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Can Conscientionusly
Recommend this
Kidney Medicine
I have sold kidney remedies for many
years and have found Pr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root to be the most reliable one of them nil.
When something is needed for kidney,
liver and bladder troubles, and it is left if)
my judgment, I always deride on Swamp
Hoot, as I like to give my customers some
thing that will benefit them and 1 believe
Swamp-Root is the most reliable remedy for
these ailments and I take great pleasure in
recommending it to my customers. v. .
Very truly,
LEO I1AYDOX, Druggist.
April 23, 1017. Springfield, Ivy.
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer & Co..
Hln&hamton, N. Y.
Prove Wliat Swamp-Root Will Do For
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y., for a sample size
bottle. It will convince anyone. You
will also receive a booklet of valuable
information, telling about the kidneys
and bladder. When writing, be sure
and mention the Richmond Presby
terian of the South. Medium and large
size bottles for sale at all drug stores.
ing Cough,
Croup, 3
Asthma, Sore Throat, Coughs,
Bronchitis, Colds, Catarrh.
...... ? TWt fall to use Cresolene forthe
L...I ii.k.'i' , 'lism-t^ttn;. anil oft! 11 ratal atfee
hrd is. J t jons l<>r whit h it is rccommetiikHl.
It I* a Pimple. paf e,etvert i ve ami urunh-sg treatment.
Vnporizc'U'rcsoleneRtopsthepiiroxjsmsof Whoop.
inp Coiitili aii'l relieves Spasmodic < 'rutin at once.
In asthma it Bljonens Uiu attack and insures com
fortable repot e.
The air carrying the antiseptic vapor Inspired with
every breath, make* bri-athln?r ??:isv.i..>otlie.< the sore
throat, and stops t lie eotiuli, iK-urmt; r-.-ttul nights.
Ctesolene relieves the hroin'iiml complications of
Scarlet f i ver ami Measles atsil is a valuable aul m
the treatment of Diphtheria.
I'resolem-'s bent recommendation Ir lts38ye?r? of
successful use. Send pottul for ftfrriptwt MQflUt.
THE VAPU-CRISOlfit CO.. 62 Cortlandt Strwt, New York
_or Lesmlaf Biles building, KoDtmi, l4iiida____
For diseases which do not readily yield
to drug treatment, such as chronic dys
pepsia, indigestion, rheumatism, Bright's
disease, gall stones, uric acid poisoning, and
diseases of the kidney and liver, the best
physicians send their wealthy patients to
the famous mineral springs. Some even
spent months at the Spas of Europe and
were almost invariably cured or greatly
I believe that the Shivar Spring is the
greatest mineral spring ever discovered and
I believe it so firmly that I of er to send
you enough water for a three w. eks' treat
ment (two five-gallon demijohns) on my
guarantee that if it fails to benefit your case
I will refund the price. You would hardly
believe me if I told you that only about two
out of a hundred, on the average, say that
they have received no benefit. The water
is restoring thousands. It restored my
health when my friends and physicians
thought my case was incurable and I
am willing and anxious for you to match
J rour faith in the Spring against my pocket
>ook. If I win you become a life-friend of
the Spring. If I lose I will he sorry for
you, but I will appreciate your courtesy in
giving the water a trial and will gladly re
fund your money on request. Sign the
following letter:
Shivar Spring,
Box 14-C, Shelton, S. C.
I accept your guarantee offer and enclose
herewith two dollars for ten gallons of
Shivar Mineral Spring Water. I agree to
give it a fair trial, in accordance with in
structions contained in booklet you will
Bend, and if it fails to benefit my case you
agree to refund the price in full upon re
ceipt of the two empty demijohns which I
agree to return promptly.
Shipping Point
(Plesa* writ* distinctly.*
Montreat ? For rent a good fur
nished cottage for family or boarders.
Good location. Apply Mrs. F. V. Rod
rlgues, Montreat, N. C.
The Wyandotte Is the best all pur
pose fowl. Best layerB, sitters, moth
ers. Best for the table; best to look
at. We have a fine flock of healthy
birds. Hatching eggs, $1.60 per set
Amhurit, V*.
