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used the same means that we use. We
know that he was very familiar with
the Bible; he knew nature, and he
knew people and their characteristics.
We should study the.se subjects, and
the more we study them the more we
will find there is to know, and the
more we will become convinced that
we can never graduate in the study
of them.
l*r ogress in Spiritual Strength:
Bodily strength increases with exer
cise, so with spiritual. As we exer
cise our faith it grows stronger. The
more we put our trust in God, the
more confidently will we trust Him.
The more we pray, the more will we
grow in the spirit of prayer. As we
work for God we become more ex
perienced. We should never be satis
fied unless we are growing in the
Christian graces.
l*roRrass in Generosity: We should
never lose sight of the fact that gen
erosity is a grace. We can be gen
erous in our gifts, in our service, in
our opinions of others. In regard to
money we are sometimes told to "give
until it .hurts." If we give with the
proper spirit, it will never hurt; but
will always be a source of pleasure.
We should remember that when
money or service is given to God or
for God, it becomes an act of wor
ship. We will find that the more we
give in either case, the more we will
want to give, and the more we shall
be able to give.
l'rogressive Living: Peter says of
Christians that they are partakers of
the divine nature; that is, we have
something of the nature of God. But
we are not to .be satisfied with the
mere fact that we have been given
this high honor, and sit down and do
nothing. We ought continually to be
striving after the development of this
nature. The essential of this nature
is faith. "Without faith it is im
possible to please God." This is the
foundation upon which the Christian
life is to be built up. One grace is to
be added to another, until we reach
the stature of the full grown man in
Christ Jesus. Peter represents this
development as the building of a wall
or a tower. On the foundation stones
are to be laid one upon another. The
first is virtue. This is a clean, strong
life. Then comes knowledge. We
must know God's character and our
own. We must know His will and
how we can keep His commands. In
all things we must be temperate or
moderate. We are to keep control
over our tongues, our deeds and our
desires. If we do not control them,
they will control us. Closely allied
to this is patience. He who rushes
madly into anything shows weakness.
He who is ready to go forward, but
waits God's time, will be the success
ful one. Godliness is godlikeness.
We should all try to be like God in
all His attributes in which we can
share. We become like Him through
Christ Jesus. One of the characteris
tics of God, which we can share with
Him is kindness to others. We hear
a great deal in these days about the
brotnerhood of man. But unless we
are children of God, we are not going
to show true brotherhood. If we are,
?we will show ikin mess- to others.
Kindness may ibe only an outward act.
It may even be prompted by an evil
motive. What we should have and
what we should have is charity, or
love, for others. Our Saviour gives
as our second greatest duty, that we
should love one another. When we
cultivate these graces and add them
one by one, we will soon find that we
are making progress in the life that
is hid in Christ Jesus. The greatest
railroad train is of no value, unless
It moves. Let us move for God,
Is the Church to stand still or go
Are pastors content to preach Sab
bath after Sabbath without reaching
the unconverted in the community of
the church?
The fifty largest churches in our
Assembly have 49,904 members, or 13
per cent, of the entire membership of
the Southern Presbyterian Church,
yet they received only 10 per cent, of
those received on profession of faith
by the entire Church last year. Only
11 of the 50 churches received more
than the average for the entire
Church. Thirty-nine churches re
buted being put back into Religious
Bill boards can be erected of wood
or brick. Electric lights over the top
of the board will enable the message
to be read day and night. The num
ber of persons that such a board would
reach if erected on the lawn of one
of the churches in a city of 300,000
was found to be 20,000,000 people
a year, at the lowest estimate. Many
churches have just such wonderful
opportunities for reaching the pass
ing multitude by using bill boards
on their church lawns.
Posters have been sold in over forty
cities. Some of them are: Freeport,
111.; Wichita Falls, Tex.; Norfolk, Va.;
Amarillo, Tex.; Tallahassee, Fla.;
Enid, Okla.; Chicago, 111.; Atlanta,
Ga.; Oakland, Cal.; Anniston, Ala.;
Chattanooga, Tenn.; Louisville, Ky.;
Havana, Cuba; Neepawa, Manitoba,
Canada; Knoxville, Tenn.; Camden,
"Take the Sword of the Spirit which
is the Word of God" ? Eph. 6:17.
"The Word of God is full of life and
power and sharper than any two
edged sword" ? Heb. 4:12. It has
been said that the right way to ad
vertise the religion of Jesus Christ is
to publish the "Word of God, which is
the Sword of the Spirit."
