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that all three were masterly ad
On Wednesday afternoon, In the
Second Presbyterian church, one block
from the Presbyterian Seminary, Cap
tain F. L. Slaymaker, of the Lay
men's Missionary Movement, held a
conference for men, and that evening
delivered a popular lecture at a union
prayer meeting on the general theme:*
"The Returning Soldiers and Their
Training for Christian Service." Both
meetings were deeply impressive.
On Thursday, with a noon fellow
ship luncheon in the Fourth Avenue
Presbyterian church, the conferences
of the New Era Movement began, the
pessions running through Friday. The
moderator of the Northern General
Assembly, Dr. J. Frank Smith, of
Dallas, Texas, and a number of other
speakers of nation-wide fame, were
heard with keenest Interest and de
Professor Henry E. Dosker, of the
seminary faculty, is just finishing his
six lectures to be delivered at Prince
ton Theological Seminary, on the
Stone Foundation, March 10th to
15th. The general subject will be
"The Anabaptists."
Out of Debt Campaign: Ten thous
and six hundred and nineteen dollars
has been paid on $136,000.00 out
standing indebtedness on schools and
colleges since report to Synod. Rev.
A. A. Walker writes that his group
will go over quota by 11th. Many
other group managers are out this
week and will further reort soon.
Rev. J. B. llutton, chairman; Rev.
A. A. Walker, Rev. H. H. Thompson,
Rev. W. A. Downing, Rev. Q. L.
Tucker, Rev. Robert M. McGehee, sec
St. Paul's: Dr. E. C. Murray and
family moved here from AlaAiance
February 7th. The Alamance congre
gation showed them many touching
evidences of their affection and regret
at parting, and were very kind In
moving the furniture and loading the
car. The St. Paul's people, too, have
been lavish in their welcome and en
tertainment. The manse is beauti
fully renovated and the pantry pro
visioned, and they have done every
thing possibld for the comfort of the
pastor's family. The first Sunday
evening's service was unique and im
^ pressive, as all the town pastors were
new men, the three congregations
arranged a general welcome service
in the Baptist church. A union choir
furnished inspiring music, a layman
from each congregation gave an ad
dress of welcome, the pastors re
sponded, and Dr. Murray preached an
appropriate sermon.
E. C. M.
Columbia: At the congregational
meeting of the First church on Feb
ruary 12th the following were elected
ruling elders: David Cardwell, S. B.
McMaster, J. W. Simpson and J. A.
Stoddard, and the following as
deacons: William Banks, E. S. Card
well, S. L. Latimer, Jr., Oeorge Mc
Cutchen, W. S. Neil, Guy M. Tarrant
and W. A. Taylor. Messrs. Simpson
and Stoddard have served as elders
elsewhere. Mossrs. Cardwell and Mc
Master have served in the First
ohurch as deacons. Four of the new
deacons are young men, and two of
them have been soldiers. Mr. Latimer
is still in France. Only two of these
men, Messrs. McMaster and B. 8.
Cardwell, are sons of the First
church. The list includes one rail
road official, one merchant, two edu
cators, one office manager, three
newspaper men and three bank men.
These men will be ordained and in
stalled at the morning services next
Sabbath, and on the following Wed
nesday after divine worship in the
church they will bo tendered a re
ception by the congregation in the
Smith Memorial chapel.
For unavoidable reasons the confer
ence on work for returning soldiers,
which was to have been held in this
church on February 25th, has been
cancelled by the local workers. Dele
gates and others in Congaree Presby
tery will kindly take notice.
Hodges tuid Ninety-Six: Rev. J.
W. Weathers was installed pastor of
the Presbyterian church at Hodges
Sunday morning, February 9th, and
at Ninety-Six that evening. At Hodges
Dr. D. M. Douglas, president of the
Presbyterian College of South Caro
lina, preached the sermon; Rev. J. M.
Dallas propounded the constitutional
questions and charged the pastor, and
Mr. 8. C. Hodges, an elder in the
Greenwood church, charged the peo
ple. At Ninety-Six Dr. Douglas
propounded the constitutional ques
tions and charged the pastor.
