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records for review reminding them o?
their duty to submit them to Presby
tery annually at its spring meetings.
Hospitality: The McLemore Avenue
church, through its pastor, session
and ladies of the congregation, made
ample provision for the entertainment
of Presbytery and for facilitating its
Next stated meeting Saltillo, Tenn.,
September 10, 1919, 8 P. M.
J. H. Lumpkin, S. C.
Columbia Presbytery met in ad
journed session at the Frierson Me
morial church. Columbia, Tenn., Mon
day, April 28th, 9 A. M. Six minis
ters and three ruling elders were pres
Several reports of the permanent
committees, unfinished at t lie regular
meeting, were presented and adopted.
Especial attention of the ministers
and sessions is called to the follow
ing recommendation in the report of
the Committee on Sabbath and Fam
ily Religion: Your committee would
recommend that all of our pastors
preach a special sermon on both of
these subjects as soon as practicable,
and especially in view of the fact that
the family altar is so generally neg
lected, that we inaugurate a special
campaign for a revival of the family
altar which means the safety and per
petuity of our homes.
Presbytery adjourned to meet in the
Mt. Pleasant church Wednesday, May
28th, 8 P. M., at which time it ex
pects to receive the Rev. George P.
Mason and install him pastor of the
Mt. Pleasant church.
Clyde Johnson, S. C.
The Presbytery of Arkansas held its
spring session in the Augusta church.
Moderator:. Rev. Grover G. Currie.
of Walnut Ridge church.
Temporary Clerk: R. W. Porter, of
Central church. Little Rock.
Present: . Eighteen ministers and
twelve ruling elders.
.Received: Dr. Henry N. Barbee,
pastor-elect of Jonesboro; Rev. J.
Walter Cobb, pastor-elect of Blythe
ville; Rev. E. C. Lindsay, pastor-elect
of Pulaski Heights. Little Rock.
Rev. Fred W. Matthews accepted
the call of Des Arc church.
Dismissed: Rev. Anton Ver Hulst
to the Presbytery of Asheville, and
Candidate B. B. Hester to the care of
the Presbytery of Ebenezer.
Dissolved: The pastoral relation be
tween the Rev. T. T. Trimble and the
Searcy church.
Mileage: The action of a former
Presbytery regarding mileage was re
pealed to take effect after this meet
ing. /
Fall meeting will be held with the
Searcy church.
Interesting sermons were preached
by Dr. J. F. Lawson, of Little Rock,
and the Rev. J. Walter Cobb, of
Rev. J. C. Crenshaw, of China,
made an inspiring address on his work
in that land.
Presbytery was delightfully enter
tained by the hospitable people of Au
J. N. McFarlane, S. C.
?Met at Kentwood, La., April 22d/
with sixteen ministers and nine elders
Moderator, Rev. Dr. J. W. Caldwell;
Temporary Clerk, George Battalora.
Brother George D. Booth was re
ceived from the Presbytery of Meri
dian and Rev. Dr. J. W. Caldwell dis
missed to the Presbytery of Atlanta,
to take effect May 16tli, Presbytery
reluctantly accepting his resignation
after a pastorate in the Carrollton
church of twenty-three years.
A commission was appointed look
ing to the consolidation of the Third
and Esplanade churches.
The Presbytery will seek to secure
a Sunday school worker for its terri
tory by correspondence with the Rich
mond committee.
The Presbytery approves the plan
suggested by Elder Spillinan of ob
taining the quota in the campaign for
benevolence, but is not prepared to
endorse his "clearing house" plan,
though it sees features in it worthy
of future consideration.
An adjourned meeting will be held
Tuesday, May 6th, at 1 1 A. M. in the
First church, New Orleans.
Next stated meeting Tuesday, Octo
ber 2 1st, at 8 P. M.f In the St. Charles
Avenue branch of the First church.
Louis Vosa, S. C.
