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M., Sept. 9. Khun the evil. 1 Thess. 5.22.
'I'., Sept. 10. Kesist the devil. Jas. 4.7-10
W.t Sept. 11. Hind the evil one. Hev. 20:1-3.
T., Sept. 12. Rescue the lost. Luke 7:30-50.
V., Sept. 13. Educate the people. Prov. 23.17-23.
S., Sept. 14. Warn the people. 1 Cor. G:9-10.
Sun.. Sept. IS. Topic ? The Saloon Power uikI
How to Overthrow It. Hcb. 2.1-17.
WAy is the saloon so hard to orerthrow'f
How can u'e help to orrrthrow the saloon ?
Why do ice need national prohibition'!
Slum tlie Kvil, 1 Thess. 5:22: There
are some who say thai the saloon is
not an evil ami that what Is needed
Is that it he controlled. When we
see the drunkards on the streets and
the poverty and the suffering in the
homes, they certainly have the ap
pearance of being evil, and we are
Offer the young men of
the nation modern edu
cational facilities in the
wholesome and inspir
ing atmosphere of mod
ern thought and activity.
Of Liberal Arts, Science, Lit
erature and Journalism, and
Commerce will open Septem
ber 18, 1918.
Equipping students for the service
of our country will be a special
feature of t lie coming session.
A beauliful Book of Views, illus
t rating Student Life at t lie Uni
versity, will be sent free, with
catalogue, on application. Address
Oglethorpe University
Oglethorpe University, C*.
(Suburb of Atlanta)
commanded to shun the appearance of
Itesist the I>cvil, James 4:7-10:
The only way to overcome the devil
or to drive him out of our hearts or
out of the community is to resist him
with all our powers. It" we yield to
him at all he will press us all the
harder. It" we give him an inch, he
will take an ell.
Itiml I lie Kvil One, ltev. 20:1-3:
The saloon is one of the chief mani
festations of Satan in the world. Al
lowed to run at large, this old ser
pent will bite and poison the whole
community. The only safety is in
overcoming and casting it out.
llt'scue tlio Lost, Luke 7:3C-!?0:
All over this country there are thou
sands of men and women who are
lost and have sunk down deep into
sin because of the saloon. The Sa
viour alone can save them. It is our
duty as well as our privilege to tell
them of this Saviour, "who is mighty
to save."
Kducutc tlio People, I'rov. 23:17
23: The campaigns of education that
have been conducted through the pul
pit, the religious press, the Sunday
schools, the public schools, the tem
perance organizations and in many
other ways has educated the people
in many parts of the country until
the saloon has been driven out. They
must be kept up with the slogan ring
ing loud and clear, "The Saloon Must
Warn tin? People, 1 Cor. C: 9, 10:
People ought to be made to see that
all the sins mentioned in these verses
either have their origin in the saloon,
or are greatly aggravated by it. Po
lice records of all cities show that
with the driving out of the saloon,
crime and sin materially uecrease;
and in like proportion increase when
the saloons have been allowed to re
turn, its train of evils have come
flocking back.
The Saloon Power ami IJow to Over
throw It, Heb. 2:1-17: The saloon
power is the greatest power for evil
in the world, and to overcome it the
greatest power for good must be used,
and that is the power of God. But
God intends that His power shall be
exercised through Ilis people. They
must not paironaze the saloon. They
must do all they can to keep others
away from it. They must use all
Mmimtll, CatslofUM, Stationery, ***?
Presbyterian University
If you believe that the real end of education is char
acter, and want a safe place to send your son, and
F If you do not know about the recent changes in the
curriculum and equipment of this University, and what
unusual advantages it has to offer,
It would pay you to look carefully into the matter, and
to write at once for a catalogue to
Clarksville, Tennessee.
their influence and their votes to see
that it is closed. A curse is pro
nounced (v. 15) upon him who gives
his neighbor drink. He who will al
low another to give him drink, when
he can prevent it, is just as guilty,
as if lie had given it himself.
