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rhe Presbyterian if the South
PwMtafeatf weakly kr tb* Pmfcytw to Co., lac.
RMioMd. Ta.;
B*V. A. A. UTTLJ, D. D..
Atlaata, Oa.
Twtm ml SnlMcrlptioa.
Kin. ? Two dollm a r?r tn ?drtnc?. It pay
?Mt U Mt/id thrM months, |3 M Forsfen
Natrtn, an* dollar additional.
?aooipta. ? Tht laoel on the wr+vem U ? reeelpt
I" wjTMBi, II label U DO* ohanged within two
? aftar your reraittaeee please notify ua.
Dtacoarlnuancea. ? W. flrji that ? Ipge majorit y
?t oar ?niwrihen prefer not to h*n U?fr subeorlp
tsoaa interrupted and tbotr IDn broken In OMf they
Ml to recall before expiration. It is theeafore
aaaumed. unlaw notification to diaeoatlnua U re
**4r*d, that the ?ubscrlbar wiahee do inteiTuptioa Id
Ua aerie*. Notification to discontinue can be sent
la at any time during the veer, provided all arrearage
la paid. If yon wish the paper stopped, writ* tu
yaataelf? don't aak the poatmaater to do it.
Change of Addreaa. ? Give the old aa well aa the
aaw addreaa, and full addreaa in all oorraapondenee.
Remlttancee. ? Make all remittanoaa to "The
Presbyterian of the Pouth."
Obltuariae. ? Vottoee of death, Knitted to fifty
worda, are pubtisbed free. Obituary notieee and
rraointioaa of reajiaot of Peaaiona, ftometiea, ate., are
ahafged for at the rate of one rent a word. Cor
raapondenta ahould aee that all namea are
written dlarinrtly.
Add r aee. ? The Preebytenan of the South, Rooa
SOS Old Dominion Trust Building, 9th ana Mala
Sta., Richmona, Va.
Entered aa aeeooa-?Uaa matter, June IS, 1(10,
at the poet-office at Richmond, Va., under the aet
of M&roh 8. 1870.
?f)ttrcf) jOtetog
Synod of Virginia: It gives the
Synod's Committee on Place of Next
Meeting pleasure to announce that the
pastor and congregation of the Pres
byterian church at Harrisonburg, Va.,
extends a cordial invitation to the
Synod to hold its next meeting in that
church. The invitation is gladly ac
cepted, and on Tuesday, November
12, 1918, the Synod will assemble
(D. V.) in that church, at 8 P. M.
Allow your moderator to say that
we should put forth every effort to
make this meeting a strong and an In
spiring one. Many Important mat
ters will come before the Synod. It
would seem most desirable that the
various committees should have their
report prepared with care; that they
should be read with precision and em
phasis on the salient points of the re
ports, and that they should be as brief
as consistent with the subjects in
volved. The Synod will thus have a
longer time for intelligent discussion.
Shall not the ministers and elder
delegates make an earnest effort to
be present, and also to remain through
the entire session?
At the Synod In Alexandria last year
it was strange to observe how many
members had left the Synod by mid
day of Thursday.
It Is interesting to note that Synod
met In Harrisonburg, October, 1868,
and this is the first meeting in that
church since that date.
J. Calvin Stewart,
Moderator and Chairman of Synod's
Committee on Place of Meeting.
East Hanover Presbytery: The con
stitutional requirements having been
met, East Hanover Presbytery is here
by called to meet in the Presbyterian
Publishing House, Richmond, Va., at
12 M-, Monday, March 25, 1918, to
attend to the following business:
1. To consider and act upon the
resignation of Rev. J. Calvin Stewart
as paBtor of Grace-Covenant church.
2. To consider the application of
r. W. T. Williams to be taken under
e care of the Presbytery as a can
late for the ministry. ?
3. To attend to any other buslnoss
growing out of these matters.
H. J. Williams, Moderator.
Richmond, Union Seminary: The
baccalaureate sermon at the approach
ing commencement will be preached
by Rev. William L. McEwan, D. D., of
Pittsburg, Penn., the annual address
to the Society of Missionary Inquiry
will be made by Dr. William J. Mar
tin, president of Davidson College, and
the address to the graduating class
on commencement day will be given
by Rev. Ernest Thompson, D. D., of
Charleston, W. Va.
In accordance with the custom of
holding class reunions at intervals of
ten years, the classes which are spe
cially invited to meet for the banquet
on commencement day, May 8th, at
one o'clock, in Richmond Hall, are
those of '58, '68, *78, *88, '98, 1908
and 1918. The surviving members of
these classes are as follows: '58, J. B.
Shearer; *68, G. L. Leyburn and Har
vey Glass; '78, I. S. Anderson, J. G.
Anderson. J. E. Booker, R. S. Burwell.
