. The Sunday-school has
been organized into departments, and
?ach department given a superintendent
and all necessary equipment.
And the attendance on October 3rd
was the largest for a number of years.
Tcnnillc: A new church was organized
in Tennille September 2Gth,
with thirteen members, five of whom
were from the Sandersville church
near by which came in bodily. The
two elders of the former Sandersville
church were selected elders of the
new church, and two deacons were also
elected and inducted into office. There
tre several Diners wno navo expressed
their intention to join. Rev. J. D.
McPhail, the superintendent of Home
Missions in Augusta Presbytery, organized
the church. Rev. F. P. Rood
will supply it with preaching one Sunday
in each month.
M. M. McFerrin,
Austell: On the third Sunday in
September Rev. F. D. Hunt, evangelist
for Atlanta Presbytery, began a meeting
with us which continued through
the following Sunday. Much interest
was manifested not only by our own
people, hut l?y members of the other
churches. We are sure this meeting
lias heen a spiritual blessing to the
church and to the town. There were
six additions to the church?three by
letter and three by confessing Christ
as their Saviour.
left'crson: This church is doing a
greater work now.While Rev. S. W.
Dubose is away in Norfolk. Ya., conducting
a revival, we had in his place
Sunday Mr. C. A. Rowland. Mr. Malcotn
Lockhart. and Mr. James Morton.
from Athens. Mr. J. ('. Turner,
one of the elders, will till the pulpit
,,t >-- .1-!---' <" ?
. >.< > <1 mi mi- i nun minnay.
Mcnlo: Itev. M. Shileds, Synodical
evangelist. came and preached ten
days and closed the third evening in
this month. There was a good audience
at hath morning and evening services.
His preaching was clear and
impressive. On Sunday evening, when
the doors of the church were opened,
fifteen joined on profession of faith.
Twelve of that number were baptized.
Others will join the churches later.
The music was of a high order, the
singing being led by Professor Wilson.
with Mrs. O. I>. Cleckler at the
organ. Our new pastor, the Rev. C.
It. Bailey, late of Greenville. S. C.. lias
taken charge of the Alpine group of
churches. He has a bright prospect
for usefulness both as pastor and
preacher. M. L.
Stuart Robinson College: A most
successful meeting was closed hero
October 3rd. with twenty-two additions
to the Presbyterian church. Rev. J.
S. McEvans was here two weeks, and
Dr. Guirrant a few days at the close
of the meeting. Two years ago thero
was not a member here, and no school.
Now a college (Stuart Robinson) with
140 students, and a good church and
full faculty of teachers. G.
Monroe: On October 3rd we observed
a most delightful, tender communion
service with a large body of
communicants present. The pastor.
Rev. C. S. Newman, D. D.. announced
mo names or four now members received
into tbp church by the session,
and also the name of one infant baptism.
On the Sunday previous our Sunday-school
carried out the Rally Day
program with the largest number
present in ten years, and a most liberal
collection from the school for the
Sunday-school extension work. The
pupils were given diplomas and promoted.
and new teachers were added
to some of the departments.
Crowley: On a recent Sunday
morning the pastor baptized seven (71
hi lie iinos. presenter! nv their parents
?an unusually interesting scone. Tho
Sunday-school Rally Ray service at
10:4a A. M, October P.rd was full of
variety, and there wore eight children
on profession and two grown people
to unite with the church. The fourth
vea?'s sessions of the Acadia Parish
Rihle Training School, of which Rev.
C. O'W Martindale is the dean, began
on Sunday afternoon. September
12tli. with an encouraging attendance,
all local churches co-operating. The
Louisiana Presbytery's meeting with
us on October 19th is awaited with
Abbey v ill o-fJuey dan: These two
fields are prosporinp. and all of us are
vary much oncourapod. Wo havo just
recently roroivod ono now mombor on
a profossion of faith in the Abbeville
oburob. and fivo bv lottor. in tbo Guevdan
church. Tbo now members will
add *o our stronptli. Tlio weekly pravor
service in tbo country lias boon well
attended all summer, and the Interest
is increasinp all the time. Wc have
(GDI) 0
recently organized a Sunday-school
Teacher's Training Class in Abbeville.
This class meets oil Tuesday nights
and is attended by members of dift'erent
Protestant churches. Plans are
now on foot for the organization of a
Young People's Society.
H. (). \V.
Synod of Mississippi will meet in
Creioi vlll.. Mi?? t.......i.... v
i 1|CSWU,> , ."NUVCI11 IHT
i i ! iat 7: : >o i\ m.
S. Caldwoll, Stated Clerk.
Ijiltn-ly: Rev. It. G. Frank, of tin'
Christian church, and Rev. H. P. MrClintic,
of the Presbyterian church,
have held a groat revival service f??r
the past two weeks, doing all the
preaching themselves.
The services were well attended
and great good was accomplished in
furthering Christian comity and good
fellowship, besides a goodly number
were added to the church of such as
were being saved. On Sabbath morning.
October 3rd. a union communion
service was held, the pastors of the
two churches presided at the table,
and the officers of both churches distributed
the elements to a well filled
house. Wo are tnlil 1-v* r?1?l
of the community that such a meeting
was never hehl here hofore. With
grateful hearts we praise God for Tlis
goodness and abounding grace.
Linculnton: Sunday, October 3rd.
was a day of unusual interest and
moment to the Lincolnton church. The
pastor-elect, Rev. W. S. Wilson. D. 1).,
was installed by a commission of
King's Mountain Presbytery, consisting
of Rev. J. R. Henderlite. chairman:
Rev. R. A. Miller. Rev. T. P. Woods
and Ruling Elders Rhineliart, of the
Ironton church. Mr. Henderlite
preached a sermon to a lartre cninrre
Ration, and propounded the constitutional
questions to pastor and people.
Very impressive charges were delivered
to the pastor and people by the
Rev. R. A. Miller and Rev. T. E. P.
Thus begins what promises to he a
most happy and successful pastorate.
This is an important field, and has a
large work to do. It is one of the
best organized and most liberal and
active churches in the Synod. Oood
work has been done by able and consecrated
men in years gone by: such
men as Prs. Davis. Johnson and Minter.
who left the impress of their sound
scholarship and consecrated zeal upon
the people. Under the able leadership
of Dr. Wilson, a worthy successor
to these men, the church gives
fair promise of moving steadily forward.
Gastonia: In the absence of the
pastor. Rev. J. H. Henderlite, the pulpit
of the First church of Oastonia
was filled on Sunday. October 3rd, by
the Rev. J. R. Caldwell. D. D.. president
of Queen's College. Charlotte.
N. C. Dr. Caldwell preached twice
to large and appreciative congregations.
Committees of this church are now
busy preparing for the meeting of the
Synod of North Carolina, which convenes
here October 2(!th.
Xewton Church: The Rally Day
exercises at this church on tho first
Sabbath of October wore among the
best that we have ever witnessed. The
hour for the regular preaching service
was given over to the rendering
of a program by the children of the
Sabbath school, together with a short
address by the pastor. Mrs. W. M.
Sikos, who is quite an adept at training
children for such occasions, had
spared no pains to have the children
well prepared with appropriate songs
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