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cially to the grammar schools of the
county, and a prize was given to the
school having the highest percentage
of their attendance present, which
prize was secured by the Pala school,
of which a young lady of the United
Presbyterian congregation. Miss Ruby
Anderson, is principal.
Special evenings were given to stu
dents of the High School, the State
Normal School and of the College of
the Pacific.
Patriotic Day was appropriately
celebrated, and Dr. Biederwolf gave
two of the strongest temperance ad
dresses San Jose has ever listened to.
As a partial rsult. at least, the county
of Santa Clara voted dry in the re
cent election.
The choir social and the sacred con
cert were very enjoyable and events
long to be remembered. The people
of San Jose have certainly been re
freshed and revived mentally, mor
ally and spiritually through the in
strumentality ot' the Biederwolf meet
ings. The singing was grand. The
choir was highly commended and ap
preciated for its devotion and effi
ciency, the faithfulness of which was
spoken of as a factor in the success
of the meetings. The orchestra was
also quite a feature. Many walked
the sawdust aisles to shake hands with
Mr. Biederwolf. Pledge cards were
given them to sign.
While the Biederwolf party conced
ed that a meeting of great power had
been held and a great work had been
accomplished, they realized that local
hindrances prevented the results from
being as great as they might have
been. They have been accustomed to
larger and better results in other
ochurcheetao etao eta eta slirdlunib
The number of converts is esti
mated to be about one thousand. The
expenses of the entire meeting were
about $ 15,000, whereas similar meet
ings usually* cost about $13,000.
The evangelists realized that San
Jose is a hard place to work in and
said they had much sympathy for
the pastors in their difficult field of
A high standard for the churches
was emphasized. Mr. Biederwolf is
worthy of commendation for speaking
strongly against the introduction into
the churches of anything of a worldly
nature; he said that the Church is
bringing too much of the world into
it and stooping too much to the things
of the world.
In general the work was very sat
isfactory; it was not all that we could
have hoped for, but it was well worth
the effort and expense, and the moral
and spiritual life of the city lias re
ceived a decided uplift. ? United Pres
Whatsoever sort of wisemen they
were before, now they begin to be
wisemen ifideed when they set them
selves to inquire after Christ. ? Mat
thew Henry.
Men do not enter heaven because
they have seen the shadow of the
Sovereign, but because they have em
braced and loved and served the Sa
viour. ? Joseph Parker.
Here Are the
Opinions of Some
Eminent Authorities
I>r. J. H. KELLOGG, Supt.
Battle Creek Sanitarium. Hat
tie Creek, Mich., say*: ??Un
questionably not only the moctt
authoritative hut the most
readable ami mo?t comprrhm
aive book on personal hygiene
which has ever been pub
York City, writer: " The vol
ume is full from cover to cover
of practical. ?efi*ib!e idea? for
the conservation of human
life." >
Department of Hygiene, Wel
le si ey College, Wellesley,
Mass., says: "It is the biggest
thing that has hapx?ened in
hygiene. We have had thirty
copies put into the general
library for reference use for iny
class in Personal Hygiene."
says: "A unique inifiortance
attache* to this publication by
virtue of the preeminence of
the men whose conclusion-* it
embodies. A volume, the
scientific accuracy of which is
vouched for by William J.
Mayo, M.D., ex-Pre*idcnt of
the American Medical Asso
ciation; Alexander Graham
Bell, M.D., Board of Scientific
Directors, Eugenics Record
Office; Major- Gen. William C.
Gorgas, and about ninety
other men renowned in the
fields of medicine, su rgery,
bacteriology, industrial
hygiene, etc., may well be
accepted as the most authori
tative epitome thus far avail
able in the great but hitherto
neglected realm of individual
hygiene." 9
geon-General U. S. Public
Health Service, Washington,
D. C.: "It is the true story of
pcrwmal hygiene. told in a plain
and straightforward manner."
ICK, Pres. of Carnpfire Girls
of America: "If its teachings
could be put into effect,
humankind woukl reach a new
level in a single year."
formerly Commissioner of
Health of New York Cit
"Cannot every practitioner m
the country be requested to
^ U
promote the circulation ot the
Surtmn Ceneril W.C.
