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The Presbyterian of the South : [combining the] Southwestern Presbyterian, Central Presbyterian, Southern Presbyterian. [volume] (Atlanta, Ga.) 1909-1931, April 28, 1920, Image 14

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(rill have charge of the Old Fort group
jf clurches.
Xcvt Meeting: Concord (l),atLo
ray. N September 14th.
E. U. Brown, S. C.
l'.t' l)ee Presbytery met in Lotta,
t; ( . April 13th. Rev. J. S. Garner
prtu f<l the opening sermon. ' Rev.
j M Lemmon wa^ elected Moderator.
Hcv. J. Andrew Smith, of Concord
[?resbytery; Rev. F. R. Riddle, of
Betlx-l Presbytery, and Rev. 1). M.
Douglas, of Bethel Presbytery, were
invitt-il to sit as corresponding mem
Ask Your Storekeeper for
The Red Stove Remedy
Worcester, Mass., U. S. A.
Send to F. H. ANDREWS
Plainfteld, N. J.
Tiii'htn with the missionary motive fo* gradon
jml In.- 1. school of well known mountain mission
Khinil Conditions favorable for delightful and
fruitful service. Write at once to
Btackey, Ky.
Bethel Bible Institute SMa"T'
An Interdenominational, Kvamtelical School.
Trains for nil kinds of Christian w ork.
1.1 II.. Ill ary and advanced couri.es in secular studies.
Full Uilile Courses and Methods of Christian Work.
Music mid Oratory a specialty.
Beautiful country location.
Industrial department enables students to pay their
?ay. For information, write to
The Million Dollar Campaign for
the Synod's educational institutions
was unanimously endorsed. This
cause was presented by Drs. D. M*.
Douglas and D. Mclntyre. ?
The Every-Member Canvass result
ed in the churches going far beyond
our quota for benevolence.
The overture of the Assembly in
regard to election of elders and dea
cons for terms of five years was an
swered in the negative.
Rev. H. G. Bedinger was made
chairman of the Permanent Commit
tee "ton Christian Education and Minis
terial Relief.
The report of the Local Home Mis
sions Committee was most encourag
ing, showing a balance in the trea
sury and all Home Mission workers
paid in advance. The salaries of all
Home Mission workers were raised 25
per cent.
The Assembly was overtured to con
tinue its Progressive Program and re
ject the recommendation of the Sys
tematic Beneficence Committee to se
cure pledges for $40,000,000 to be
paid in five years.
Reedy Creek church was selected as
the place for the fall meeting, and
October 26th as the time.
A. H. McArn, S. C.
The Presbytery o? Dallas met in
called session in the First Presbyte
rian church of Dallas, March 30, 1920.
Dissolutions: Pastoral .relations
were dissolved between Rev. W. W.
Sadler and Roanoke, Pilot Point and
Hagerman churches, and between
Rev. Holmes G. Anderson and Bowie
Dismissed: Rev. W. W. Sadler tQ
the Presbytery of Mangum, Rev.
George W. Sheffer to the Presbytery
of North Alabama, and Rev. W.
Nisbet, D. D., ,to the Presbytery of
Western Texas. Rev. Holmes G. An
derson takes charge of the Quanah
J. G. Varner, S. C.
Commissioners to the General Assembly
Charlotte, N. C., May 20, 1920
I'limiiM tit . , }'o*t Office Alternates I'ost Office
Ettut Alabama Presby tery .
?lev I U Scott ...Montgomery Rev. C. H. Rogers Marbury
Hev. It II. McCaslin ..Montgomery Rev. L. H. Simpson Andalusia.
H tl lin\<| Hartford D. G. Munn Ozark.
0 It Morgan ... Doth an ..... J. It. B. Abornathy, I.aFayettc.
Tuscaloosa Presbytery.
jb'v K It. Robinson... Talladega Rev. P. 11. Moore Tuscaloosa.
Itiv Joseph Dungliuson Selma - Rev. "J. M. Partridge York.
''? 1 Ituvil Emello C. B. Verncr i. .Tuscaloosa
'? O (iraham H. 3, Gordo E. B. Nuzum ..Tu?mlix?a.
Arkansas Presbytery.
tirovir Currie ......Walnut Bulge..; Mar Yoeep Cotton Plank.
J- N McKarlam. D. D Forrest City H. W. Smith ..Little Rock.
1| I Ponder ... .Walnut Ridge .T. J. Mahan Blytheville.
^ ( hoss'inger Little Rock ...F. H. Harriu ............Conway.
Florida Presbytery.
\V s. Patterson Madison '..Rev. W. E. Mcllwain, D. D.Pensacola.
