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Renew Your Health
At Nature's Fountain
Without the Expense and Loss of Time
Necessary for a Visit to the Spring
There comes a time in the life of prac
tically every man and woman when their di
gestive or eliminative organs, or both, fail
to respond to drugs prepared by human
skill. In fact drugs seem to do them
about as much harm as good for their sys
tems rebel against all drugs. These are
the cases which physicians call "stub
born" and "chronic" for the reason that
they persist in spite of drug treatment.
I do not refer to incurable diseases such
as cancer and consumption, but to that
larger class of functional disorders which
we meet every day, where the organs of
digestion and elimination are impaired.
For this class of cases our best physi
cians and our big city specialists send
their wealthy patients to the mineral
springs where, in the great majority of
cases they are permanently restored or
decidedly benefited. But what about the
poor man who has not the money or the
busy man or woman who cannot spare
the time to spend several weeks or pos
sibly months at a health resort? Shall
circumstances deny them the restoration
to health which Nature has provided?
Read my answer in the coupon at the
bottom of this page.
I have the utmost confidence in the
Shivar Mineral Spring Water for to it I owe
my Restoration to Health and probably my
Life. I* has made me tens of thousands
of friends in all parts of America and even
in foreign countries, whose faces I have
never seen. Yet I count them my friends
for the Shivar Spring Water has bound
them to me by lasting gratitude.
I ask you to read their letters, a few
samples of which I publish below for your
benefit, and if you find among them any
encouragement as to your own health do
not hesitate to accept my offer which has
no limits or conditions except those shown
on the coupon. If you could read the
letters that come to me dtuly, numbering
about ten thousand a year, and the vast
majority of them similar to those printed
below, you would not wonder that I make
this offer displaying my absolute confi
dence in the restorative powers of Shivar
Mineral Water.
Savannah. Georgia.
I was suffering with Indigestion, stomach and
liver disorders and all its train, of horrifying
phenomena for several months. I had lived on
milk, sofi eggs. shredded wheat, a very lnsulli
clent diet for an active working inan. and. of
course, from disease and starvation was in a
very low state of nervous vitality and general
debility. I ordered leu gallons of your Mineral
Water which 1 used continuously, reordering
when necessary, and in four months gained
twenty-nine pounds, was stroi.g and perfectly
well, and have worked practically every day
since. It acts as a general renovator of the sys
tem. I prescribe it in my practice, and it has
in every instance had the desired effects. It Is
essential to use this water in as large quanti
ties as possible, for its properties are so happily
blended and in such proportion that they will
not disturb the most delicate system. It i3
purely Nature's remedy.
A. L. R. AVAXT, M. D.
La Grange. Ga., Nov. 25, 1914.
I feel it my duty to suffering humanity to
make public announcement of the benefits I
have derived from Shivar Spring Water. 1 have
been a sufferer for the past twenty-five years
from indigestion and dyspepsia. After one
week's trial of Shivar Water I commenced to
improve, and after drinking It for four weeks I
gained fifteen pounds. I feel better and
stronger than I have in twenty-five years. I
strongly recommend this Water to any one
with stomach trouble of any character, and
truly believe it will cure ulcer of the stomach.
I am writing this voluntarily and trust It will
fall in the hands of many who are so unfortu
nate as to be afflicted with indigestion and ner
vous dyspepsia.
President Unity Cotton Mills.
Johnston. 8. C.
I wish to add my testimony to the wonderful
curative powers of the Shivar Mineral Water.
For a number of years my wife has been a suf
ferer from indigestion and nervous debility,
and her condition had reached such a stage as
to baffle the skill of our most eminent physi
cians. Her extreme nervousness and heart
troubles at times were alarming and she had be
come almost a nervous wreck. The latter part
of last May she began using the Shivar Water,
which she has continued to this date with most
satisfactory results.
Editor Johnston News-Monltot.
Blaney, S. C.