A. B. Coit, B. E. Goode. J. E. Latham.
E. W. McCorkle, W. M. McPheeters,
L. Spencer, Alexander Sprunt and
G. T. Storey; '88, W. C. Alexander, E.
H. Amis, Edward Bailey, C- G. Brown.
R. W. Culbertson, C. K. Cumming.
William Cumming, R. E. Henderlite,
J. H. Lacy, James Lapsley, J. E. Mc
Lean, W. H. Miley, C. S. Newman, R.
P. Pell, M. B. Porter, Joseph Rennie,
J. A. Vance, R. M. Hall and F. L. Mc
Cue; '98, C. E. Anderson, E. P. Brad
ley, G. L. Brown, R. D. Carson, S. L.
Cathey, J. \V. Goodman, H. C. Ham
mond, G. B. Hanrahan, R. B. Hudson,
W. E. Hudson. R. W. Jopling, S. S.
Oliver. H. G. Richardson, G. W. Ship
ley, J. W. Stokes. W. C. Underwood.
L. E. Wells, S. H. Williamson, J. L.
Yandle, J. T. Thomas, Jr., and F. W.
French; 1908, W. W. Arrowood, J. A.
Christian, F. E. Clark, J. H. Clarke,
Lowry Davis. F. L. Delaney. S. M.
Glasgow. F. W. Gray, J. H. Gruver, J.
W. Hethorn, H. M. Jenkins, R. A.
Lapsley, Jr., L. W. Matthews, J.
M. McChesney, L. M. Moffett,
George C. Moore, H. W. Shannon,
A. W. Shaw, Flournoy Shepperson,
C. T. Squires, H. W. Sublett, G.
M. Telford. J. C. Walker, W. C.
Wauchope and J. W. Woody; 1918,
the present senior class; one hundred
and nine in all.
Second Presbyteriun Church: The
pastor. Rev. Dr. Russell Cecil, was in
Wilmington, N. C., from Monday,
March 11th, to Monday, March 18th,
preaching for the Rev. A. D. McClure,
D. D., in St. Andrew's Presbyterian
church. During his absence on last
Sabbath, March 17th, his pulpit was
filled at the morning service by Rev.
W. L. Lingle, D. D., of Union Theo
logical Seminary, who is always great
ly enjoyed by this congregation. The
union services were also held in this
church on Sabbath evening, on which
occasion the sermon was by the Rev.
H. D. C. Maclachlan, D. D., of the
Seventh Street Christian church. These
union services, which have been held
during the winter, have proved most
Alexandria: The Women's Mission
ary Society of the Second church will
hold its annual meeting March 20th,
at which time Rev. Dr. J. N. Miller, of
Washington, D. C., is expected to make
tho address. The pastor, Rev. Dr.
John Lee Allison, will attend the State.
Sunday-school Convention in Rich
mond, Va.. April 9th-llth, and de
liver an address on "The Call to Sac
Covington: Kev. Henry W. .Mc
Laughlin. pastor of New Providence
church in Rockbridge County, has
been called to become pastor of this
church, recently left vacant by Rev.
Thomas K. Young, who has gone to
Abingdon, Sinking Spring Church:
A very delightful supper was served
last Thursday night at Stonewall Jack
son College to the men who are going
to conduct the Every Member Canvass
in Sinking Spring church on March
17th. Representatives were also pres
ent from Greenspring, Bethel and
Rockspring churches. Mr. J. W. Has
ainger. the "Congregational Manager,"
made a very able toastmaster. Rev.
C. C. Carson. D. D., and Mr. J. D. Fau
cette, of Bristol, and Dr. J. R. Dobyns
and Rev. Wesley Baker, of Abingdon,
made short speeches on the canvass.
Sinking Spritag church has accepted
the apportionment of $3,600 for be
nevolences as her share of the $3,
000,000 to be raised. The canvassers
will also endeavor to secure pledges
for $4,000 for current expenses.
Lexington: Rev. Thomas Kay
Young preached to large and attentive
audiences Sunday morning and night,
March 10th, beginning his ministry to
us as our pastor. Ho had previously
preached twice to us as our pastor
The Stonewall Jackson Bible class
of this church has just elected officers
for the ensuing year. They are: Presi
dent. Major E. A. Sale; vice-president,
John A. Champe; secretary, B. F.
Harlow; treasurer, W. W. Wright;
historian, N. D. Smithson. Colonel
W. T. Shield was unanimously re
elected teacher. This is an active,
growing class, and has set as its goal
one hundred active members, attend
ing every Sunday.
Lexington Presbytery: Rev. Dr. E.
W. McCorkle, chairman of the Com
mittee on Foreign Missions, writes to
the pastors and people of this Pres
bytery as follows: "The amount re
ceived for the regular work of For
eign Missions to March 1st is $397,
101.07. To meet the probable cost
of this year's work, not including any
thing for the deficit, we must have in
this one month of March, $271,000.00.
