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A Kidney Medicine that
Heals and Strengthens
I hare been troubled with kidney trouble
and stoppage of the bladder for six years.
I doctored with several doctors, but re
ceived no benefit; had to get up often dur
ing the night, suffered severe pains and loss
of sleep. 1 commenced taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root and it seemed to relieve me
instantly. After taking one dollar bottle
I was entirely well, and I sincerely hope
that my word will be the means of restor
ing many other sufferers of kidney and
bladder trouble to good health.
Yours trulv,
3239 Chestnut Avenue,
June 12, 1916. Baltimore, Maryland.
Subscribed and sworn to this 12th day
of June, 1916
Notary Public.
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer & Co..
BIn&hamton, N. V.
Prove what Swamp-Root will do for you
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer <fc Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y., for a sample size
bottle. It will convince anyone. Vou will
also receive n booklet of valuable informa
tion, telling about the kidneys and bladder.
When writing, be sure and mention the
Richmond Presbyterian of the South.
Regular medium and large size bottle* for
?ale at all drug stores.
A trained corse, middle aged, edu
cated and a refined Christian, wisher
a position a9 companion or nurse to
invalid or care of child, or church
nurse. Best references.
Send for Catalogue of Baskets I
buy direct from Indians.
Saleable at Red Croaa and Church
1 pay all postage and take back all
Highland Springs, - - California
Asthna, Sore Throst, Coughs,
dlL.vi- irk- and ofLrWaiaj atfee*
' ??iu jtons forvhu ii it l? r'-^OHirienuwt.
It l<*"4mplR,fA'<;.?i/ertlvf uud iinKk-retri-fl'ment.
YflPOlta'dCrtttoicni: ;.>?>[>? t hi- pru .->x y'.rr'xo! W hoop
ing Cou?fear,d relieves Sra-inoillv Ctonp ut onru.
In asthma It shortens U.e a.iuck ai.d ItRdiCo com
f or table repose. . . .
The fir etrrj !nc tbe vnpor fntpircd with
every breath, makes brt-athii.i; easy, ??>3t hug th>- k ore
throat, and stops the eouvli, as.-"ir;n? n-'lnl ni^'nl*.
Creaolene rellsvi^a tli? bionrtitul complications of
Scarlet Fever and MMrltt uad U a valuable aid In
Uie treatment of Diphtheria.
Creoolene'a be?t recommendation la ltd 8P years of
sacccaaful use. Stn J potla I for Ivrnpt-.ve
tor sale bt Dbcooist*
THE VAPt?-GRfSOUNe 00., 62 Gortlandt Street, New York
l?*mUf-XllM tolldluj, ?oatrrat,
people. If every one will save an
ounce of meat daily we shall save in
one year an additional Bupply equal
ing 4,800,000 more cattle, each
dressed animal weighing 600 pounds.
The war is the greatest spiritual
adventure of humanity In a hundred
years. We have been drawn into it,
and food conservation is part of our
inescapable duty. As we perform
every part of our duty in these mo
mentous times, so shall we reap our
spiritual results.
Apples! Apples!
No present more acceptable to any
body and everybody than a box of
our fine Albemarle Pippins, the favor
ite of the late Queen Victoria and of
the present Royal Family of England.
Or a box of mountain-grown Wine
aapa. All carefully selected, wrapped
and packed. We sell, too, by the bar
rel or the carload. Our apples have
not been in cold storage and ripen
with an exquisite aroma and flavor.
92.60 to $4.00 par box.
The Albemarle Orchard Co*,
QurlottarrilK Va.
The question comes, "Whom shall
I tend?" and tliere are those who an
swer, "Here am I; send me." But
there are some who seem to answer,
"Here am I; send somebody ?lie." ?
The Christian Herald.
Gunter-Ilylton: On Tuesday, Janu
ary 8, at the Florentine Hotel, Hunt
ington, \V. Ya., by the Rev. John K.
Hitner, Mr. Richard B. Gunter, ot
Beckley, W. Va., to Mias Bessie Hyl
ton, of Cabell County.
Babb-Davis: At the manse ol the
Second church, Greenville, S. C., Jan
uary 9, 1918, by Rev. E. P. Davis,
Mr. Casper Roy Babb, of Greenville,
end Miss Mattie Clark Davis, daugh
ter of the officiating minister.
Bailey-Tucker : At the pastor's
study, Phenix, Va., November 17,
1917, by Rev. F. M. Ryburn, Mr. L.
E. Bailey and Miss Mae Ella Tucker,
both of Charlotte County, Va.
