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twenty-live years of age not enrolled
in any Sabbath school of any Protes
tant denomination; thirteen million
under twelve years of age are receiv
ing no religious instruction. ? Religion
is the nation's greatest asset, yet CO
per cent, of the voters of this repub
lic, those who make the nation's laws,
make no profession of any religion.
This lack of religion is threaten
ing the security of the three pillars
of modern society ? the home, the
Church, the State. Bolshevism ? God
denying, law-defying, man-deflling ? is
raising its ugly head in a menacing
manner. The United States Depart
ment of Justice has issued a warning
that there are 300,000 "radicals" at
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work in this country preaching their
doctrines of lawlessness and discon
tent; many of them advocating a gov
ernment of violence. The stream of
immigration, checked by the war, is
flowing again. There is every indi
cation that it will rise higher than
in any previous period and add many
millions to the alien population al
ready here.
Winning the World.
America is the Church's key posses
sion. If the Church would win the
world for Christ, it must win our own
land for Him. The world needs Amer
ica's example as well as her precepts.
Before the great war twenty-six na
tions became republics, following our
own. Of what value would the ab
stract teaching concerning the supe
riority of a democracy to a monarchy
have been if America had shown a
failure in pratice, and if more than
50 per cent, of the people had openly
expressed a disbelief in democracy as
a desirable form of government? ?
How can the Church in America ex
pect to commend Christianity to the
non-Christian lands in a way that
they will desire it when two-thirds of
the American people are outside of
the enumerated Christian ranks, and
by their life and conduct contradict
our Christian testimony? Home Mis
sions involves a double duty ? to save
America, and through the power of
America's example to commend Christ
to the world as the Saviour of men.
The Church's Task.
America needs as never before
Christian preachers and teachers to
save her from selfishness and godli
ness. Legislation will not do it. Edu
cation is not enough. Only the Church
with her message of love and good
will can meet the need. It is' a tre
mendous undertaking to give the gos
pel to the sixty-five millions out of
the Church in our own land and bring
them to a determination to make
Christ supreme in their lives. But
that is the Church's task. We can
not shirk or shift it. It is the task
of to-day.
Missionary Force.
The Assembly's Home Missions,
with its force of ministers, evangel
ists and teachers, is rendering a ser
vice unequaled In the history of the
Church. Through the efforts of these
self-sacrificing servants of the Churcn
the gospel is being carried to multi
tudes of men, women and children
who otherwise would be without re
ligious advantages. New churches are
planted where needed; Christian
schools are maintained in destitute
places, entrenched evils are driven out,
and righteousness, justice and the fear
of Ood are being built Into the foun
dations of our country's life.
Enlarging Service.
America is a growing country, and
the Home Mission enterprise is con
stantly enlarging. In the judgment
of the Assembly $640,000 is the mini
mum amount required to meet the
needs and opportunities of the Assem
bly's Home Missions for the year 1920
21. This is 27 per cent, of the As
sembly's benevolent contributions. The
committee has planned its work in
the expectation that $640,000 will be
received. In so far as the receipts
fall short of this sum, must the work
planned be postponed or abandoned.
A Plea for Equity.
The Assembly's Home Missions has
not received the recommended per
centage in the Progressive Program.
In the $3,500,000 campaign last year,
which was over-subscribed by more
than $800,000, the Home Mission re
ceipts were about $160,000 less than
the Assembly's apportionment for this
cause. Many of the enlargements
planned could not be undertaken, and
the work has been retarded to that
extent. The Church does not realize
the embarrassing restrictions placed
upon the committee by the failure to
provide adequately for this basis
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