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Quiet Talks With
The Family
By Charles Edward Jefferson, D. D.
Each member of the family comes in for
attention in this series of quiet, straight
from-the-shoulder talks. The message is
fresh, virile and modern. Its style is
intimate and friendly, and the book is
one of the sort that could be read aloud
with pleasure and profit in the family circle.
Order from
Richmond, Va. Texarkana, Ark.-Tex>
Send for Catalogue of Basketa I
buy direct from Indians.
Saleable at Church Fairs.
I pay all postage and take back all
Highland Springs, - - California
Wholesale and Retail
whom they are located. God, who
made man, and who understands thor
oughly all his needs, gave him the one
rest day in seven, not as a holiday,
hut as a holy day, and when we allow
it to be made a day of sports instead
of a day of rest in order to worship
and cultivate the spiritual life, we
dishonor God, and rob man of one of
God's most essential and most precious
gifts to him.
We would, therefore, most respect
fully but earnestly petition our Presi
dent and those associated with him
in authority, who, we rejoice to know,
are God-fearing, Christian men, to
use their influence and power to safe
guard, as far as possible, the Lord's
day, and preserve it from desecration,
and maintain it as a holy day of rest
and worship.
We also most earnestly call upon
our Christian people to stand more
earnestly and steadfastly than ever
for the faith once for all delivered
to the saints, and by their own con
duct and their influence and their
efforts, to do all in their power to
maintain the Christian Sabbath, and
thus obtain for themselves and for
our nation the blessing which .God
promises in His word to all who keep
this law. Read Isaiah 58:13, 14.
"If thou turn away thy foot from
the Sabbath, doing thy pleasure on
my holy day; and call the Sabbath a
delight, the holy of the Lord, honor
able; and shalt honor him, not doing
thine own ways, nor speaking thine
own words; then shalt thou delight
thyself in the Lord; and I wil' cause
thee to ride upon the high places of
the earth, and feed thee with the
heritage of Jacob thy father; for the
mouth of the Lord hath spoken it."
Egbert W. Smith.
A recent letter from one of our
missionaries in China closes with this
"God grant that our people may
not, during this awful war in Europe,
forget the war we are waging against
sin and Satan in this far country!"
While we are training our boys for
the Franco-Belgian front, let us re
member that far-flung battle line in
Asia, Africa and Latin America, which
for years has been suffering for want
of men and supplies.
On our lonely missionary outposts ?
amid the forests of Africa, on the hills
of Korea, by the rivers of China, many
of these heroes of the cross have
fallen. Well might a native Chr'stian
cry: "O winds that sweep over those
who have died for a cause they loved
moro than life, touch lightly, we beg,
the sacred duat. O sun, touch gently
with thy burning rays the lives of
those who still live and toil. Let
the story of their untiring energy and
unwavering faith and hope in Jesus
Christ be a perpetual inspiration to
the children of God."
While we remember our boys in
khaki, let us not forgot those other
soldiers of ours who in far distant
lands are holding the line for Christ.
This is no time to reduce their sup
This Presbytery met September
25th in Hebron church In Dinwiddle
county. The opening sermon was
preached by the retiring moderator,
Rev. W. W. Bain.
Rev. H. J. Williams was elected
moderator, and Rev. O. E. Buchholz
temporary clerk.
Rev. P. D. Thomas, Jr., was re
ceived from Ebenezer Presbytery;
Rev. Dr. H. S. Allyn from South of
Minas Presbytery, Synod of Brazil,
and Rev. Robert E. Lee Hayes from
Black Hil's Presbytery, U. S. A.
A call from Hopewell church for
the pastoral services of Rev. F. D.
Thomas, Jr., was placed in his hands,
and he was allowed to hold it until
the spring meeting, and permission
was given him to supply the pulpit
until that time.
Commissioners to the General As
( Continued on page 16)
Oskaloosa, Iowa.
Graduate, Divinity, Normal, Commercial, Preparatory and Music by mail and in
residence. Degrees conferred. Grades from standard Institutions and Conference work
accepted. Prices reasonable. Pav hv installment* Catalog
1776 Hampden-Sidney College 1917
"The Ideal Southern College." Thorough work. Healthful location. Christian
influenced. High ideals. Choice associations. Expenses moderate. 14 unit entrance
reauiremenfc. Confers B A., B. 8., M. A.. B. Lit. New gymnasium. Large athletit
field. Tennis courts. Running track. Thorough Military Training next session.
Session begins September 12, 1917.
For catalogue address
Hampden -Sidney. Va.
Bryn Mawr School for Individual Development
(Successor to Dixie School. Richmond. Va.)
Day and Boarding School
For backwardness, speech defects, nervous irritability, etc.
School subjects taught.
In keeping with latest research in psycolojry and medicine.
Consultation, Tutoring, Vocational Guidance.
ALICE C. HINCKLEY. M. A.. Director Box 96 Bryn Mawr. Pa.
Minutes of the General Assembly, Page 67.
"We recommend that the General Assembly engage now, led by the
Moderator, in prayer that our people may be able and willing to give the
$1,925,000 named as needful for the benevolent causes (of the Assembly)
and that the pastors be urged to lead their people in definite prayer for
the amount mentioned throughout the year."
Gave Per
1916-1917 Member
$ 498,808 $8.96
139,528 8.78
62,462 6.52
152,186 5.93
298,829 5.85
94,146 5.29
143,178 4.72
46,776 4.69
81,202 4.64
49,768 4.52
172,448 4.51
93,248 4.49
42,211 4.24
65,355 3.40
63,006 3.07
8,450 2.31
484 .36
If the Synod of North Carolina accepts $650,0 00 as her quota of Three Million Dollars, do you
believe North Carolina will fail to subscribe that amount? %
If Virginia assumes $465,000 as her quota, will Virginia fall to raise that amount?
Will Texas subscribe $270,000 If she assumes that amount as her quota?
Will Georgia assume $240,000 as her quota and fail to raise it?
Will South Carolina fall to raise $225,000 as her quota?
Will Appalachla fall to raise $160,000?
Would Missouri or Kentucky fall to raise $15 0,000 each if they assumed that as their quota?
Will Tennessee fall to raise $130,000?
Will Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama fall to raise $100,000 if they assume that amount as
their quota?
Will Florida, Arkansas or West Virginia fall to raise $80,000 as their quota?
Will Oklahoma fall to raise $15,000?
Will our new Synod of Christian-colored men and women fail to raise $5,000 as their quota of
Not a single Synod will fall!
Synod 1918-1919
North Carolina $ 650,000
Appalachia 160,000
Louisiana 100,000
Georgia 240,000
Virginia 465,000
Missouri 150,000
South Carolina 225,000
Florida 80,000
Tennessee 130,000
Arkansas 80,000
Texas 270,000
Kentucky 150,000
West Virginia 80,000
Mississippi 100,000
Alabama 100,000
Oklahoma 15,000
Afro-American 5,000
The Southern Presbyterian Church can and will oversubscribe the $3,000,000 If wo but try!
Consult your bankers, merchants, farmers, manufacturers, the godly men and women or your
Ask them If the church Is able and willing to raise $3,000,000 for beneficence.
. 1323 Pickens St., Columbia, S. C.

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