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ga?-? affecting not only the city of Lit
tle Rock, but the entire southern part
of tbe State, the work of Central has
gone forward. On the evening of De
cember 28th the congregation tendered
Dr. and Mrs. Lawson a delightful re
ception in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
John Thurman, at which time they
had the pleasure of meeting most of
the members of the church, quite a
number of friends, and some of the
ministers of the city. The people of
this church are a true and loyal peo
ple, devoted heart and soul to the
work of their Master, and genuinely
enthusiastic for their own church.
On Thursday evening, January 3rd,
the elders, deacons, officers and teach
ers of the Bible school met in the
home of the pastor and initial steps
were taken toward the organization,
or the reorganization, of the school
Mr. Harry M. Hobson was elected
superintendent and Mr. Fred Pattoe
assistant; several committees wero Ap
pointed; arrangements were made to
take a religious census of that portion
of the city contiguous -to Central
church; and other matters of vital im
portance to the future of the church
and Bchool were discussed. The
pastor-elect feels thankful to the
Great Head of the Church for having
cast his lot among these good people.
Blytheville: Sunday, January Gth,
wan the regular quarterly commun
ion of this church. At this time five
were welcomed into the membership
of the church. During December
the church has tried to resppnd to
the several call3 that have come.
$10 .71 was sent to the orphanage at
Itasca, Texas, from the Sabbath
achool, $31 to Armenian-Syrian Re
lief from the church, a liberal contri
bution to the American Bible So
ciety, $28 contributed and subscribed
to our War Work Council.
Roswell: Rev. J. F. Coleman, of
Diana, Tenn., has accepted the pas
torate of ? the Roswell-Norcross-Du
luth group, and will enter upon his
work here at once.
Villa Rica: Rev. F. D. Rood, of Ma
con, Ga., has accepted the pastorate
of a new group of churches compos
ed of Douglasvllle, Bremen, Talla
poosa and Villa Rica, and is now on
the field.
Carrollton: Dr. W. S. Henderson,
of Commerce, Ga., has accepted a call
to the church at this place. Mr. Hen
derson comes highly recommended,
and our people look forward to his
coming with much pleasure.
Cherokee Presbytery: At an ad
journed meeting in Rome on January
7th, Rev. Charles R. Bailey requested
the Presbytery to dissolve t \e pasto
ral relation existing between him and
Alpine Beersheba and Walnut Grove
church^. The churches were heard
from and concurred in the request.
The Presbytery dissolved the relation
and. at Mr. Bailey's request granted
him a letter to Fayettevllle Presby
tery to take effect January 27th. The
Presbytery stated Its appreciation of
the good work Mr. Bailey has done in
this field and its regret in his de
parture. He goes to take up work at
Laurel Hill. N. C.
Atlanta, Westminster: This con
gregation is pressing its winter work
vigorously, though unable to get Into
its Sunday-school building owing to
the delays in building. On its mid
winter communion occasion the pas
tor, Rev. Dr. A. A. Little, announced
the names of thirty-six persons who
have been received into membership
during the past quarter; twenty-seven
of these were on profession of faith
and nine by letter. All of the activi
ties of the church are going on, and
th? whole congregation Is looking
eagerly forward to occupying Its com
fortable home on the corner of Ponce
de Leon Avenue and the Boulevard.
Bowling Green: Dr. Chas. B. Bov
lng, pastor of the First Church here
for the past three and one-half years,
has accepted a call to Moberly, Mo.,
and will enter upon his pastorate
there February 1st. Before coming
to Kentucky Dr. Bovlng had been
president of Westminster College at
Fulton, Mo., and had had pastorates
in Lomar, Webb City and Hannibal in
that state.
Nicholaeville: The Sunday-school
of this church used the "White Gifts
for the King" Christmas service in
connection with which over $117 was
given to the Syrian-Armenian Relief
Fund and other causes, and seven of
the scholars gave themselves to
Christ, besides a large number of
pledges of reconsecratlon and service.
