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December 15, 1915]
God's best messages come to men
while the latter are engaged in the
ordinary, every day activities of life.
Good news frightens only when men
are not thinking of it or have their
hearts filled with contrary things. The
advent of Christ was worthy of the
greatest song ever heard on earth.
| Presbyteries jj
The Presbytery of New Orleans met
in the Carrolltou church, New Orleans,
on Tuesday evening, October 19, 1915.
The opening sermon was Breached bv
Rev. E. H.. Gregory. Eighteen ministers
and eleven ruling elders were
enrolled. Rev. F. C. Talmage was
elected moderator and Rev. Nelson
Blackburn temporary clerk.
Much time was devoted to the consideration
of the Presbytery's Home
Mission interests. The present condition
of many of the churches which
have been liberal supporters of the
work, due to the recent disastrous
storm, present some serious problems.
Rev. W. P. Chalmers was received
from the Presbytery of Arkansas. He
is in charge of the First church,
Authority was given to the Second
German church to change its name to
the Plalhnmo A von 11 a Praoh??o<-l>?
? v/??uw jl ivouj (.oiinii
church, after January 1, 1916.
A call from the Abbeville church
for the pastoral services of Licentiate
B. O. Wood was placed in Mr. Wood's
hands and accepted. A commission
was appointed to exaipine, ordain and
install him on November 15th.
A full evening's session was given
to a Conference on Family Religion,
opened with a sermon on that theme
by Rev. Dr. U. D. Mooney.
The Presbytery determined that any
action at this juncture on certain
communications received from JefTerson
Presbytery, of the Northern Synod
of Texas, would be discourteous, in
vl onr r\t fVin tn of V* o + ?-? * *
??v??? v/1. buu niui cue maucia iii~
volved are all before the General Assembly
of the Northern Church and
by that Assembly referred to the Executive
Commission, with power to act,
our own Assembly also having been
Invited to have a committee to confer
with that Executive Commission.
Evangelistic powers were given to
all the ministerial workers under the
direction of the Home Missions Committee
In their respective fields or
churches where there are no sessions,
and that the same powers be given to
the ministerial members of the Home
Missions Committee, as directed by
that Committee when needful.
The Presbytery, after long and free
discussion of the matter, most reluctantly
but unanimously, directed its
Home Missions Committee to make
considerable curtailment In the work
and obligations of the Home Mission
field. In view of the expected decrease
of resources. It also made urgent call
upon the several fields to strive to
reach a self-supporting basis.
met In Oldenburg, Franklin County,
Mississippi, October 12, 1915, and was
opened with a sermon by the retiring
moderator, Rev. J. M. Williams, from
text, 1 Tim. 3:16.
Moderator: Rev. J. G. Johnson.
Temporary Clerk: Rev. O. M. Anderson.
Corresponding Member: Rev. H. H.
Thompson, of Central Mississippi
Communications: Rev. W. L.
Mervln asked and obtained permission
to labor outside the bounds of
Presbytery till next spring meeting.
Rev. M. B. Shaw, a veteran of the
cross, tendered his resignation as
stated supply of Bethany church on
account of age and ill health. Presbytery
directed Dr. C. W. Grafton to
write a letter expressing the sympathy
and love of the brethren for this
faithful and devoted laborer of many
Rev. J. G. Johnson tendered to
Presbytery his resignation as pastor
of Fayette and Pine Ridge churches.
The churches are cited to appear by
their representatives at an adjourned
meeting in Greenville during sessions
of Synod and show reason, if any
there be, why the resignation should
not be accepted.
Presbytcrial Sermon: Preached by
Rev. B. C. Bell on "Presbyterian Government."
Next Presbyterial sermon
is to be preached by Rev. J. M. Williams
on the work of the Holy Spirit.
On Wednesday tender and impressive
services were held in memory of
the late Dr. J. J. Chisolm. Beautiful
tributes were paid to the memory
of this beloved brother.
"The Country Church": An interesting
Conference on the Country Church
was held. Dr. C. W. Grafton gave the
history of Union church, a country
church now more than one hundred
years old, still bearing fruit. He has
been forty-two years pastor of Union
and Bensalem churches, remote from
towns and railroads. These churches
have prepared scores of members for
useful service in other churches.
Able ministers have been nurtured
there. One is preaching the gospel in
Missouri; another in China.
Other able addresses were delivered
on the importance and the problems
of the country church.
Missions: Attention was given to
missions?Home and Foreign. Resnenilvfi
rhalrmftn nroannfn/1 Inofni/i
tive and inspiring reports.
Education: The chairman called
attention to the commendable diligence
of our candidates now prosecuting
their studies in our university
at Clarksville. Dr. M. E. Melvin made
a strong and impressive talk on
Synod's forward work, embracing
Home Missions, evangelism and Sunday-schools.
The Presbytery of Mississippi
is in hearty accord with
Synod's work.
New Work and New Edifice: Rev.
R. A. Boiling, who has been ordained
little more than one year, gave an
encouraging report of his work in
Marion and Lawrence Counties. He
nas compietea a nanciaome bouse of
worship in the growing town of Columbia
on Pearl River, the first Presbyterian
church ever built in Marion
Presbytery accepted the invitation
to hold next spring meeting in the
new church.