Synod of Tennessee: A special
meeting of the Synod of Tennessee
was held in the First church, Nash
ville, February 6th, and was opened
by a brief sermon by Rev. E. D. Mc
Dougall, D. D., the retiring modera
tor. Rev. Charles E. Diehl, D. D.,
was elected moderator, and Dr. Joseph
H. Lumpkin temporary clerk. At this
meeting, made necessary by the
failure of the Synod to hold its regu
lar meeting at Brownsville in Octo
ber by reason of the influenza epi
demic, only such business aB was
deemed necessary to the Synod's work
was appointed the Synod's manager
was appointed the Synod's manager
of the Assembly's $3,500,000 cam
paign for benevolences. Major O. W.
McCrea, of Memphis, was reappointed
as Synod's trustee for the South
western Presbyterian University. A
committee, consisting of the modera
tor, the stated clerk and the Rev.
C. V. Crabbe, of Brownsville, was ap
pointed to arrange for the next regu
lar meeting of Synod next fall.
W. C. A.
Colombia Presbytery met in called
session at Lewlsburg, Tenn., February
3rd. The pastoral relations between
Rev. E. D. McDougall, D. D., and the
First Presbyterian church of Lewis
burg and the Bethberei church were
dissolved, and he was given a letter
of dismissal to Nashville Presbytery,
having accepted a call to the pas
torate of the First Presbyterian
church of Franklin. Elder O. W.
Ewing was elected chairman of the
Committee on Christian Education
and Ministerial Relief to fill the
vacancy caused by Dr. McDougall's re
Clyde Johnson, S. C.
Brazos Presbytery: At a called
meeting of Brazos Presbytery, which
was held in Houston on Thursday,
February 6th. The time of the spring
meeting of Presbytery was changed to
Tuesday, April 15th at 7:30 P. M.
This change was made at the re
quest of the church at Bryan, where
Presbytery la to meet, because of a
co-operative meeting which is to be
held there at the time Presbytery was
to have?met.
E. L. Storey, S. C.
At a congregational
meeting held after the morning ser
vice Sunday, February 9th, the follow
ing were elected officers in the church
here: Elders. J. N. Scott, W. J. Ab
so?"' J1 W* Wll?free and C. C. Dickin
son, deacons, Will Carper, Henrv
Bucw.7 w. L. Alley, J. B. H
P- Cochran and A. M. Putnev
is will give the church seven elders
and seven deacons. These men will
16th?rdalned and in8talIed February
n1^HrmWh.a l>rOKb>tery: At a called
Wh the Pre8byt0ry of Kana
ka February 13th, Licentiate M. C
Bowling was received from the Pres.
nluon ?C Atlanta' and a?er exami
nation was ordained to the gospel
m nistry. On his acceptance of a call
to the pastorate of the Kenova Pres
byterlan church, he was duly in
stalled as pastor of said church in
1 Presence of a large congregation.
* J- L- Mauz0. D- D.. Presided,
preached and proposed the constitu
tional questions; Rev. John K. Hitner
R?V6 nhl Char<?e l? the pastor'
nnnni * aarrIson the charge to the
People Mr. Bowling is a graduate of
Hampden-Sldney and of Union Theo
logical Seminary, and begins his min
istry here under auspicious circum
stances. and with the hearty support
of his people bids fair to do a good
S2 - advance the interests of
Christ s kingdom.
The pastoral relation between Rev
, ? H?Pk'ns and the Third church
of Huntington, by the consent of both
parties, was dissolved by action of the
Presbytery. Rev. John K. Hitner i8
supplying this church until another
pastor can be secured.