Why Is the Saloon Hard to Over
throw? Because it is run by the
How Call We Help to Overthrow
the Saloon? The best thing, after
prayer to God, that can be done just
now is to write to your congressmen,
urging them to- adopt war-time pro
hibition. If adopted now, the saloon
will never come back in this country.
Why Do We Need National I'io
liihition ? llecause every part of the
country needs prohibition. No part
of it can have complete prohibition as
long as any other part has the sa
loon. We need it just now as one
of the greatest aids for winning the
great war for righteousness into
which we have been fotfPed.
( from hook of this aaao ky *ov. 0.
?. Puiob, ?t. Loul ?. Mo. Prloo II*. )
llirth of Christ. "And the angel said
unto them, Pear not: for, behold,
1 bring you good tidings of great
joy, which shall be to aM people.
For unto you is born this day in
the city of David a Saviour, which
is Christ the Ijord." ? Luke 2:10,
Trial of Christ. "Said unto them.
Ye have brought this man unto me,
as one that perverteth the people;
and, behold, I, having examined
him before you, have fouiiu ?io fault
in this man touching those tilings
whereof ye accuse him." ? -Luke 23:
Death of Christ. "And, heboid, the
vail of the temple was rent in twain
from the top to the bottom; and
the earth did quake, and the rocks
rent."? Mat. 27:51.
Insurrection of Christ. "And, iM'liohl,
there was a great earthquake, for
the angel of the Lord descended
from heaven, and came and rolled
back the stone from the door, and
sat upon it." ? Mat. 28:2.
Second Advent, of Christ. "Behold, I
come quickly: blessed is he that
keepeth the sayings of the prophecy
of this book." ? Rev. 22:7.
Of Invitation. "Again, he sent fffrth
other servants, saying, Tell them
which are bidden. Behold, I have
prepared my dinner: my oxen and
my fatlings are killed, and all
things are ready: come unto the
marriage." ? Mat. 22:4.
Of Warning. "Behold, ye despisers,
and wonder, and perish: for I work
a work in your days, a work which
ye shall in no wise believe, though
increases strength of delicate, oervous,
run-dowrf people in two weeks* time in
many instance;. It has been used and en
dorsed by such men as Hon. Leslie M.
Shaw, former Secretary of the Treasury
and Ex-Governor of Iowa; Former United
States Senator Richard Rolland Kenney
of Delaware at present Major of the
U. S. Army; General John L. Clem (Re
tired) the drummer boy of Shiloh who
was sergeant in the U. S. Army when
only 12 years of age; also United States
Judge G. W. Atkinson of the Court of
Claims of Washington and others. Ask
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
The purified calomel tab
lets that are entirely free
of all sickening and sali
vating effects.
Medicinal virtue* vastly improved.
Guaranteed by your druggist. Sold
only in sealed packages. Price 35c.
Clear MKin^
wim Cuticura ?
DrocruU: S<?p. (Kstamt Tilcma 2St. tick
a man declare it unto you." ? Acts
Last eve I paused ' beside a black
smith's door.
And heard the anvil ring the ves
per chime;
Then, looking in, I saw upon the floor,
Old hammers worn with beating
years of time.
"How many anvils have you had,"
said I,
"To wear and batter all these ham
mers so?"
"Just one," said he, and with the
twinkling eye,
"The anvil wears the hammers out,
you know."
"And so," I thought, "The Anvil of
God's Word
For ages sceptic blows have beat
Yet, through the noisC of falling blows
was heard,
The Anvil is unharmed, the ham
mer's GONE."
mer's gone."
Tbe Celebrated Effectual Itemed*
Without Infernal Mtditint.
For 130 year* ttal* KemeUy baa met with coutmued and ufowinB t>opulaiW
>ro Dlu l)nl?kl> U.11? I k. . v .. . .. ?
i ? ? . ?r? alio Quickly Hollered by a Yen Appllcatlotn.
,W. Mwartt A Mi, 167 Quean Victoria KL, *
L lx)i>aon, Knglaml.
jlll Dm,
#r t rOraiRA & CO., !??.,
t?Q Beeltinan 81., a. f.

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