Oldenburg was named by a German
immigrant who came to Franklin
County many years ago from Oldenburg
in the old country. His descendants
constitute important factors in
the community. A son is an elder, a
grandson is a student for the ministry
at Clarksville. Rev. S. P. DuBols
and his good wife have been laboring
in this field for more than four years.
The Franklin field has three new and
beautiful houses of worship, Meadville,
Eddiceton, Oldenburg. Two of
these were built since Mr. DuBois
The Oldenburg people deserve great
credit for their-substantial and tas*y
Hospitality Abounded: The long
table under the shade of the trees
.was laden with dinners that would
do honor to any community.
The Oldenburg work is hopeful. Intelligent,
independent farmers with
families of bright and promising children
furnish the country pastor a
hopeful field for all his consecrated
energies. The brethren will not soon
forget their delightful association of a
^Richmond/ As Exec
TRUST I Guardia
SAVINGS I Andintheadr
V^OMPAN^^p is complete.
We will dr;
Ma,n and Serenth it with care ai
REAL ma>
few days with Brother DuBois and
his excellent people.
S. C. Caldwell.
Stated Clerk.
met in Crowley, La., October 19th
at 7:30 P. M. The opening sermon
was preached by Rev. E. S. Brainard,
the retiring moderator.
Nine ministers and four ruling
elders were present.
Ppv T "M" TTnnfor Wfla ?V*
?w>, *. * aauuvoi ?T ao UUUDC11 UlUUL"*
erator, and Rev. B. L. Price temporary
Rev. U. B. Currie, Rev. J. F. McKenzie,
Rev. C. F. Hoffman were received
by letter, respectively, from
New Orleans Presbytery, Central Texas
Presbytery and Red River Presbytery.
A petition from forty persons asking
to be organized Into a church at
the Standard Oil plant in North Baton
Rouge was granted, and a commission
was appointed to organize the church.
A new church was reported organized
at Oakdale by Rev. C. B.
Tomb, who has evangelistic powers.
Rev. B. L. Price assisted him.
A call from the Lake Charles
church was placed In the hands of
Rev. J. F. McKenzle. The call was
accepted, and a commission was appointed
to install him.
The Home Mission report revealed
gratifying progress. A regrouping of
several fields was made. Rev. C. F.
Hoffman was given Lafayette
Opelusas, Belvue.
Rev. C. B. Tomb was placed in
charge of Grace, North Baton Rouge,
and Florida Street Mission.
Zachary was placed under the care
of Rev. E. S. Brainard.
The Manchester church was dissolved.
The Clinton church was given permission
to employ Rev. U. B. Currie
as stated supply for six iponths.
A very helpful Institute on the
Young People's Societies and Sundayschool
Work was held on Wednesday
The doctrinal sermon was preached
by Rev. B. L. Price; subject, "The
Better Conservation of the Sabbath."
Rev. U. B. Currie, president of SI11Iman
Institute, made a most interesting
and encouraging report on the
D. F. Williams,
Stated Clerk.
i ?
Getting the Most Oi
These Bonds Pay?
1. 5.<fo or 6% annually to the
2. 5% or 6% annually to the
13. 100% finally into the Endo
4. 5or 6% thereafter each
ministers, and the needy v
For further infom
122 South Fc
(837) 11
utor, Administrator
ninistration of all trusts our service
iw your will free and administer
ad economy.
illion Dollars Capital
The Presbytery of Tusealoosa was
in sesison in Central church, Sumter
county, Ala., October 12-13th. There
were present 11 ministers and 9 ruling
At the request of the retiring moderator
the opening sermon was
preached by Rev. W. H. Zeigler, Matt.
28:20, "Lo, I am with you alway."
Rev. W. H. Zeigler was elected moderator.
Rev. W. R. Carothers stated
clerk pro tem (the stated clerk being
absent), and ruling elder R. R.
Elliott temporary clerk.
Rev. E. D. McDougall, D. D., of the
Presbytery of North Alabama, and
Rev. J. S. Jennings, of Central Mississippi,
were invited to act as corresponding
A communication from the National
Reform Association concerning
"Mormonism," was read to the Presbytery,
but no action taken thereon.
Rev. Dr. McDougall was heard on
the interest of the Alabama Presbyterian
College for Men, of which he is
president. His address was referred
to the Committee on Schools and Colleges,
who subsequently reported,
speaking in complimentary terms of
the institution under its present management
and commending it to the
patronage and liberality of our people.
The following resolution was
adopted: "It is the mind of the Presbytery
of Tuscaloosa that our churches
should not be opened to appeals for
money from educational institutions
outside our bounds, but all the offerings
made by our people to the cause
of education should be given to our
own schools."
Tiie pastoral relations of Rev. W.
H. White with Cuba, Hadden and Oxford
churches were dissolved.
Licentiate H. C. Carmlchael, who
was received as a candidate from Pee
Dee Presbytery and licensed as a probationer
last June, was ordained to the
full work of the ministry.
Rev. Joseph Sungtonsen was appointed
to Breach the HovnHnnoi
mon at the next stated meeting of
Presbytery, upon such subject as he
may select.
In a special report the attention of
our home mission churches is called
to the importance of taking at least
one or two collections a year for the
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it of Your Money
i investor, according to age.
veterans (provided by friends),
wment Fund.
i year to the aged and infirm
^iuows ana orpnans or our dead.
lation address
RY H. SWEETS, Secretary,
>urth Avenue, Louisville, Ky.

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