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they amounted to $32,206. The total
contributions for this cause for the
sixteen years have aggregated $105,
Perhaps the greatest work of this
church during these years has been
in Foreign Missions. The church be
gan the support of the late lamented
Rev. R. A. Haden and wife in 1903
and continued it until 1908, when
they moved from Klangyin. In 1908
three of the ruling elders of the
church, Messrs. H. W. Malloy, J. A.
Springer and C. W. Worth, with the
pastor, attended one of the first Lay
men's Conventions in Philadelphia.
They took the inspiration home with
them and held a Laymen's Conven
tion there. The church caught the
fire and asked of our Foreign Mis
sion Committee to be allowed to
assume the support of the station at
Kiangyin, China, where Dr. George
C. Worth, one of the ruling elders of
this church, and his wife, were work
ing. The committee granted the re
quest, and since then the larger part
of the support of that station has
been given by this church. Hand
some school buildings have been
erected there through the kindness
of Mr. Sprunt. Twelve missionaries
are there supported and twenty-five
native workers. There are now some
500 native Christians, and the work is
being richly blessed. In 1909 Mr.
Sprunt assumed the support of Mr. J.
Campbell White, secretary of the Lay
men's Movement, and kept this up
until he became president of Wooster
University. Miss Jessie D. Hall, the
daughter of one of the ruling elders
of this church, and herself a member,
went out to Tsing-Kiang Pu, China, in
1907, as a missionary. In 1908 Miss
Ida K. Albaugh united with this
church and went out as a trained
nurse to our station at Kiangyin.
Delegations of our men have attended
the Laymen's Conventions at Birming
ham, Greensboro, Chattanooga, Mem
phis, Wilmington and Charlotte. In
1901 the contributions to Foreign
Missions amounted to $910. In 1916
they amounted to $16,769. The total
gifts to this cause during the sixteen
years have reached the sum of $156,
During the present pastorate there
have been many organizations added
to the church's ecclesiastical machin
ery. Christian Endeavor Societies
(Senior, Intermediate, and Junior)
have been formed. Other Christian
Endeavor societies have been formed
at Immanuel, Delgado, Bethany, Win
ter Park and Queen Street missions,
and our senior society has done a
splendid work in organizing other
societies all over this part of the State.
Sunday-schools have been organized at
Delgado, Winter Park, Bethany and
Queen Street. The First church
school has been thoroughly graded
and several additional departments
added. A Relief Committee has been
formed, the Willing Workers' Society
for children organized, and a Brother
hood Bible Class founded. Both the
session and Board of Deacons have
been carefully organized for effective
During this last period in the life
of the church there have been many
blessed ingatherings. Special services
are held nearly every May in connec
tion with a series of early morning
prayer meetings. Four times these
meetings have been held by the pas
tor himself and have resulted in nin^
teen, eleven, eleven and fifteen addi
tions on profession. Rev. W. McC.
White, I). D., conducted the series in
1903, when there were twenty-three
additions. Rev. H. W. Stough preach
ed in 1907, when there were twelve
additions. In 1908 Rev. R. O. Flinn,
D. D., preached, and there were eleven
additions. In 1912 Rev. T. H. Rice,
D. D., held the meeting, and there
wero twelve additions. In 1914 Rev.
J. E. Thacker, D. D., was with us,
and there were sixteen additions.
Notable ingatherings were in connec
Hon with the union meetings of Rev.
R. H. Torrey, D. D., in 1910, when
there were sixty-three additions, and
of Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman, D. D., in
1916, when there were one hundred
additions. At Delgado mission splen
did meetings have been held by Rev.
R. Murphy Williams, with thirteen
additions; by Rev. J. M. Plowden,
with twenty-one additions; by Rev.
William Black, with forty-eight addi
tions; and by Rev. A. J. Howell, with
seventeen additions. Scarcely a com
munion has passed in the sixteen years
without additions to the church on
profession of faith.
During this time two ministers have
been ordained from this church ? Rev.
W. E. Hill, now pastor of the First
Presbyterian church, Fayetteville, N.
C., who was ordained in 1905; and
Our Wedding Bells
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BUCK UTHOWUPHHG CO., 200 William Street. NtW YORK OIY^
Rev. A. J. Howell, pastor o? the Win
ter Park Presbyterian church, in 1912.
As already stated, Misses Jessie D.
Hall and Ida McK. Albaugh have gone
to the foreign field. Messrs. Bruce
C. lloney, W. E. Thompson, William
C. Gumming and David W. Roberts
have been received under the care of
Presbytery as candidates for the min
istry from this church. Mr. Thomp
son was compelled to give up his
course because of his health. The
other three are now successfully pur
suing their studies.
In addition to the gifts already men
tioned, many other large gifts have
been made to worthy causes. Aside
from local gifts, offerings have been
made to the endowment of Union
Seminary, Davidson College and other
institutions of learning. The Endow
ment Fund of Ministerial Relief has
been twice aided. Help has been
given to the proper equipment of
Barium Springs Orphans' Home. Mo
tor boats have been given to the sta
tions at Kiangyin and Tsing-Kiang Pu
by Mr. James Sprunt, and to the sta
tion at Hashing by Mr. W. J. Craig.
