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The Presbyterian of the South : [combining the] Southwestern Presbyterian, Central Presbyterian, Southern Presbyterian. [volume] (Atlanta, Ga.) 1909-1931, November 12, 1919, Image 18

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A hundred or more men and
women in YOUR congrega
tion need to know more about
the Book of Books and how its
reading by the non-Christian
world is made possible.
What will YOU, as their
Pastor, do for them on
Universal Bible Sunday
November 30th, 1818
To Pastors, Officers, Teachers
There arc still about three weeks before the canting of this
red letter day for the Hook of Hooks. The / 4wcrican Bible
Society will send yon on request, as soon as ready, a living
message 7i>itli inspiration, facts and figures ? not dry sta
tistics ? together with an exceedingly interesting church
or Sunday school program for Universal Bible Sunday.
Address the Secretary, 27g Bible House, New York
Weak, Thin, Nervous
People Should Take
What It Is And How It Increases Weight.
Strength and Nerve-Force.
Judging from the countless preparations ami treat
ments which are continually being advert lsed for iho
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Iho null ctirtfil liiu-4 ol hoaltli ami boauty. there are
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Thinness ami weakness are often due to starved
nerves Our bodies need more phosphate than is con
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nothing that will srpply this deficiency so well as
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By feeding the nerves directly ami by supplying the
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bltm-phosphatc sho'ild soon province a welcome trans
formation In the a|ii>earance; the increase in weight
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Increase in weight also carries with it a general
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CATTION" ?While Hiiro Phosphate is unsurpassed
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those Uking it who ilo not desire to put on (lesli
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A Healing Spring at Your Door.
Here is a very unusual and pecu
liar offer ? one that you rarely meet
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ers and make no charge if you are
not benefited. His otter has been ac
cepted by several thousands of luf
ferers in all parts of the United States
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in a hundred, on the average, report
110 benefit.
If you sufler from dyspepsia, indi
gestion. rheumatism, gall stones, kid
ney, bladder or liver lisease, uric acid
poisoning, or other condition caused
by impure blood, take Mr. Shivar at
his word and sign and mail the fol
lowing letter:
Shivar Spring,
Box 14H, Shelton, S. C.
Gentlemen :
I accept your guarantee offer and
enclose herewith three dollars for ton
gallons ot Shivaj* Mineral Spring
Water. I iigree to give it a fair trial,
in accordance wit.1! instructions con
tained *.n hooklPt you will send, and
if it falls to benefit my case you agree
to refund the price in full upon re
ceipt of the two empty demijohns,
which I agree to return promptly.
Shipping Point
? (Please write distinctly.)
Pltut write distinctly.
out among the churches as goals in
the Every-Member Canvasi for be
nevolences in 1920-21.
The overtures sent down from the
General Assembly were approved, ex
cept the one on rotary eldership,
which was not approved.
The next spring meeting will be
held in the Second church, Norfolk,
R. B. Grinnan, S. C.
On Tuesday evening, September
23d, at S P. M., the Presbytery of
Kanawha met in the Presbyterian
church, St. Albans, W. Va. The open
ing sermon was preached by the re
tiring Moderator, the Rev. C. R. Gar
rison, from John 21:22. There were
twenty-three ministers and seven
elders present.
Olliccrs: Rev. M. B. Lamhdin, Mod
erator, and Rev. II. H. Orr, Tempo
rary Clerk.
Dismissed: Rev. G. W. Wysor to
the Presbytery of St. Johns, Fla.
Received: Rev. O. C. Huston from
the Presbytery of Norfolk and Uev.
It. E. McEldowney, of the M. E.
Church South.
Ordained: Messrs. B. F. Sperow
and F. W. Christie, licentiates of this
Presbytery, were ordained to the full
ministry of the gospel.
Candidate: Mr. F. C. Davis, a
member of the First church, Charles
ton, was received under the care of
the Presbytery. Mr. Davis is laboring
at Slab Fork.
Overtures: The several overtures
sent down by the Assembly were an
swered in the affirmative, with the
exception of the last one in regard
to basis of representation in the As
sembly, whigh was answered in the
Home Missions: Home Missions
had a large space among the ques
tions discussed before Presbytery.
The new ones among these faithful
workers were Rev. O. C. Huston, Su
perintendent of Home Missions, and
F. C. Davis.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not recommended
for everything, but it you have kidney, liver or
bladder trouble, it may be found just the medicine
you need. Swamp-Root makes friends quickly
because its mild and immediate effect is soon
realized in most cases. It is a gentle healing
herbal compound? a physician's prescription
which has proved its great value in thousands
of the most distressing cases according to re
liable testimony.
At druggists in large and medium size bottles.