I haTO suffered for many years from gastrin
troubles stomach puffed and food sour. I have
tried many remedies and a ttood many waters,
gome have helped, but none have given me
such relief as your Spring Water. I use It and
recommend it to my patieuts.
Baltimore, Md? April 30. 1914.
For many years I suffered with stomach trou
ble as a direct result of asthma. I consulted the
very best specialist in this country, and spent
quite a large sum of money in my endeavor to
get relief. However, I had about come to the
conclusion that my case was hopeless, but by
accident I happened to get hold ofone of your
booklets, and decided to try Shivar Spring Wa
ter. After drinking the water for about three
weeks I was entirely relieved, and since that
time bave suffered but little inconvenience
from my trouble. 1 cheerfully recommend the
use of your Water to any one that may be suf
fering from stomach trouble.
Vice -Pres. Young & Selden Co., Bank stationers.
Leeds. 8.C. -
I have tested your Spring Water in several
cases of rheumatism, chronic Indigestion, kid
ney and bladder troubles, and in nervous and
sick headaches, and Bnd that it has acted nicely
in each case, and I believe that If used contin
uously for a reasonable time will produce a
permanent cure. It will purify the blood, re
lievo debility, stimulate the action of the liver,
kidneys and bladder, aiding them in throwing
off all poisonous matter.
? C. A. CROSBY. M. D.
Fredericksburg, Va.
Mrs. Carter has bad enlarged joints upon her
hauds, caused by rheumatism. Shlvar Spring
Water removed every trace of the enlargement.
Roper. N. C.. Oct. 80. 1914.
I am anxious to get more of the Water. It
has done me more good than anything I have
ever tried for rheumatism.
Florence, S. C., Dec. 1. 1911.
I suffered with indigestion and kidney trou
ble. and a year ago was stricken with acute artic
ular rheumatism: was helpless for montbs. and
since using your Soring Water lam walking
without any crutch and Improving dally. Indi
gestion much relieved. I wish I could write Shl
var Spring Water in the sky so that the world
could become acquainted with it.
Warrenton, Va., Nov. 24. 1914.
It is doing my rheumatism so much good.
My limbs are beginning to feel like new ones.
Greenville, S. C.. Feb. 28. 1914.
For over two years, following a nervous break
down. I have suffered with a liver so torpid that
ordinary remedies were absolutely powerless.
Under such circumstances, I came to Shlvar
Spring, and began drinking the Water. Upon
advice however, the first night I took a laxa
ti re: the second night a milder one. Since then
I have taken none at all. The effect of the wa
ter has been remarkable ?its action on my hv
ermost marked, and myJiealth and spirits great
ly improved. I am satisfied that the laxative,
followed by the Water, was the proper treat
ment in my case. My condition is now perfect.
8. A. DER1EUX. *
Buena Vista. Va.. Oct. 2. 1314.
It la a great pleasure to tell you that your Wa
ter has been a great benefit. I may say a great
blessing, to me. My wife says It has helped me
more than anything else I ever tried. I have
been, for thirty years, a sufferer from stomach
trouble. REV. E. H. ROWE.
Co-President Southern Seminary.
Ohoopee. Ga., Aug. 21. 1914.
I feel that it is due you that I should give my
testimony, unsolicited, as to the benefits deriv
ed from the use of your Shlvar Springs Water.
I was unable to do my work, and had been un
der the treatment of physicians for six months
for kidney and liver troubles when I decided to
try your Spring Water, and now after using It
for about thirty days I am able to do my work,
feel good, and have gained about twenty pounds.
I most heartily recommend its use to all who suf
fer from disorder of the liver and kidneys.
Carlisle. S. C.
It is fine for liver troubles, also for constipa
tion. I cheerfully give you this Information as
to beaeflclal results in my case.
Fill Out This Coupon and Mail It Today.
Shivar Spring,
Box 14T, Shelton, S. C.
