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Durant: On Sunday night, October
30th, the great revival which has
been in progress at the Presbyterian
church here for the past two weexn
came to a close with a great crowd
intent upon hearing the gospel sung
and preached for the last time in
this series of meetings. In many re
spects this is regarded as one of the
most successful revival meetiugs ever
held in this city. The church people
of all denominations have been
strengthened and revived, and more
than thirty have already united with
the Presbyterian church, besides
others who have joined other
churches and still others yet to join.
Rev. D. B. Gregory is the able pas
tor at Durant, and though he is still
a young man, he has a burniing zeal
for the upbuilding of the church and
the salvation of lost souls. He is an
indefatigable worker, a man of deep
spirituality, has a most delightful
personality, and is a recognized lead
er in the community. Rev. Charles
W. Sommerville, D. D., pastor of
Westminster church, Memphis, was
the evangelist, and the music was in
charge of Julian Moorman, of Bris
tol, Va. Services were held every
afternoon and evening through the
week, with three services on Sun
days. At the afternoon services Dr.
Sommerville gave a series of lecture
sermons on the Mosaic Tabernacle,
using models to illustrate his dis
courses. This proved a most inter
esting and profitable method in teach
ing the great, fundamental truths and
doctrines of the Bible. His evening
sermons were also based upon the
based upon personal survey and in
vestigation clarify the information
contained in
Church School
Director of Week-Day Religious In
struction, Presbyterian Board of
The book has been written on the
assumption that the week-day church
school movement is more than an ex
periment; therefore the author evalu
ates the movement in the entirety, as
well as in its various forms in different
"The literature on this subject is growing,
and fortunate is the man who does not let the
movement set too far ahead of his thinking."
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great doctrines of the Bible which
are sometimes too lightly dwelt upon,
such as the atonement, grace, regen
eration, faith, the resurrection of the
body, heaven and hell. On the last
Sunday afternoon, to a large congre
gation, he gave his great lecture,
"Why I am a Presbyterian.' He is
a great preacher and teacher and a
mighty man of God. No such preach
ing has ever been heard in Durant
before, and the church has been
greatly edified and the whole com
munity blessed through these great
messages of truth delivered in the
aggregate to some twelve thousand
souls during the meeting.
Durant is a splendiid little city of
about eight thousand people and is
the home of Oklahoma Presbyterian
College, a truly Christian Institution
for young ladies, where the Word of
God is taught and the students are
almost 100 per cent, active Chris
tians. At one chapel exercise during
the meeting, when the evangelist,
pastor and singer were present,
twelve of the young ladies, one af
ter the other, led in earnest' prayer
for the salvation of the students who
were not Christians. That night
eleven gave their hearts to God. What
a precious sight to see a real Christ
spirit pervade a great institution like
The pastor and all the people of
Durant, it seemed, were especially
kind and courteous to the evangelist
and singer all during their stay, and
at the closing service a large num
ber came forward to shake hands and
say farewell. The large choir was
one of the best that could have been
gotten anywhere, and by their loyal,
faithful attendance and excellent
singing, did much to make the meet
ing a success
Julian P. Moorman.
Fort Mill: A congregational meet
ing was held in Fort Mill Presbyte
rian church Sunday morning, Novem
ber 6th, at which a unanimous call
waa extended to the Rev. Robert H.
Viser, of Laurel Hill, N. C., to be
come its pastor. The church has been
without a pastor since October 1,
when the resignation of the Rev.
James B. Black was reluctantly ac
cepted, his continued ill health for
bidding the continuance of his work
here. Mr. Viser preached for the con
gregation on the last Sunday in Oc
tober and made a very favorable im
pression, and his name was the only
one presented for consideration at the
meeting. The Rev. W. M. McPhee
ters, D. D., moderated the meeting,
and also conducted divine services
morning and evening.
C. S. Link, Cor.
Synodical Conferences: During the
recent sessions of the Synod of South
Carolina, after previously submitting
the matter to all the Presbyteries in
the State, on recommendation of the
Publication and Sunday School and
Young People's Work Committee, it
was decided to have a series of an
nual summer conferences covering
the different phases of the work of
the Synod, to begin the coming sum
mer, to be held Pt the Presbyterian
College of South Carolina (Clinton).
Near the close of Synod an Execu
tive Committee, consisting of leading
representatives of the Committees of
Synod, was elected to take whatever
steps were necessary to the holding
of said conferences. Rev. C. O'N.
Martindale (Reidville), Rev. R. F.
Klrkpatrick (Anderson), Rev. A. D.
P. Gilmore (Spartanburg), Rev. L.
Ross Lynn (Clinton), and Elder D.
L. Norrls (Greenville), compose
On November 1st, after a previous
canvass of the situation, June 9th
(P. M.) to 16th (dinner) was set for
the Young People's Conference, and
June 16th (P. M.) to 23d (dinner)
for the General Workers' Conference.
Rev. A. D. P. GUmour, D. D., is
chairman of the Program Committee.
Rev. R. F. Kirkpatrick, D. D., is plat
form m'anager of the Young People's
Conference. Rev. C. O'N. Martlndale
is executive chairman of the Execu
tive Committee, publicity manager of
all the conferences, and platform
manager of the General Workers'
Conference. Mr. D. L. Norrls Is
chairman of the Finance Committee
and registrar of both Young People's
and General Workers' Conferences.
The number at the Young Peo
ple's Conference is to be limited to
200, each attendant to be registered
on or about June 1st. A registration
fee of $2 an individual will be
charged in connection with each con
ference. The active co-operation of
our Women's Synodical is assured,
and that of the Laymen's Associa
tions is counted on. Any one inter
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