Met at Commerce, Ga., April 15th.
Moderator, Colonel R. L. J., Smith,
of Commerce.
Licensed, Messrs. A. H. Key and
L. K. Martin, both in the senior class
of Columbia Seminary.
Ordained as an evangelist, Mr. C.
M. Gibbs, who is teaching and preach
ing in and around Nacoochee Insti
Amendment to Hook of Church Or
der concerning candidates approved.
Resolved, to enlarge the Presbyte
rial Home Mission work by the elec
tion of a superintendent for all of
his time.
Conference on Stewardship and pop
ular meeting in the interest of For
eign Missions aroused much interest.
Next meeting at Mt. Hermon.
S. J. Cartledge, S. C.
Fayetteville Presbytery met in its
two hundred and twelfth stated ses
sion at Asapole church (near Row
land), April 22. 1919, and was opened
with a sermon by the retiring Moder
ator, Rev. J. K. Hall. One hundred
and twelve members were enrolled.
Rev. J. J. Ilill was elected Moder
ator and Rev. A. S. Anderson Tempo
rary Clerk.
The following were present as cor
responding members: Rev. A. C. Or
mond, Meridian Presbytery; John Mc
Eachin and A. C. Bridgman, Orange
Presbytery, und A. S. Caldwell, Aslie
ville Presbytery.
Rev. W. C. Buchanan, our mission
ary to Japan, was present and was in
troduced to the Presbytery, owing to
his long absence from our bounds.
The following ministers were re
ceived into this Presbytery and their
names enrolled: Revs. A. W. Craw
ford, J. Mcl. Wicker and E. C. Mur
ray, D. D., from Orange Presbytery;
R. M. Phillips from Charleston Pres
bytery and Dugald Munroe from Con
cord Presbytery.
A touching memorial service, in
memory of Rev. H. J. Mills, deceased,
was held at the 1 1 o'clock hour the
second day.
The Presbyterial sermon on Sab
bath Observance was preached by Rev.
W. L. Wilson, and immediately after
wards the Presbyterial communion ser
vice was held.
A popular meeting in the interest
of Sabbath school work was held, and
interesting addresses were made by
Rev. J. K. Roberts and others.
The treasurer's report showed total
funds handled by him during the year
$8,230.18; disbursement for all obli
gations, $0,044.14, leaving a balance
in the treasury "of $2,186.04.
Foreign Missions received much at
tention. A popular meeting was held
and two splendid addresses from re
turned missionaries ? Rev. John Mc
Eachin, of Korea, and Rev. W. C.
Buchanan, of Japan ? were very much
enjoyed by the Presbytery.
Rev. A. W. Crawford, Superinten
dent of Synod's Home Mission work,
presented a report of the work in this
Presbytery for the last year, showing
that Fayetteville Presbytery contrib
uted $6,420, as compared with $3,938
last year.
The report on Christian Education
showed that two ministers died on
the field of battle. One, Rev. T. M.
Bulla, was formerly from this Presby
The report on Systematic Benefi
cei'"" shows that our whole Presby
-^ry contributed $101,924 for the
beneficent causes during the year.
The special attention of our pastors
is called to Home Mission week, No
vember 23d-30th.
Rev. E. C. Murray, D. D., is to be
installed pastor at St. Paul's on May
24th at 4 P. M. Rev. J. K. Hall is
chairman of the commission. Other
members of the commission are Rev.
O. E. Moorehouse and Dr. T. L.
Eleven churches made request that
they be allowed to change terms of
call for their pastors and increase
their salaries, as follows: Cypress,
Vass, Cameron, Fayetteville First,
Highland ( Fayetteville), Bluff, Dunn,
McPherson, Ephesus, Spence and Oak
land. These requests were granted
and the churches commended for their
A narrative which will be sent to
the General Assembly shows a healthy
state of religion within our bounds.
Nominations: To preach Presbyte
rial sermon next meeting. Rev. J. A.