Since the present pastor came to this
church the first of August, thirty-two
members have been received into the
church, twenty-four on profession
and eight by letter. The Sunday
school has been thoroughly graded,
several of the classes organized and
Home Department, Cradle Roll and
Teacher Training Clas9 organized.
We are facing the future with re
newed faith and hope.
New Orleans: The new house of
worship of the Napoleon Avenue
Presbyterian church, at the corner of
Napoleon and St. Charles Avenues,
was dedicated on Sunday afternoon,
December 30 th. The dedicatory
prayer was made by the pastor, Rev.
Dr. U. D. Mooney, the sermon was
delivered by Rev. Dr. James I. Vance,
of Nashville, and other parts of the
elaborate service were conducted by
Rev. Drs. H. W. Burwell, of Texas,
a former pastor, and George Summey,
pastor of the Third and Esplanade
church of New Orleans. The building
is one of great elegance and dignity,
but of the most marked simplicity,
without tower or spire, and present
ing an imposing columnar front on
St. Charles Avenue. The Sunday
school rooms and other offices and
conveniences are In the rear. The
main auditorium is very spacious,
seating seven hundred or eight hun
dred people, and is most impressive
in its pure white, with trimmings of
Ivory white and ifiahogany. The
whole structure and its site cost in
the neighborhood of one hundred
thousand dollars, and In spite of its
severely simple and straight lines im
presses every one with its richness as
well. The general dedication was
carried over several days. Sunday
evening a great patriotic service was
held, with addresses by Rev. Drs. W.
McF. Alexander, James I. Vance and
George H. Cornelson, of the First
church, N?t? Orleans, Dr. Alexander
presiding. Monday evening was given
to a service in the Interest of mis
sions, Home and Foreign, Dr.
Summey presiding and additional ad
dresses being made by Dr. Caldwell
and Rev. J. Van Neste Talmage, of
Korea. Tuesday evening was given
to sacred music, the church's Splen
did new organ being shown at its
best. Wednesday evening was a con
secration service, led by Dr. Burwell.
Thursday evening was given to Sun
day-school and Young People's So
ciety Interests, Friday evening was
devoted to a church fellowship ser
vice, with messages and greetings
from other Protestant churches, and
a reception given by the Woman's
Monroe, First Church: On Sunday,
January 6th, we celebrated our mid
winter communion season. The ser
vices were sweet and tender and the
congregations good for the cold, bad
weather. The pastor, Rev. C. S. New
man, D. D., announced the namea of
four new members, all adults. Our
people greatly enjoyed entertaining
Synod in November. We have raised
sufficient funds to pay ofT the balance
of indebtedness on our church prop
Kansas City, Central Church: Rev.
Dr. C. A. Nisbet has just completed
his sixth year in the pastorate of this
church. During that time there have
been received into the church two
hundred and ninety members by let
ter and two hundred and eighty-eight
on profession of their faith. He has
married one hundred and sixteen
couples, and has conducted the fun
eral services of forty-four members of
his church, and about double as many
of those who were not members of
his church. The work of the church
is in fine condition, and great good
is being accomplished in tRe city and
in the Church at large.
Mecklenburg Presbytery: There
will be an adjourned meeting of
Mecklenburg Presbytery held in the
First Presbyterian church, Charlotte,
N. C., Monday, January 21, 1918, at
2 P. M.
? John E. Wool. S. C.
Thornwell Orphanage: At a re
cent meeting of the Board of Trus
tees of this institution it was decided
to postpone the election of a presi
dent, to succeed the late Dr. Jacobs,
until the annual meeting In June.
Reports made to the board show the
work of Orphanage to be progressing
very satisfactorily. There have re
cently been admitted twenty-three
new children. To meet the high cost
of living the friends of the children
have Increased their gifts liberally. It
is estimated that the Increased cost
of living for the three hundred chil
dren for the coming year will be
about $15,000.