Juilfi Tlioa. j.\ West Tallahassee .W . S. Green Argyle.
Suwannee Presbytery.
v *'? A. Cleveland Jacksonville Rev. J. A. Montgomery Dow ling I'ark.
Iti v i; || Viser ..Ft. White (R. F. D.? Hev, E. W. Way Jacksonville.
J ? M Murray Ocala. W. M. Gist Mcintosh
John 1'ilkington Jacksonville T. M. Brown..* ..Jacksonville.
I, , Athens Presbytery.
1 j'artledge Athens.. Rev. F. L. Hill, D. D Athens.
"?'e Commerce 11. 11. Dean ..Gainesville.
? ??n hpairicK, u. u.Aiianin ....uev. J. ? . v u
i1,' !, K/'I't M. Htinson.-l Atlauta. Rev. M. MeN.
I '-ewis Atlanta Frank M. Snu
'? ".Jarnian Covington ....*-P. H.Callioun
J " "rooks Atlanta - S.B.Jones ?
H. ? I,,, 1 Armstrong. 1). D Nashville, Te^" ^Vcal^n;;^00""810"
Rev || K.Kirkpatrick, D.D.Atlanta J. W. Atlanta.
IcN McKay, D. D. Jackson.
Smith Atlanta.
'aUiouti - ? Atlunta.
Duos. Uo8t*w ell.
Augusta Montioello.
f-j,..; wiiivw,,.d.o a?..,.
Cherokee Preaby tery. .. .
'v V, >? H Orr Hummerville ??? ^rovol^ ! - -VJ-"; J I Marietta.
'? A,,Wt ApWOrth-" Savannah pieW ery^ n ,
Hn s U l i r rUgle Kbene?er 11 W.'vyr?:: Wilson ."...Uxington
ltibert MoTv'r """ """ Paris "'V -*>? ?? OartrelL Normal.
H?v w .. ? V" . Louisville Preaby^. Miley D D Davidson. N C.
Ij . "{? 'McKay. : ? I^jhihv f JJ? ? .Hill ... Louisville.
Mr I I "? '.'"''en, D. D Louisville Judge J P lrobson ...Frankfort.
I. , Fast Mississippi Presbytery.
i!'v c. I, l'dw.r Wot Point ... Rev. E. P. ( raddock ...... l?ka
w " wiCw_ l. Kayo.. Boonevtue.
D L R?rr Meridian M"r,dUn ^Rov'w \x Msthis Pyas Christian.
d. p. vwniih;;: F- L- *??? N'wton
I'rincipal* l'ual Of/ice Alternates Putt Office
J. J. Mcintosh _ Moss Point ..... W. J. Mc Far land .... ..Bay Springs.
T. M. Nicholson Newton C. F. Neill .... ..Montrose.
Mississippi Presbytery.
Rev. II. H. Thompson Natehea... ..Rev. Geo. M. Smiley Fayette.
Cha?. II Hamilton Brookhavcn H. I"). Faisly ... llaxelhurst.
Central Mississippi Presbytery.
Hev. J. B. Hutton, D. D Jackson ......Rev. Wm. Mc Bride Camden.
Hev. W. H. Fraaer, D. D lacksou Rev. J. K. McJunkin Forest.
R. I,. Landis... .... Durant C. J. Nelson .... Itta Bena.
Warren Potts... Kosciusko...... ...C. P. Adair... Indianola.
Lafayette Presbytery.
Rev. Lenox Crockett I.ongwood ..Rev. \V. A. Fraaier Walker.
E, B. l'earce ......Pleasant Hill T. K. Humphreys Springfield.
Missouri Presbytery.
Rev. II. C. Ostrom Fulton ... Rev. 8. G. Wood Auxvasse City.
Wallace Dear inn Mexico C. F. Lumpkin ...... Key tesville.
Palmyra Presbytery.
Rev. J. T. McCutchan Florida... ... Rev. M. H. Kerr...... Kahoka.
C. 8. Jackson Perry Louis Quest Palmyra.
Potosl Presbytery.
Rev. Marvin L. Eaves ..New Madrid Rev. J. F. Forsythe Caledonia.
R. B. Boyce ...... .Charleston J. Paul Cayce ..... Farmington.
St. Louis Presbytery.
Rev. D. C. McLeod.. St. Louis ... Rev. W. M I.angtry ....Clayton.
Tlrnk. R. Collins ... St. I?ouis Q. Stewart Fcstus.
Concord Presbytery.
