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between Rev. Sam L. Joekel and the
Clarendon church. Rev. T. F. Galla
her was received from the Presbytery
of Western Texas, and Rev. W. R.
Hall ft*om the Presbytery of Central
Texas. Rev. W. R. Hall accepted a
call from the Mllford church, Rev. T.
P. Gallaher from the Oak Cliff church,
and Rev. Sam I. Joekel from the
Waxahacliie First church. Commis
sions were appointed to install these
J. G. Varner. S. C.
Huntington : On Wednesday, Feb
ruary 26, 1919, Dr. J. Layton Mauze
led the prayer meeting at the Second
church in the absence of the pastor.
At a meeting of the elders and dea
cons immediately following the prayer
service the pastor's salary was raised
$300 a year. For this and the words
of kind appreciation of his services
expressed by the officers of the
church, both the pastor and his wife
are grateful. A kitchen shower was
held in the new church annex on
Thursday afternoon, which was large
ly attended by the ladies of the
church, and resulted in securing many
new and useful articles for the
C. R. Garrison, Pastor.
Berkeley Springs and Duckwalt
Churches: . At the request of the pap
tor, Rev. L. Cook Campbell, Elder O.
B. Weber, recently gave an address to
these congregations, instead of the
usual morning and afternoon ser
mons. He discussed the subject of
the financial obligations of Christians,
including the tithe, in a vigorous and
impressive manner, and was listened
to with marked attention. Mr. Weber
is a country elder, raised in the New
Hope congregation, where a small mis
sion church was built by the Berke
ley Springs congregation, in a com
munity without any PresDyteriftH
members or associations.
The Duckwall Sabbath school con
tributed nearly fifty dollars to the
Armenian Relief Fund. Since the com
munity is recovering from its second
epidemic of the "flu," the attendance
is increasing, and the school is putting
on new life, reviving the spirits of the
faithful superintendent, Mr. E. A.
Rev. Anton Ver Hulst, from Jones
boro. Ark., to Montreal, N. C., where
he has been called to the pastorate.
Rev. Thomas B. RnfT from Calloway
to Naxera, Va.
Synod -of Alabama.
East Alabama, April 15th, Opelika.
Mobile, April 15th, Bay Minette.
North Alabama, April 15th, Vine
Street, Birmingham.
Tuscaloosa, April 15th, Centerville.
Synod of Appalat-hia.
Abingdon, April loth, Pulaski, Va.
A8heville, April 22nd, Montreat,
N. C.
Holston, April 15th, Rogersville,
Knoxville, April 15th*, Sweetwater,
Synod of Arkansas.
Arkansas, April 15th, Augusta.
Ouachita, April 8th, Womble.
Pine Bluff, April 8th, Holly Grove.
Synod of Florida.
Florida, April 14th, Panama City.
St. Johns, April 15th. Braden
Synod of Georgia.
Athens, April 15th, Commerce.
Atlanta, April 5th, Carrollton.
Augusta, April 15th, Eatonton.
Cherokee, April 15th, Acworth.
Macon, April 22nd.
Savannah, April 15th, Mt. Vernon.
Synod of Kentucky.
Ebenezer, April 8th, Augusta.
Louisville, April 8th, Flora Heights
church, Louisville.
Muhlenburg, April 8th, Bowling
Paducah. April 15th, First church,
Transylvania, April 15th, Danville.
West Lexington, April 8th, Win
Synod of Louisiana.
Louisiana, April 8th, Lake Charles.
New Orleans, April 22nd, Kent
Red River, April 15th, Shreveport.
Synod of Mississippi.
Central Mississippi, April 8th,
East Mississippi,' April loth, Pon
Meridian, April 15th, Mt. Olive.
Mississippi, April 15th, Fayette.
North Mississippi, April 8th, Abbe
Synod of Missouri.
Lafayette, April 8th, Sweet Springs.
Missouri, April 8th, Montgomery
Palmyra. April 8th, Perry.
Potosi, April 8th, Ivandale.
St. Louis, April 15th, St. Louis.
Upper Missouri, April 17th, First
church, St. Joseph.
Synod of North Curolina.
Albemarle, April 15th, Washington.
Concord, April 15th, Morganton,
Fayetteville. April 22nd. Asliepole
church, near Rowland.