GORGAS, War Departmrnt,
Washington. l>. C.: "It l.thr
mot* f.ractiral and uwful tmok
on thr subject that I know
P'ife Food Ex|x-rt: "Igivrthr
hook my unqualified ap
proval." _
Authorized by and prepared in collaboration with the Hygiene
Reference Board of the Life Extension Institute by IRVING
FISHER, Chairman, Professor of Political Economy, Yale
University, and EUGENE LYMAN FISK. M.D.
The Nation's Foremost
Book ot Health
It represents the official result of the extensive study, investigation, and
research of the Hygiene Reference Board of the Life Extension Institute,
J ~c a ? ? <? ? ? ....
__ Vf5 .?w.v?v..vw A/vaiu v/i me ua iciiMon insrirure,
which is composed of many of America's foremost citizens, including such
Jhysicians as: ? Dr. Rupert Blue, Russell II. Chittenden, Wm. C. Gorgas,
. II. Kellogg, Luther (Julick, Dudley A. Sargent, Thomas Darlington,
Harvey W. Wiley, etc., and many eminent men in public life, including
ex-President Taft, Ambassador Page, Alexander Graham Bell, David
Starr Jordan, and others.
This Book Tells You How To Keep Well
From the most modern and dependable Scientific data Drs. Fisher and Fisk have built
up a most entertaining book of wide-spread popular usefulness, covering such subjects as:
How to Avoid Colds
What It Means to Eat Hastily
What to Eat and How to Eat
Eating to Get Fat
What to Eat to Get Thin
Hygiene in the Home
Outdoor Living and Sleeping
Blood Pressure
Hardening ol the Arteries
Deep Breathing and Exercise
Curing Acid in the Blood
How To Cure Insomnia
Treatment lor Nervous Troubles
Fllteen Rules lor Good Health
Effects of Alcohol ? Tobacco
How to Cure Constipation Without Drugs
Eugenics ? What It Is and What It Is Not
State Boards of Health Recommend It
t uiuviui u me ? tiiusyivania mate uoara ot 11 oaltM.
T. McC'ormack, Secretary of the Board of Health of the State of Kentucky,
1 reatl a cony and then immediately ordered 12 more copies for some friends.
When a member of sucn a responsible body as the State Hoard of Health docs such a thing
The State Boards of Health of Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and New
York endorse and recommend it.
A copy was purchased for every official of the Pennsylvania State Board of Health.
Dr. A. T. '? ' ' ~
obtained and ?
When a member of such a responsible body
you can readily appreciate how valuable the book must be.
Satisfaction Guaranteed ?
Absolutely? Or Money Back
Sign and send us the coui>on herewith with $1.12
and we will send you immediately a copy of the book.
If it is not satisfactory, for any reason, send it
back, and we will refund your money right away.
We are so certain of the value of this work that
we do not hesitate to thus in.ure you against any
risk whatever.
Sign and send this coupon to-day and thus place
your two feet firmly 011 the road io g< *d health
and all-round |?ersonul efficiency. ?
The Booh Covers the
Following and Many
More Topics. These
Are Just a Few Taken
From the Index :
Air Baths
Alcoliul ? It* effect 00
heart, kidneys, weight,
morals, brain, nerves,
offspring, etc.. etc.
Table of pood Values
Blood Pressure
Deep Breathing
Mortality Tables
t iljar and Cigaret Smoking
Death Rate
Degenerative Tendencies
Diseases caused by Incor
rect Food Combinations
Habit Forming Drug*
Exercising the Emotion*
Diet and Endurance
Eye Strain
Flat Foot
Habit of Happiness
Health Food* and Drinks
Heart Troubles
Habit ol Hurry
Evil* of Idleness
Infectious Diseases
Outdoor Living
How To Cure Insomnia
IntesUnal Intoxication
Laxative Drug* and Foods
M ineral Oils
Patent Medicines
Poison* from Constipatioo
Art o t Serenity
Sex Hygiene
Tobacco Heart
Underweight ? How to
cure It by diet
Examination Order Form ? HOW TO LIVE
I enclose $1 .1 2 for which send me your new book, HOW TO LIVE.
If I am not sat itlied with it, 1 may return it within ten daya and you
will it-fund what I have paid, ami I shall owe you nothing.
Address -
j City
I Stat"*
&?! Qife n The PRESBYTERIAN OF THE SOUTH, Rklmood, Va.

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