Justl-Rninscy: At the home of Mr.
Oscar Myers, Phenix, Va., on Decem
ber 22, 1917, by Rev. F. M. Ryburn,
Sergeant Charles L. Justl, of Camp
Lee, Va., and Miss Laura E. Ramsey,
of Charlotte County, Va.
Bailey-Beard: At Phenix, Va., De
cember 24, 1917, by Rev. F. M. Ry
burn, Mr. Henry G. Bailey and Miss
Olive M. Beard, both of Charlotte
County, Va.
Ayala: Died suddenly of heart
trouble in Taylor, Tex., Mr. Arthur
Ayala, in his fiftieth year. He was a
Ruling Elder and the Clerk of Ses
sion of the Mexican Presbyterian
church of Taylor. He leaves a widow
and four children.
Whreas, it has pleased Almighty
God in His wise Providence to re
move by death our dear brother and
fellow-elder, Mr. W. G. Edwards;
Whereas, Brother Edwards served
Arvon church as a Deacon for four
years, as an Elder for twenty-six
years,- being Clerk of the Session for
nineteen years, and Superintendent of
the Sunday-school at different times
for a number of years; therefore, be
Resolved, That while we bow in
meek submission to the will of the
Lord, who ga\e and hath taken away,
yet we are painfully sensible of the
great loss sustained by the Session
and the Church, and we moan the
removal of a brother so useful and
That we bear out testimony to his
love and devotion to the Lord and
to the Church; a good Presbyterian
and a wise councillor, he was faith
ful and efficient In the discharge of
his duties, and ready to every good
work. We shall greatly miss his ge
nial presence, his good counsel, and
his helping hand.
That a page of the Session Book
be Bet aside for the inscription of
this memorial; a copy be sent to his
family with assurances of our very
tender and prayerful sympathy; and
a copy be sent to the Presbyterian of
the South for publication.
Adopted by the Session.
W. McC. Miller. Mod'r;
Ellis E. Jones, C. S.
Resolutions of the Ladies' Mission
ary Society of the Presbyterian church
of ClarksTlll*. Va.
Doctor Says Nuxated Iron Will
Increase Strength of Delicate
People 100?}o in Ten Days
In many Instances ? Persons have suffered un
told agony for years doctoring for nervous
weakness, stomach, liver or kidney disease or
some other ailment when their real trouble
was lack of Iron In the blood. ? How to tell.
New York, N. Y. ? In a reccnt discourse Dr. E.
Saucr, a Boston physician who has studied widely
both in this country and in great European medical
institutions, said: "If you ws re to make an actual
blood test ou all people who are ill you would prob
ably be greatly astonished at the exceedingly large
number who lack iron and who are ill for no other
reason than the lark of iron. The moment iron is
supplied a multitude of dangerous symptoms dis
appear. Without iron the blood at once loses the
power to change fooJ into living tissue and there
fore nothing you eat does you any good; you don't
pet the strength out of it. Your food merely passes
through your system like corn through a mill with the
rollers so wide apart that the mill can't grind. As a
result of this continuous blood and nerve starvation,
people become generally weakened, nervous and all
ran down and frequently develop all sorts of condi
tions. Ona is too thin; Another is burdenad with un
healthy fat; some are so weak they can hardly walk;
aorne think they hava dyspepsia, kidney or liver
trouble; some can't sleep at night, others are sleepy
and tired all dey; some fussy and irritable; soma
skinny and bloodless, but all lack physical power
and endurance. In such cases, it is worse than fool
isbness to take stimulating medicines or narcotie
drugs, which only whip up your fagging vital powers
for the moment, maybe at the expense of your
life la trr on. No mutter what anyone tells you. it
you are not strong and well you owe it to yourself
to mako the following teat. Sec how long you can
work or how far you <*an walk without becoming
tired. Next take two five-grain tablets of ordinary
nuxated iron three times per day after meals for two
weeks. Then test your strength again and see for
yourself how much you have gained. I have seen
dozens of nervous run-down people who were ailing
all the time llouble, and even triple their strength
and endurance and entirely get rid of their symptoms
of dyspepsia, liver and other troubles in from ten
to fourteen davs' time simply by taking iron in tha
proper form, and this, after they had in some cases
been doctoring for months without obtaining anjr
benefit. You can talk as you please about all the
wonders wrought by new remedies, but when you
come down to hard facts there is nothing like good
old iron to nut color in your cheeks and good sound,
healthy flesh on your bones It is also a great nerve
and stomach strengthens and the best blood builder
in the world. The only trouble was that the old
forms of inorganic iron like tincture of iron, iron
acetate, etc , often ruined people's teeth, urset their
stomachs and were not assimilated and for theee
reasons they frequently did more harm than good.