$ns s
fLo Che icing's Jprefiencc
(From book of this nam* by R?t. C.
K. Paxton, St. Louis, Mo. Price 26c.)
1. Our Calling. "Wherefore, holy
brethren, partakers of the heavenly
railing, consider the Apostle and
High Priest of our profession. Christ
Jesus;" ? Heb. 3:1.
'2. Our Hope. "For the hope which is
laid up for you in heaven, whereof
ye heard before in the word of the
truth of the gospel;" ? Col. 1:5.
3. Our Country. "But now they de
sire a better country, that is, a
heavenly: wherefore God is not
ashamed to be called their God: for
he hath prepared for them a city."
? Heb. 11:16.
4. Our Citizenship. "For our citizen
ship is in heaven; from whence also
we look for the Saviour, the Lord
Jesus Christ." ? Phil. 3:20 (R. V.).
Our Inheritance. "To an inheri
tance incorruptible, and undefiled,
and that fadeth not away, reserved
in heaven for you." ? 1 Pet. 1:4.
It. Our Home. "For we know that, if
our earthly house of this tabernacle
were dissolved, we have a building
of God, a house not made wTitli
hands, eternal in the heavens." ? 2
Cor. 5:1.
7. Our Advocate. "For Christ is not
entered into the holy places made
with hands, which are the figures of
the true; but into heaven itself, now
to appear in the presence of God for
us." ? Heb. 9:24.
The significance of Alsace and Lor
raine to French Protestantism is re
vealed in letters and messages re
ceived by the Federal Council from
Andre Monod, corresponding secretary
of the French Protestant Committee.
Some of the great names of French
Huguenot history have come from
Alsace ? such as Oberlin, Reuss, Mat
ter, Haunt, Cunitz and Wilm. The an
nexation of Alsace made the Evan
ge'ical Church of the Augsburg Con
fession lose thirty-eight consistories
and one hundred and ninety-one
parishes, and the Reformed Church,
five consistories and ninety-six
parishes. Before the annexation there
were 230,000 Protestants in Alsace
and Lorraine. By the annexation,
French Protestantism lost just one
fourth of its church members. The
expected reunion of this Department
of the East with the other depart
ments is accordingly of momentous
importance to the Protestant
churches as a whole, in order to make
them ef|ual to their immense duties
after the war.
At the beginning of the war the
Huguenots of Alsace had to undergo
great hardships because of their
French sympathies. Pastor Ceroid, of
Saint Nicholas church in Strasbourg,
one of the leading and most honored
men of the city, was imprisoned for
alleged sayings in sympathy with the
French. On account of his old a^o
and exalted position, a medical of
ficer was sen to him suggesting that
ho ask for a certificate of ill-health,
to avoid prison. Pastor Ceroid re
fused, and was soat to prison for a
number of weeks. In reconquered
Alsace, in the Upper Rhine Depart
ment, French Protestant services have
Former Health Commissioner Says
Nuxated Iron
Should Be Used in'EveryJ Hospital andT Prescribed
N by Every Physician ? Attributes His own Great
Physical Activity Today at Over 60 Years of Age
Largely to His Personal JUse of Nuxated Iron
"As Tl'-nllli Commissioner of the City of Chicago, i \va?
Importuned many times to reeoni::ic!?l different medicines,
numeral waters, etc. Never yet hate I cone on record as
favoring any particular remedy. lmt 1 feci that In Nuxated
Iron an exception should be made to the rule. I have taken
Nuxated Iron myself a:;. I experienced Its health-Elfin;
strength-building efTect. and l:i the Interest of the im'o.ic
welfare. I feel It my duty to make known th?j results of Its
use. 1 am well past my three-score years and want to say j
that I believe that my own cteal physical activity Is duo j
largely today to my i>cr-onal use of Nuxated Iron, and If |
my endorsement shall Induce anaemic, nervous, run-down
men and women to take Nuxated Iron, and rece.ve the won
derful tonic benefits which 1 have received, I slirll feel
greatly era! 'fled tlirt I made an exception to my life-Ions
rio In reccmmeiu! tre It. l'rcm my own experience with
Nuxated Iron. I feel tlir.t It Is rich a valuable re-nely that
It on-lit to be used In erp-y hospital and proscribed by every
physician In ttus country " -
Former Health Commissioner. City of Chlcaco
Manufacturer's Note? Nuxated Iron, which has been used by
Fe:;..er 11 ai h Crram ; s.onir Kerr w.th s- ih surprls nc results. Is
not a secret remedy, bv.t one wM. li Is well k) iwn to dru.:-i .:s every
where I'liUke the o'.Jer Inorganic In n products. It Is easily ass.m
llat Ml. does not Inl. -?? tlie tee It. ireke litem b'aik, nor upset the
stmnach. The manti 'actum tt:arin'.tr iticcrnful and entirety sat
isfactory results to evvry |i:irchas"r or they will refund Jour money.
