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Kidney Trouble Not
Easily Recognized
Applicants for Insurance Often Re
An examining physician for one of
the prominent Life Insurance Compa
nies, in an interview of the subject,
made the astonishing statement that
one reason why so many applicants for
insurance are rejected is because kid
ney trouble is so common to the Amer
ican people, and the large majority of
thos whose applications are declined
do not even suspect that they have the
Judging from reports from druggists
who are constantly in direct touch
with the public, there is one prepara
tion that has been very successful in
overcoming these conditions. The mild
and healing intluence of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Itoot is soon realized. It stands
the highest for its remarkable record
of success.
We And that Swamp-Root is strictly
an herbal compound and we would ad
vise our readers who -feel in need of
such a remedy to give it a trial. It is
on sale at all drug stores in bottles of
two sizes, medium and large.
However, if you wish first to test this
.great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer <& Co., Binghampton, N. Y., for
a sample bottl.e When writing be
sure and mention the Richmond Pres
byterian of the South.
Doctor Wanted
A Christian physician, Presbyterian
preferred, is badly needed here at once.
1-arge country practice. Altitude 1,800
feet. Vast opportunity for doing good.
Address Rev. Roy Smith, Ararat, Va.
I wish that I knew which one of the
thousands of letters I receive would have
the most weight with you, my friend. I
can't quote all of them here, but I am
going to ask you to read these carefully
and then give me a chance to renew your
health and make you write me one very
much like them:
701 Barnard Street.
Savannah, Ga., Deo. 28. 1910.
Mr. N. F". Shivar, Sbeltoo, 8. C. Dear Sir; As
you are aware, in 1000 I was suffering with indi
gestion, stomach and liver disorders and all its
train of horrifying phenomena for several months.
I had lived on milk, soft egga, shredded wheat, a
very insufficient diet for an active workingman,
and, of course, from disease and starvation, was
in a very low state of nervous vitality and general
debility. I ordered ten gallons of your Mineral
Water, which I used continuously, reordering when
neoeasary, and In four months gained twenty-nine
pounds, was strong and perfectly well and have
worked practically every day since. It acts as u
general renovator of the system. I prescribe it in
my practioe, and it has In every Instance had the
desired effects. It is essential to use this water in
as larg? quantities as possible, for its properties are
so happily blended and in such proportion that they
will not disturb the most delicate system. It is purely
Nature's remedy.
A. L. R. AVANT, M. D.
Leeds, S. C., March 2, 1911.
I have tested your Spring Water in several cases
of rheumatism, chronic indigestion, kidney and
bladder troubles, and in nervous and sick headaches,
and find that it has acted nicely in each case, and I
believe that if used continuously for a reasonable
time will produce a permanent cure. It will purify
the blood, relieve debility, stimulate the action of
the liver, kidneys and bladder, aiding them in throw
ing off all poisonous matter.
These are not selected oases nor are the
results unusual. I receive thousands like
them from physicians, ministers, lawyers,
merchants, farmers, manufacturers ana
every conceivable profession. I want the
satisfaction of receiving such a letter from
you. No matter what your complaint
may be, dyspepsia, indigestion, nervous
headache, rheumatism, gall stones, kidney
or liver disease, or any chronic ailment that
has not responded to drugs. I invite you
to match your faith in the Spring against
my pocketbook. If the water fails to
benefit you, simply say so, return the
empty demijohns and I will promptly and
willingly refund your money ? every cent.
Sign bekm:
Shivar Spring,
Box 14-B, Shelton, S. C.
I accept your guarantee offer and en
close herewith two dollars for ten gallons
of Shivar Mineral Water. I agree to give
it a fair trial, in accordance with instruc
tions contained in booklet you will send,
and if it fails to benefit my case you agree
to refund the price in full upon receipt of
tb? two empty demijohns, which I agree
to return promptly.
Shipping Point ...
I I'lrsar write tllaf Inr-tly. )
ii oulitiuen from page 11)
:i Christian Scientist or a follower of
Russell or Dowie.
Memory Work: Josh. 1:6-9. The
mind of man is like a great casket.
Hut it is one that cannot remain
empty. If it is not filled with what is
gord, it will be filled with evil. With
what can we better fill it than with
the jewels of God's word? There is
no better way for us to learn the
meaning of Cod's word as applied to
us. than by meditating upon it. We
may read a verse and its meaning
may not be very clear. But if we have
it in mind and will think it over ami
over again the meaning will come out
clearer and clearer. God's word is the
weapon which we are to use as sol
diers of the cross, but if we have not
i he word in mind and heart, how can
we use it?
