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changed conditions. But this does
not mean that they will either go
adrift or cause a panic. The constant
ly changing situation in the indus
trial world in this country often com
pels men to transfer from one occu
pation to another, many of them be
ing required to learn entirely new
As a matter of fact, however, more
workingmen lose their jobs because
saloons are open than would be the
case were the saloons lo be closed.
As somebody put it, "Wbea liquor
puts a man out of a job it unflts him
for another job. When no-liceuse puts
a bartender out of a job it makes him
a wealth-producing workingman in
stead of a wealth destroying working
man. It is better that the bartender
should lose hiB job and get a better
one than that dozens of his patrons
should lose their jobs and be unJitted
for any job."
There are about 10,000,000 farmers
in the United States. They constitute
10 per cent, of our entire population.
Th? value of their annual products is
approximately $10,000,000,000, or
$1,000 for each farmer. The liquor
industry purchases every year from
the farmer about $100,000,000 worth
of produce, or just 1 per cent, of all
that the farmer produces; that is, $10
for each farmer in the United States.
The question is, what will the
"poor" farmer do with his $10 worth
of produce which the liquor industry
cannot purchase when it is put out of
business? It is absolutely certain that
he will never be compelled to throw
away this $10 worth of material which
is troubling the liquor men so griev
ously. The chances are that some
body else besides the liquor men will
find use for the farmer's grain and
grapes and apples and cherries. To
listen to the defender of the saloon
one would think that nobody likes
grapes and cherries unless they come
in the form of booze.
If the 100,000,000 people in this
country were each to increase their
purchasing power by so much as a 2
cent postage stamp per week, it would
amount to about $100,000,000 per
year ? the sum of the liquor men's
purchases from the farmer. There is
no need to worry about the farmer.
Anyway, he's voting out the saloon
every time he gets a chance, fully re
alzlng the force of whatever there may
be in the argument of the liquor men
as far as he is concerned.
By Mrs. Randolph Bryan Grinnan.
The Mormon Sect or Church of the
"Latter Day Saints" Is a vast political
machine highly and ably organized, of
immense wealth, covering more terri
tory each year not only in our own
country, but in Europe, and in the
islands in the Pacific is working with
farsighted zeal, patience and skill for
the establishment of a world domi
nant church.
This sect is not yet one hundred
years old. Let us see how pure is the
spring that has fed this river.
Joseph Smith, the founder of Mor
monism, was born in Vermont, Decem
ber 23, 1805. His parents, poor, ig
norant, thriftless and not too honest,
removed to New York State in 1809,
settling in Manchester.
When Joseph was fifteen, too lazy
to work, he spread a report of visions
seen by himself and of an angel, whom
he called Moroni, who had appeared
to him, revealing the hiding place of
a new Bible that supplemented and
completed our own, buried, he said,
In a certain spot near Manchester.
Four years later he claimed to have
received this book contained In a stone
The book was said to be made of
gold plates and fastened together by
three gold rings, and covered with
small 'writing In the "reformed Egyp
tian tongue." With the book came a
pair of spectacles, with which Smith,
who could scarcely read English, was
enabled to decipher this language that
never existed.
A page of the book, said to be a
copy of the plates, looks very much
like shorthand, and is made up of the
English letters and numbers, twisted,
turned upside down, or run together,
and called "caractors" by Smith, who,
had he been able to spell correctly,
would have called them "characters."
The Mormons claim this book was
engraved in America about 4 00 A. D.
A claim simply laughable to any stu
dent of the English language.
Joseph could not write any better
than he could spell, so he dictated a
"translation" from behind a curtain
to a man by the name of Oliver Cow
dery, and persuaded a farmer, Harris,
by name, possessed of more' money
than wit, to publish it.
This book, called "The Book of Mor
mon," contained a statement made by
these two men, Harris and Cowdery,
that an angel had shown them these
gold plates.
Later they renounced Mormonism
and declared that statement false.
Needless to say, the gold plates nev
er existed; as for the "Book of Mor
mon" it is neither more nor less than
an historical romance written by one
Solomon Spalding, a crack-brained
preacher, in 1812. An unscrupulous
compositor, Rigdon by name, copied
it and later gave it to Smith.
In a few words, the romance is this:
A colony of refugees from the Tow
er of Babel, scattered by the confusion
of tongues, came to America and set
tled. In the course of time these set
tlers destroyed each other.
Time passes 011 until 600 B. C., when
Levi, his wife, four sons and ten
friends, all from Jerusalem, landed on
the coast of Chili.
All went well until Lehi died, when
the leadership, by "divine" appoint
ment, falling on Nephi, the youngest
son, roused the resentment of his el
der brothers, who were in consequence
condemned to have dark skins and to
become an idle, mischievous race ?
hence the Indians of America.