King's Mountain.
Mecklenburg, April 8th, Aquadale.
Orange, April 15th, Reidsville.
Wilmington, April 1st, First
church, Wilmington.
Synod of Oklahoma.
Durant, April 15th, Madill.
Indian, April 14th, Ouskechito
church, Kansas.
Mangum, April 8th, Gotebo.
Synod of Snedecor Memorial.
Central Alabama, April 10th, Cy
press, Ala.
Central Louisiana, April 9th, Baton
Rouge, La.
Ethel, April 13th, Columbus, Miss.
North and South Carolina, April
3rd, New Liberty church, Dillon, S. C.
Synod of South Carolina.
Bethel, April 22nd, Purity church,
Charleston. April 15th, Estill.
Enoree, April 8th, 8 P. M., Green
ville, Second church.
Harmony, April 15th, Concord
church, near Mayesville.
Pee Dee, April 15th, Marion.
Piedmont, April 15th, Easley.
South Carolina, April 10th or 15th.
Synod of Tennessee.
Columbia, April 10th, Cornersville.
Memphis, April 17th, McLemore
Avenue, Memphis.
Nashville, April 29th, Shelbyville.
Synod of Texas.
Brazos, April 15th, Bryan.
Brownwood, April 18 th, Sterling
Central Texas, April 15th, Second
church, Waco.
Dallas, April 8th, Sherman.
Eastern Texas, April 15th, Rusk.
El Paso, April 15th, Balmorhea.
Fort Worth, April 14th, Cleburne.
P^ris, April 8th, Detroit.
Texas-Mexican, April 10th, Kings
Western Texas, April 15th,
Synod of Virginia.
East Hanover, April 21st, Porter
Street church, Richmond.
Lexington, April 15th, Oliver
church, near Staunton.
Montgomery, April 15th, Princeton,
W. Va.
Norfolk, April 15th, Holmes
Potomac, April 22nd, Franklin
Street. Baltimore, Md.
Roanoke, April 15th, Drakes
West Hanover, April 8th, Olivet
Winchester, April 15th, Piedmont,
W. Va.
Synod of West Virginia.
Greenbrier, April 15th, Cass.
Tygart's Valley. April 8th. Harmon.
We are very happy to announce the
election of Mr. Frank H. Mann as
one of the secretaries of the Ameri
can Bible Society.
On the resignation of the Rev. Dr.
John Fox In July, 1918, a commit
tee was appointed to secure a secre
tary who should divide the responsi
bilities of the administration of the
society with the Rev. Dr. Haven.
After a careful survey of the needs
of the society, the committee recom
mended to the board of managers the
appointment of Mr. Frank H. Mann,
of New York City. This appointment
was a^ted upon at the meeting of the
board of February 6, 1919, and Mr.
Mann was unanimously elected one of
the secretaries of the society. He
was able to take up his duties im.
mediately and is now at his desk at
the Bible House, giving himself with
enthusiasm to these new responsibili
Mr. Mann was born in Petersburg,
Va? on May 8, 1883. His father was
Judge Edwin M. Mann; his mother.
Bertha Cowles Mann. His parents
died when he was two years old, leav
ing ten children, all of whom are now
living but one. Mr. Mann was reared
by his father's brother, the Hon. Wil
liam Hodges Mann ? a lawyer, Judge
and senator and governor of Virginia.
He took his preparatory training in
the public schools and at Hoge Mili
tary Academy, Virginia. He grad
uated from Hampden-Sidney College
in 1903, and was on his graduation
made a sub-professor, taking in 1904
his B. Lit. and M. A. During his col
lege course he was interested in the
library, was business manager and
editor-in-chief of the college monthly,
was on the editorial staff of the col
lege Annual, president of the Y. M.
C. A., director of the gymnasium, and
president of the literary society ?
thus, perhaps, unconsciously prepar
ing himself for his future work.