Greenville: The four Presbyterian
churches of this city observed the an
nual union communion service in the
First church on the first Sabbath in
January. Years ago the Presbyterians
of this city adopted the Bible prin
ciple of expansion, and not concen
tration, and now they have four self
supporting churches, with a total
membership of 1,548, and a Sunday
school enrollment of 1,265. There
are 41 elders and 45 deacons, and 161
members were added to the churches
last year ? 103 by certificate and 48
by examination. These four churches
contributed last year to all causes
$54,013.00; $25,476.00 of this
amount being for benevolences. The
four churches have excellent houses
of worship, three of them having been
built within the last eight years. Pres
byterianism has grown with the
growth of Greenville, and its outlook
for the coming year is bright. These
churches have the same symbols of
doctrine, form of government and
methods of worship, and these union
communion services foster amicable
relations between them; provoke one
another unto love and good works
(Hebrews 10:24); encourage Chris
tian comity and brotherly love and
create solidarity of Presbyterlanism
In the city and community. In addi
tion to these four churches, there Is
a Presbyterian organization at
Monoghan, one of the mill villages In
the community, and a movement has
baen started to build a church on a
large lot, donated for that purpose.
The church has a flourishing Sabbath
school and plana have been drawn
for the house of worahip. Cor.
Florence: On Sunday, December
9th, the Y. M. C. A. of the city had as
its guest Rev. James Power Smith,
D. D., of Richmond, Va. Dr. Smith
at the morning hour delivered from
the pulpit of this church a strong
sermon on the subject "The Glorious
Gospel of Christ." In the afternoon,
by special arrangement, the servlcea
of the Y. M. C. A. were also held in
this church, at which time Dr. Smith
delivered his noted lecture on Stone
wall Jackson, the Christian . soldier.
The main auditorium and the Sunday
school room had been thrown together
for the occasion, and they were both
filled to their utmost capacity. All
who attended went away delighted
both with the man and with his mes
sage. We assure this venerable but
vigorous servant of God a warm wel
come at any time he may come to ua.
On the Sunday preceding Christmas,
special services for the children were
held, those taking the place of the
regular Sunday-school exercises and
services of the church. The program
consisted of recitations and songs by
the children of the intermediate and
lower grades, and closed with an ad
dress by the pastor. The exercises
proved both interesting and instruc
tive. The regular quarterly commun
ion service was held on the first Sab
bath In January, During this quar
ter, wo have had fourteen additions
to the church membership, one by
profession and thirteen by letter, and
ten baptisms, of which one was an
adult. Being no longer handicapped
by the lack of a pastor, we are hop
ing to accomplish much this year.
H. E. D.
Synod of Texas: : Permit me here
by kindly to remind all pastors, sup
plies and sessions of the Synod of
Texas of the action of the Synod of
Texas, at its last meeting, regarding
"Texas Mexican Industrial Institute,"
whereby the Third Sabbath in Janu
ary was selected as a day of Special
Offering, throughout the Synod, in be
half of this Institution. Please do
not forget, overlook or neglect this
very important matter on January
20th, 1918; but, with diligence be
coming the Kingdom of our Lord,
let us "roll up" a neat sum for the
necessities of this most worthy and
splendid Institution. See Minutes of
"Synod of Texas," 1917, page 379.
Jas. L. Bowling, Chairman,
Synod's Committee on Homo Missions.
The Cameron Church in 1917: On
the whole, the year which has Just
ended was rich in the blessings for
the church at Cameron. There have
been many manifestations of spiritual
growth In the membership. In this
connection, mention must be made of
our revival meeting in July. The pas
tor, Rev. W. R. Hall, was assisted in
this meeting by Dr. P. E. Fincher, of
Huston, and Rev. W. H. Matthews, of
Huntsville. The visible results of the
meeting were the addition to the
church of thirty-four members, prac
tically all of whom came on .profes
sion of faith, and a majority of them
for baptism. In the death of MaJ.
William Drayton Paden late in June
and of John David Morton early In
September, the church sustained great
losses to both Its official boards, the
former a Ruling elder and the latter
a Deacon. MaJ. Paden was a char
ter member of the Cameron church,
and served it as a Ruling Elder from
the date of its organization with fidel
ity, fervency, and real. No interest
In all his full, rich life lay closer to
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