Famine sufferers have been aided in
China and elsewhere. And the great
Sprunt lectureship has been endowed
at Union Seminary.
The church has been helped by sev
eral striking series of addresses. In
1909 a Calvin Anniversary was held,
with very able addresses from Drs. Q.
B. Strickler, R. C. Reed, T. C. John
son, H. A. White, W. L. Lingle and
W. W. White. In 1910 Dr. G. B.
Strickler preached a series of great
doctrinal sermons. In 1911 a Mis
sionary Week was held, with mission
ary addresses from Dr. H. M. Woods,
W. D. Reynolds, George C. Worth
and H. F. Williams. And in 1912
Rev. L. S. Chafer gave a very helpful
series of Bible studies.
There have been added to the ses
sion of the church during tho present
pastorate the following elders: Messrs.
James H. Chadbourn, Philander Pear
sail, George C. Worth, R. A. Brand,
H. C. McQueen, H. W. Malloy, C. W.
Worth, J. A. Springer, A. J. Howell,
W. M. Cumming, A. M. Hall, J. G.
Murphy, J. W. Stanly and Walker
Taylor. Of these, Mr. James H. Chad
bourn has gone to join the General
Assembly on high; Mr. A. J. Howell
has been ordained as a minister, and
Messrs. H. W. Malloy and J. W. Stanly
severed their connection by moving
their church membership to other
cities. Of the members elected dur
ing former pastorates, Messrs. A. A.
Willard, John McL.aurin, Samuel
Northrop, B. G. Worth, John D. Tay
I wish that I knew which one of the
thousands of letters I receive would have
the most weight with you, my friend. 1
can't quote all of them here, but I am
going to ask you to read these carefully
and then give me a chance to renew your
health and make you write me one very
much like them:
701 Barnard Street,
Savannah, Ga., Dec. 28, 1910.
Mr. N. F. Shivar, Shelton, 8. C. Dear Sir: At
you are aware, in 1009 I was suffering with indi
gestion, stomach and liver disorders and all its
train of horrifying phenomena for several months.
I had lived on milk, soft eggs, shredded wheat, a
very insufficient diet for an active workingman,
and, of course, from disease and starvation, was
in a very low state of nervous vitality and general
debility. I ordered ten gallons of your Mineral
Water, which I used continuously, reordering when
necessary, and in four months gained twenty-nine
pounds, was strong and perfectly well and have
worked practically every day since. It acta as a
general renovator of the system. I prescribe it in
my practice, and it has in every Instance had the
desired effects. It is essential to use this water in
as large quantities as possible, for its properties are
so happily blended and in such proportion that they
will not disturb the most delicate system. It is purely
Nature's remedy.
A. L. R. AVANT. M. D.
Leeds, 8. C., March 2, 1911.
I have tested your Spring Water in several cases
ef rheumatism, chronio indigestion, kidney and
bladder troubles, and in nervous and sick headaches,
and find that it has actcd nicely in each case, and I
believe that if used continuously for a reasonable
time will produce a permanent cure. It will purify
the blood, relieve debility, stimulate the action of
the liver, kidneys and bladder, aiding them in throw
ing off all poisonous matter.
These are not selected cases nor are the
results unusual. I receive thousands like
them from physicians, ministers, lawyers,
merchants, farmers, manufacturers ana
every conceivable profession. I want the
satisfaction of receiving such a letter from
you. No matter what your complaint
may be, dyspepsia, indigestion, nervous
headache, rheumatism, gall stones, kidney
or liver disease, or any chronic ailment that
has not responded to drugs. I invite you
to match your faith in the Spring againBt
my pocketbook. If the water fails to
benefit you, simply say so, return the
empty demijohns and I will promptly and
willingly refund your money ? every cent.
Sign Below:
Shivar Spring,
Box 14-B, Shelton, S. C.
Gentlemen :
I accept your guarantee ofTer and en
close herewith two dollars for ten gallons
of 8hivar Mineral Water. I agree to give
it a fair trial, in accordance with instruc
tions contained in booklet you will send,
and if it fails to benefit my case you agree
to refund the price in full upon receipt of
the two empty demijohns, which I agree
to return promptly.
Shipping Point
( rirmme, write dlttlaetly.)
The Olebrated Effectual Remedy
without internal .Medicine.
Herbal Embrocation
will also be found very efficacious In cases of
W. Ehwabcs A Ron, 1S7 Qneen Victoria B treat,
London, Eng. All l>ragglsts,or
K. rouoKiu * co., in,., no iw,ku> hi., h. t. .
^Illlll II M II1JILWM!) JIHM-li 00""^
Refined Southern lady wishes posi
tion. Care of children preferred.
Would act as companion to lady. Will
ing to travel. Address Companion,
care of Presbyterian of the South.
lira. E. J. Tounr, Bartow,
wife of a drlppled Presbyterian minis
ter, solicits new subscriptions and re
newalr to The Ladles' Home Journ*1
(monthly, $1.60), The Saturday Siren
lng Pott (weekly, 91.60), and Th*
Country Gentleman (weekly, |1.00).
?tate If Araewal or new aubeerlptlo*'
Personal ekeeka received.

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