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Woman's Work
Miss C. L. Campbell.
In everything by prayer and sup
plication with thanksgiving let your
requests be made known unto God.
Phil. 4-6.
An Invitation and a Notice.
Take a small calendar pad, and
separate the months, using the one
you need, possibly October; paste this
in the center of a correspondence card.
Make a circle with red pencil or ink
around the day of your meeting.
Write above your calendar some ap
propriate thought, some Scripture text
on missions, some great missionary
saying; or this:
Our Missionary Society ? What You
Can Do to Help.
Join us. and bring others.
Attend meetings.
Subscribe ior "Survey."
Subscribe fcr "Prayer Calendar."
Below the calendar give place and
hour of meeting, and the names of
those in charge, also the name of the
speaker if you have secured one, or
mention any striking feature which
you have planned.
If your societv is a large one, and
you can afford, these cards might be
printed, but if some lukewarm mem
bers can be interested by being
brought together to make these, y->u
have gained much.
Of course, you might have the
whole year's program so arranged, but
a novel invitation each month will be
more forceful.
Calendar for Local Societies, 1<?17
Organization of Home Mission Study
Classes. ... First Week in October
Self-Denial Week for Home Missions,
November 18tli-25th
Organization of Foreign Mission
Study Classes,
First Week in January
Self-Denial Week for Foreign Mis
sions January 17th-31st
Dcy of Prayer for the Youth in our
Schools xnd Colleges,
February. 24th
Survey Week March 10th 17th
March meeting of the societies; close
annual report of societies and for
ward promptly to your Presby
terial secretary. Elect officers for
the ensuing year. Outline a budget
for the gifts of the society for the
coming year.
"Plan Your Work and Work Your
Literature concerning all the above
items sent free on request, by
The Woman's Auxiliary of the Pres
byterian Church, U. S.,
Peachtree and Tenth Streets,
Atlanta, Georgia.
>Ussions in Sunday-school.
For many weeks the children have
been getting impressions concerning
missions. Is it not time for expres
sion, even in a very simple way?
Ask them to bring used picture post
cards, small pictures and colored
paper dolls cut from fashion sheets.
One missionary writes, "I could use
hundreds." Another writes of paper
dolls, "We use these as promotions in
Ask your postmaster how to mail
thom to foreign countries; or you
may send them to the Presbyterian of
the South.
A Message to Virginia Prcsbytcriul
Secretaries of Foreign Missions.
Please send me by return mail a
mention of that thing in your work
which has been your greatest en
couragement and joy, that I may tell
it to others at the Synodical for their
And, also, tell me of your greatest
discouragement, or hindrance, that
the effort may be made at this same
meeting to find how some one else
got through that same hard place;
and 1 will tell you.
This is your work; please help both
sides of it.
Carrie Leo Campbell.
Syn. Sec. For. Missions.
Richmond, Va.
Wa n t ed ? A Ty pcwri t er .
A noble college girl, who has given
herself to mountain mission work,
has so enlarged her work that her cor
respondence is becoming unwieldy.
She was overheard to say, "If I only
had a typewriter, my time could
count for so much more."
Maybe you have one not being used,
or know where you could get one.
Just drop a line to this column and
the location of the need will be sent
you, and instructions for shipping.
She has gone into the hard place;
let's "hold the ropes" for her.
By Miss Caroline E. Caldwell.
Recently a friend wrote me of a
small prayer-group which she said was
a great blessing to the members. They
had been meeting daily for several
weeks, for an hour together with God;
and she wrote, "We have had many
problems to face and we feel we have
had several answers all ready."
I feel sure "already" is what was
meant, but is there not a deeper truth
in the "all ready"? Has not our
Father stored in heaven many gifts
"all ready" for us? The answers to
many perplexing problems, perhaps,
and untold other treasures that you
need and I need? I think so.
In Luke 18, Jesus is giving his dis
ciples a lesson on prayer, and uses the
seemingly contradictory expressions,
"long-suffering" and "speedily."
When a child of God asks for answers
to life's problems, or for any of the
things a child of God may ask for, can
we believe that He does not heed, be
cause we do not see the answer at
once, that He did not mean the prom
ises given us through Jesus? No, He
has the answer "all ready" for us,
and it lies with us only to ask for
them, and to fulfil our part in the'
prayer-promises of Jesus. A gather
ing together of these prayer-promises
will give us a crown of precious
jewels, each one shining forth with a
blessed truth concerning prayer. Here
Christ himself is our teacher, and will
take the mystery of prevailing prayer
and show it to us, and the Holy Spirit
himself will be our guide and inter
preter. Let us study that we may
fulfil our part, that we may show our
selves approved unto God. that we
may rightly divide this word of truth,
that greater blessings may come into
our lives!
God Is long-suffering over us; He
longs to give us speedily those things
which we know He has "all ready"
for us. Let us do our share. "Real
faith can never be disappointed."
Edisto Island, S. C.
It was only a glad "Good morning!"
As she passed along the way.
But it spread the morning's glory
Over the livelong $ay.
Week Beginning October 7, 1916.
Acts 4:31-33.