McMurray; subject, "The Christian's
Relations to Worldly Amusements."
Trustees Flora Macdonald College,
exit 1922: * Rev. J. K. Roberts,
Messrs. B. F. McMillan, M. D., A. T.
McCallum, A. W. McLean and J. A.
McDonald, of Toronto, Canada.
Chairman Leave of Absence Com
mittee: Rev, D. L. Jones.
Action of Presbytery at last meet
ing in electing Rev. W. E. Hill as
chairman of Systematic Beneficence
was confirmed.
To take the place of Rev. H. J.
On Presbyterial Home Missions:
Rev. J. A. McMurray.
On Christian Education and Minis
terial Relief: Rev. O. B. Craig.
On Church Societies: Rev. E. E.
On Systematic Beneficence: Rev. J.
K. Hall.
Examination on Natural Science:
Rev. I). M. McGeachy.
Examination on Ecclesiastical His
tory: Rev. I). Mclntyre.
Additional members on Committee
Systematic Beneficence: Revs. E. C.
Murray, L. A. McLaurin and G. F.
The Home Mission report shows all
of our fields supplied with preaching,
except two, and much good has been
accomplished during the year in spite
of the hindrance from influenza and
the absence of several of our workers,
who have been in the service of their
The next stated meeting will be
held at Jackson Springs, at a time to
be fixed later.
After adopting a hearty vote of
thanks for the gracious hospitality of
the Ashpole and Rowland churches.
Presbytery adjourned to meet in the
First church, Fayetteville, Tuesday,
June 3, 1919, at 12 o'clock noon.
E. L. Siler, S. C.
The Presbytery of Nashville met in
First Presbyterian church of Shelby
ville April 1 5th. and was opened with
a sermon by Rev. D. H. Scanlon.
Organization: Ruling Elder L. I.
MacQueen Moderator, Ruling Elder R.
M. Reams and Rev. E. N. Caldwell
Attendance smaller than usual.
Reports from churches encouraging
from financial point of view. Fine re
sults from Every-Member Canvass.
Only one minister not fully paid, but
some salaries inadequate to demands
of present conditions. Dearth of can
didates for the ministry a matter of
grave concern. On account of war
conditions larger number of churches
without the ministrations of gospel
than usual.
Home Missions: Forward movement
taken in decision to employ imme
diately an evangelist as pastor-at-large
for the Presbytery, and all churches
urged to hold special meetings before
next fall meeting.
Minister Received: Rev. G. H. Tur
pin from Suwanee Presbytery, and or
der taken for his installation as pas
tor of West Nashville church May 4th
at S P. M.
Overtures: "Evangelization of
Jews." "The Presbytery of Nashville
hereby overtures the General Assem
bly to empower and instruct the Gen-,
eral Assembly's Home Mission Com
mittee to provide for the evangeliza
tion of Jews within our bounds
through its department of evangelism
or in such manner and by such agency
as the Assembly deems best."
Organic Union: "We, the Presby
tery of Nashville. h?reby overture the
General Assembly in session at New
Orleans to appoint a committee com
posed of the present moderators of
the several Synods of the Assembly,
together with the retiring Moderator
of the Assembly, Dr. James I. Vance,
as chairman, to take definite steps to
ward organic union with the Presby
terian Church, U. S. A."
The hospitality of the Shelbyville
church was most delightful.
Place of next meeting, Mount Olivet
W. C. Alexander, S. C.
The twenty-seventh regular meeting
of El Paso Presbytery convened in
the Presbyterian church of Balmorhea,
Tex., April 15, 1919, at 8:30 P. M..
and was opened with a sermon by the
retiring Moderator, Rev. Ralph J.
Hall, of Post, Tex.
There were present nine ministers
and six ruling elders.
E. B. Daniel, elder from the Toyah
church, was chosen Moderator, and J.