But with the discovery of the newer forms of organic
iron all this has been overcome. Nuxated Iron for
example, is pleasant to take, does not injurs tha
teeth and is almost immediately beneficial.
NOTE.? Ths manufacturcra of Nuxated Iron have
auch unbounded confidence in its potency that they
authorize the announcement that they will forfeit
S100.00 to any Charitable Institution if they eannot
take any man or woman under *ixty who lacks
iron and increase their strength 100 per cent, or
over in four weeks' time, provided they have no
serious organic trouble. Also they will refund
your money in any case in which Nuxated Iron
dons not at least double jour strength in ten days'
time. It is dispensed in this city by all good druggists.
Whereas, God in His Providence
has seen fit to remove from our midst
cur beloved friend, Mrs. Mary C.
Leigh, a charter member of our So
ciety, who for forty-eight years gave
cheerful, earnest, and hearty assist
ance to its every movement; there
fore, be it
Resolved. 1. That we place on re
cord the sense of the great loss we
have sustained in the death of our
beloved friend and member.
2. That we extend to her family,
in their sorrow, our sympathy, rec
ognizing their great loss as well as
3. That these resolutions be sent
to the family and to the Presbyterian
of the South.
Mrs. Henry Wood,
Mrs. Cabell Wood,
Miss Virginia M. Strickler died at
the home of her niece, Mrs. Dr.
George H. Denny, in Tuscaloosa, Ala.,
January 12, 1018. She was a sister
of the late Rev. Dr. G. B. Strickler
and for about fifty years had been a
teacher of Latin at the Mary Bald
win Seminary in Staunton, Va. She
was one of a remarkable group of
teachers whom Miss Baldwin gath
ered about her and by whose assist
ance she made the Mary Baldwin
Seminary what it became. Miss
Strickler's splendid teaching was an
important factor in the making of the
reputation and success of that school.
She made a powerful impression on
the womanhood of the South, and
when her graduates sought higher
education in the universities they
never failed to distinguish themselves
by their superior preparation and ca
pacity for study.
Funeral services were conducted at
Tuscaloosa and the body was taken
to Staunton for burial. After reach
ing there a brief but solemn and ten
der service was held in the First Pres
byterian church, in which she kept
her membership to the last. This
service waa attended In a body by
trustees, officers, teachers and pupils
of the school, the school exercises
having been suspended for the occa
sion. An impressive feature of the
services was the presence in a body
of those of her former pupils who
are in Staunton, about fifty in num
ber. The casket was covered with a
beautiful pall of ferns aud flowers
given by the former students who
were present. The Choral Class of
the Seminary led the singing.
If you suffer with auy chronic dis
ease that does not seem to be bene
tiied by drugs, such as dyspepsia, in
digestion, sick headache, neuralgia,
rheumatism, gall stoues, liver or kid
ney diseases, or any other chrouic
ailment involving impure blood, you
are cordially invited to accept the lib
eral ofier made below. It is a grave
mistake to assume that your case is
incurable simply because remedies
prepared by human skill have not
seemed to benefit you. Put your faith
in nature, accept this offer, and you
will never have cause to regret it.
1 believe tliis is the most wonder
ful Mineral Spring that has ever beeu
discovered, for its waters have either
restored or benefited nearly everyone
who has accepted my offer. Match
your faith in this Spring against my
pocUetbook. and if the water does not
relieve your case, I will make no
chaige (or it. Cup this notice, sign
your name, enclose the amount, and
let tli is wonderful water begin Its
healing work in you as it has in thou
sands of others.
Shivar Spring,
Box 14 A, Shelton, S. C.
1 accept your guarantee offer and
enclose herewith two dollars for ten
gallons of Shivar Mineral Water. I
agree to give it a fail trial, in accord
ance with instructions contained In
booklet you will send, and If it fails
to benefit my case, you agree to re
fund the price In full upon receipt of
the two empty demijohns which I
agree to return promptly.
Shipping Point
b hk-WbAL l-'Otf
Celoijpntod tL.'octu:. | UonMlr
" r'A"wf /* tfnal Mniirln,.
k'or iza years U.4 i-cmeuy ba* act \riib continued and growing populwiry.
kra alto Qnlrkly Rellwvod by a Frw Application*.
IT. Edimrdi A Won, 1"7 0-"co Victoria bU, All Dmrfiitt, 0" !? FOrfl* HA k CO., !??.,

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