Meditation: Psalm 1:1-6. Medita
tion is the quiet thinking over and
oxer of some subject. When we have
in mind a passage of God's word con
taining some great truth, and we think
it over and over, we will find that the
truth will find entrance into our heart
and it will soon find its way into our
lives. Our minds are at work all the
time. It is the part of wisdom to
have them work to the best advantage.
Give them God's word to work on and
great will be the blessing to us.
Aim of the Bible: 1 Cor. 10:1-11.
The Bible is given us in order that
we may not be ignorant of matters of
vital concern to us, but that we may
be informed as to God's will concern
ing us. When it tells of God's deal
ings with others, it is that we may
know what we may expect as to His
dealings with us.
The Word in the Heart: Deut.
11:1 8-25. God here reminds Israel of
all that He has done for them in de
livering them from the land of Egypt
and in bringing them through their
forty years' journey in the wilderness.
He promises them great blessings in
the land to which He is leading them.
But these promises are all based upon
their keeping His commandments. In
order that they may do this God tells
them to lay up His words in their
hearts and souls, and to have them
ever in mind.
Obedience: James 1:21-27. "Be ye
doers of the word." It will be no avail
to us to have God's word, nor will it
help us to have it committed to mem
ory, nor will we be the better off for
thinking and meditating upon it, if we
stop there. It is obeying the teach
ings of this word that brings forth
fruit in our lives.
Christian Duty and Privilege, Bible
Heading: Psalm 119:9-16. For the
first week in each month this year the
subject has been some Christian duty
and privilege. These have been the
subjects for the past months: becom
ing a Christian, winning others to
Christ and prayer. It is both a duty
and a privilege to read the Bible. In
it God speaks to us, and we ought to
know what God says. How we delight
to receive a letter from some absent
loved one. The Bible is God's love
letter to His people. This One Hun
dred and Nineteenth Psalm is .the
ChurcheK are beinft
erected tn all parts of the
country from our plana.
Apply for particular*
and deaiftna.
Church Architect*
t'nlontown, Penna.
Cut and keep for reference
The Wyandotte is the best alj pur
pose fowl. Best layers, sitters, moth
ers. Best for the table; best to look
at. We have a fine flock of healthy
birds. Hatching eggs, $1.50 per set
Amherst, Va.
longest chapter in the Bible and it is
devoted entirely to telling us about
the word of God as revealed to man.
It will pay well to study every verse
of it.
What Methods l)o We Use in Bible
Heading;? Some methods in use are
very satisfactory and some are far
from being so. Some people really
have no method at all, but read it oc
casionally only. It should be read
every day. It should be read in order
to learn its meahing. Sometimes it is
v.HI to read the Bible through con
secutively. At other times it may be
well to read by books, selecting the
books that appeal to you most. Again
there are times when it should be read
by subjects. A concordance and a
good subject index will be a great help
111 this direction.
What Benefits Do We Derive From
Bible Heading? We learn God's will
and learn how to obtain strength to
do His will. We learn of the rich
promises He has made, and the con
ditions upon which these promises will
be fulfilled for us.
How Can We Improve Our Oppor
tunities for Bibl?* Heading? By fixing
definite time, and by using any other
time that we may have. By planning
so that we shall have time for read
ing. We know an old lady, who felt
that she was not getting as much time
for her Bible reading as she ought to
have, so, although she was a very
early riser, she determined to get up
a hour earlier every morning that she
might give that first hour of her day
to the quiet and uninterrupted study
of her Bible.
Simmons-Gauss: On March 4, 1918,
at the home of the bride's mother,
Mrs. C. E. Gauss, St. Charles, Mo.,
by Rev. John W. Rowe, Captain
Arnold Simmons, of Richmond, Ky.,
and Miss M. Lois Gauss.
30 c a t f) a
By Rev. J. R. Bridges, D. D.
In 1889 when I became the pastor
of the Salem, Va., Presbyterian
church, among the first men I met
was I)r. J. K. McWhorter. For twen
ty-eight years I knew him, and now
that, after a long and godly life, "he
sleeps well," I gladly bear testimony
to his high Christian character and
his continued interest in all that con
cerned the Church.
Dr. McWhorter was born in Abbe
ville County, S. C., November 6, 1844.
He was the son of Rev. William Mc
Whorter and his wife, Margaret M.,
whose maiden name was Kyle. Like
other sons of the manse, he grew up
in the midst of Christian influence,
which fostered in him a sense of deli*
eate courtesy which always charac
terized his dealings with his fellow
men. Among his ancestors, who were
Scotch and Scotch-Irish, he counted
more than one minister of the Presby
terian Church.
