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M., Auk. 7. Pride of prosperity. Pout. 8:1 1-20.
T., Aug. 8. Humility of Christ. Phil. 2:1-11.
W., Auk. 9. Prido of poeit ion. Matt. 23:1-12.
T., Auk. 10. Humility of heart. Ps. 131:1-3.
F., Auk- 11- Spiritual pride. Rev. 3:17-22.
8., Auk. 12. Humility in practice. Luke 22:24-30.
S., Aug. 13. Topic ? Prido and Humility. Jaa. 4:
What dangers arise from pride f
How dot* humility differ from weaknesst
How does Jesus snow humility T
I*ride of Prosperity, DcMit. St 11-20:
It might have seemed strange to those
people in the Wilderness that they
should be warned against wealth, for
they were very poor. But God knew
that the time would come when many
of them would be rich, and knew the
danger of their claiming all they
would have as the result of their own
labor. He reminded them that all the
blessings they had were His gifts.
There are many people like Nebu
cadnezzar, who said. "Is not this great
Babylon, that I have built for t lie
house of the kingdom by the might
of my power, and for the honor of
my majesty?"
Humility of Christ, Phil 2:1-11:
Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of
lords, the Creator and Ruler of the
universe, humbled Himself and left
His home in glory just to come down
to earth and by His shameful death
to provide salvation- for sinners. If
there is need for help of any kind by
any one in our reach, we ought to
render the assistance needed, even
though we have to humble ourselves
to do it. Remember how the Saviour
served His disciples. We ought to be
willing to serve those who need our
Prido of Position, Matt. 23:1-12:
The Scribes and Pharisees were very
proud of the position which they oc
cupied among the people. They over
looked the; fact that the position which
they occupied ought to have led them
to serve their fellowmen, but instead,
they said to others, "Stand by thy
self, for I am holier than thou." And
yet the Saviour called them vipers
and hypocrites.
Humility of Heart, Ps. 131:1-3:
Humility and pride may be shown in
either words or deeds, but in either
case it comes from the heart. "Out
of the abundance of the heart the
mouth speaketh," (Matt. 12:34). If
there is humility in the heart it will
be shown in our words and in our
lives. If we could once realize how
great sinners we are, how much we
have done that we ought not to have
done and how much we have left un
done that we ought to have done, and
then could realize how much mercy
and how many blessings God has be
stowed upon us, it would take all of
the pride out of our hearts and make
us humble.
Spiritual Pride, Rev. 3:17-22: The
Lavodicean Christians were puffed up
Just Where You
Want It
Our uptown office at. 108 Enst
Broad Street which Ik* opened al>out
November 1st.
You may Ik; quite mire of getting
the name Hatinfactory service oh rend
ered nt the main office.
We n?k you to Rive uh the opportu
nity of HervinK you.
Main & 12th STS.
with pride and said they needed noth
ing from God; that they were rich.
He told them that they were disgust
ing to Jliin, and that they were far
from being rich. They were "wretched,
and miserable, and poor, and blind,
and naked." Many a man thinks he
is rich when he is a pauper. Tho
Saviour tells of the man who thought
he was rich, but He calls him a fool.
And Ho said, "So is he that layeth
up treasure for himself, and is not
rich toward God."
Humility in Practice, Luke 22:24
30: God does not measure as man
does. The disciples were arguing aa
to which of them should be the
greatest in the Kingdom of God.
Jesus tells them that he will give to
each of them a kingdom, but it is a
kingdom of service. He set them an
example of service, all through His
life, hut as tliey did not take in His
meaning He gave them an occular
demonstration when He washed their
? 4
feet. He who shows true humility
before Clod and man and is faithful
in service shall ho highly exalted.
Pride and Humility, .las. 4:6-10:
"God resisteth the proud," for He is
the enemy of pride. Then it is foolish
for us to he proud, for in this way wo
make God our enemy. He "givetli
grace unto the humble." He shows
favor to them, has mercy upon them,
gives them the blessings of 'His grace.
He is their loving Friend and Father.
Wise and fortunate is he who, casting
aside pride, humbles himself before
Justifiable Pride: There is a pride
which all ought to show. We should
be proud of being human beings, and
should make ourselves the very best
possible. We ought to bo proud of
being God's children, and show our
selves worthy of our Father. We
ought to be proud of our business, il
it is a kind that (Sod would approve
of our having, and we should strive to
make it a success. We ought to be
proud of our homes and make them
as comfortable and attractive as pos
sible. We should be proud of our
country and prove ourselves loyal to
it. We should be proud of our Church,
never criticize it, except for the pur
pose of making it better, and wo
should support it faithfully in all
things. We should be proud of being
in the Kingdom of God, and should
do all in our power to uphold its dig
nity and advance its interests in every
way possible. We should be proud
of our lloavenly Father, and tell
others what a Father we have.
The most successful Young Peo
ple's Conference ever held under the
auspices of the Westminster Presby
terian Encampment convened at Kerr
vllle, Texas, July 12th, and continued
through the l!)th. Attendance at the
Conference, including delegates from
every Presbytery in Texas as well as
visitors from all over the South,
reached a grand total of 750 before
the session was over. Approximately
175 young people took the Conference
Westminster Presbyterian Encamp
ment is the property and agency of
tho Synod of Texas U. S., and is con
trolled by a board of trustees ap
pointed annually by the Synod. l>r.
W. P. Dickey of Kerryville Is presi
dent of the board. Rev. C. H. Storey
of. Corsicana, Texas, serves as program
and platform manager, and Prof. J.
J. Delaney of Kerryville handles the
business Interests of the institution.
This Is the encampbent's 10th sue*
cesslve year.
The encampment grounds are lo
cated one mile south of the quaint lit
tle city of Kerrville, on the banks ot
the beautiful Guadalupe River. Kerr
ville is 70 miles northwest of San An
tonio, situated in the heart of the fa
mous Korr County mountains and on
the historic old Spanish Trail. Tne
encampment represents the best there
is in the South in the line of scenic
and natural beauty. Each succeeding
year has seen the encampment grow
in strength, in interest and in result.
Facilities for the entertainment of
visitors on the Encampment grounds
Include a special dining hall, over one
hundred cottages and walled-in tents,
a large girls' dormitory and annexes,
club houses of the various Texas Pres
byterian Colleges, a hotel with modern
conveniences and other accommoda
tions. Every part of the campus has
electric lights and water. The pres
ent year has seen many improvements
on thei Encampment grounds. A,
dozen or more new cottages and over
a score of walled-ln and screened
tents have been added. The roads
and entrances resemole driveways
within a city park; views of the broad
lawns and forest of trees form a pic
turesque setting to the rugged moun
tains that surround the Presbyterian
One hundred and seventy-five men
and women, representing every sec
tion of Texas, went through a week
of ideal "Christian vacation" during
the Young People's Conference. It
wast a more mature group than we
have had heretofore, being confined
almost exclusively to the ages of six
teen to twenty-four, with a number
of leaders. Mornings were devoted
to class work under the supervision
of a most capable faculty; arternoons
were set aside for rest and rccrea
tion; and Inspirational addresses fur
nislfr'd the evening programs. Inter
est and enthusiasm in class work was
a distinguishing mark of the Con
feren^. A regular schedule of classes
was followed out daily, the young
delegated entering into the class work
with as much aeal and aarnentn?nis a?
real university life.

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