M. Thomas, elder from the Colorado
church. Temporary Clerk.
Rev. J. W. Harrison was received
from the Presbytery of Pecos Valley,
U. S. A., and a committee was ap
pointed to install him pastor of the
Big Spring church.
The pastoral relations between Rev.
H. M. Perkins and the Fort Stockton
church were dissolved and Mr. Perkins
was granted a letter to the Presby
tery of Western Texas.
Rev. John C. Ramsay, who has been
engaged in Y. M. C. A. war work for
the past several months, was granted
a letter to the Presbytery of Norfolk.
Mr. Ramsay has accepted the work of
Presbyterial evangelist of Norfolk
Presbytery heard a sermon by Rev.
B. K. Tenney at 11 o'clock Wednes
day morning, after which the com
munion of the Lord's Supper was cel
Rev. W. M. Fairley preached the
doctrinal sermon Wednesday evening
on the subject, "Justification by
A special service was held Wednes
day afternoon in the interest of
schools and colleges, lookihg specially
to the approaching campaign for
funds for our educational institutions
in this Synod. A number of interest
ing addresses were made, and Pres
bytery pledged its loyal support to the
leaders in this campaign.
The reports of all the Executive and
Permanent Committees received faith
ful consideration. The reports show
that the work of the Presbytery is in
excellent shape, despite the terrible
drouth that has spread over this coun
try for the last three years. Pastors
have stayed by the work in face of
many hardships and privations, and
with the coming of better conditions
they look for great progress for our
Church during the coming year.
The fall meeting of Presbytory will
be held in Barstow, and according to
the program adopted, this meeting will
be primarily inspirational. Popular
meetings on Home and Foreign Mis
sions. Christian Education, Christian
Finance, and sermons and discussions
on "The Family Altar" and "Personal
Evangelism" will make up a large part
of the program.
Time of fall meeting, September 1G,
Guy B. Duff, S. C.
Presbytery met in the Vine Street
church, Birmingham.
Opening Sermon: By Rev. J. A.
Officers: Rev. S. E. Hodges, D. D..
Moderator; Rev. W. C. Clark, Stated
Clerk; Rev. E. C, Scott, Temporary
Calls: South Highlands to Dr. John
McNeil; Limestone to Rev. J. A. War
fen; Townley to Rev. T. J. Ponder;
Avondale to Rev. l)r. T. P.xHay.
Licensed: R. B. Gardien and Stu
art Hotchkiss.
Presbyterial sermon by Rev. D. W
Hollingsworth; for next year, Rev. S.
O. Coxe.
Rev. \V. C. Clark was released from
the pastorate of Woodlawn church at
his own request, and was given per
mission to supply Sheffield.
Reports on Home Missions showed
good progress and a balance on hand
for next year.
Overture on reception of candidates
was answered in the affirmative, and
the Assembly was asked to make its
year conform to the civil year, and to
provide a central home for its com
mittees and treasury for the benevo
lent funds.
W. C. Clark, S. C.
The Presbytery of East Mississippi ?
met in Pontotoc April 1 5th, and the
opening sermon was preached by Rev.
R. Excell Fry, retiring Moderator
from Eph. 5:16.
There were present fourteen minis
ters, and twenty churches were rep
Rev. R. L. Campbell was chosen
Moderator and Rev. H. S. Henderson
Temporary Clerk.
The sessions of Presbytery were
held in Chickasaw College, and all
class work was suspended and the stu
dent body were allowed to attend the
sessions of Presbytery. All the repre
sentatives were much gratified to See
old Chickasaw College flourishing
once more, and rejoiced over the splen
did progress the college Is making nr
der the able management of Dr. E.
J. Currie. One of the representatives
was so well pleased with the progress
and management while at Presbyter*'
that he mad* a donation to the col
lege of $3,000.
Beneficence: There was a marked
increase In the gifts to benevolent
causes. More than $4,000 increase,

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