Churches interested in religious ad
vertising should write the Religious
Advertising Association, Columbia,
South Carolina, for samples showing
the advertising services gotten out.
Don't be afraid to spend money on
the right kind of advertising. Ad
vertising pays manufacturers and
merchants, and it will certainly pay
churches. If your church is closed
160 out of the 168 hours during the
week, there is no reason why you
should not have a message of Hope,
Joy and Peace for the passerby on the
outside of the church.
V L.LL Should- 1
God i3 eternal
Romans 6: 23
Third Ave. Lvtheran Church
ceived less than the average for the
Church. These fifty large churches,
with 700 to 1,900 members, received
less than one person a Sabbath on pro
fession of faith, yet in most cases these
churches are well filled Sabbath morn
ing and evening, many of them being
crowded every Sabbath.
The only inference that it is pos
sible to draw is that unconverted peo
ple ure not attending church services.
This we know is the opinion of many
preachers and evangelists. If the un
saved do not attend the church ser
vices, how can the Church reach th?
There are two mediums through
which every person in a community
who can read English may be reached
? the newspaper and bill boards.
These two mediums can be used to
carry a gospel message and an in
vitation to attend church to every
person in a community.
A Religious Advertising Association
has been formed in Columbia, Soutb
Carolina, whose purpose it is to sup
ply churches with advertising that will
reach every person in the community
of the church with a gospel message
and invitation to Church. The
above illustration shows one poster
of a series of six gotten out by the
association. The other posters carry
the following texts: John 3:16, 1
Cor. 2:9, John 3:3, 1 John 4:15.
These are lithographed posters in
colors and are unusually attractive.
They are 21 feet 9 inches by 9 feet
4 inches, and sell for $2.50 each. This
price is less than half that charged
for commercial posters, as this asso
ciation is not in business to make
money, all money made and contrl
Ark.; Amsterdam, N. Y.; Union City,
Pa.; Winona, Minn.; Milburn, N. J.;
Brookings. S. D. ; Grand Rapids, Wis.
This association is also getting out
a series of posters for Bible classes.
These posters are 28 inches by 4 2
inches. There are six to a set, and
they are very attractive. They sell
for $1.00 a set. These posters are
to be used on small sidewalk bill
boards or on houses, walls, etc. If
a church placed ten of these small
boards on corners of blocks within
four or five blocks of the church, they
would reach every person in the neigh
borhood of the church every day. This
is the least expensive advertising that
can be devised.
They have also a weekly matrix
service for newspapers. This service
consists of Scripture verses carefully
selected and set in attractive borders.
The borders can be extended so as to
insert church notices. This service
is being given to newspapers or
churches that wlil use the service.
Numbers of newspapers are now pub
lishing the service weekly and giving
the space free. Religion is not getting
as much news space as it deserves,
and if Christian men and women make
it a point to write editors requesting
that more space be given to religion,
we would have more religious news.
Sports, politics, finance get ten times
as much space as religion, yet religion
is the foundation of political liberty
and of national prosperity.
It is time the Church realized the.
need of the right kind of publicity.
There are three texts that we should
bear In mind when thinking of re
ligious advertising: "My Word shall
not return unto Me void" ? Isa. 55:11.
By Rev. H. H. Sweets, D. D.
Some time ago one of the elders of
the Church sent a remittance of $1,
000 for the Endowment Fund of Min
isterial Relief. He suggested that
there ought to be four hundred mem
bers of the Presbyterian family who
would give a like amount, thus secur
ing at once the $400,000 needed to
secure the Graham Building in Jack
sonville, Florida. Some of the mem
bers of the Church immediately en
tered the "Four Hundred."
We have just received a letter from
one of these, stating that he had be
come lonesome and enclosing another
remittance of $1,030, which, together
with his former remittance of $1,000
pays for a room in the Graham Build
ing. He asked that this be recorded in
the name of his wife. As she is still
living and they are happily united in
their home, it is not to go as a memo
rial, but as a loving tribute to her
character and work.
There is barely time for others to
get into the "Four Hundred." The
$400,000 must be in the Louisville
office December 1, 1920, in order to
meet the conditions laid down by Mr.
Lkberty Bonds and War Savings
Stamps are being received and cred
ited at par. Pledges payable on or
before January 1, 1922, will be count
ed in the $400,000.
Louisville, Ky.
The day is short and the task is
great, and the workmen are sluggish,
and the reward is much, and the
Master is urgent. ? Rabbi Tarphon.

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