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If You Value Your Health
Read Every Word of
This Remarkable Story
It is told by one who has himself experienced
the regeneration in health which he encour
ages you to seek by the self-same means.
The hardships of a traveling sales
man's life had wrecked my health. My
family physician diagnosed my case as
chronic gastritis, brought on by disease
cf the liver and complicated by kidney
trouble. I consulted specialists who
confirmed his diagnosis. Months pass
ed, I grew worse and was finally com
pelled to give up my work.
By chance I heard of some wonder
ful cures which had resulted from drlnk
ing the water of a little spring in the
Mineral Belt of South Carolina, a pic
ture of which spring appears on this
page. In desperation I tried it. On
the second day I thought that I could
notice some improvement; at the end
of the first week my appetite and diges
tion had returned and I was much
Stronger; at the end of the third week
I felt that I was completely cured. That
was six years ago and I still enjoy per
fect health.
Knowing that it had restored my
health and believing that it had saved
my life, I bought the Spring.
I then determined to see whether the
water would cure others as it had cured
me. I shipped ten gallons absolutely
free of charge to each of one thousand
sufferers from chronio diseases. Only
four reported no benefit from the use of
the ten gallons. The other nine hundred
and ninety -six reported decided benefit
or complete cures. Many claimed that
the water had saved their lives.
I realized that I had discovered one
of the world's greatest mineral springs,
and I decided to devote my life to it. But
how could I make the world listen ; how
could I make them believe my story?
The precious water was running to
waBte while thousands were suffering.
I said, I will make them believe me by
showing my faith in them and in the
curative power of the Spring. I will
tell them that the water shall cost them
nothing if it fails to benefit.
The world listened I
Some wrote for proof and I sent them
the letters which I had received from
their fellowmen. Others accepted my
?SOT without question. Thousands
written me reporting relief and
permanent cure of a great variety of
?hronic diseases.
But some of the water still ran to
for lack of belief. I determined
tat ww> trop should be used to re
Here the Bufferings of humanity. To
this end I requested the advertising
manager of the Presbyterian
to come to see me. At my desk I open
ed my mail and showed him the lexers
from men and women from all parts of
the country who had suffered and who
had found relief. I gave him my letter
files and induced him to spend several
hours reading my past correspondence
with those who were using the water. I
showed him the chemical analysis and
letters from physicians explaining the
curative properties of the water.
lie believed, and as a result he has
written this announcement for me.
I do not ask your implicit faith ; only
enough to try the water for three weeks
as I did. I estimate that I drank about
ten gallons and I, therefore, offer gladly
to ship you two five gallon demijohns
on my guarantee that if you find that
it does not benefit you I will promptly
refund the price, which is only $2.00.
You must pr iise to drink the water
in accordance rfith the instructions
which I will send you and return the
empty demijohns. I make you the
sole judge as to whether the water has
benefitted you, and as the Advertising
Manager of this paper has kindly con
sented to guarantee my guarantee to re
fund your money, if you are not bene
fitted, I hope you will feel perfectly
free to accept my offer.
This offer is extended to all who suffer
with any chronic disease, except cancer
and consumption, but I especially rec
ommend the water (or the treatment of
stomach, liver, kidney and bladder
diseases and for rheumatism, gout,
uric acid poisoning, gall stones, diabetes,
nervous headache and general debility
resulting from impure or impoverished
blood. These are the diseases most
frequently mentioned in the letters
which I have received, but my offer is (
open to anyone who suffers from any
chronic ailment. ^
Yours sincerely,
N. F. SHIVAR, Proprietor?
/- Savannah. Ga.. Dec. 28. 1910. v
Mr. N. P. Shlvar, Shelton. S.C.i Dear Sir? >
As you are well aware, lo 19091 was suffering
with indigestion, stomach and liver disorders
and all Us train of nonliving phenomena for
several months. I had lived on miik. soit eggs.
shredded wheat, a very insufficient diet for an
active working man. and or course, from disease
and starvation was In a very low state of nervous
vitality and general debility. I ordered 10 gal
lons of your Mineral Water. which 1 used con
tinuously. reordering when neoessary. and in
four months from date I began drinking it gain
ed 29 lbs., was attong and perfectly well and
have worked practically every day since. It
acts as a general ronovator of the system. 1
prescribe It In my practice, and it has In every
instance had the desired effects. It is essential
to use this water In as large quantities as possl
ble, for its properties are so happily blended
and in such proportions that they will not dls
turb the most delicate system. It is purely
nature's remedy. A. L. R. AVANT, M. D. "
DuVont. Ga.. Nov. 25. 1911.^
Shlvar Spring, Shelton, 8. C.: Contlemen? I
have suffered for years with nervous indigestion
aud kidney troubles. Derived more benefit
from the Bhlvar Spring Water than from months
at Hot 8prings, Ark., and numerous other
springs, x consider it the very best water ex
Scranton, 8. C . Nov. 21, 1911.
