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Inastlimalt shortens the attack and Ins urea com
fortable repose.
The air can-ylna the antiseptic vapor Inspired with
every bre.it h, makes breathing easy, soothes the sore
tliroat, and stai>s the ooutrh, fts*urinK ret-tful rilk'hls.
Cresolene relieves the bronchial oomnU"aUons of
Scarlet Keverand Measlea and is a viilff .jle aid in
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(Continued from page 9)
It is not our purpose to give a ds
talled report of the conference, but
rather to give some impressions pro
duced by it.
The leaders all gave an impression
of earnest sincerity and spirituality
and of faith in the movement, as well
as of faith In God. They showed
themselves to ho men of vision.
As they presented the various fea
tures of the subject, it was very evi
dent that there has been a marked
change from the ideas which were
first presented to the public by somp
of those connected with the move
The point most emphasized by far
was the spiritual interest involved.
The great aim of this movement as
outlined by the speakers may be
summed up in three words ? agita
tion, information, inspiration. There
A Few Men
to the
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"The Ministry of the Word"
The James Spnint Lectures just de
livered at Union Theological Seminary,
Richmond, Va.
The great English teacher and preacher
first deals with the fundamental concep
tion held concerning the two great factors
in his title, and then proceeds to examine
the word and the e?p.;cial expression given
it. in the respective mmisteries of the
Prophet, Apostle, Evangelist,, Preacher
and Teacher. He then reviews the changed
world conditions, the unchanged obliga
tions of the messenger of God, tne prepara
tion for the ministry, and what constitutes
the proper exercise of the vocation.
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is going on, and there must continue,
agitation through all the Church to
show that there is need ?or some
thing to be done to make the world
better. The movement proposes to
secure and furnish the Church with
a statement of the needs of the heme
and foreign fields. Then there will
be the effort to induce and aid the
churches to go forth trusting in God
in an effort to supply those needs.
The agitation is being carried .>n
at this time through conferences.
During the first three weeks of this
month sixty-seven State and metio
politan conferences are being hcid.
These are made up of selected dele
agencies of the churches. Local con
ditions will be laid before the local
churches. This will be done through
the county or district organizations,
which will grow out of the confer
When this information has bee-J
laid before the Church agencies or
local churches, the movement does not
propose to suggest any plans for ac
tion, but will urge the agency or the
churches to make a careful study ol
the needs suggested by the informa
tion, and then, as far as possible, in
co-operation with all ehurches con
cerned, to make an effort to supply
the needs.
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The paper and book will be sent to the same or different addresses, as may be
gates from all parts of the territories
covered and representing all denom
inations co-operating in the move
ment. In January it is proposed to
have a similar conference in' each of
the more than 3,000 counties of the
country. These are to be followed
by conferences in each of the 160,000
districts in these counties. More than
5,000 speakers have already been en
rolled for these conferences.
Through efforts which have already
been started a survey is being made
of whatever effects any branch ctf life
that has any connection with the
Church. This is to be done as speed
ily as possible over the whole of this
country and in all of the mission
countries of the world. This infor
mation is to be supplied to the
churches to any extent that they may
desire it. "fhe more general classes
of information will bo given to th?
It is proposed that three things be
done to fit the churches for doing
the great work that is needed. These
are to make an effort to establish
the family altar in at least a million
homes in this country where it is not
now found, to enlist Ave million
Christians in a prayer league (almost
a million have already been enlist
ed), and to promote In all the
churches a simultaneous evangelistic
campaign for the salvation of lost
The movement has no program to
present by which these things are to
be done, but will leave It to th'e de
nominations and the churches con
cerned to work out their own plans
and methods.
One of the results expected is that
the churches will be able to raise all
the money needed to do all the work
It ought to do.
P^RPOSEi the mark of a
Tbook written to
meet a need
THE"Everyday Life" Books
in the regular or special
editions make most accept
Such as Harry Emerson
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Financial managers supplied. Membership Cam
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