It Is dispensed by all good druggists.
Former Health Commtsslonei
Kerr has given years of his life
fiQhting for public health in hli
own and other cities. It was hr
who Introduced Anti-toxin fot
Diphtheria in Chicago's Heaitn
Department. Ho purified the
milk for the Consumers and
thereby helped to save the lives
of thousands of babies. He In
troduced the anti-spitting ordi
nance which has been copied all
over the country and also took
care of the sewers and garbage
in the interest of public health.
He is positive that the wide
spread use of Nuxated Iron
would greatly lessen the worries
and _ troubles of Health Com
missioners in keeping up a high
standard of public health.
The Celebrated i:irec(unl lie in oily
Jt'tf hrut Internal / f e Hie in e .
For lco years Uis Kcmedy baa iuet with couiluaed and growing popularity.
are also Qnlekly believed t>y a Few Applications.
... jttlOrurfiitt.fr K. FOfflEttA ft CO-,ti>?-,
Pd llreUm.inHt., II, V.
. W. EdnnrOs A Won. 157 Pneen Victoria fet.,
J-nndon. Tnclnnd
been held, since tho beginning of the
war, in the towns of Than, Wesserling
and Massevaux, by French pastors and
chaplains. The Protestants of Alsace
and Lorraine have never ceased to
declare their loyalty to France and
the injustice of their annexation by
The Federal Council, through its
United Committee on Christian Ser
vice for Relief in France and Belgium,
is co-operating with a similar Commit
tee in France on behalf of these
Huguenot churches which have suf
fered such heavy losses in buildings
and property since the war.
Samuel T. Dutton.
Since 1014 tho world has witnessed
its surfeit of tragedies. There has
been the wanton, heart-breaking
tragedy of Belgium, shorn of its splen
dors and robbed of its industries; the
war-torn tragedy of Poland, with con
quering armies sweeping one after an
other over its beautiful fields and
through its stately old towns; the
tragedy of Serbia, invaded from the
north by the barbarians and ravaged
from end to end. But of all the
tragedies of the war, that of Armenia
is the most harrowing. Here the cup
of bitterness flows over. As if the
history of this afflicted people were
not gloomy and unhappy enough, this
latest page has surpassed everything
before it, in horror and despair.
The Armenian race, scattered all
over Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine, the
Russian Caucasus and Persia, has for
centuries been subject to suffering.
Tho terrible plight of these people to
day beggars description. They have
not only suffered from invading
armies, and been driven from their
homes by the conquerors, but they
have been set upon by their own
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
The purified calomel tab
lets that are entirely free
of all sickening and sali
vating effects.
Medicinal virtues vastly improved.
Guaranteed by your druggist. Sold
only in sealed packages. Price 35c.
neighbors*; they have had to bear
again the fearful persecution of the
Turk, sustained and strengthened by
the thorough-going co-operation of his
German superiors; they have been
massacred and deported and tortured.
In the Orient, where initiative and
efficiency aro often lacking, the Arme
nian has shown a remarkable indus
try. He has ldved learning and has
set up, with the small funds at his
disposal, schools for his children
throughout the Ottoman empire, when
the government has flagrantly neg
lected to provide for the education of
its own peoplfe. The Armenian has
kept tenaciously to his religion, which

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