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The Presbyterian of the South : [combining the] Southwestern Presbyterian, Central Presbyterian, Southern Presbyterian. [volume] (Atlanta, Ga.) 1909-1931, March 22, 1922, Image 13

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liy Kt?v. John M. W'i'lls. I?. I>.
Sumlay. February 12th. marked
a not her stop in I'resbyterianisin in
Wilmington. N. < There was dcdi
cat (Ml on that day the magnificent
new house of worship tor the con
gregation of Immanucl 1'resHyterian
church. Kvery one of the four Pres
byterian churches of that city now
has a modern and commodious church
plant. and those buildings arc of run'
architect ural beauty. The new I mi i I ? 1 -
i:tg of brick and >late is in architec
ture of the Georgian period. The
spire is almost a complete replica of
that of St. Mart in's-in the Fields. I. on
don. which is rewarded by many as
the most graceful spire ever designed
by Sir Christopher Wren.
The interior of the auditorium is
most attractive, with white walls, and
old ivory woodwork with mahogany
trimmings. Two very graceful pillars,
rising from floor to ceiling, sustain
the g;i llery. The sealing capacity of
this auditorium is r?im.
The Sunday school building at
tached to the church, while attrac
tive in appearance, is complete in
every detail, providing for the seve
ral department- by separate rooms
with most approved equipment. The
tirst floor of this building contains
the assembly room of the senior de
partment with class-rooms. and has
a seating capacity of 1'nii; the rooms
for the beginners' and primary de
partments; the session room and an
ollice for the secretary of the Sunday
The second floor has rooms for the
junior and int et mediate departments.
Accord iun doors between these two
rooms permit them to be thrown into
a large banquet hall. There is also
0:1 this floor a kitchen, a ladies' par
lor and club-rooms for boys and girls.
The organ is rich in tone, artistic
in appearance and complete in everv
This church cost, with all furni
tttte complete. $ 1 nun. It is large
ly the gift of that prince of givers.
I : r. .lames Sprunt. The congregation,
which was but recently a mission,
raised $."i.2no for the purchase of the
lot. and placed the value of the old
church buildings, which is estimated
at noli. towards the building of
the new church. All the rest of the
What Is a
Living Trust?
It is a written agree
ment by which you set
aside a portion of your
property to provide an
income f? ?r yourself, a
relative or other bene
Under the terms of
the agreement you can
have this Hank take
over the responsibility
for a part of your prop
erty and pay t lie in
come as you direct. The
right can l>r reserved to
revoke or change the
agreement at any time.
Ask our officers to
explain a Living Trust.
First National Bank
Richmond, V?.
(Trust Department)
Capital . . . $2,000,000.00
Resource* $42,000,000.00
Established 1864
rust w ; i s Hi,- generous gift ? ? i' l?r.
SplUHl. \l tin- .-.line time In I'lTcl
? ?(I tor the eonuregat ion a handsome
now manse. adjoining t li ? ? ?? li . It
i- of the same type of arehiteetnte
as (In* ?? 1 1 11 f? ? 1 1 . and harmonizes pel
ted ly witli it. The I osl of the hl'U'k
i i i ;< 1 1 . <- < > i n 1 1 1 ? ? t l> furnished. was
a 1h ill .$ L' ."i.tioii .
Tin dedication servieos 1 1 < - 1 ? I oil I li"
iL'th were i:i every way Mieee.ssfnl.
Tin- dedieation sermon was preaehed
tiv Mr. Waller I,. Ungle. of I'nioii
Theologieai Semina I'y. I ?r. I, ingle is
alt unele of Mrs. ? ';? I ? 1 ? 1 1 . the wile
of tin- pastor of lllltliSinuH rlllllill
llis text was .Matt. Hi: IV ami liU
sermon was strong. elear and highly
enjoyed The ilt'il ica t ion prayer was
made li\ I ? i" John M. Wells, of fo
littnhia Theologieai Seminary.
The now edifice was presented to
minimal ing in I lu* ral'i'lv complete
tnd handsome church building, is one
<>f the most striking chapters in the
stor\ of the growth :< n il development
of I'resliyterianisin in Wilmiuutoii
I i twenty years thi> city and county
have triiwii T.s per rent., while I'res
bytcrianism in the same length ol
time lias crow n over per cent.
<>n March I. 1 s"iN. a house \\ a ?
erected mi Woostet* Street. between
l'iftli and Sixth Streets, on a lot do
nated liv Mr. .1 oh 11 A. Taylor and a
Sunday school organized l?y the First
Presbyterian church. The I'ivil War
interrupted this work, a id it was dis
continued until November 1!'. 1^?;7.
w lien a new house was built to take
the place of the one destroyed dur
i it K the war. Again the work was sus
fended iu is?!.
About 1 ss t the Sunday school wa>
auaiti organized by some youim ladies
of the Ladies' Missionary Society, the
meetings being held in some tented
roi nis near the old location. In the
tlw contireuat inn of lininanuel church
in behalf <>f Mr. S|>iu ii t by Dr.- I'ey
liiii II. Ilovje. :i former pastor (if t i??*
First Presbyterian church. under
whoso pastorate tin* mission out of
which I in 1 1 1 ;? ii il < ? 1 church urew was be
gun. I ?r. Huge iiiiiili* a most grace
f ii 1 speech of pteseutat ion. which was
responded to with o<|iial grace by |{ev
I >. 'I Caldwell. who as pastor ac
cepted thi' gift ill behalf of tin- i'OM
gregation. l-Veling words touching
i In* gilt and t li?> giver were also
spoken hy I ? r . \V. I >. Moss, pastor of
the Chapel Hill I'rosbvterian church.
