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Children's Letters
Dear Presbyterian : I am a little boy ten
years old. I go to Sunday-school every Sun
day 1 can. 1 go to the First Presbyterian
church. It occupies one whole block. It is
a beautiful block. 1 received my Testament
for reciting the Child's Catechism two years
ago. when I graduated from the primary de
partment. I hope to receive a Bible rally day
for reciting the Shorter Catechism. I have
one sister and one brother. I go to the fourth
ward school and will be in the fifth grade this
fall. 1 hope to see my letter in print as this
is my first letter.
Your little friend,
William Strong, Jr.
My dear William: Thank you for your
letter. Your church must be a beautiful one
and very large. Won't you write to us again
and tell us about your rally day?
H. A.
Dear Presbyterian : 1 am a little boy eight
years old. My mamma takes your paper and
1 am always anxious to read the stories and
letters and Children's Sermons. I have a Li
cycle and 1 ride it every day. 1 have a broth
er and two sisters, all younger than I. We go
to the "Hull Memorial" Sunday-school all the
time. Our class is studying the Catechism
and supplemental work to be promoted in Oc
tober. 1 will now ask a question and close
with wishing you good luck. Who went to
heaven without dying? Hoping this letter not
too long for my first one.
Your unknown friend,
Savannah, Ga. Fred Meyer.
Dear Fred: We all enjoy long letters, and
like to know what our friends are doing. We
hope your whole class will be promoted this
year. H. A.
Dear Presbyterian : I am a little girl ten
years old. This is my first letter to you. I
have been going to Sunday-school ever since
; can remember. I am in the fifth grade in
kchool and I take music from Miss Dyer. Mv
school teacher is Miss Tate. I have a little
brother named Fred Hale. I have a bicycle
and I enjoy riding very much. I will answer
Erma Brooks' question. The longest chapter
in the Bible is 119 Psalm. 1 would like to sec
this in print.
York, Ala. Helen Rumley.
Dear Helen : I am sure Erma will be pleased
to see the answer to her question. Do you
like music? Write again soon. II. A.
Dear Presbyterian : I am a little girl nine
years old. 1 have two sisters and one brother.
For pets we have a dog and two cats. We have
an automobile. 1 will ask a question. What
city was called the City of Palm Trees?
Yours truly,
Blacksliear, Oa. Claire Littlefield.
Dear Claire : I think you have very nioe pets
and I know you enjoy the automobile. Be on
the watch for the answer to your question.
H. A.
Dear Presbyterian : I am a little girl nine
years old. Papa takes your paper and 1 enjoy
Children's Sermon
The Children's Saviour.
"Thou shalt call his name Jesus, for he shall
save his people from their sins." Matt. 1 :21.
God sent an angel to Mary and Joseph to
tell them that lie was going to send them a
little baby boy. And the angel gave' them a
name for him. lie told them to call him Jesus.
When our mothers and fathers gave us our
names, it was not because the names had a
.meaning. Hut the name Jesus has a meaning.
It means Saviour. The angel told the parents
why they were to give him this name. It was
like his saying this: "You must call him Sav
four for he is going to save his people from
their sins."
When Jesus was grown he told the people
that he had come down from heaven to save
sinners, ami that is just what the angel said
he would do.
Every one of us is a sinner, no matter wheth
er We are old or young. Every one of us has
done something that is wrong, something that
we ought not to have done. And sin is so bad
that God says that everybody that sins shall
die. Ami this does not mean only the dying
of the body, but it means also the dying of
the soid. And the soul that dies cannot go to
heaven to be with God, but it goes to be with
God does not want any souls to die, so he
sent Jesus to save them. Jesus said to his
Father that he did not want any souls to die,
and then lie said that he would take the place
of sinners -and suffer all the punishment that
they would suffer, and that he would die for
God said that He was willing for this, and
that anybody who was willing for Jesus to
die for him would be saved.
Jesus wants to save everyone of us, if we
want him to save us.
Once there was a man called to go into the
army. lie had a wife and five sweet little chil
dren. lie did not want to go into the army,
because he loved his wife and children and
did not want to leave them. But he thought
he had to go.
lie had an older brother who did not have
to go into the army. He did not have any
"wife or children to leave, so he went to his
?younger brother and told him that he would
take his place and go into the army and let
him stay at home.
At first the younger brother would not agree
to it. The older one told him that he could
not make him agree to it, but he wanted very
much to take his place and let him stay at
After awhile the younger brother let the
other take his place, and he went into the
army. One day the army was fighting and this
brother was killed. When the yonger brother
heard about it he was oh ! so sorry. But he could
not help being glad that he had not gone to the
war; for, if he had gone, he would have been
killed. But his brother had been killed for
him and so he never had to go into the army.
He had always loved his brother. But now hie
loved him more than he had ever done before.
Jesus does not want a single one of us to die.
So he offers to take our place. He has already
died, but he says that, if we will agree to his
taking our place he will count it as his having
died for us. We ought to be willing to do this.
All that we have to do is just down in our
hearts to say to Jesus that we are willing for
him to take our place and save us, and then
just trust him to do it.
"When we do this he just somehow whispers
iu our hearts and tells us that he has saved
"We ought to love Jesus with our whole
hearts for doing this for us, and we ought to
be very happy.
When Jesus saves us we ought to try to do
everything that he wants us to do. He wants
us to live just the best lives we can live. He
wants us to read the Bible and pray to him
every day. And he wants us to tell others
that he will save them, just as he saved us.
Because he saves us, when we die, he is going
to take us to live with him in heaven. When
we get there, we will want to have our friends
with us. The way to have them in heaven
with us is to tell them now about Jesus, and
that he wants to save them. Then we con
pray to Jesus to save them. He has promised
to answer our prayers.
Remember, his name is Jesus, because he
saves his people from their sins.
reading the children's letters. I have two
brothers and two sisters. I live on the farm. I
enjoy picking cotton and eating grapes and ap
ples. 1 will close, asking a question. Which is
the shortest verse in the Bible?
Yours truly,
Wade, N. C. Gertrude McMillan.
Dear Gertrude: A farm is such a nice plaoe
to live, isn't it? I wish I could go out with you
and pick cotton one of the fine fall days. The
apples and grapes must be nice, too. Won't
you write us something about how the cotton
grows? I expect a good many of our girls
and boys have never seen any growing.
II. A.
Dear Presbyterian : T am a little girl seven
years old. I have a little brother nair^ed Wil
liam. I go to the Presbyterian church and
my Sunday-school teacher is Miss Virginia
McCreary. Miss Mary Williams is my school
teacher. She is Gertrude Price's aunt and I
am answering Gertrude's question. Adoin
bezek had his thumbs and his great toes cut
off. I know part of the Catechism and am
trying to get a Testament.
Yonr unknown friend,
Mary Margartet Lee.
Ronceverte, W. Va.
Dear Mary: You did well to find the an
swer to Gertrude's question. I hope you will
get your Testament soon. H. A.
Dear Presbyterian : I am a little boy. I will
be eight years old February the 6th. I go to
Sunday-school every Sunday. My teacher's
name is Mrs. Boyer. I go to school and am in
the second grade. We live on a farm. Edward
and Monroe are my brothers. We help father.
T will answer P^ul Wilhelm's question. Moses
struck the rock with an iron rod and the water
came out. Your friend,
James McSherry .Tannery, Jr.
Liberty town, Md.
Dear James: It is fine to help father, isn't
it? I think so. Why don't you ask a question
and see if Paul can answer it H. A.

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