J. M. Grier, D. D Concord ...... ....A. A. McLean Lenoir.
C. M. Richards, D. D Davidson ......Neill Melnnis .Kannapolis.
W. L. I. ingle, D. D Richmond, Va E. M. Craig, D. D Hickory.
F. A. Sherrill Htatesville. _ M. H. Caldwell ..Concord.
O. I). Davis Salisbury W. L. Mattheson. Mooresville.
A. H. Matheson Taylors ville D. W. Lawrance Moortu ville.
Fayetteville Presbytery.
Rev. A. R. McQueen.... Dunn Rev. W. 8. Golden Sanford.
Rev. H. M. Dixon Red Springs ..Rev. A. W. Crawford Greensboro.
Rev. L. A. McLaurin ..Jonesboro Rev. C. E. Clarke Kenly.
Rev. C. L. Wicker Gulf Rev. C. B. Craig Lauiinburg. ?
J. W. Graham Aberdeen John E. Elliot Manchester.
A. C. Pay Pittaboro W. W. McGirt Maxton, R. 2.
L. Melnnis ...St. Pauls ... John H. Kennedy Cumnock.
H. M. McAlister Lumbcrton A. T. McCallum Red Springs.
Mecklenburft Presbytery.
Ilev. Wm. Black, D. D Charlotte Rev. J. C. Hardin... ...Charlotte.
Hev. W. R. Copped ge Rockingham Rev. J. E. Wool .Charlotte.
Rev. G. F. Bell Charlotte Rev. J. L. Caldwell, D. I) ... Charlotte.
R. B.Johnston . Pineville R. R. Little Manguni.
B. T. Price Charlotte W. M. Ross.. Ft. Mill, 8. C.
W. L. Walli* ...Charlotte R. W. Elliott Monroe.
Wilmln&ton Presbytery
Rev. W. H.Goodman Clarkton Rev. D. T. Caldwell ....Wilmington.
Rev. Geo. M. Matthis Clinton Rev. J. W. Young Southport.
Louis E. Hall ... Wilmington Angus Crowartie... Garland.
D.J. Wiliiaihs ? Hallsville J. N. Carmichael Polloeksville.
Manftum Presbytery.
Rev. J. E. I .at liam Oklahoma Rev. Robt. Hodgson Altus.
Kil l) H. Warren Shawnee ... D. K. Pope. Oklahoma.
Central Louisiana Presbyter}-.
Rev. J. W. I.ee... New Orleans Rev. Edgar White Frierson.
Cieo. W. Blissett. .......... .New Orlrane H . K. White.... ........ Frierson.
North and South Carolina Presbytery.
Rev. G. W. Gideon Homer. Ga Rev. A. J. Wilkinson Timmons ville, 8. C.
R. P. Burns Maysville, Ga.. R. 28 R D. Saunders Commerce, Ga., R 3,
Bethel Presbytery.
T. W. DeVane ...Liberty Hill J. L. Yandell Blacksburg.
R. Roy Brown ...Richburg J. E. Purcell Chester.
J. G. Wardlaw York Dr. T. N. Dulin Clover.
H. B. Mebane Great Falls J. C. Cork Rock Hill.
_ Charleston Presbytery.
Rev. S. C. Bxrd> D. D... Columbia Rev. S. R. Hope Waterboro.
C. Bissell Jenkins ...Charleston Rich'd W. Hutson Charleston.
Con&aree Presbytery.
Rev. G. G. Mayes. Winnsboro Rev, J. M. Forbis Bethune.
J. B. Fraiier ...... J. B. Spillman Columbia.
Enoree Presbytery.
Rev. C. O'N. Martindale ltiodville Rev. J. F. Preston Richmond, Va.
Rev. J. C. Rowan Greenville Rev. T. A. Beckett ..Glenn Springs.
Preston Charles t Concstee J. T. Woodside Greenville.
S. C. Stribling . .Gaffney ...r J. R.Jeter 8antuc.
Harmony Presbytery.
Rev. W. J. McKay, D. D ..Sumter Rev. W. I. Summitt Salters.
Robt. Muldrow Mayes ville Hugh Wither?j>oon Mayesviile.
Pee Dee Presbytery.
Rev. A. H. McArn Cheraw ...... Rev. A. W. White McBee.
James W. Johnson Marion J. A. Drake ? Bennettsville.
Piedmont Presbytery.
Rev. J. S. Foster, D. D ...Anderson Rev. I. E. Wallace Seneca.
J. P. Stribling Richland Hale Houston... Clemson College.
Columbia Presbytery.
Rev. R. S. Brown.... ..Petersburg. Rev. G. W. Tollett Comersville.
R. E. Blackburn Hrick Church.. .W. S. Fleming 1 Columbia.
Brownwood Presbytery. _
Rev. W. B. Gray, D. D Brownwood Rev. B. D. Kennedy ...Coleman.