For a few months after leaving col
lege he conducted a mission school
in the mountains of Virginia, and for
half a year was assistant secretary of
the Y. M. C. A. in Havana. Cuba. He
came to New York in 1905, entered
the service of the Charity Organiza
tion Society and became secretary of
the Committee on the Prevention ot
Tuberculosis, a department of that so
At the outset of the war he enlist
ed and entered the field artillery,
where he became first lieutenant. He
has had his honorable discharge, but
has borne his part in the great
struggle for the overthrow of German
He was brought up by his uncle to
be an earnest lover of the Bible and
joined the Presbyterian Cnurch in the
United States. On coming to New
York he became a member of the
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian church,
and is now president of their Young
People's Association. He Is a mem
ber of the board of managers and
superintendent of the Sunday-school
of the John Hall Memorial, well
known in New York City as one of the
important activities of the Fifth Ave
nue church. He Is also vice-president
of the Eighth Avenue Mission.
He is related to a number of im
portant interests in the city, both re
ligious and social.
Mr. Mann will give a very large
part of his attention to strengthening
the resources of the society.
It is a great satisfaction to the
Board of Managers to have on ita
staff a young layman, loving the
Scriptures and believing heart and
soul In all missionary activities.
A Message to the PreibytorUl
Stated Clerks: Our next General As
sembly meets May loth in Napoleon
Avenue church, New Orleans. And
as so much of the convenience and
success of its ftork depends upon the
accuracy and promptness of the stated
clergy of the eighty-seven Presby
teries, I would take occasion at this
early date to say a few words to you
whose service is most important.
1. As there have been an unusual
number of changes in the clerkships
this year, I would ask those who have
come into ofllce since the last Assem
bly, please to notify me at once so
that I may know with whom to com
2. Be sure to procure a new set of
blanks for reports this year. The As
sembly orders changes nearly every
year, so that It is never safe to use
old blanks.
3. Take special care to fill out all
these blanks according to the direc
tions printed on them, and add up all
the columns, using the adding machine
if practicable.
4. Mail to me all these reports, and
any other documents for the Assem
bly, as early as possible ? at the latest
by May 1st ? so that I may put the
printers to work on the statistical
tables, and to tabulate other reports
for the Assembly.
5. See . that the Assembly assess
ment on your Presbytery, as appears
on page 269. Minutes of 1918, is paid
before the Assembly, lest your com
missioners be embarrassed about their
6. A number of clerks have been
saving labor for themselves and ex
pense to their Presbyteries by having
their statistical tables for their spring
minutes printed from the Assembly's
copy. Any who desire this should in
form me when they send their tables,
which I will have Band & White,
Printers, SDartanburg, S. C., who have
the job of the Assembly Minutes this
year, to set up promptly, and strike
off for you from the Assembly's plates
as many copies as you may order, and
mail them to you, charging only for
the extra work. Thus, you need pre
pare but one copy, and will not have
to pay for the typesetting.
Thos. H. Law, Stated Clerk.
Spartanburg, S. C.
'Indian Baskets ? Send For Large Illustrated
Catalog of Bankets. I buy direct from Indians.
Saleable at Red Cross and Church Bazaars. I pay
all postage and take back all unsold. N. Gilham,
Highland Springs, California.
Brooklyn Man Solves the Probelm.
It is no longer necessary to suffer agonies that are
caused by misfit shoes, for Mr. 8imon, of Brooklyn,
has proven that he can fit perfectly by mail. Simon ' ?
Eswear shoes are built to give every possible foot
"comfort; they arc soft and stylish and do not need
breaking in They fit liko the proverbial old pair
the minute you wear them. Every pair s guar -
antecd to give satisfact:on and to fit perfectly.
Mr J. S. Simon will gladly send a free catalogue
of over 500 styles of Ezwear shoes to all who write
him, along with his scientific self-measuring blank.
Write for your copy to-day and give your feet their
much-needed happiness. Address al. communica
tions to Mr. J. S. Simon, 1589 Broadway, Brooklyn,
N. Y.. and you will reoeive personal attention.
The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land
By Rblph Connor
From the rolling prairies and mountains
of the West to the barbed wire and shell
holes of Europe may seem a far cry. But
the human need, critical moments, have
one, and only one, solvent: COURAGE!
In this new story Ralph Connor shows
the liberty-loving, courageous soul of the
West meeting the supreme test of that
frontier of civilization that saved men and
saved the world.
PRICE, $1.50 NET
Order from ,
Richmond, Va. Texarkana, Ark. -Tex.

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