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1 old, and was preparing for it whea
t >e end came. New Monmoth church
yarded him as one of her best sons
is said that when a young man
t. tea from under the old roof tree
i hat is in him will manifest itself
1 lie pastor of the Blacksburg churc.i
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^ ddrens
dipping Point.
(Please write distinctly).
makes a remark concerning him that
allows him to have manifested a oosi
tive Christian ty abroad. He says:
"No mother could ask >f her son movo
faithfulness to his church than your
son showed here. He belonged to the
chosen few who are the joy, the hope
and the encouragement of my work
here. He has already won trie re
ward promised in the verse: 'Be thou
faithful unto death, and I will give
thee a crown of life.' " Testimonials
of the genuineness of this young
man's Christianity are ranae by the
Y. M. C. A. and Sunday school work
ers of Blacksburg.
All things cons'dered, we involun
tarily exclaim with the hymnist:
"God moves In a mysterious way,
His wonders to perform."
Then we take comfort 'n that pre
cious promise: "What I do thou
knowest not now, but thou shalt know
Pastor New Mdnmoth.
gkorgh hahky mountcastl.e.
On February 5, 1920, George Harry
Mountcastle was called to that home
not made with hands in the city of
God. Just two weeks later, Febru
ary 19, 1920, h"8 father, George
Washington Mountcastle, heard the
same summon and went to be with
the same Lord and Master. It was
not the Father's will that they should
be separated long ? just two short
weeks ? ere they entered upon that
eternal companionship among the re
deemed of the Lord. And we like to
think of them, father and son, to
gether with the beloved daughter and
sister who preceded them by little
more than a year, as numbered among
that heavenly host singing praises
unto the King upon the throne, and
patiently awaiting that time when the
entire fam'ly shall be gathered once
more as a united whole around the
throne of God, even as in days past
they so often were gathered around
the fireplace in the old home on the
George Harry Mountcastle, or
Harry, as he was known to all his
many friends and loved ones, was
barely thirty years old when he died.
Yet surely his life was not incom
plete nor his work unfinished. How
many hearts were made glad by his
jolly laugh and his glowing srr ile!
Gloom and sadness fled from his
presence and pessimism knew him not.
His friends were legion ? among the
rich and the poor, the old and the
young. To know him was to be his
friend and to love him. He was a
member of Olivet Presbyterian
church, in New Kent County, near the
old home place of his boyhood days.
For several years the family had been
living in Newport News, and it was
there that the clutch of the fatal
pneumonia was fastened upon him
wh'ch severed soul and body. He was
laid to rest in the family plot at Oli
George Washington Mountcastle
had passed the threescore and ten
allotment by three years when the
Master called him home. His was a
life filled with faithful service and
crowned with rich blessings. He left
a monument mora abiding and more
beautiful than any marble shaft in
the family wh'ch he, together with
his loving wife, who yet abides on
this shore, reared and gave to the
world. Their children arise up and
call them blessed, and the woild
blesses them because of their children.
Mr. Mountcastle was an older in
Olivet church for many years and
ever was faithful to his trust. Even
after he had moved far away from
this little church his heart and his
prayers were ever with her. And
there in the old church-yard we laid
his remains close by the side of two
other new-made graves, knowing full
well that father, daughter and son
were happy with Jesus, even though
our hearts were sad.
At most it will be only a few days
or weeks or years until those who
mourn their going shall go to be with
them. "In my Father's house are
many mansions," said our Lord, man
sions enough for all who are faith
ful, and may God help us all to be
faithful even unto the end. Unto the
members of the family we would re
call the words of the Apostle Paul,
"Sorrow not, even as others who have
no hope. For if we believe that Jesus
died and rose again, even so them
also which sleep in Jesus will God
bring with him."
W. K. K.
Mr. John Wilson McNair, who was
instantly killed in an automobile ac
cident near Lewisburg, W. Va., on
January 2, 1920, was born in Augusta
County, Va., in 1859.
Most of his life was spent as a
traveling salesman. He was for many
years an elder in the Presbyterian
church. Mr. McNair was buried at
Olivet Cemetery, near Charlottesville,
Va., the resting place of his father
and mother.
Therefore be it resolved, That in
the death of Mr. McNair our church
has lost a consecrated elder, our Sun
day school a faithful worker, and our
community a Christian gentleman in
whom there was no guile.
He was a man who carr'ed his re
ligion into all the walks of life, his
faith was "an open book known and
read of all men." A man of genial
disposition, and with a keen sense of
humor, he scattered sunshine wher
ever he went.
His passing was sudden ? there wa3
a hurried call. "In a moment. In tne
twinkling of an eye," he joined the
ransomed hosts who stand around tne
throne continually singing, "Allelu
iah. salvation and glory and honor
and power to the Lord our Lord."
"Blessed are the dead who die in
the Lord, for they rest from their la
bors and their works do follow them."
The sympathy of the church goes
out to his wife and all his dear ones.
J. M. Radin,
E. L. Bell,
H. B. Moore,
Committee of Session of Old Stone
Lewisburg, W. Va.
"Guard me when 1 am off guard,"
prayed one the other day. It was a
wise prayer, for it is not the danger
against which we have fortified our
selves, the temptations which wo
know and are watch'ng, which are
so likely to compass a fall as some
unthought-of point where no peril
was suspected. ? J. R. Miller.
The church of the hundred and
twenty waited for the great gift of
the Holy Spirit; and it came, richer,
more divine, more full of power from
above than they could have imagined.
So the Church ever waited for fresh
degrees of grace and glory; so apos
tles waited; and we, inheritors of the
same sacred blessings, as many as de
s're to be perfect towards God, must
also be thus minded. ? Bishop Mober
As iron put into the fire loseth its
rust, and becometh clearly red hot,
so he that wholly turneth himself
unto God puts off all slothfulness,
and is transformed into a new man. ?
Thomas a Kempis.
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Read What These People Have to Say.
Washington, D. C.
My wife is deriving great benefit
from the use of Indian Ridge Mineral
Water. After a serious illness she
was left with stomach and bowel
trouble. This affection has entirely
disappeared since she has been using
the water. ? Franz Lebert.
Arco, Va.
I am writing you in praise of your
Indian Ridge Water, and can truth
fully say that it is the greatest rem
edy for stomach and kidney trouble
that I have ever known. I doctored
with different doctors for forty-six
years, but seemed to grow worse all
the time. I am seventy-seven years
old and feel better than I have for
the past forty years. ? Mrs. Bettie
Front Royal, Va.
I enclose $2.00 for five gallons of
Indian Ridge Mineral Water. I en
close $3.00 for ten gallons of Indian
Ridge Mineral Water. It is under
stood that I am to return the empty
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P. O.
Express Officc

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