The apostles knew the value of
prayer. It might have been said that
the Saviour had already promised to
be with them always, and he had also
promised to send them the Holy Spirit.
He had fulfilled this last promise in
a marvellous way on the day of Pen
tecost. What more could they wish?
What they were praying for the day
of which our text treats wo do not
know. It seeim probable that they
were asking for a renewed and fuller
manifestation of the presence of the
Holy Spirit.
Every Christian needs constantly to
make this prayer. God's Spirit is
always with us, but prayer puts us
into a slate or condition in which He
can manifest Himself to us and in us.
So that in praying for a manifestation
of His presence we are in reality
bringing about a real change in our
There are some things worth
noticing about the statements made in
these verses. The first thing we notice
is that the Church was engaged in a
prayer meeting, and that they were
all met together. There are some peo
ple who seem to think that just as
much good can be accomplished by
praying alone as by meeting together
for prayer. Private prayer is right,
but it cannot take the place of united
prayer. Our Saviour promises a spe
cial blessing where two or three are
gathered together in prayer. And
there is a certain inspiration in the
thought that others are making the
same petition that we are, and we
become more earnest In our prayers
and we have more faith that they will
be answered. We may have some
doubt about our prayers being accep
table to God; but, If the whole Church
is praying, we may be sure that the
prayers of some of them will be
heard; and then we shall receive the
These Christians did not simply
agree to pray at the same time and
for the same object. They met to
gether to pray.
It is often said that the prayer
meeting service is the measure of the
spiritual life of the church. The life
of that church was at a high state.
Ofttimes to-day we find a church in a
very low state spiritually, and when
this Is the case the prayer meetings
are very poorly attended.
Another thing to be noticed is that
they were of one heart and one soul.
They had one purpose and one aim.
There were no divisions among them.
"In union there is strength," and that
is nowhere more true than in the
church. A union of hearts, and pur
pose and prayer will accomplish great
The Church generally has not be
gun to realize the power of prayer.
It is said that "prayer is the power
that moves the arm that rules the
world." What a wonderful thing It is
that God gives us the means of secur
ing from Him what we need.
If a church is spiritually cold, if it
is not growing as it ought, if it is not
reaching the unsaved and bringing
them to Christ, It will be well for it
to look well to its prayer life.
In addition to the regular prayer
services of the church, it used to be
the custom, at least Of the more de- '
vout of the congregation, to assemble
in the church a little while before the
service and spend the time in silent
prayer for God's blessing upon the ser
vice. If this were generally done, a
wonderful difference would be seen.
The preacher would preach better ser
mons and the people would hear bet
ter, and greater results would follow.
The results of the prayers of these
early Christians were very evident.
They were filled with the Holy Ghost.
This easily accounts for the other re
sults that followed. If we receive the
Holy Ghost into our hearts and let
him have his dominion in them, he
will direct our lives and fill our hearts
with earnest desires and purposes to
accomplish his will concerning us.
One of the results of this filling
with the Holv Ghost was that "they
spake the word of God with boldness."
That is they pieached salvation pub
licly and privately. Their enemies
had forbidden thom to do this, but
they obeyed God rather than men.
Another result of the filling with
the Holy Ghost is that he took all
selfishness out of their hearts and
made them willing to share what they
had with others. Prayer may prove
very costly to him who offers It. He
may find that he will have to do a
good deal himself in bringing about
the answers to his prayers.
The result of their prayers, the in
dwelling of the Holy Spirit, their bold
ness, their unselfishness had its effect
upon the people about them. The
apostles testified with great power
that Jesus had risen from the dead
and so became the Saviour of sin
What the apostles showed in their
witness-bearing the others showed in
their lives, Tor great grace was upon
them all.
A praying church will be a wit
nessing church, a witnessing church
will be a growing church and a grow
ing church will be a soul saving
church. Let us all pray for the out
pouring of God's Holy Spirit.
Oct. 14, 1917. Ezra 1.
Golden Text: "The Lord hath done
great things for us, whereof wo are
glad." Ps. 126:3.
Belshazzar had been king of Baby
lon, but the Persians, under Cyrus,
had beseged the city, and, on the
night that he gave a great feast, when
the handwriting appeared on the wall,
the city was captured. Cyrus then be
came the king.
More than a hundred years before
this time God foretold (Isa. 44:28;
45:1-6) that He would use .Cyrus for
the deliverance of His people. It is
remarkable that God calls Cyrus by
name, long before he was born, and
that He calls him, a heathen, "My
shepherd," and "His anointed."
The Persian empire at this time was
the most extensive and powerful on
earth. All the accounts that we have
of Cyrus, in the Bible as well as else
where, show him to have been a far
better man than most of the kings of
his day.
It is interesting to notice that the
last two verses of Second Chronicles
are almost identical with the first
four of Ezra, with which our lesson
The writer of this hook says that
the course about to be taken by Cyrus
was in fulfillment of God's prophecy
given through Jeremiah.
During the first year of his reign
hi Babylon, Cyrus issued a decree that
was very remarkable for his day. He
proclaimed his belief that "the Lord
God of heaven hath given me all the
kingdoms of the earth." How he
came to this decision is not known.
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