Between the Nephites and the In
dians (or bad Hebrews) a fierce war
was raged for centuries, until finally,
In spite of divine intervention in the
person of the crucified Soviour, the
Nephites fell away from the true faith,
and, in 384 A. D. were nearly anni
hilated by their dark skinned foes in
a battle at the hill of Cumorah, in
Ontario county, New York.
Among the handful that escaped
were Mormon and his son, Moroni.
Mormon collected the books that
had been kept by successive kings and
priests into one volume. Moroni sup
plemented this book with reminiscen
ces of his own and burled It in the
hill Cumorah, being divinely assured
that some day his chosen prophet
would discover it. ? Enc. Brltannica.
In this book Joseph Smith had him
self declared that prophet with all
power and entitled to all obedience.
What the Koran is to tho Moham
medan this book is to the Mormons.
They give it precedence over the
Bible, in which they say they believe
"in so far as it has been correctly
translated," though many statements
in all of their writings directly con
tradict the teachings of the Bible.
In the Juvenile Quarterly for Sep
tember, 1916, we found an equal part
of the book divided between Paul's
missionary journeys and the wander
ings of the Nephites.
Let us hurry through Smith's life.
It is not worthy the pen of an his
Hla follower* Increased slowly. He
You Can Make Excellent Cake
with Fewer Eggs
Just use an additional quantity of Royal Baking
Powder, about a teaspoon, in place of each egg
This applies equally well to nearly all baked
foods. Try the following recipe according to the
new way:
Old Way New Way
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K cup milk 1 cup milk
2 cupi flour 2 cup* flour
2 teaspoons Royal Baking Powiw 4 teaspoons Royal Baking Powder
3 cees l egg
H cup shortening 3 tablespoons shortening
1 teaspoon flavoring 1 teaspoon flavoring
Makes 1 Large 2-Layer Cake
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No Alum No Phosphate
became more dissolute, more fertile
in inventing ways by which he could
get money ? idle, shiftless and immor
Because of his evil ways and shady
character he and his followers, some
thirty in number, tied to Ohio, and
here in 1832 they were joined by the
man who saved Mormonism from the
effects of Smith's vices.
Brigham Young's indomitable will,
persuasive eloquence, executive abili
ty, shrewdness and zeal made the Mor
mon Church what it is today ? a vast
machine, so ably organized that every
man has his appointed place in it and
a definite work to do.
As for Smith, his vices landed him
in jail in the town of Nauvoo, Illinois,
where, In June, 1844, an Infuriated
and justly incensed mob shot him.
This made Smith a martyr In the
eyes of his followers, and today this
man is worshipped by his church and
placed on a plane with Christ, the pure
and Holy One ? the Saviour of all
In the Songs of Praise used by the
Mormons in worship, several songs are
addressed to Smith, ascribing to him
the same attributes we give the Deity.
The last verse always declaring thib
country Bhall some day suffer for
Smith's death.
It would take too long to tell of
the wanderings, successes, failures
and troubles of this sect until they
at last crossed the continent and
founded a city for themselves on the
shores of the Great Salt Lake.
In 1877 Brigham Young died, leav
ing seventeen wives, fifty-six children
and a fortune of two million dollars.
Polygamy, to cover his own vices,
had been established by Smith in
Contrary to the laws of God and of
our land, It is the foulest of the many
shady deedd of the Mormon Church
and a sad stain on the fair name of
our country.
If a man has more than, ene wife in
New York or in South Carolina he
it quickly punished by our courts, and
yet the president of the Mormon
Church has five wives, all living with
in one-half mile of the Mormon Ca
thedral, and our courts allow him to
go unpunished.
This infringement of one of our
most sacred laws will some day bring
its own punishment, not only to the
Mormons, but to the innocent people
of our country.
The Mormon Church has not given
up polygamy. Sbe can not and re
tain the doctrines she teaches, for
polygamy is the very core of her faith.
Polygamy is made the condition of
attaining the highest divinity here
after ? the Ideal life here and in heav
So they teach that each god (for
they believe in many gods) must have
one or more wives. In "True Mor
mon Doctrine" we read: "There are
many gods, who are male and female,
were once human beings, have fleshly
bodies with every human organ, and
in a condition to multiply forever and
Procreation then becomes an ob
ject of worship.
"No man or woman separate and
single can attain the fullness of ce
lestial glory. All who are not sealed
together here will remain in a single
state (in heaven) without the joys
of eternal union with the other sex.
and consequently without a crown,
without a kingdom, without the pow
er to increase, hence they are angels
and not gods, and are servants in the
employ of the Royal Family of heaven,
the princes, kings and priests of eter
The man who has the greatest num
ber of wives and children occupies the
highest seat in heaven, in fact, he has
a throne all to himself, for they teacb
at death he flleB to one of the starry
worlds, organizes It and establishes
his kingdom; here he is followed by
all of his wives, the wives of other
men who have been sealed to him by
his descendants, where, the power of
procreation having been wonderfully
increased, he continues to populate
his world throughout eternity. We
"Instead of the God-given pow?r ot

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