Much of his classical education was
received under his father, and also
his Christian training ? with the re
sult that at an early age he united
with the Church of his fathers.
When the Civil War began he was
a youth of seventeen years, but he
joined the Sixth South Carolina
cavalry and served to the close of the
war, being with General Joseph E.
Johnston in North Carolina at the
Why I Believe
in Nuxated Iron
Is a Tonic, Strength and Blood Boildir
By E. Sauer, M. D.
Probably no remedy has eur met with such
phenomenal success as has Ku&utod Iron. It Is
conservatively estimated that over three mil*
lion people annually are taking It In this coon
try alone. It has been highly endorsed and used
by Former United States Senators and Members
of Congress ; Physicians who have been con
nected with well-known hospitals have pre
scribed and recommended It ; Monselfneur Nun
nlnl, a prominent Clergyman, recommends It to
all. Former Health Commissioner Wm. R. Kerr,
of Chicago, says It ought to be used In every
hospital and prescribed by every physician.
Dr. A. J. Newman, late Police Surgeon of
the City of Chicago, and former House Surgeon
Jefferson I'ark Hospital, Chicago, says Nuxated
Iron has proven through Ills own tests of It to
excel any preparation he has ever used for
creating red blood, building up the nerves,
strengthening the muscles and correcting di
gestive disorders.
Dr. James Francis Sullivan, formerly physician
of Bellevue Hospital (Outdoor dep't.) New York,
mid the Westchester County Hospital, says there
are thousands of men and women who need a
strength and blood builder but do not know
what to take. In his opinion there Is nothing
better than organic Iron ? Nuxated Iron ? for en
riching the blood and helping to Increase the
strength and endurance of men and women who
burn up too rapidly their nervous energy In the
strenuous strain of the great business competi
tion of the day.
If you are not strong or well, you owe It
to yourself to make the following test : See
how long you can work or how far you can walk
without becoming tired. Next take two flve
graln tablets of Nuxated Iron three times per
day after meals for two weeks. Then test your
strength again and see how much you have
Note: ? Nuxated Iron, which has been used by former
members ot the United States Senate anil limine of
llepresentatives, and other prominent people, with stich
surprising results, and which la prescribed and recom
mended above by physicians, is not a secret remedy,
hut one which la well known to dru legists everywhere.
Unlike the older Inorganic Iron products. It Is easily
assimilated, does not Injure Uie teeth, make them blank
nor upaet the stomach. The manufacturers guarantee
successful and entiroly satisfactory results to every pur
?tiaser or they will refund your money. It la dispensed
by all cood druggists.
A young white woman to cook and
help clean for private family. One
child no objection. Box Q, Tazewell,
Wa hav? thro* or 'our Million Early J?rt?y ind
Charleston Wakofield and Succession, roady for
?hif Uiejt m?w. Trices t-v experts only (we do not skip by
parcel pt?sl) $1 for f/?: $1.&6 p*r 1000; 10.000 and orsr at
? 1.25 per 1000. Better order srliatyr u want wi'hout de
lay *s there will not bo enough to supply demaud. Please
send moucy with all orders.
Trade Mark
with a package ^ D..M
ol Catnip * "" "?
at most Drug, Toy, Bird and Depart
ment Stores.
The Cat Doctor Book 5 cents by mail.
Dr. A. C. Daniels, Inc., 172 Milk St,
Boston, Mass.
Would You Llko a Course of
The Old Gospel
?Send for 24 lessons on the Seeond Coming of Christ
for individual, class and summer conference. Single
copy, 25c; 50 copies, $12.00; 100, $22.50, prepaid, by
1 14 1 a K- Capitol Ave., Little Rock, Ark
Mend the Leak
In your Granite, Tin, Aluminnm and Xreo
Dishes, Kettles, Pass, etc.
wiih PECKS.vcf*'/ RIVETS
AayoM oau do It. Quick and easy.
?older, oetnent or bolts. Pit any surface.
B?ud for Rumple bot of 25 attorted iliet,
10c. po?i|.atJ Regular pe/kage, lie.
rit'E * Ctl 342 Mala 8t? Nalatla,
if J
face. ^
Learn Music
At Home!
Method? Learn To
Wey By Note? Piano,
Organ, violin. Banjo,
Mandolin, Guitar, Cornet.
Ilarp, 'Cello or to sing.
Special Limited Offer of free
w eekly lessons. You pay only
for music and postacre.whicli
la small. No extra*. Begin
nera or advanced pupils,
Everything ill imtrated, plain,
simple, systematic. Free let -
In red each course. 16 years'
aticceoa.' Start at once. Write
for HreeBookletToday? Now
22k Fifth Arc dm, Nm Yarii Qty

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