Gentlemen: ? I accept your offer and enclose herewith two dol
lars ($2.00) for ten gallons of Shivar Mineral Spring Water. I
agree to give it a fair trial in accordance with the instructions
which you will send, and if I derive no benefit therefrom you
agree to refund the price in full, upon receipt of the two empty
demijohns, which I agree to return promptly.
Name f P. O
Express Office
rietse write distinctly.
- Colombia, S. C.
I sniftered for eight years with kidney trouble
and inflammation of the bladder to the extent
that I would have to get up during the night
some five or six times. After using this water
only a few days. I am entirely relieved and
suffer do more effect of tbe trouble whatever.
J. P. D.
Virgilina. Va.. March 28. 1914.
Your Water has done me more good than any
thins I evor tried for bladder trouble.
A. R.F.
, Wesley. Ga.. May 12. 1914.
I had been down with bladder trouble.
Couldn't stand on my feet three minutes at a
time. In three days after I commenced drink
ing your Mineral Water my pain was all gone,
could walk where I pleased, and felt like a new
man. S. B. D.
High Point, N. C.. Oct. 8, 1914.
My wife has had a bad kidney trouble for sev
eral years, She has been nslng the water only
about three weeks and i t has already made her
a new woman. Her color is much Improved
her appetite is all that she could wish for, her
digestion seems to be perfect. We give Shlvar
Sprlnga credit for It all.
Greenville. 8. C.
ShlTW Spring Water cured my mother of gall
stones. or. I might say, it snatched her from the
hospital ooor. as tbe doctors had said nothing
shortof an operation would do her any good.
After drlnklug the Water she was able to get out
of bed, and is today stout and healthy. I hope
theee few lines will be of help to some one suff
ering as my mother did.
Williams ton, N. C. Oct. 8, 1914
My doctor said I would bave to be operated
on for gallstones, but since I have been drinking
your water I haven't bad to have a doctor.
Columbia. S. C.
My wife was a chronic sufferer from gallstones.
She was stricken critically ill, and nothing but
morphine seemed to relieve ber pain by render
ing her unconscious. My physician, who is a
good one, seemed to do very little good. Rev.
A. J. Foster, pastor of Shandon Baptist Church
of Columbia, S. C., advised me to take ber im
mediately to Shivar Spring. On consulting my
physician he agreed thatit would be besttodo
so without delay. In about three days after ar
riving at the Spring she was apparently re
lieved and had regained her appetite. She has
suffered no til effect of the trouble since.
Please publish this for the benefit nt sufferers
J. P. D
Chancellor. Ala.
I have been for many years affected with uric
acid and kidney trouble, and the Mineral Water
has helped me more than anything I have ever
done for them and therefore heartily recom
mend same to all wbo need a speedy relief and
cure. W. F. MAT 11 EN Y. M. D.
Lexington. Va.
I can recommend your Mineral Water for dis
orders caused by uric poison. I suffered and
have been relieved. It affords me pleasure to
recommend this Water to all sufferers.
Roxboro, N. C,
I have used ten gallons of your Mineral Water,
and 1 1 has done me worlds of good. My disease
Is diabetes. I lost two years out of three from
my work, and your Water ts putting me back on
my feet again. JOHN R. FETT1GREW.
Derma. Miss.. May 8. 1914.
Have suffered for several years with diabetes,
I feel almost cured. Have recommended the Wa
ter to others, Mrs. J J.
Sanford. N. C? April IB. 1914.
nave been down eight weeks wlthdlabetes. Or
dered Shivar Spring Water, began drinking It.
and keep improving. Showed my doctor the an
alysisand hesaldlt was Just whatl needed, with
a lithla tablet added. Mrs. J. D. H.
i Sanford. N. C.
Have been down eight weeks with diabetes.
Ordered Shivar Spring Water began drinking it,
and keep improving. Showed my doctor the
analysis and he said it was Just what I needed,
with a lithla tablet added.
MRS. J. D. H.
Derma, Miss.
Have suffered for several years with diabetes
I feel almost cured. Have recommended the
Water to others. "

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