J. I.. Glass... J- L. Williams
Central Texas Presbytery.
Rev. C. T. Caldwell. D. D...Waco Rev. W. S. Red, D. D Austin.
Rev. I.. E. Self ridge Temple Rev. E. S. Sansorn Maysfield.
J. E. Watts Taylor .Joe McSpadden Clifton.
Judge J. M. Blaudiug Corsicana H. L. Quinius Second Church, Waco
Dallas Presbytery.
Rev. J-. G. Yarner, D. D Denton Rev. Guy Davis Wichita Falls.
Rev. T. A Wharton, D. D Sherman ..Rev. 8. L. Jockel* WaxahacUje.
Dr. X F. Reed Wichita Falls. .- P. L. Russell.. .Dallas.
Dr. J C. Erwin Mc Kinney ' Dr. B. F. Lyon.. Lancaster.
Eastern Texas Presbytery.
Rev. J. C. Oehler * Palestine Rev. F. 8. Henderson Beaumont.
Dr. E. W. Link Palestine W. G. Creath R. D., Crockett.
Fort Worth Presbytery.
Rev. W. R. Porter, D. D Mineral Wells . .Rev. A. F. Carr, D. D Fort Worth.
Rev. T. M. Cunningham Sherman Rev. Gary I,. Smith., Graham.
J. S. McKenxie. Bridgeport.. John E. Adams ? Grandview.
J. D. Orr Brandon H. L. Moseley Weatherford.
Paris Presbytery.
Rev. B. E. Wallace, D. Dt... Paris .Rev. E. W. Williams, D. D..Bouham.
W. E. Haffner Greenville A. P. Prcstwood ? Tyler.
Texas-Mexican Presbytery.
C. R. Womeldorf El Paso, Tex.. R. D. ( ampbell ... Austin. Tex.
Carlos Delgade ; Victoria, Tex A. 1"). Hensley ..Bay City, Tex.
' Western Texas Presbytery.
Rev. W. A. McLeod, ?. D.-.Cuero Ri'v. R. E. Hardin Goliad.
Rev J. I.cighton Green San Antonio ...Rev. T. A. Hardin... ..Uvaldo.
H. C. Fullerton Cotulla F. W. Calinery San Benito.
J. M. Knight San Antonio A. M. French Corpus Christi.
East Hanover Presbytery.
Rev. Russell Cecil, D. D. ..Richmond Rev. W. W. Bain Crewe.
Rev. R V. Lancaster, D. D. .Goochland Rev. Micheaux Raino Petersburg.
Rev. F. T. McFaden, D. D_ Richmond Rev. T. H. Rice, D. D ..Richmond.
John M. Price i_. Richmond Dr. W. A. Plecker Richmond.
James W. Gordon .Bon Air H. E. Lee ..Crewe.
Gov. W. II. Mann .-v.. Petersburg John W. Friend Petersburg.
Norfolk Presbytery.
Rev. S N. Hutchison, D. D_ .Norfolk Rev. R. B. Grinnan, D. D ? Norfolk.
Rev. W. C. Jamison Belle Haven Rev. T. II. Diinmock .Norfolk.
Harold Smith Norfolk J. F. I.aCrosse Hampton.
DeWitte Crane.. . _ Newport News ..." John Reynolds Norfolk.
Potomac Presbytery. .
Rev. Wm. J McMillan, D. D.Baltimore, Md._ ..Rev. Robt. L. Riddle ? Baltimore, Md.
1*.... n. ? vi- ir ? <-> ? ?? -- ? ? -
Rev. Thos. W. Hooper Culpeper, Va..T.. Rev. Geo. W. Crabtree ...Catlett, Va.
James Clendenin Baltimore, Md Jno. R. Clemens ...I-eesburg, Va.
Dr. II. C. MeAtee ......Washington, D. C Wm. Campbell.. ........ ...Alexandria, Vi
Roanoke Presbytery.
Rev J. A. Scott, D. D Brookueal Rev. B. F. Bedinger.. ..Charlotte C. H.
Rev F M. Ryburn ..Phenix Rev. T. B. Wilson, D. D News Ferry.
J B. Friend Drakes Branch ..R. F. Hutchison Charlotte C. H.
C W Woodson . .... Rustburg D. Y. Henry Brookueal, Va.
Greenbrier Presbytery.
Rev. W W. l'liarr. Mt. Hope .J. E. Flow ... Aldersou
Rev. R. R. Gray Union .... Rev. T. H. Wix .... Frank ford.
J. F. Palmer Mt. Hope J. J. McTaggart.... Beckley.
B. L. Neel Gap Mills ...L. O. H Nickell Sinks Grove,

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