Presbytery adjourned to February
Hn* m ,m?et iD th6 Plr8t chu<* of
luntington to conclude further action
the above. February 14, 1919
Winchester Pre?byt?ry Note*:
Gerrardstown and Bunker Hill
churches in this Presbytery extended
unanimous calls on February 9th to
Dr. J. B. Bittlnger, of Jefferson City
renn., to become their pastor. It is
oped that Dr. Bittlnger will give a
iavorable answer to these calls.
hi Th?! Rr J' L' Ro^ers' who gave up
his churches in Winchester Presbytery
to answer the call of his country as a
P a^? ln the ranks, but who was in
the Officers' Training Corps at Camp
Taylor when the armistice was signed
having been honorably discharged, has
taken up the work at Tuscarora. Tab
er and Shanghai in his old Presby
tery with headquarters at present in
Martinsburg. w. Va.
The Rev. A. E. Eddins, of Grottoes,
va? a member, of Lexington Presby
tery has accepted the Alleghany
apTi,* eipec,a to take Charee
In and around Blaine, W. Va., there
s possibly a population of six or seven
thousand, with a probability of larger
growth as two mines are spendfng
large sums of money to increase the
output of their mines. There are
many childrtn in these towns of all
nationalities, and the Home Mission
Committee is looking for a trained
Sunday-school worker, preferably a
godly man and wife, to take up the
work in this needy field. We have a
small but vigorous church at Blaine
which should prove a nucleus around
which a good work may be done. The
- GHkeson, superintendent
of Home Missions and Sunday-school
work of Winchester Presbytery, Win
chester Va., would be glad to cor
respond with any one man or woman
who would like this kind of work.
The Stewardship Conferences In
this Presbytery have stirred much in
terest in many of our churches in the
matter of tithing. If only our mem.
bership being stirred will come up to
the tithe Winchester Presbytery will
go over the top in the March drive.
Rev. R. S. EskrUIgo, from Phlllippl
to Buckhannon, W. Va.
Rev. W. P. Clicdester, from Ilatties
burg. Miss., to Ashevllle, N. C.
Rev. A. C. Ormond, from Gulfport,
Miss., to Davidson, N. C.
Rev. .T. S. Shaw, from Bessemer,
Ala., to Nixon, Tex.
Rev. Roy Smith, from Ararat to The
Hollow. Va. No change In work of
location, but a change in the mail ser
Rev. Alex. Sifton, from Bunkle,
La., to Lott, Tex.
Rev. S. R. Crockett, of Stony Point,
Tenn., who has been engaged in war
work at Walter Reed Goneral Hos
pital at Tacoma Park, D. C., has been
transferred to Port of Embarkation,
Newport News, Va., for transport
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lost souls ringing in my ears, I cannot
remain still. I must cry out.
If I can save one from going to hell,
I consider myself well paid for all the
vituperation and malediction that you
can hurl against me, because I rubbed
it into your pet sins.
? ? ?
I want it distinctly und irstood that
my scrap is not with the t leatre as an
institution. I fight the saloon as an
institution, but what I am against
hammer and tongs are the things that
the theatre stands for, and the rot
and filth and rubbish and trash that
are spewed out over the stage.
I have a clipping here before me;
it's from a Denver paper of Septem
ber 13th In it Anna Held says that
the conditions in the theatre are such
to-day that she wouldn't advise any
young girl to go on the stage, but that
she would advise any young girl to
shun the stage as she would disease
or poison. And Anna Held must know
something about the stage.
If you want obscenity you will find
it in the theatre. If you want to see
character destroyed, you will find that
both behind and before the footlights.
Your show has to be tainted in order
to gather in the coin. The capacity
for amuBing people along decent lines
seems to have gone by. That may
sound foolish, but you let somebody
go out on the road with a Shakes
pearean play and that somebody will
go into bankruptcy while the musical
show and the burlesque show and leg
show are playing to full houses across
the street and the people are drinking
in from them gutterish ideas and
filthy lines and obscene songs.
I do not mean to say that all plays
and all actors are rotten. But you
will have to hunt pretty hard to find
those that are not.
? ? ?
What I want to drive home to you
is the fact that the Church and the
theatre have nothing in common. They
won't mix.
The theatre will give you what you
want and the Church will give you
what you need. There's a big dif
ference between want and need.
? ? ?
Spectacular drama! If it were not
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