Attention is called to this matter, so
serious in its aspects, in order that
God's people may see that if His great
work is properly sustained, we must
not only reach but pass our apportion
ments. It is a time for Importunate
prayer that this extremity may be our
Kuudny-.scliool Institute and
Deacons' Conference: For the south
half of Potomac Presbytery there will
be held at Culpeper, Va., a Sunday
school Institute and Deacons' Confer
ence, March 21st and 22nd, beginning
at 2 P. M.' on Thursday, 21st. Dr.
Glass and Miss Shields, of Richmond,
are to participate. The afternoon of
the second day will be given to the
deacons' work. Every church and Sun
day-school is expected to send one or
more delegates. Let Rev. C. D. Hol
land know who is to come that enter
tainment may be provided.
W. R. McElroy,
Supt. H. M. and S. S. Work.
Rockflsh Church: At a meeting of
the Session some days ago Rockflsh's
quota of the $3,000,000 drive was ac
cepted. The Every-Member Canvass
and the Duplex Envelope system were
adopted. Last Sunday afternoon ten
earnest canvassers visited our mem
bership and secured pledges for $50
more than our quota.
Two excellent young ladies were
received by profession last Sunday
morning into the membership of this
At the close of the service a con
gregational meeting was held to elect
some new officers. Two elders, Dr.
Robert Rosser and Mr. C. H. Martin,
were elected, and one deacon, Mr.*W.
M. Coleman. These new officers will
be installed and ordained the fourth
Sunday in March.
Hath County: The Three Million
Dollar Campaign is proving a great
blessing to many of our churches,
aside from the blessing of providing
the money necessary for the Lord's
work. In Bath County, Va., Lexing
ton Presbytery, a conference of the
officers of the Presbyterian churches
of the county was called, at which
practically all the churches were rep
resented and most of the officers of
the churches in the county were pre*
ent. Every man present pledged him
self to adopt the tithe as the mini
mum of his giving, and at the sug
gestion of one of the deacons the fol
lowing resolution was adopted:
Whereas, at a conference of cer
tain officers of the Presbyterian
churches of Bath County at Windy
Cove church on March 7, 1918, it
was the sentiment to urge the adop
tion of the tithe as the minimum basis
of giving to church work, now, there
fore, be it
Resolved, That the officers here
present pledge themselves to call a
meeting of tho officers of their re
spective churches for the third Sun
day in the month of March, 1918, and
pledge as many of said officers as
they can, to adopt the tithe as the
minimum of their individual giving
for at least one year.
C. W. R.
Prairie Grove: Rev. R. S. Brown,
who came to Northwest Arkansas in
November, from Fayetteville, Tenn.,
has been made pastor-evangelist for
this section of Washburn Presbytery.
Dr. Brown has just closed his first
evangelistic meeting since coming to
the State, in the Presbyterian church
at Prairie Grove, where he has shown
himself to be an evangelist of unusual
He presented the gospel truths in
theLr purity, in an earnest, forceful
and pleasing manner. All denomina
tions were benefited by his preaching,
and there has been a spiritual uplift
in the community, besides several con
versions. The pastors of the several
churches were present and took an
active part. There has been renewal
of Christian fellowship and unity of
The closing service was held in the
Methodist church, the largest In town,
to accommodate the large congrega
tion, to which Dr. Browta had so kind
ly been Invited by the pastor.
In recognition of the work of Dr.
Brown and the gratifying results of
his efforts, we, the pastors and officers
of the several churches affix our sig
Thos. I. Beck,
Pastor M. E. Church, South.
J. P. Campbell,
Cumberland Minister.
M. G. Burnett, ,
Pastor Baptist Church.
F. A. Bradshaw,
Pastor Presbyterian Church.
J. T. Allman,
Pastor C. P. Church.
R. O. Hannan and
E. G. McCormick,
Elders, Presbyterian Church.
Pine Bluff Presbytery : The re
port blanks for the spring meeting of
Pine Bluff Presbytery have been sent
to all the churches In the Presbytery,
but If any have failed to receive them
and will notify the stated clerk at
Dermott another set will be sent.
Presbytery will meet in the First
church, Pine Bluff, on Tuesday, April
9th, at 7:30 P. M.
William A. Rolle, 9. C.
DeFuniak Springs: On Tuesday
night, February 26, there came to
an end a most helpful series of ser
vices held for two weeks in the Chau
tauqua Auditorium. The preaching
was by Rev. Frank D. Hunt, who is
laboring at this time as evangelist in
Florida Presbytery, and the truths of
the Scriptures were preached plainly
a'nd with power. The singing was led
by Rev. Charlie D. Tillman, of At
lanta, musician and composer, and
was with life and enthusiasm. Both
of these brethren are experienced
workmen and their services, among ns
Were greatly appreciated.- This was a

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