You may have a sample size bottle of this al
ways reliable preparation by Parcel Post, also
pamphlet telling about it. Address Dr. Kilmer
it Co., Binghamton, N. Y., and enclose t*n cents,
also mention the
Presbyterian of the South.
Rev. P. W. Christie, who was or
dained at this meeting, is serving the
field on Paint Creek, where Rev. J.
E. Healey served before he fell on
sleep. Nine years before, lacking a
few days, Mr. Ilealey was ordained in
this same church. Mr. Ilealey at the
time of his ordination was over fifty.
The Homo Mission program for
next year is large, but no larger than
the needs.
Next Meeting Place: The invitation
of the Kanawha-Salines church was
accepted. In the spring of 1920 the
Presbytery will celebrate its twenty
filth anniversary at Maiden. Presby
tery will convene for its spring ses
sions on the Tuesday after the second
Sunday in April.
After appropriate thanks for the
gracious hospitality of the St. Albans
people, Presbytery adjourned to meet
at the call of the Moderator during
the meetings of the Synod of West
Virginia at Charleston First church,
October 14th.
J. B. Morton, S. C.
Free Book of Designs
Jno. Williams, Inc., Bronze Foundry
Dept. 8, 556 W. 27th St., New York City
A Giant
Forward Stride
in World Service
Aggressive Christianity in America to be the
dominating force in the uplift of mankind
The Christian Herald, as the leader in interdenominational
periodical family literature, and being absolutely free from sec
tarianism, is the natural spokesman for broad, unfettered, con
structive Christian and social service.
The Christian Herald is convinced that some powerful and
already established force must take the initiative in world better
ment; that in the prevailing social unrest and industrial turmoil
the fundamental principles of Christianity have been disregarded,
in whole .or in part, by both labor and capital.
That even the Church itself has not fully measured up to its
opportunities in the gigantic struggle is demonstrated by the
various "movements" within the denominations. These are good;
essential; and now the Christian Herald has entered the arena
to co-operate with them and to take its rightful place as a power
ful, aggressive factor in the rebuilding of social, religious and moral
standards of practice.
The Christian Herald believes that capital and labor- alike
will not only attain a permanent peace by laying their differences
on the scale of righteousness as taught by Jesus Christ, but that
both will be the gainers; that confidence in one another will be
re-established and that industrial strife will be at an end.
The Christian Herald will therefore do its part in this tre
mendous ta*k and it invites the co-operation of Christian America
for the speedy accomplishment of this great purpose.
The Christian HeraljJ has decided to sacrifice all its immediate
profits from new subscribers in a big drive to extend its present
300,000 circulation (representing a million and a half readers) to
the million mark (representing fi\e million readers) by making an
irresistible half-price trial offer.
egg New subscribers may have the next
3L Great big inspirational
uplifting issues for ? ?
In any ten weeks ( beginning with any issue) there will appear
* 20 Stories
20 nru""",rtant StUdiCS
50 Feature Articles
70 iX'.'rJia.iv. Editorials
70 ,tvnVi'!>naiilv Meditations
10 ^-^lile' Sermons
200 an,rX';':><,k Pictures
i n beautiful covers C!r?lr?rc
lv usually in several vjuiui a
And hundreds of other features, all available at half price
The Christian Herald is one of
America's really great religious and
social institutions. It is the best
loved and most widely read inter
denominational family magazine
in the world. It has been the
means of relieving more distress, feed
ing more hungry, clothing more naked
than all other periodicals combined.
It is dedicated to the service of
humanity. It is at the forefront in
the effort to make of every church a
community center for social and re- , __ __ ___
ligious uplift. It tells the import
ant news of every denomination, I The Christian Herald
but it is the organ of none. You
and your family need the stimulus, I 647 nib,e House, New vork
the inspiration, .the vision of world [ t Micye in the Rront worl(1 gervic0
service the Christian Herald gives. 1 plan of th* christian iiendd and wish
A million new short term sub- I to txj enrolled as a ten weeks' trial sub
scribers before 1920 is the Christian i ,c*ber- 1 enr,OBe 25 C?nts in fu"
I {(-raid's goal. It's ten weeks half-price offer ' mcn ?
is made without profit to the Christian 1
Herald. 25 cents in coin or stamps sent now I Xamr
(at the Christian Herald risk) is guaranteed j
to (rive you more and better literature than | p ()
you ever could imagine jwjssible. Use the . ' "
Slalc ._
IMPORTANT? Ourlnft the 10
weeks for 25c period another of
those wonderful Courtenay
Savafle serials, entitled "Mnrn
inft," will appear exclushely In
the Christian llerald In advance
of its publication as a $1.50

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