Mr. N. F. 8hlvar, Shelton. S. C.: Doar Sir ?
My wife has been a sufferer of rheumatism, and
after drinking twenty gallons of your mineral
? ? ? ? Fill Out This Coupon and Mail it Today, ???
Shivar Spring
Box 14 P, Shelton, S. G.
Gentlemen: ?
I accept your guarantee offer and enclose herewith two
dollars ($2.00) for ten gallons (two five gallon demijohns) of
Shivar Spring water. I agree to give the water a fair trial in
accordance with the instructions which you will send, and if
I derive no benefit therefrom you are to refund the price in
full, upon demand and upon receipt of the two empty demi
johns, which I agree to return promptly.
Name ..?** *T ** i
Shipping Point
water was entirely cared of the horrible disease.
Yours respectfully. J D. McCLAM.
} ? ~~~
v Lexlneton, V*., Not. 24. 1911.
Mr. N. F. Shlvar. Shelton, S. C.: Dear Sir? I
Buffered with Intestinal indigestion and the Shi
Tar Spring Water has cured me. I would gladly
recommend it to all suffering with Indigestion,
kidney and liver trouble. My father had kid
ney trouble last fall and he thought Shi fa*
Spring Water saved his life. Respectfully.
^ Atlanta. Ga.. July. 27. 1911.
r Mr. N. F. Shlvar. Shelton. 8. C.: Dear Sir ? I
ordered 10 gallons Shlvar Spring (Water especi
ally for my teething baby who was suffering with
its stomach and bowels. This water cured her
disorders entirely and she is herself again. I
stopped all medicine and gave nor only the
water. 1 was also rin down from tbe beat and
fatigue, and the water has restored me also.
> Thanking you. Very respectfully.
_ _ /Columbia, S. C.. Aug. 11. 1912.
^MKN. F. Shlvar, Shelton, S. C.i Dear Sir ?
Until a few weeks ago my wife was a chronic
sutTterer from gall stones. Sh6 was stricken criti
cally ill and nothing but morphine seemed to
relieve her pain by rendering her unconscious.
Rev. A. J. Foster, pastor of Shandon Baptist
Church of Columbia, S. C., advised me to take
her immediately to Shlvar Spring. On consult
ing my physician ho agreed tbat it would be
best to do so without delay. In about three
days after arriving at the Spring, she was appar
ently relieved and had regAtned her appetite.
She has suffered no Ul effect of tbe trouble
since. Please publish this for the benefit of
sufferers. J. P. DRAFF1N.
P. 8.? I suffered for8 years with kidney trouble
and inflammation of the bladder. After using
this water only a few days. I am entirely relieved
and suffer no more effect of the trouble what
^Newberry. S. C., Nov. 28. 1911.
Mr. N. F. Shlvar. Shelton, S. C.: Dear Sir ? I
suffered with indigestion, but after nslng Shiva r
Spring Water I can enjoy eating the food 1 want
without any unpleasant feeling afterwards. 1
take great pleasure in recommending thlssplen
did water to an sufferers of indigestion.
Very truly. L. B. WHITE.
? Pastor West End Baptist Church.
? . ? ? ? . Guvton, Ga.. Feb. Tt. 1911.
Mr. N. F. Shlvar, Shelton, S.C.: Dear Sir ?
Water came and 1 wont rigut to drinking it. was
in bed with indigestion, neart cutung up all
kinds of pranks, was under the doctor s treat
ment. The first case o' your water relieved me.
I thought 1 had drana toe water of all the
springs in South Carolina. Georgia. Florida.
Alabama and 1 ennessee, but tbis tieats them all.
I don't drina any other water. Am eating any
thing 1 want, even sweet potatoes, something 1
ba*e not eaten berore in twenty years.
Yours very truly
Manager, Effingham Mer. Co.. Guyton. Ga,
Blaney. S. C.. Oct. 81. 1910.
Shlvar Spring, Shoiton, S. C.: Gentlemen ?
I suffeied lor many years from gastric troubles,
stomach puffed and food sour. I nate tried
many remedies and a good many waters. Some
have helped, but none hate given me such re
lief aS your Spring Water. 1 use It and recom
mend It to my patients, because its virtures are
good. , W. D. GRiGGSBY. M. D.
^ Chancellor. Ala.. Oct. 21-Ou.
Mr. N. F. Shlvar, Shelton, 8. C.s Dear Sir-*
I have been for many years affected with uric
acid and kidney trouble, and the mineral water
has helped me more than anything 1 hove
ever done for them, and therefore heartily
recommend same to all who need a speedy re
lief and cure. Very truly.
W. F. MATHENY. Ji. k*.

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