The services were continued at the
evening hour. I>r. I logo spoke of "Til"
Itogiiininus of Ininiainiel Church."
I ? r . Wells spoke on "The Achieve
ments of I miiiiiuucl Church." and l>r.
I.inglo spoke on "The Kit; lire Task
of lininanuel Church." At both ser
vices the church was crowded to its
utmost capacity, and largo numbers
were turned away.
The choir of lininanuel church was
aided at (lie night service by the won
derful quartette of the First church,
a:id the music at both services was
very tine.
The growth of Itnmannei church,
summer of I km; the lot on Wooster
Street wits exchanged for tin* lot oij
Front Street. and ;i small house whs
erected for mission purposes. the ses
sion taking; charge of the work ami
relieving the Ladies' Missionary So
ciety of the expense for ils support.
January I. isss. Mr. j. \| \\\ Klder
entered 0:1 his labors as a lay mis
sionary in this field. Uev. \V. McC.
Miller became mission pastor of t !i ??
work January I. I.xs'.i.
In I x'.in the old church building was
erected and a church organized tn
der the name of Iminaiiuel chapel.
The dedication service was held l?*?*l ? -
ruary I. I MM. Mr Miller gave 11 ; ?
the work in I Mi. '5. Tin* work con
tinued. hei'ig suppoited hy the First
church. The following men served
this church, the most of them as
stated supply: Rev. CSeorue II Cor
nelson. Rev. It. K. Wallace. Rev. I'
Morton. Rev. K. K. Line. Rev. J.
Storey and Rev. C. \V. Trawick.
In I '.Mi I Rev. J. S. Crowley came as
stated supply. For twelve years he
served the church faithfully and well,
lie was laying that foundation that
was strong for future building. I>ur
i:tK his pastorate there were o?5?
members added ?mi profession an?!
I I *? l?y letter. The uifts to benevo
lences duiiiiu those yen rs amounted
to J.'.s I'.', imiiI to current expenses
and pastor's salary. $7.1 ?? T . Mr.
Crowley accepted another rail ill
I !' 1 ?. Ihiriim that summer llev. I>.
T. Caldwell. ol" I'tiion Seminary, sup
plied the rliu reli . That fall Rev. T.
I'. A 1 1 e ;i . ot' West Virginia. eanie as
lastor. Mr. Mien t liorouuhly organ
ized tin- eh u ' I'll . lull soon accepted ;i
call to the First church, Itncky
< >n .luii'- 1. I !' l S. I { e v . I?. T. Cald
well lieuau his labors as part-time
pastor, and continued until Septem
her. I !' I V when he was c;illeil for
his lull lime. This heini: the first
lime that lliis church was able to sue
cesst ii 1 1 > support its own pastor. The
church has urown under his iniiiistry.
Mr. Caldwell put the responsibility
lor I lie success ol' i Iw work on tin*
people I he|i>sel\ es Tile people ac
cepted | he respousihility and rose to
the occasion. They have rallied to
the task and done splendid work.
There has been line development
alonu the line of family religion. To
day more than thirty families of the
church have family worship. There
has been marked srrowih in the urace
of uivinsr. From $2. ??nil the lir>t year
of i lie pastorate to $ l.20ti the :ieM :
then to .Too. and this year the
yifts will amount to about $11. nun.
This increase has largely com"
throiiull the i ii ?' i i "i se in titliers in the
chiiich. Tnere are now more than
seventy-live that follow this rule in
their giving.
The Sunday school has been Ihor
oiiithly organized From ui ttini; all
its teachers from the First church,
it has come to the place where all
1 ill one of its teachers come from its
own church. The Woman's \uxil
iaiv. organized bv Mrs. Caldwell, is
also doing a line work.
There has been a healthy (irowt m
in the membership of the church.
One hundred and tifty-four have been
added to the church, ami tin* mcm
h. sship is now 15 r. And lie t of all.
the otlicors are learuinu to lie sotil
w '.uners. and to aid the pas* or ill
this ureal work.
So today lmiiia:iue] is no loader
a mission leaning on others; but a
tiotis:. self-reliant church taking its
place in the religious life of the eitv
and doing its part iu all it is called
upon to do.
Some I hue ago it became chvir thai
a larger building was essentia' ? ?? 1 In*
v ork <>r this rapidly growing cmij'O
gatiou. So they decided In build :i
new church just as soon as they could
raise the funds. It was then that
Ruling Wider James Sprunt. of the
First 1're.sbyterian church, seeing
their need and reco.uniy.in? that it
would lit- years before the congrega
tion could raise the necessary funds,
undertook the generous task that cul
minated 0:1 February 1 L'th in the ded
ication to the glory of (loci, and for
Ilis worship, of the inagnitirpnt church
This is the fifth church erected by
l>r. Spiiint. Surely our Church has
n?*ver hail a nobler benefactor.
Which is better, to spend Sunday
iu business or pleasure or idleness,
or to spend it in (Sod's way. in wor
shipping 1 1 i in and feeding the soul
with life-giving food?
If (iod wants you to do anything,
you dare not refuse. If (iod does
not want you to do it. yon dare not
do it.
Which is better, to go automobile
r id in g"'Su nda v afternoon or to go to
church Sunday evening

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