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a waltz Is going to be fashionable
from now on.
The only difference is that you will
sit it out instead of dance it. A
young man and a girl will sit on a
Bofa, and he will put his right arm
about her, and her left hand in his,
and she rests her head upon his
bosom, and all that they have to do
is Just to Bit there and "hug."
Most men don't care a rap for the
dance, it is the hug that they are
after. That'll give your old rheumatic
and gout masters a chance. A-fellow
has got to get powerfully old and
decrepit when he doesn't enjoy a hug,
I'll tell you that.
I want to tell you I don't believe
that there are many people who can
go on the ball room floor and dance
with a pretty girl hugged to his breast
and look upon her charms under the
influence of fascinating music, and
then go out with prayer meeting feel
ings. I will bet you, sir, if men who
dance would tell the truth ninety out
of one hundred will say:
"You are right. Bill; you are the
first one who ever had the grit to
tell it."
? ? ?
Listen to me, girls. I have never
yet and never will flatly contradict
the man or the woman that tells mo
that he or she dances and never knew
of premature incitement of passion.
I say that I will never contradict
them, but I will say then: "Thank
God; and get out of it right now, for
the next time you may."
One never getB too low to dance or
to play cards. I have been down to
your Jail, and they are using cards
there that look Just like those in your
home. The same cards are used in
the brothel and in the gambling hells.
The dance is the hotbed of im
morality, and I unflinchingly denounce
the dance. It is one of the greatest
social evils in the world.
I don't believe that it is even an
innocent amusement, because the
downfall of more girls is due to it
than any one thing allowed within
the pale of decent society.
But you say:
"The dances which 1 have attacked
and the dances which you 6peak of
are different. I mean the club dance,
and you are talking about the slum
It is all the> same dance, and the
slum dance has the better of you, for
they wear more clothes than you peo
ple do.
? ? ?
Where did the drunkard get hiB
first drink? In the social glsss.
Where did the gambler get hiB first
lesson? In somebody's parlor.
Where did the prostitute feel for
the first time the premature incite
ment of passions? Down on the ball
room floor.
Think of It, young man! You sit
there in your manhood, think of it!
Tou that love womanhood, for
womanhood's sake! Tou who have a
sister! Three-fourths of all the
abandoned women fall as the result
of the dance.
Statistics only change in the ad
justment, but the percentage holds
good year after year.
There are 500,000 public prosti
tutes in the United States. Their
average life is from three to flve
years. Three hundred and seventy
five thousand fall as the result of the
dance. Am I my sister's keeper?
? ? ?
But you say:
"Look here, Mr. Sunday, can't a
man dance with hiB wife?"
"Dance with whom?"
"His wife?"
"You old lobster! You don't want
to dance with your wife! It is some
other fellow's wife. You had just
as soon go out and husk corn all
night by moonlight as to dance with
your wife.
I believe that the dance 1b founded
on sexual preference, and I believe
that passion makes the dance popular.
You say that you don't believe it!
You make men dance by themselves,
and it'll kill the dance in two weeks.
You know that you don't care for
the dance; it is the hug and the op
posite sex.
If you kill the dance you will close
the houses of ill-fame all over the
-country, for that's where they get the
girls from.
A man drinks without women, and
you gamble without women, but you
make men and women dance alone,
and you will kill the dance and you
know it.
Say, If you dance because you like
to dance, you can dance with some old
lobster Just as well as with a woman.
The German and other round dances
are favorites, and the liberties taken
would not be tolerated anywhere else
in the world.
When you die you don't send for
the dancing master to pray over you.
A young lady was asked to give
reasons for not dancing, and she gave
"The dance would lead me into
crowded ball rooms, and late hours,
which would be injurious to my
"The dance would lead me to per
mit freedom with the other sex of
which I would be ashamed.
"Ministers and good people in gen
eral are against the dance, and I
think it is not sate to set myself
against them.
"The dance has a bad name.
"The dance Is usually accompanied
with drinking.*
"I am told that the dance is-a temp
tation and a snare to young men .and
the dance unfits the mind for serious
reflection and prayer.
"There is plenty of helpful exercise
in which we may Indulge and things
which may be done to the glory of
God, and I think that the dance would
be an insult to God, and I don't pro
pose to do anything that would Insult
the Lord."
No wonder that the world is not
being brought to Jesus Christ.
CIX/'AMP Is not recommended
. . _ . " f?r everything; but if
ROOT you have kidney, liver
or bladder trouble it
may be found just the medicine you
need. At druggists in large and me
dium size bottles. You may receive a
sample size bottle of this reliable med
icine by Parcel Post, also pamphlet
telling about it. Address Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghampton, N. Y., and en
close ten cents, also mention the Rich
mond Presbyterian of the South.
WANTED ? By Stuart Robinson
School, in the mountains of Ken
tucky. The crying need of this grow
ing work is a capable, consecrated
Christian woman to take charge in
the kitchen. Opportunity for real and
lasting service. Christ calling some
one. Write Principal, Indian Bottom,
Petersburg Hospital Traming School
Petersburg, Va.
Offers a three-years' course to young women
desiring to enter the profession of nursing.
Classes now forming. For further in
formation, apply to
Petersburg, Virginia
The Prize Contest Prolonged
Through the liberality of friends, the Executive Committee of Christian Education and Ministerial Relief was enabled
to offer $50 in prizes for the best programs prepared on the work of this department of the Church.
On account of the great delay in printing and the interruptions of the war, the armistice, and the spread of the influenza'
it has been decided to postpone the close of the contest until March 31, 1919.
1. Each contestant may prepare any number of pro
2. The programs may be prepared on (1) the entire
work of Christian Education and Ministerial Relief; (2)
Recruiting for the Ministry and Mission Service; (3)
Education for the Ministry and Mission Service; (4) Our
Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries and Train
ing Schools; (5) the Student Loan Fund; (6) Ministerial
Relief; (7) the Endowment Fund of Ministerial Relief;
or, (8) "The Three Year Program of the Church for Chris
tian Education and Ministerial Relief."
3. Programs may be prepared for use in Church, Sun
day School, Woman's Auxiliaries, or Young People's
4. The Executive Committee will make use of all suit
able programs.
5. Copy must be written on one side of paper only, either
with typewriter or in a clear, legible h$nd.
6. The programs should be complete ? suggesting hymns,
Scripture reading and methods of developing the theme.
7. Programs should not be too long, as only from twenty
minutes to an hour are usually given to a meeting.
8. A prize of $20 is offered for the best program sub
mitted, $15 for the one receiving the next highest award,
$10 for the next, and $5 for the next.
9. A large box of sample leaflets and programs"will be
sent, free of cost, to anyone who desires to enter the con
test. References may be made to any of these or quota
tions therefrom may be incorporated into the programs
10. Address all requests for this literature and for fur
ther information to Henry H. Sweets, Secretary of the
Presbyterian Church in the United States for Christian
Education and Ministerial Relief, 122 South Fourth Ave
nue, Louisville, Ky.

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